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Hipster Slut 14/04/18(Fri)18:27 No. 17145

File 139783844666.jpg - (682.34KB , 928x1176 , General_Sherman_tree_looking_up.jpg )

Chapter 1
The boy walked out into the middle of the grass oval. He looked straight into the sun letting the rays radiate his face.

He reached the exact centre of the oval and stopped.

He then did something that was extremely strange.

The other school children who were eating their lunch at the edge of the oval were now watching the boy with intense scrutiny.

The boy got down on to his hands and knees.

"What is he doing?" The children whispered to each other.

The boy started to wiggle his fingers into the earth. Deeper and deeper he plunged his fingers. He then kicked off his sandles and started to do the same with his toes.

The boy remain in that position not moving.

After a few minutes he brushed the dirt off his knees and walked over to a golden haired girl who was waiting patiently for him at the edge of the oval.

"Why do u always do that?" she whispered looking around.

She adjusted his shirt and picked all the grass off him.

"Do what?" the boy looked at her in surprise.

The girl raised one eye brow and studied the boy's innocent looking face for a few seconds.

"Well, at lunch time you always walk out into the middle of the oval and stick your fingers into the ground" she paused looking for a reaction on his face.

The boy didn't seem to understand judging by his blank look so she continued.

"I think it is very strange" she said to him bluntly.

She plucked some grass from his brown hair.

"Yeah" said the boy. "Now that you mention it, I suppose that it is a little strange."

The girl smiled and raised both her eyebrows at him. "A little?" She chuckled.

The boy looked away from her "You know, I don't know why I do it, but how about you. Why are you always following-".

The lunch bell suddenly rang and the boy stopped speaking.

"We have our sports class now" he then said. "I am really looking forward to sports today".

"Another thing" said the girl. "Why do you have to do it in exactly the middle of the oval" she called after him.

The boy was already walking to sports class. "I need a lot of room" he called back to her.

"Room?" She was running to catch up. "Room for what?" She frowned as she followed him.

The boy and girl walked further down the oval to meet their teacher for sports class.

The sports teacher had already arrived and was laying out orange marker hats on the oval.

The rest of the students started to arrive. Every one seemed very cheeful. Sports class was popular among the students.

"We are going to have a running race today" the sports teacher said with out looking up from a clip board. "Make sure you all stretch please!".

After everybody had done their stretches and all the students had lined up at the starting line.

The sports teacher raised his arm into the air and fired a cap gun and with a loud pop the race started.

That is when the boy did something else that was extremely strange for the second time that day.

The boy rocketed off the starting line as if he had literally exploded from a canon. His small body was moving around the oval so fast that it was a blur.

All the children staggered to a stop and now stood watching in disbelief as the boy practically flew around the oval and back to the starting line in mere seconds.

The boy stopped at the finish line and was not even panting. He was now standing with an eerily straight posture and was looking straight up into the sun, again!

Some body coughed. The boy looked away from the sun and saw that everyone was staring at him.

There was a complete silence. Nobody said a word. A crow cawed behind the boy.

The boy looked behind himself, just to check that it wasn't something else that they were looking at.

He then looked back at them and threw his arms up in confusion.

"What?" said the boy.

Every one finched in fear as the boy threw up his hands.

The golden haired girl suddenly ran over to the boy. She grabbed his hand and hissed at him "I think we've gotta go, now!."

She launched into a run straight out of the school gate and down the road dragging him behind her.

The children and the sports teacher looked even more baffled.

The teacher suddenly called out to them.

"Hey, you can't leave the school grounds!"

The teacher ran after the kids but they were both long gone.

The two children jogged down the back allies through the town still holding hands. The girl chose a path that was least likely to have people on it.

"You have to tell me who you are. Or what you are" the girl said.

She looked back at the boy running behind her.

After a short pause an unexpected answer suddenly came from the boy.

"I have to go into the mountains" he said.

"The mountains" the girl repeated slowly.

She was shaking and nodding her head at the same time.

After a moment of thought the girl relaxed and smiled a big beaming smile.

"Yeah! OK" She said. "The mountains!"

The girl had goose bumps all over her body.
She immediately changed course.

Hand in hand they disappeared into the dark forest at the edge of the small town.

Something was going to happen in the mountains, something really big and the world would never be the same.

Hipster Slut 14/04/28(Mon)08:30 No. 17147

> something really big and the world would never be the same
this line just sounds really cheezy to me.

I would like to read more though

Tom ta 14/05/05(Mon)12:10 No. 17152

hand in hand they disappeared into the dark foreboding forest.

Every step into the forest felt like the world was quivering at their approach.

Chapter 2
Giant trees now surrounded them in all directions, and a thick canopy cast a deep shadow over the forest foor. Beneath the children's feet was a soft carpet of moist leaves and other decaying plant debris.

The children climbed over a large fallen dead tree log. The girl tried her best not to destroy the cute mushrooms and other fungi that decorated it.

It seemed as if they had been walking for an eternity and they were now so far into the mountains that the girl was getting scared. She suddenly remembered that these woods were extremely dangerous. The local Town's folk would often tell horrible stories of bears and wolves coming out of the forest to eat small children.

However even with the threat of bears and wolves the girl could not stop smiling. She looked at the boy with a side ways glance, wondering what he really was. The girl jumped in surprise as the boy disappeared in a blink. His image flicking ahead at an unbelievable speed.

She looked around at the woods, the forest suddenly seemed very dark and scary. She held her arms and followed the boy.

A large frog croaked loudly at her from somewhere. The girl screamed out in fear. She stared angrily at the harmless green frog sitting on a giant fern leaf. "Seriously?" she said to the frog.

After adjusting her hair, she knelt down next to it, a few minutes of much commotion she continued walking with her slimy captive.

The boy blinked back at her side, still holding her hand but suddenly snatched his hand away in shock. The girl held up the fog with a mischievous grin on her face. "What is that." Said the boy wiping the frog's slime from his hand onto his shirt.

"It's a frog, silly, haven't you ever seen one before?"

The boy looked closely at the slimy creature. "No, never." He reached out taking it from her. He held it up to his eyes in wonder.

"Where are we going?" She asked him, "It will be dark soon and I want to find a safe place to rest."

"Just up here!" The boy started to jog ahead beckoning the girl to follow. They ran through the forest jumping over obstacles and wading through streams. A large deer and her fawn bolted away from the two children in fear. They finally burst out into an immense clearing.

"Wow!" the girl exclaimed as she walked out into the sunlight.

There was a massive boulder sitting not to far away which the girl wasted no time at all, climbing. She scrambled to the top of the moss covered giant and gazed around from the top.

The clearing was huge. Its was covered in tall grass and had a small pond with green lilly pads. The boy ran over to the pond and knelt down beside it. The frog escaped into its new home.

An orange sun was sinking below the tree line. The beauty of this place was breathtaking to the children.

The girl sat down cross legged atop her giant rock. Both children watched an owl fly over their heads into the forest.

"Its getting dark! lets make a fire" the girl was rubbing her arms with her hands. She turned her head away from the nodding boy and looked back into the scary forest frowning at the noises coming from the dark places. "I don't think that I would like to come into this forest by myself." She turned her head back to the boy and nearly jumped out of her skin!

The boy had already made two great piles of wood. One of kindling and the other of heavy logs. The speed of the boy was crazy. "Um ok..." she didn't know what else to say to him. Was the boy growing in strength?

As if the he knew what she was thinking the boy knelt down and said, "the soil is very rich here." He dug his hands into the black earth.

"I see..." said the girl nodding and pretending to know exactly what in the world he was saying to her.

"So... where should we make a fire?" she looked around the clearing.

"Over here" said the boy, "in the middle is best!"

The girl giggled "of course. How silly of me, you love the middle," a tone of sarcasm joining her smile.

The boy sat down in the centre of the clearing holding two sticks which he started to rub together. He rubbed them so fast that a skilled Woodsman would have been impressed and shocked at the same time! The wood sprung into bright flames as if it had no other choice! The boy then set whole the pile of kindling on fire.

The girl laughed at him. "I said a fire, as in a camp fire, not a bonfire."

The boy turned his head towards the girl smiling. He then through some heavy logs onto the inferno.

The two of them curled up into a ball next to the roaring bonfire. The girl put a protective arm around her boy.

She whispered into his ear, "this forest scares me, do you think anything is watching us?" she said to the boy in her arms. A very large pop made the two children jump. The fire sprayed sparks and red hot pieces of wood over the tall grass. The raging tower of fire was slowly collapsing in on itself as it consumed the wood.

The girl turned her attention back to the boy. "Something very weird is going on... don't you think?" The boy didn't answer. The girl waited patiently for him to respond but he was too busy squirming as if trying to get into a comfortable position. "Are you sticking your toes into the ground? AGAIN?" She said to him. She could feel him trying to get at the dirt.

"Yes, I cant help it" he grunted as he tossed and turned next to the girl, as if in a war with himself. He seemed like he was struggling with the choice of snuggling up to the girl or snuggling up to the ground below.

She was so happy to be together with the boy that she didn't bother asking him any more questions. She kissed him on his forehead and fell asleep. As she drifted off to sleep she could feel him still wide awake digging his feet into the ground.

Soon she was fast asleep. She dreamt that she was in a black ocean of emptiness and in her hand she held the boy tightly. He was just a tiny egg. In every direction the black empty ocean went on forever and ever! Billions upon billions of lights twinkled around her.

They were flying.

The next day the girl awoke. The sun was high in the sky. She looked up and saw the boy who was standing with his arms stretching upwards towards the sun. The girl got to her feet and took a few steps backwards frowning. His legs had sunk knee deep into the earth.

"This is just getting crazy!" The girl cried out. "What are you doing?"

The boy just looked at her.

She studied his buried legs. "Super speed is pretty cool but why in the world do you want to bury your self in the ground?! Can we please go?" She tried to pull him out of the ground.

"No, no I cant, I am stuck here now," the boy quickly said.

"You are stuck?" She scratched her head. "Wait... are you taller too, including your buried legs you are much taller..." She started to walk backwards again, away from the boy. This was very creepy she thought.

He immediately looked at her with scared eyes."Don't leave me, I need you to look after me," the boy pleaded.

A wave of guilt washed over the girl, "I am so sorry" she said quickly running back over to him. She reached up and rubbed some dirt off his cheek. "This is just a little weird for me."

He looked at her. His eyes were very serious. "You are not exactly normal either."

The girl's head snapped up looking him straight, in the eyes! The boy continued. "Don't you think it is strange that you and I have not eaten since running away from the school?" He asked her. "...and why do we both have no names," he whispered very quietly.

Her back stiffened and her eyes were fearful. He was right!

The golden haired girl slowly nodded. She put both her hands on the boy's shoulders and looked dead straight into his eyes again. "I am going to go into the forest now and I will search for a really big stick! "

"I am going protect you. What ever you are, no matter what!"

A tear rolled down the boys cheek.

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