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Word lover 13/10/12(Sat)22:40 No. 16999

File 13816104222.png - (330.28KB , 268x600 , 268px-Chester_cathedral_nave.png )

I can't think of a better place to do this than on an image board, where pictures can accompany a post.
Feel free to read if you want to share knowledge, but I'll be posting regardless. Feel free to correct any misinterpretations as well.

lierne (lee-urn)
A tertiary rib of a vault used for decoration rather than support/outlining.

Primary rib: main rib
Secondary rib: "tierceron"
Tertiary rib: "lierne"

Main ribs are those which define the shape of the roof, which can be found horizontally and vertically. Tiercerons connect main ribs, which are diagonal. Liernes are the lines which may connect the tiercerons and main ribs. They are the smallest of three.

From out standpoint, it appears the main ribs aren't horizontal. Just change your point of view as though you are directly under the main rib.

Word+lover 13/10/12(Sat)22:59 No. 17004

File 138161156291.jpg - (34.80KB , 632x380 , image_229_47220.jpg )

ratoon (rah-tune)
noun, verb

noun - the new sprout of a ratooned plant
verb - to harvest a crop by the process of cutting at some point along the stem, such as sugar canes. This process creates a new sprout which can be later harvested for a greater overall yield at the end of the year.

Farmers ratoon their crops when unusual, but favourable weather conditions allow for an early harvest of crops. With the time remaining, they ratoon for a faster growth before the season ends.

Ratooning is only done on crops that can endure the effects for over a period of three years. One effect of ratooning is that the yield decreases with each cycle of ratooning.

Word+lover 13/10/12(Sat)23:07 No. 17007

File 138161207626.jpg - (58.82KB , 648x400 , santoor.jpg )

santoor(sahn-toor), santir (sahn-teer), santur, santour
A persian instrument like a dulcimer, or a guitar with respect to the sound box, that is struck with hammers.


ORIGIN from Arabic sanṭīr, alteration of Greek psaltērion ‘psaltery.’

Word+lover 13/10/12(Sat)23:17 No. 17008

File 138161267478.jpg - (41.55KB , 685x599 , 685px-Elodea_canadensis2_ies.jpg )

An aquatic plant found commonly throughout North America, both in waterways and in household aquariums.

A noteworthy facts about elodeas:
- Their reproduction is fast and abundant, and is considered a major problematic weed in North America. In waterways, they feed off of the rich elements, making the concentrations too minimal for piscine survival. For this reason, it is illegal to sell in Washington, Oregon, Alabama and South Carolina.

Word+lover 13/10/12(Sat)23:40 No. 17010

File 138161401091.jpg - (45.48KB , 400x600 , 400px-Sedilia_-_geograph_org_uk_-_360852.jpg )

sedile (seh-die-lee), plural sedilia (seh-dill-ee-ah)
a stone seat for clergy in the wall of a church, usually three in number per group and often canopied and decorated.

If the priest is sermonizing and a deacon is present, expect to find him on a sedile.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from Latin, ‘seat,’ from sedere ‘sit.’

Word+lover 13/10/12(Sat)23:44 No. 17011

An aircheck; a sample recording of a radio broadcaster in action on the radio, entailing him speaking between commercials and music, to show off his skill to employers.


Word+lover 13/10/13(Sun)00:10 No. 17013

File 138161585415.jpg - (142.36KB , 450x600 , 450px-Christian_Radich.jpg )

ratline, ratlin (rat-linn)
lengths of thin line tied between the shrouds (a set of ropes that hold the mast (main post of a sailing ship to which a sail it attached) in place) to form a ladder. Found on all square rigged ships, whose crews must go aloft to stow the square sails, they also appear on larger fore-and-aft rigged vessels to aid in repairs aloft or conduct a lookout from above.
Lower courses in a ratline are often made of slats of wood for support where the distance between shrouds is greatest. In some instances holes in these slats guide and organise low-tension lines between the deck and the rig.

In photo, it is the thicker/"darker" network of connecting rope.

Word+lover 13/10/13(Sun)22:09 No. 17016

File 138169494179.jpg - (15.79KB , 220x296 , rebato01.jpg )

rebato, rabato (ruh-bah-toe)
a wired collar worn circa 1600-1650, often found in Queen Elizabeth I photos

Word+lover 13/10/13(Sun)22:10 No. 17017

File 13816950531.jpg - (121.99KB , 800x600 , Ortolan_hires.jpg )

a European songbird.


Word+lover 13/10/13(Sun)22:17 No. 17018

File 138169545541.png - (59.31KB , 800x566 , 800px-Absorption_vs_adsorption-1_svg.png )

Pronounced "ort-oh-lynne"

sorbate (sore-bayte)
a sorbed substance (a substance that has either adhered to the surface of a different state of matter (liquid on a solid, gas on a liquid) or a substance that has been "absorbed" into another state.

Word+lover 13/10/13(Sun)22:24 No. 17019

fetial, plural fetiales (fee-shuhll; think facial, with the first "a" enunicated "ee")
a type of priest in Ancient Rome.

"The duties of the fetials included advising the senate on foreign affairs and international treaties, making formal proclamations of peace and of war, and confirming treaties. They also carried out the functions of traveling heralds or ambassadors. One of the fetiales, named pater patratus, was appointed as the fetials' spokesman.

The ritual of rerum repetitio, a request of restitution or reparations, involved the pater patratus. Wearing a woolen hair-band, he was to announce Roman demands using a series of prescribed phrases, first at the enemy's frontier, then when he passes over the borders, again to the first man he meets, again on entering the enemy's gate, and again on entering the forum at the presence of local magistrates. If the demands are not met, the pater patratus declares war within 33 days and returns to Rome to await the resolution of the Roman king and senate. Once they have resolved to go to war, a fetial returns to the enemy frontier carrying a javelin with a steel or burnt tip, and dipped in blood. He declares war on the enemy, and throws the javelin into their territory.
The fetial is connected to matters of law and not directly to war, hence in his formulae he never invokes Mars, but Jupiter, Juno (or perhaps Janus) and Quirinius.
The religious relevance of the collegium or sodalitas lay in ensuring that Rome enjoyed the protection of gods in its relationships with foreign states.
This collegium was probably common to other Latin cities as Livy makes reference to the fetials of Alba."

Word+lover 13/10/13(Sun)22:26 No. 17020

a large-scale transportation of troops, supplies, and equipment by sea.

Word+lover 13/10/13(Sun)22:44 No. 17021

File 138169704363.jpg - (4.78KB , 275x183 , images-1.jpg )

warison (weh-rih-sin)
a bugle call to attack/war.

Hipster Slut 13/11/23(Sat)07:33 No. 17051

File 138518843052.png - (231.28KB , 800x486 , 800px-Andirons_(PSF).png )

andiron (and-eye-rin)
one of usually a pair of stands connected by a wooden frame for holding wood in a fireplace.

Word+lover 13/11/23(Sat)07:55 No. 17054

File 138518975642.jpg - (4.28KB , 303x166 , Unknown.jpg )

soleret/solleret (saul-ur-ette)
mail for the foot, consisting of overlapping plates/slats.

Hipster Slut 13/11/24(Sun)15:31 No. 17056

File 138530347730.png - (21.42KB , 1440x1687 , Geosmin_Structural_Formulae.png )

from greek meaning 'earth smell'

geosmin is the main chemical component of 'petrichor' (greek, 'stone flowing', the name for the smell of the earth after rain). it is created by bacteria in the soil and is released into the air when it rains.

Word+lover 13/11/26(Tue)06:45 No. 17059

litotes (lie-tuh-tease)
understatement, especially that in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of its contrary, as in “not bad at all.” in place of "good", or "you won't be sorry" meaning "you'll be glad".

Word+lover 13/11/26(Tue)07:04 No. 17062

File 138544588666.gif - (42.80KB , 275x599 , 275px-Bandore1.gif )

bandore, bandora, pandore, pandora
an ancient, obsolete guitar-like instrument.

Contrary to it being deemed obsolete, a video of it being played can be found here:


Hipster Slut 13/11/27(Wed)01:03 No. 17065


In the context of royalty, a morganatic marriage is a marriage between people of unequal social rank, which prevents the passage of the husband's titles and privileges to the wife and any children born of the marriage.

Hipster Slut 13/11/27(Wed)16:49 No. 17066

File 138556739267.jpg - (208.43KB , 640x480 , syzygy.jpg )


Astronomy: a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies OR Literature: the combination of two metrical feet into a single unit.

Word+lover 13/12/01(Sun)05:46 No. 17071

File 13858731715.jpg - (12.32KB , 193x262 , Unknown-1.jpg )

drosera (draw-sir-ah)
a small carnivorous plant that uses its sticky hair-like tips to catch prey.


Hipster Slut 13/12/08(Sun)00:01 No. 17073

I am actually learning something here. What an unusual experience.

Hipster Slut 14/03/30(Sun)06:37 No. 17126

File 139615424125.jpg - (36.16KB , 576x305 , stolon.jpg )

stolon (pronounced stolen)
a twine-like horizontal stem branching off from the roots of a parent plant which serves as a reproduction mechanism at the nodules along the stem where daughter plants grow. It can be an invasive plant when the chain becomes large.

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