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CrackedCoconut 14/05/29(Thu)13:48 No. 17189 [Reply]

File 140136412257.jpg - (20.87KB , 230x346 , SG.jpg )

So the new Dresden Files book has been out for a few days. I finished reading it night before last. What does Lit think of it? Anyone else read it?

Personally I think its rather middle of the road, especially compared to Cold Days but its still pretty good. Please use spoiler tags where appropriate.

Hipster Slut 13/01/30(Wed)13:27 No. 16625 [Reply]

File 135954886456.jpg - (38.14KB , 556x565 , 1358324012052.jpg )

So, I wrote a short story, I wondered if 7Chan's /lit/izens would like to read it.


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Hipster Slut 14/05/06(Tue)11:40 No. 17154

Not bad but not good either.

Hipster Slut 14/05/12(Mon)00:29 No. 17166

I have little interest in reading the entire story, but I believe that what I read was pretty bad. I just have a few points that I think I should make.
>A November breeze swept over Henry and he instinctively held a paper cup full of warm coffee just a bit closer to his chest.
I believe that this sentence would be more effective if the order was reversed. What I mean is that you should mention first that he held the coffee closer to his chest and then mention the November breeze.
Also in this instance, it is better to say that he moved the coffee cup or something, rather than to say that he held the coffee cup.
>He had been standing in line for nearly twelve hours along with millions of other people waiting for their messages.
Now, at this point, the reader obviously doesn't know what the fuck you're talking about. That's fine, but I think that talking about the messages here is a mistake. I see that the MC soon after has a conversation with a girl, and she mentions the messages. So why not let that part introduce the reader to the messages?
In fact, you don't even need to mention that he had been waiting in line. Show, don't tell.
And how does there exist a line of millions of people, anyway? That just doesn't even make sense.
>Morning broke slowly, and he watched beams of piercing morning light shine down the street and reflect brightly off of store windows.
I think this sentence is redundant and unnecessary. In fact, with a few minor alterations, this sentence could have been the first one. The first two sentences were not necessary at all.
What is the timeline by the end of the first paragraph? It is:
>breeze sweeps over MC and he adjusts his coffee cup
>morning breaks and MC watches light reflect off store windows
So, what, did morning break immediately after he adjusted his coffee cup? Had morning already broken by the time he adjusted his coffee cup, and you are only now informing the reader of this? Or did it occur after he adjusted the coffee cup, but also after some time had passed? Did they happen at the same time? You have to inform the reader of these things, otherwise your timeline will be a jumbled and ambiguous mess.
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Hipster Slut 14/05/16(Fri)20:06 No. 17175

What stuck out to me for some reason was how often you kept calling him Henry, but there were only two main characters so I guess it's to be expected.

Hipster Slut 14/05/16(Fri)09:49 No. 17174 [Reply]

File 140022656871.jpg - (858.78KB , 1024x768 , Chrysanthemum.jpg )

When is someone gonna stand up and say no more homographs! I think we need to end the use of homograph for the good of all future children.

Hipster Slut 14/05/15(Thu)03:08 No. 17173 [Reply]

File 140011609928.jpg - (11.83KB , 247x232 , gay japanese cat.jpg )

>try to write something
>get embarrassed later
>delete fucking everything
>loathe self


Hipster Slut 14/05/20(Tue)07:29 No. 17181

Cute cat.

talk to me...? Hipster Slut 14/03/24(Mon)17:22 No. 17124 [Reply]

File 139567816191.jpg - (184.35KB , 445x600 , RR0CH5K.jpg )

i am currently in the middle of 3 books. Naked lunch, to the light house, and doors of perception. i want to finish them all but need some motivation. worth finishing any of them, or should i just abort that shit like your mothers shoulda? what did you Il\lit\erates think about sometimes a great notion. ill check back in a month i guess...

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Hipster Slut 14/04/01(Tue)23:22 No. 17128

I used to read books in sets of three all through high school, usually finding some way to interconnect them thematically. I found it deepened my experience of reading the stories to see their similarities within completely different settings and points of view.

Hipster Slut 14/04/10(Thu)12:47 No. 17130

File 139712685865.jpg - (26.31KB , 400x500 , old_bill.jpg )

op: drop the second and third books from your selection and replace them with "Cities of the Red Night" and "The Western Lands".

Hipster Slut 14/05/13(Tue)06:15 No. 17170

Naked Lunch is worth finishing if you enjoy it.

Doors of Perception gives you an idea of drugs, but not half as good as if you take hallucinogens yourself.

The Lighthouse is abortable.

Hipster Slut 14/05/13(Tue)06:11 No. 17169 [Reply]

File 139995430220.jpg - (53.13KB , 319x500 , 51RHKvJypkL.jpg )

Any place I can read or download Meineck's translation? For free, obviously.

Ryū Murakami Hello 14/02/11(Tue)18:42 No. 17111 [Reply]

File 139214056748.jpg - (39.85KB , 296x475 , 830979-2.jpg )

Can anyone suggest some books like: Piercing, Almost Transparent Blue and In The Miso Soup ... They're all by Ryū Murakami so I'm looking for books and authors similar to him.

Hipster Slut 14/05/05(Mon)22:35 No. 17153

Have you read 1Q84?

I have to ask... Do you know a man who goes by the name Endo?

Hipster Slut 14/05/09(Fri)15:54 No. 17164

but In the Miso Soup was so shit... the prose is stunted, awkward and probably badly translated...

sup!0CTLGCICdI 14/05/07(Wed)18:24 No. 17155 [Reply]

File 13994798668.gif - (294.24KB , 190x190 , 1391183706337.gif )

hey /lit/ anyone know any books similiar to "welcome to the nhk" , also general great books you have read in last weeks

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Hipster Slut 14/05/07(Wed)19:22 No. 17159

Eh, no not up everyones alley. I would not recommend anything I like to any sane or intelligent person. It is based on the City Infernal series however it can be a stand alone. Brief synopsis: Theology student Hudson has just won the lottery, but not just any lottery—Satan’s lottery. Only eleven people in all of human history have been so honored since Lucifer’s fall from Heaven in 5318 B.C. All Hudson need do is say “yes,” and he will receive an all-expenses-paid tour of Hell, and his tour-guide is the damned soul of H.P. Lovecraft.

sup!0CTLGCICdI 14/05/07(Wed)19:24 No. 17160

cool, so there is kinda mythos in it too? sounds fun

Hipster Slut 14/05/07(Wed)19:38 No. 17161

Again not for everyone, most of Lee's stuff is what I would call modern Splatterpunk or extreme horror. If you want a taste check out City Infernal. I will be starting Hero With 1000 faces next week, thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Hipster Slut 14/04/18(Fri)18:27 No. 17145 [Reply]

File 139783844666.jpg - (682.34KB , 928x1176 , General_Sherman_tree_looking_up.jpg )

Chapter 1
The boy walked out into the middle of the grass oval. He looked straight into the sun letting the rays radiate his face.

He reached the exact centre of the oval and stopped.

He then did something that was extremely strange.

The other school children who were eating their lunch at the edge of the oval were now watching the boy with intense scrutiny.

The boy got down on to his hands and knees.

"What is he doing?" The children whispered to each other.

The boy started to wiggle his fingers into the earth. Deeper and deeper he plunged his fingers. He then kicked off his sandles and started to do the same with his toes.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hipster Slut 14/04/28(Mon)08:30 No. 17147

> something really big and the world would never be the same
this line just sounds really cheezy to me.

I would like to read more though

Tom ta 14/05/05(Mon)12:10 No. 17152

hand in hand they disappeared into the dark foreboding forest.

Every step into the forest felt like the world was quivering at their approach.

Chapter 2
Giant trees now surrounded them in all directions, and a thick canopy cast a deep shadow over the forest foor. Beneath the children's feet was a soft carpet of moist leaves and other decaying plant debris.

The children climbed over a large fallen dead tree log. The girl tried her best not to destroy the cute mushrooms and other fungi that decorated it.

It seemed as if they had been walking for an eternity and they were now so far into the mountains that the girl was getting scared. She suddenly remembered that these woods were extremely dangerous. The local Town's folk would often tell horrible stories of bears and wolves coming out of the forest to eat small children.

However even with the threat of bears and wolves the girl could not stop smiling. She looked at the boy with a side ways glance, wondering what he really was. The girl jumped in surprise as the boy disappeared in a blink. His image flicking ahead at an unbelievable speed.

She looked around at the woods, the forest suddenly seemed very dark and scary. She held her arms and followed the boy.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hipster Slut 12/12/23(Sun)05:42 No. 16495 [Reply]

File 135623773273.jpg - (43.32KB , 324x500 , stranger1.jpg )

ITT: Books that have powerfully impacted/moved you.

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Hipster Slut 14/04/01(Tue)11:36 No. 17127

File 139634496016.jpg - (18.25KB , 200x336 , 200px-Love_not_human.jpg )

Hipster Slut 14/04/28(Mon)14:16 No. 17148

File 139868740092.jpg - (82.29KB , 394x648 , 9780060510558.jpg )

When I was a kid I grew up in a very religious town and was smarter than the other kids I was allowed to be around (and several of the adults...). This book taught me that even though I was a genius compared to the people I knew, being pretentious is a bad call because there's always people a lot smarter than you. Even if you're outstanding, if you were put among your true peers then you'd be average, so getting snotty just makes you look like a stupid asshole 10/10. Plus, there are things more than/equally important to intelligence.

Hipster Slut 14/05/14(Wed)06:21 No. 17171

File 140004130248.jpg - (16.29KB , 342x374 , 1285572209801.jpg )

I could mention Bestiario and El Aleph as really relevant readings at some point of my life, but there's no doubt The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is actually the book that have moved me the most. I'm probably an illiterate idiot.

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