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Celsius 09/07/12(Sun)16:23 No. 3532 Stickied

File removed.jpg - (1.25MB , 1600x1200 , 12440595449.jpg )

Post some goddamn books

This content removed in accordance to a DMCA Takedown Notice filed by WALTER M MILLER JR ESTATE.

Celsius 09/07/12(Sun)16:25 No. 3533

File Jeff_Shaara_-_The_Last_Full_Measure.lit - (485.30KB , Jeff.lit )

Celsius 09/07/13(Mon)02:26 No. 3537

File The_Egyptian_Book_of_the_Dead_-_Translated_from_Th.pdf - (227.65KB , The.pdf )

Overlord 09/07/13(Mon)20:26 No. 3547

I have about 170 ebooks but the auto-dumper doesn't support .pdf, the imageboard doesn't support .rar and has a limit of 10000kb and I can't think of any otherway to upload them apart from individually, which I'm too lazy to do. Unless someone can come up with another way to multi-upload or any other suggestions then I probaly won't bother uploading, unless people have specific requests.

Hipster Slut 09/07/13(Mon)21:11 No. 3549

if you have a pdf of the Divine Comedy that'd be great. Gutenberg has a crap format.

Hipster Slut 09/07/14(Tue)08:45 No. 3567

File 124755395085.jpg - (12.23KB , 144x240 , Dispossessed_cover.jpg )

Anyone have this? I've read it before, but if you haven't you should. SHIT.

Overlord 09/07/14(Tue)12:04 No. 3568

File Divine_Comedy_-_translated_by_Fowler_Wright_(1928).pdf - (934.47KB , Divine.pdf )

Dunno if this is the exact thing your looking for.

Celsius 09/07/15(Wed)05:48 No. 3598

I'll write something to rar-jpg them all for you tomorrow.

There was a requests thread around here somewhere; put it there instead.

Celsius 09/07/15(Wed)22:56 No. 3614

executable here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mhrwmm5mhky
source at >>/pr/2455 if you don't trust me

Legion 09/07/16(Thu)19:13 No. 3662

File removed.pdf - (1.94MB , Let.pdf )

Legion 09/07/16(Thu)19:16 No. 3663

File The_Dark_Side_of_the_Sun.pdf - (1.00MB , The.pdf )

Legion 09/07/16(Thu)19:19 No. 3664

File Strata.pdf - (579.53KB )

Legion 09/07/16(Thu)20:06 No. 3665

File midnightsun_partial_draft4.pdf - (732.39KB )

Presumably at least some of the people on /lit/ are raging faggots. This is for them.

Celsius 09/07/16(Thu)22:18 No. 3666

you can't just rename a text file and make it execute, you have to compile it. i'll make an installable package sometime tonight, which should work fine

Overlord 09/07/22(Wed)18:23 No. 3886

I've been busy recently so haven't had time to upload. Expect more soon, meanwhile, everybody upload your .pdf's
May I also recomend >>3868, if you do get something from there, post it here.

Hipster Slut 09/07/22(Wed)23:19 No. 3896

has the The Wizard Knight by Gene Wolfe been upped? So far I've only found a rip of the audiobook
guess its too recent (and big) for a scan to have been done :(

Hipster Slut 09/07/23(Thu)08:00 No. 3917

File 124832883447.jpg - (973.94KB , 492x713 , Cooking_with_Cannabis_anonib.jpg )

My mom was wanting this book, so I'll just leave it here...

Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:56 No. 3935

File 124837537579.jpg - (146.67KB , 173x250 , 2001_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:56 No. 3936

File 124837539089.jpg - (482.09KB , 316x467 , output_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:57 No. 3937

File 124837542513.jpg - (1.38MB , 325x500 , Catch_22_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:57 No. 3938

File 124837546053.jpg - (1.43MB , 312x482 , Ebcosette_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:57 No. 3939

File 124837546884.jpg - (263.45KB , 429x648 , Fightclub_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:58 No. 3940

File 124837548956.jpg - (771.93KB , 500x585 , Hunchback_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:58 No. 3941

File 124837552147.jpg - (0.99MB , 259x400 , Monte_Cristo_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:58 No. 3942

File 124837553539.jpg - (493.52KB , 563x877 , 1178847103775_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:59 No. 3943

File 124837554025.jpg - (135.95KB , 201x300 , The_Gunslinger_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:59 No. 3944

File 124837555157.jpg - (361.06KB , 201x300 , The_Waste_Lands_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:59 No. 3945

File 124837556096.jpg - (252.90KB , 174x250 , Something_wicked_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)20:59 No. 3946

File 124837558976.jpg - (1.05MB , 500x741 , Battlefield_Earth_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:00 No. 3947

File 124837563993.jpg - (1.72MB , 300x452 , Enders_Game_Series_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:00 No. 3948

File 124837564347.jpg - (91.89KB , 61x100 , Johnny_Got_His_Gun_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:00 No. 3949

File 124837565375.jpg - (364.23KB , 240x240 , e_book_The_Talisman_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:01 No. 3950

File 124837566249.jpg - (283.94KB , 205x300 , The_Drawing_of_the_Three_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:01 No. 3951

File 124837566894.jpg - (176.87KB , 240x240 , Discworld____07__Pyramids_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:01 No. 3952

File 124837567570.jpg - (183.70KB , 240x240 , Discworld____13__Small_Gods_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:04 No. 3953

File 124837586240.jpg - (215.10KB , 315x475 , King__Stephen___The_Green_Mile_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:04 No. 3954

File 124837587055.jpg - (267.50KB , 424x648 , Aldous_Huxley___Brave_New_World_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:04 No. 3955

File 124837587766.jpg - (163.37KB , 240x240 , Discworld____12__Witches_Abroad_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:04 No. 3956

File 124837588473.jpg - (199.52KB , 240x240 , Discworld____10__Moving_Pictures_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:05 No. 3957

File 124837592523.jpg - (1.43MB , 400x605 , The_Coming_of_Conan_The_Cimmerian_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:05 No. 3958

File 124837593575.png - (233.90KB , 210x341 , do_androids_dream_of_electric_sheep_anonib.png )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:06 No. 3959

File 124837596067.jpg - (816.25KB , 400x600 , Marquis_De_Sade___120_Days_of_Sodom_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:06 No. 3960

File 124837596677.jpg - (120.15KB , 290x475 , Nietzsche__Friedrich__The_Antichrist_htm_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:06 No. 3961

File 12483759807.jpg - (487.47KB , 168x254 , Sagan__Carl___Billions_And_Billions__doc__anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:06 No. 3962

File 124837598537.jpg - (150.98KB , 164x254 , Nietzsche__Friedrich___Beyond_Good_and_Evil_anonib.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:06 No. 3963

File 124837599141.jpg - (146.21KB , 165x244 , Nietzsche__Friedrich__Thus_Spake_Zarathustra_rtf_a.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:06 No. 3964

File 124837601417.jpg - (869.06KB , 308x475 , Hard_Boilder_Wonderland_and_the_End_of_the_World2_.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:07 No. 3965

File 124837604029.jpg - (929.98KB , 400x607 , Thompson__Hunter_S____Fear_And_Loathing_In_Las_Veg.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:07 No. 3966

File 124837605734.jpg - (564.26KB , 200x301 , Clarke__Susanna___Jonathan_Strange_and_Mr__Norrell.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:07 No. 3967

File 124837607885.jpg - (756.96KB , 321x475 , Zinn__Howard___A_People_s_History_Of_The_United_St.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:08 No. 3968

File 124837609157.jpg - (418.75KB , 653x800 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_02___The_Sighs_.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:08 No. 3969

File 124837610510.jpg - (461.07KB , 653x800 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_03___The_Boredo.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:08 No. 3970

File 124837612076.jpg - (519.30KB , 653x800 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_05___The_Rampag.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:08 No. 3971

File 124837613928.jpg - (629.46KB , 653x800 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_06___The_Waveri.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:09 No. 3972

File 124837615473.jpg - (504.07KB , 653x800 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_07___The_Intrig.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:09 No. 3973

File 124837616556.jpg - (391.33KB , 653x800 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_01___The_Melanc.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:09 No. 3974

File 124837618728.jpg - (791.97KB , 653x800 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_08___The_Indign.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:09 No. 3975

File 124837619672.jpg - (258.86KB , 598x766 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_09___The_Dissoc.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:10 No. 3976

File 124837620816.jpg - (435.77KB , 653x800 , Tanigawa__Nagaru___Suzumiya_Haruhi_04___The_Disapp.jpg )

Here is a bunch of crap that no bugger wants.

Hugs and Kisses,


Soumy 09/07/23(Thu)21:20 No. 3977

Most of the things that would suit this place are in RTF format for reasons I cannot grasp.

Soumy 09/07/26(Sun)17:31 No. 4077

File Murakami__Ryu___almost_transparent_blue_anonib.pdf - (302.19KB )

Almost Transparent Blue

Hipster Slut 09/07/27(Mon)19:17 No. 4155

File 124871506635.jpg - (111.85KB , 806x1269 , pic_sel3.jpg )

Anyone have Road of The Patriarch?

Hipster Slut 09/07/27(Mon)22:00 No. 4158

File 124872484710.jpg - (170.99KB , 312x475 , 121600895047.jpg )

>>4155 here.
Forgive me; I'd forgotten that I have some E-books from previous threads as well.
Dumping what I have.
Here's some Dexter to start with.

Hipster Slut 09/07/27(Mon)22:02 No. 4159

File 12487249339.jpg - (145.52KB , 274x444 , 121600924945.jpg )

Hipster Slut 09/07/27(Mon)22:42 No. 4162

File 124872732233.jpg - (364.35KB , 136x190 , 121642206625.jpg )

Hipster Slut 09/07/27(Mon)22:45 No. 4163

File 124872751991.jpg - (349.42KB , 276x475 , 121642194258.jpg )

Hipster Slut 09/07/28(Tue)01:02 No. 4165

File 124873575393.jpg - (248.72KB , 212x336 , 121614813429.jpg )

TCKaos 09/08/13(Thu)06:12 No. 4732

File Starship_Troopers_-_Robert_Heinlein.pdf - (608.03KB , Starship.pdf )

Have some Starship Troopers.

Hipster Slut 09/08/14(Fri)03:41 No. 4750

Did you just post the covers or did you do that thing where you turn a rar into a jpg?

Soumy 09/08/16(Sun)23:21 No. 4816


They should all be jpegs with rars, checked that one just in case and all is well.

Overlord 09/08/17(Mon)16:39 No. 4842

Bah, that's some pretty awesome stuff you got there soumy, a lot stuff that I wanted but hadn't got round to getting yet. Now if only I could be arsed to finish uploading the rest of mine.

Hipster Slut 09/08/21(Fri)20:53 No. 4948

File 125088083963.jpg - (148.74KB , 302x475 , thewaspfactory_anonib.jpg )

Hipster Slut 09/08/22(Sat)03:17 No. 4964

Watership Down

Hipster Slut 09/08/22(Sat)11:10 No. 4982

soumy just posted my irl library, except for the manga. nice collection!

Hipster Slut 09/09/05(Sat)16:28 No. 5437

File 125216088165.gif - (170.36KB , 149x217 , 1181703422324_anonib.gif )

Man in the High Castle - How different is the world when the other side wins world war two? Not that much actually....

Hipster Slut 09/09/08(Tue)18:28 No. 5531


It's funny because Dick goes on about how totally fucked up the German territories are and how every man born after the war is essentially unreconcilably National Socialist... and yet we never really see it because his characters are all in the only nominally oppressive Japanese sector, or the no-man's land in between lol

Hipster Slut 09/09/09(Wed)00:27 No. 5534

so how do I open these? sorry, I've never done this before.

Soumy 09/09/09(Wed)05:02 No. 5542


Change extension to .rar, un-rar archive et voila.

Hugs n kisses.

Hipster Slut 09/09/09(Wed)16:40 No. 5557

Anyone have Lord of a Visible world or HP Lovecraft - A Life?

Hipster Slut 09/09/13(Sun)23:11 No. 5698

Anyone have Cat's Cradle, perhaps Bokononism stuff?

Hipster Slut 09/09/17(Thu)01:26 No. 5909

File Cat's_Cradle.pdf - (456.21KB , Cat\'s Cradle.pdf )


Hipster Slut 09/09/17(Thu)07:14 No. 5930

How about We, by Zamyatin? Anyone have it?

Hipster Slut 09/09/22(Tue)02:39 No. 6074

Could I get Last Exit To Brooklyn or some Borges?

Celsius 09/09/22(Tue)02:47 No. 6076

File 125358046263.jpg - (566.80KB , 307x460 , brooklyn.jpg )


Boots 09/09/29(Tue)04:35 No. 6423

Anyone got The Road?

Hipster Slut 09/10/07(Wed)06:26 No. 6695

The Little Mermaid?

Hipster Slut 09/10/07(Wed)07:49 No. 6705

Fairytales are abundant on the googles.

Hipster Slut 09/10/07(Wed)08:35 No. 6710

File 125489732364.jpg - (15.69KB , 382x500 , synthetic worlds.jpg )

I must make the humble /r/equest for the book entitled Synthetic Worlds by Edwar Castronova. I have done my best to seek it on my own and have failed. I know for certain that an Ebook of it does, in fact exist. I would be forever in your debt if you were to obtain it for me, oh great /lit/.


Hipster Slut 09/10/07(Wed)17:15 No. 6717

Thanks. I did find it on google but I didn't think that it was that short, I thought it might have been some kind of preview thing.

Hipster Slut 09/10/08(Thu)03:22 No. 6740

Fairytales are, for the most part, rather short (fuck you Faerie Queene). On the other hand, you can also get 15 different perfectly valid tellings of the same story and stretch a study on The Little Mermaid into a month long affair!

Hipster Slut 09/10/08(Thu)07:52 No. 6751

File Synthetic_Worlds.pdf - (1.52MB , Synthetic Worlds.pdf )



Hipster Slut 09/10/09(Fri)09:37 No. 6798

some motherfucker in another thread claimed that The Knight by Gene Wolfe is on #bookz

Hipster Slut 09/10/09(Fri)21:19 No. 6843

Does anyone have a copy of the book trainspotting? I saw the movie on TV a while back, and I imagine the book would be much better than the movie was.

Hipster Slut 09/10/10(Sat)00:27 No. 6848

File 125512723435.jpg - (110.95KB , 633x1050 , cyoa001f.jpg )

>>6843 Does this one work?

Also humbly requesting any/all of the Choose Your Own Adventure books you can find.

Hipster Slut 09/10/10(Sat)18:53 No. 6890


It's not really Choose Your own Adventure but I think it's pretty fun.

Hipster Slut 09/10/11(Sun)09:43 No. 6912

Anyone have any Ian Rankin? I read Knots & Crosses a few weeks ago and fell in love with it.

Hipster Slut 09/10/20(Tue)05:21 No. 7273

Quite the long shot, but an Australian writer named Matthew Reilly just brought out a book recently, named the Five Greatest Warriors. I don't expect it to be up on any torrent sites, etc yet but does anyone know of a site where people upload recently released books, scans of it, etc?

Hipster Slut 09/10/25(Sun)22:17 No. 7510

Looking for The Book of Lies: Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult, preferably .pdf format. The #bookz channel came up with nothing, and I've been unable to dig up a torrent.

Hipster Slut 09/10/26(Mon)01:23 No. 7520

Anyone have a copy of John Dies At The End?

Hipster Slut 09/10/27(Tue)20:10 No. 7587

go read House of Leaves

Hipster Slut 09/10/28(Wed)00:59 No. 7595

err.. Anything by Harry Harrison is good!

Hipster Slut 09/10/28(Wed)19:34 No. 7620

Dr. Brodie's Reports by J.L.Borges

wellthensir 09/10/28(Wed)21:53 No. 7625


this book was horrible
but enders game was good

dark night of the soul Hipster Slut 09/11/01(Sun)01:10 No. 7731

File Dark_Night_of_the_Soul.doc - (21.00KB , Dark Night of the Soul.doc )

Hipster Slut 09/11/06(Fri)11:31 No. 7925

Didn't read all the way through the thread to see if this had been resolved, but here's a quick extension changer in python.

It's designed so it would be incredibly easy to make a batch de-renamer to get them back to their normal format quickly on the other end. I'll be happy to make one if anyone cares.


Hipster Slut 09/11/07(Sat)15:43 No. 7957

File 125760500378.jpg - (51.74KB , 315x509 , Farseer1.jpg )

For all of you scifi/Warhammer faggots out there.

But seriously, it's a well written book with a good story.

Hipster Slut 09/11/07(Sat)18:39 No. 7975

File Dean_Koontz_-_Cold_Fire.pdf - (581.88KB , Dean Koontz - Cold Fire.pdf )

Dean Koontz - Cold Fire (1991)

Teacher Jim Ironheart, aptly named, is sent by forces unknown to save chosen people in life-threatening situations. By chance, a young but jaded reporter stumbles onto his missions, and joins him to investigate who is controlling him and why. Shared nightmares begin to point to an extraterrestrial influence, and the pair are forced to confront Ironheart's forgotten past for answers. Koontz ( The Bad Place , LJ 12/89), a master at maintaining mystery and suspense, weaves themes from earlier novels into this latest thriller. Even if the ending calls to mind DuMaurier and Hitchcock, Cold Fire contains all the ingredients--likable characters, nail-biting suspense, and above all, unlimited imagination--that will please Koontz's fans

Hipster Slut 09/11/12(Thu)23:58 No. 8149

File Book_Piracy.doc - (17.00KB , Book Piracy.doc )

This should settle the argument, don't know why the mod acted the way they did.

Hipster Slut 09/11/14(Sat)14:57 No. 8190

File !_-_Defeating_Electromagnetic_Door_Locks.pdf - (68.43KB , ! - Defeating Electromagnetic Door Locks.pdf )

Dumping my small collection

Hipster Slut 09/11/14(Sat)14:59 No. 8191

File !_-_Hidden_Street_Weapons.pdf - (118.23KB , ! - Hidden Street Weapons.pdf )

Dumping my small collection

Hipster Slut 09/11/14(Sat)15:00 No. 8192

File !_-_Improvised_Lock_Picks.pdf - (2.46MB , ! - Improvised Lock Picks.pdf )

Dumping my small collection

Hipster Slut 09/11/14(Sat)15:07 No. 8193

File anarchy_-_!_-_Anarchists_Cookbook__IV_4_14.pdf - (784.90KB , anarchy - ! - Anarchists Cookbook IV 4_14.pdf )

Dumping my small collection

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)00:15 No. 8206


A classic piece of literature.

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:37 No. 8212

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Incarnations_of_Immortality_01_-_.pdf - (731.22KB , Anthony, Piers - Incarnations of Immortality 01 - .pdf )

incarnates of imortality bitches

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:39 No. 8213

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Incarnations_of_Immortality_02_-_.pdf - (823.42KB , Anthony, Piers - Incarnations of Immortality 02 - .pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:39 No. 8214

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Incarnations_of_Immortality_03_-_.pdf - (768.52KB , Anthony, Piers - Incarnations of Immortality 03 - .pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:40 No. 8215

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Incarnations_of_Immortality_04_-_.pdf - (678.77KB , Anthony, Piers - Incarnations of Immortality 04 - .pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:41 No. 8216

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Incarnations_of_Immortality_05_-_.pdf - (756.47KB , Anthony, Piers - Incarnations of Immortality 05 - .pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:41 No. 8217

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Incarnations_of_Immortality_06_-_.pdf - (732.73KB , Anthony, Piers - Incarnations of Immortality 06 - .pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:44 No. 8218

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Incarnations_of_Immortality_07_-_.pdf - (770.49KB , Anthony, Piers - Incarnations of Immortality 07 - .pdf )

i'll finish dumping some more peirs tonight i have a shot ton of scifi, fantasy...some horror i even got stuff like tarzand so i'll see what i can find

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:44 No. 8219

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Tyrant_01_-_Refugee.pdf - (734.19KB , Anthony, Piers - Tyrant 01 - Refugee.pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:45 No. 8220

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Tyrant_02_-_Mercenary.pdf - (1.03MB , Anthony, Piers - Tyrant 02 - Mercenary.pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:45 No. 8221

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Tyrant_03_-_Politician.pdf - (887.71KB , Anthony, Piers - Tyrant 03 - Politician.pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:46 No. 8222

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Tyrant_04_-_Executive.pdf - (742.57KB , Anthony, Piers - Tyrant 04 - Executive.pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:47 No. 8223

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Tyrant_05_-_Statesman.pdf - (780.48KB , Anthony, Piers - Tyrant 05 - Statesman.pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:48 No. 8224

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Mute.pdf - (0.99MB , Anthony, Piers - Mute.pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:49 No. 8225

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Total_Recall.pdf - (572.07KB , Anthony, Piers - Total Recall.pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/15(Sun)07:49 No. 8226

File Anthony,_Piers_-_Pornucopia.pdf - (476.68KB , Anthony, Piers - Pornucopia.pdf )

Hipster Slut 09/11/22(Sun)23:55 No. 8455

File Bernard_Cornwell_-_Warlord_1_-_Winter_King.pdf - (896.33KB , Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 1 - Winter King.pdf )

Could someone post the entire Song of Ice and Fire series? Thanks in advance.

In return, some Cornwell. One my favorites.

Hipster Slut 09/11/23(Mon)05:28 No. 8474

Speaking of Piers Anthony, I've been looking for the entire Xanth series in ebook format, can't find it. If anyone has it or knows where I can get it, it would me much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hipster Slut 09/11/25(Wed)16:21 No. 8572

More like this?? I just opened it and I can't stop reading!

Hipster Slut 09/11/26(Thu)22:33 No. 8597

have we got john dies at the end yet? i heard it's really good.

Hipster Slut 09/11/26(Thu)22:50 No. 8598

anyone got some dresden files?

Hipster Slut 09/11/27(Fri)13:25 No. 8613


/r/ing the hell out of these

Hipster Slut 09/11/27(Fri)14:33 No. 8616


Found this, but it's supposedly different from the paperback. But it will suffice.

Now to find the Dresden Files...

Hipster Slut 09/12/04(Fri)06:13 No. 8880

File 125990363535.jpg - (138.13KB , 792x641 , Butcher JimDresden Files 00 Restoration of Faith l.jpg )

Did someone just say Dresden Files? Cause I think I just heard someone say Dresden Files.

Hipster Slut 09/12/13(Sun)22:58 No. 9284

hey, 8616 here.
thanks for the dresden files!
uh...this sounds pretty lame, but can anyone help me with looking for "chicken soup for the soul: dads and daughters"? my dad died on monday, i just need something light that makes me feel better. thanks.

Hipster Slut 09/12/14(Mon)02:48 No. 9296

File 126075533868.jpg - (151.67KB , 305x500 , Jim_Butcher_Storm_Front_anonib.jpg )


Now that I look online to be sure, i don't thats the first book. This should be the first one.

Hipster Slut 09/12/15(Tue)03:48 No. 9353

Anyone have "Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq"?

Hipster Slut 09/12/15(Tue)06:00 No. 9358

File 126085325757.jpg - (349.35KB , 307x500 , Butcher__Jim___Dresden_Files_02___Fool_Moon__lit.jpg )

Always have moar...

Hipster Slut 09/12/15(Tue)06:02 No. 9359

File 126085334647.jpg - (365.88KB , 215x316 , Butcher__Jim___Dresden_Files_03___Grave_Peril__lit.jpg )


Hipster Slut 09/12/15(Tue)06:04 No. 9360

File 12608534446.jpg - (381.50KB , 253x400 , Butcher__Jim___Dresden_Files_04___Summer_Knight__l.jpg )


Hipster Slut 09/12/15(Tue)06:06 No. 9361

File 126085359940.jpg - (356.88KB , 295x475 , Butcher__Jim___Dresden_Files_05___Death_Masks__lit.jpg )


Hipster Slut 09/12/15(Tue)06:09 No. 9362

File 126085376472.jpg - (385.02KB , 249x400 , Butcher__Jim___Dresden_Files_06___Blood_Rites__lit.jpg )


Hipster Slut 09/12/15(Tue)06:10 No. 9363

File 126085385794.jpg - (439.63KB , 330x500 , Butcher__Jim___Dresden_Files_07___Dead_Beat__lit.jpg )


Hipster Slut 09/12/15(Tue)06:12 No. 9364

File 12608539655.jpg - (441.58KB , 314x500 , Butcher__Jim___Dresden_Files_08___Proven_Guilty__l.jpg )


Hipster Slut 09/12/18(Fri)08:37 No. 9483

File The_Art_And_Science_Of_Cooking_With_Cannabis.pdf - (1.03MB , The Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis.pdf )


Hipster Slut 09/12/20(Sun)00:37 No. 9544

anyone have the Somnium by Kepler in English?

Hipster Slut 09/12/21(Mon)19:11 No. 9597

hay guize, I had loads of fun with the first Dexter novel. Does anyone happen to have the rest of the series? Thank you.

Hipster Slut 09/12/23(Wed)09:38 No. 9672


Try isohunt. I got the first three off there. Just keep in mind that the third one is pretty damn ordinary.

Hipster Slut 09/12/24(Thu)00:10 No. 9691

I had been hoping for some rapidshit, actually. guess it can't be helped...thanks.

Hipster Slut 09/12/25(Fri)20:11 No. 9749



Hipster Slut 09/12/31(Thu)05:05 No. 9899

i've been lookin for l.e. modesitt jr imager for awhile now but have been only comin up with audio...

Hipster Slut 10/01/03(Sun)01:00 No. 9970


Hipster Slut 10/01/03(Sun)20:25 No. 9989

/r/ White Line fever by Lemmy and Our Band Could be your Life by some other guy

Hipster Slut 10/01/05(Tue)04:45 No. 10021

/r/ The COMPLETE Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook

Hipster Slut 10/01/05(Tue)18:43 No. 10048

The Machinist.

Hipster Slut 10/01/08(Fri)22:21 No. 10168

File removed.pdf - (597.20KB , Robert_Glover_-_No_More_Mr_Nice_Guy.pdf )

Hipster Slut 10/01/10(Sun)02:55 No. 10213

File 126308851566.jpg - (1.08MB , 364x475 , 1200640880180.jpg )



Hipster Slut 10/01/10(Sun)08:13 No. 10230

/r/ing the book that the television series Dexter was based off of.
Darkly Dreaming Dexter, I believe it's called.

Hipster Slut 10/01/11(Mon)00:55 No. 10256

/r/ing some Harry Turtledove alternate history.

A Different Flesh (1988) — a related set of short stories spanning the 17th to 20th centuries set in a universe where the ancestors of the Native Americans never crossed into the New World, only Homo erectus.

The Guns of the South (1992) Science Fiction/Alternate History — The Confederate Army is supplied with AK-47's by time travelling members of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging from the early 21st century.

Days of Infamy series
In the Days of Infamy series the Japanese gained the initiative in the Pacific War by invading and occupying Hawaii.
Days of Infamy (2004)
End of the Beginning (2005)

Or that one where the south wins in the civil war. I love thinking about shit like what if, fav line of comic books. Gnight 7chan. Love you

Hipster Slut 10/01/11(Mon)01:03 No. 10257

or other preferred Turtledove novels. The war that came early sounds badass. Idk. Never read any of his books.

Hipster Slut 10/01/11(Mon)05:47 No. 10272

Days of Infamy fucking ruled

Hipster Slut 10/01/18(Mon)07:55 No. 10440

File 126379770123.jpg - (446.19KB , 329x500 , 11.jpg )

Thanks. Here's Dresden Files 11 - Turn Coat - for whoever wants it.

Hipster Slut 10/01/19(Tue)07:02 No. 10475

Thanks, forgot to post that one.

Hipster Slut 10/01/27(Wed)09:07 No. 10693

"How to Be the Best Lover: A Guide for Teenage boys" can i get help for finding this?

Hipster Slut 10/01/28(Thu)00:30 No. 10707

Here's a torrent for L.E. Modesitt's newest book in the Recluce series.

Someone up there requested the Imager books too? I think I've got the first but I still haven't been able to find the second.

Hipster Slut 10/01/28(Thu)00:35 No. 10708

Er...apparently that ^ doesn't work, so let me try this again. Megaupload?


Hipster Slut 10/01/30(Sat)13:05 No. 10770

/r/ The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan

Anonmous Me 10/01/31(Sun)00:23 No. 10781

The Iceman, Confessions of a Mafia Hitman

Hipster Slut 10/02/02(Tue)18:42 No. 10844

File 126513255517.jpg - (29.26KB , 500x500 , 41g3mzGeKYL__SS500_.jpg )

I've been looking for Apathy and Other Small Victories. Has it even been scanned yet?

Hipster Slut 10/02/06(Sat)01:37 No. 10934

Anyone have Shoplifting From American Apparell by Tao Lin?

Hipster Slut 10/02/10(Wed)22:49 No. 11046

File The_Brandon_Book_Crisis_-_Tao_Lin_and_Brandon_Scot.pdf - (427.57KB , The Brandon Book Crisis - Tao Lin and Brandon Scot.pdf )

No, I only have the actual book. It's pretty good, but not as good as his novel.

Here's The Brandon Book Crisis though, if you want it.

Hipster Slut 10/02/13(Sat)01:23 No. 11070

yeah sure, thanks

Hipster Slut 10/02/17(Wed)20:26 No. 11152

How do I unarchive my .rar files?

Hipster Slut 10/02/17(Wed)23:19 No. 11153

How do I do that, then?

Hipster Slut 10/02/18(Thu)17:02 No. 11160

in windows use the open with and choose winrar if you dont know how to change file extension

Hipster Slut 10/02/20(Sat)07:20 No. 11182

Anyone have a pdf of Snow Falling on Cedars?

Hipster Slut 10/02/22(Mon)11:44 No. 11218

File 1984.pdf - (1.30MB )

This Might sound Noobish but whats the deal with the images of book covers but no link to download
Also there was a lack 1984

Hipster Slut 10/02/23(Tue)01:41 No. 11227

Download the .jpg, noting that it is an assload bigger in filesize than a simple image needs to be.

Open said .jpg using 7zip or WinRAR.

Shit brix.

Hipster Slut 10/02/23(Tue)05:36 No. 11229

My God i never even noticed that the images were assloads bigger then normal images

Newfag55 10/02/25(Thu)15:12 No. 11248

File The_Girl_with_the_Dragon_Tattoo.doc - (1.47MB , The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.doc )

Hello 7chan. I have just decided to take refuge here please go easy on me I'm new here.

This is a Series that i wanted to read but haven't got around to just yet(busy reading 'Wasp Factory by Iain Banks' and 'All in the mind by Alastair Campbell').
It's translated badly though i believe. =/

Newfag55 10/02/25(Thu)15:14 No. 11249

File Stieg_Larsson_-_The_Girl_Who_Played_with_Fire_-_03.lit - (487.64KB , Stieg Larsson - The Girl Who Played with Fire - 03.lit )


Hipster Slut 10/02/27(Sat)14:53 No. 11273

Please god tell me you have the rest of that series

Hipster Slut 10/02/28(Sun)02:24 No. 11275

Does we have the foxfire series?

(I am NOT the hipster slut.) ...my God she&!rIqTRsyouk 10/02/28(Sun)02:32 No. 11276

Does we have the foxfire series? ne1?

maybe I appeared to be the hipster slut because-

1: We share the same computer, but don't know it.
2a: (that's the name given to anon)
2b: I need to lurk more
3: Through inaction over the course of an hour, have allowed Schroedinger's Cat to suffocate and not knowing for sure if a cat can survive in a shoebox for an hour, have mistakenly allowed my ipv6 compliant router to pick a random spoofed address to tell the proxy to report us as using, and thus have the same address as the hipster slut.
4: no one cares.
5: someone does and explains it to me in a short answer.

I have ebooks, will hand them over for the answer.

Hipster Slut 10/03/02(Tue)04:30 No. 11311

File 126750061790.jpg - (40.51KB , 362x500 , stoned.jpg )

Does anyone have this?

Hipster Slut 10/03/05(Fri)10:23 No. 11357

>>11276 2a and 2b.

Hipster Slut 10/03/07(Sun)01:38 No. 11368

Does anyone happen to have Terry Pratchett's "Men At Arms"? I'm too broke to buy it right now (although I will eventually because I am a retarded nerd and like looking at the row of Discworld volumes on my shelf).
Thank you.

Hipster Slut 10/03/07(Sun)04:44 No. 11369

File 126793343977.jpg - (191.78KB , 73x120 , 118901805853.jpg )

>>11368 Sure.

Hipster Slut 10/03/11(Thu)07:22 No. 11421

I need Bukowski, any and all, thanks in advance :D

Hipster Slut 10/03/12(Fri)17:15 No. 11434

File catch_22.pdf - (1.54MB )

Anyone have Orwell's 1984? I read Homage to Catalonia, and it was fantastic.

In return, have some Catch-22.

Hipster Slut 10/03/13(Sat)23:34 No. 11451


I got a hard copy. But it was too depressing to me.

Animal Farm was pretty badass.

Hipster Slut 10/03/14(Sun)20:30 No. 11459

Yea, I read Animal Farm and it was very good. After reading Homage to Catalonia, you get a feeling for how disillusioned Orwell became and why. The Anarcho-socialists in Spain had a large chunk of the country set up and running according to their vision, and the army itself was without any real rank. As things went on, though, it got contorted into what they had, essentially, before the war, with all the old barriers and divisions coming back by people who hijacked the movement. To be clear, I would have sided with Franco, and I think socialism is pretty hopeless, but its tragic reading how they lost their dream of a socialist Spain.

Hipster Slut 10/03/15(Mon)00:05 No. 11461

Great, thanks!

Speaking of Pratchett, does anyone have the Pratchett Portfolio (with pictures)? It's unbelievable how much money they charge online for used copies of it.

Hipster Slut 10/03/15(Mon)02:04 No. 11462


Yes, someone does.

I hope that helps.

Hipster Slut 10/03/20(Sat)06:17 No. 11495

File 12690622664.jpg - (27.48KB , 316x426 , 385.jpg )

Does anyone have this?

Hipster Slut 10/06/20(Sun)21:51 No. 11519

can someone repost the links to the megaupload jpgrar book collection?

Hipster Slut 10/06/21(Mon)04:17 No. 11524

/r/ "access all areas"
Its a book about urban exploring.

Hipster Slut 10/06/21(Mon)22:13 No. 11527

Thank you

sim 10/06/23(Wed)01:15 No. 11542


Hipster Slut 10/06/24(Thu)22:18 No. 11563

Everything from the Necroscope saga would be awesome.

science books plox 10/06/25(Fri)15:23 No. 11569

does any one have:

The Making of the Fittest: DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution


The Song of the Dodo: Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinction?

Hipster Slut 10/06/26(Sat)16:36 No. 11576

File 127756297433.jpg - (37.27KB , 500x500 , tsin.jpg )

The Singularity Is Near - Ray Kurzweil

Hipster Slut 10/06/26(Sat)16:43 No. 11577

File 127756343968.jpg - (48.28KB , 197x300 , endage.jpg )

Ending Aging - Aubrey de Grey

Hipster Slut 10/06/27(Sun)06:07 No. 11579

Anyone have Gunslinger II?

Hipster Slut 10/07/01(Thu)04:48 No. 11599

Looking for Kolymsky Heights?

Does Anon has it?

Hipster Slut 10/07/06(Tue)10:17 No. 11652

File 127840427716.jpg - (675.56KB , 287x331 , GEBcover2.jpg )

Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter.
Change the file to .zip, not the standard .rar.

Hipster Slut 10/07/12(Mon)22:58 No. 11698

Does anyone have The Count of Monte Cristo?

Hipster Slut 10/07/15(Thu)22:25 No. 11753

File 127922552467.jpg - (265.61KB , 320x475 , thedemonhauntedworld_anonib.jpg )

Delivering one of my favorite books.

Hipster Slut 10/07/19(Mon)21:45 No. 11825

File 127956873965.jpg - (37.01KB , 450x450 , michael-eric-dyson-450x450.jpg )

any chance someone has this?

Hipster Slut 10/07/22(Thu)21:36 No. 11862

Got any Brian Lumley?

Hipster Slut 10/07/23(Fri)23:25 No. 11878

how do i download /r/ ed book? i can't find a link anywhere, but these books seem great... am i just being blind or something?

Hipster Slut 10/07/28(Wed)05:12 No. 11937

File 128028677285.jpg - (10.65KB , 165x220 , books.jpg )

I'm looking for this book? I managed to find a torrent of it but it'll be another 4 days before the torrent is finished.

I would be grateful if this was found and posted here. [:

Hipster Slut 10/07/31(Sat)22:52 No. 11966

The Narcissistic Family: Diagnosis and Treatment

Or any other books about Narcissistic Families, thanks :)

Hipster Slut 10/08/01(Sun)12:11 No. 11978

Anyone have Ghosts of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck?

Hipster Slut 10/08/02(Mon)03:14 No. 11989

Does anyone happen to have "Kirinya", by Ian Mcdonald?

Hipster Slut 10/08/17(Tue)00:36 No. 12131

If anyone has Storm Thief that would be greatly appreciated.

Hipster Slut 10/08/19(Thu)15:13 No. 12145

Would anyone happen to have Last Chance to See?

loos 10/08/22(Sun)21:28 No. 12188


perhaps you should look at the massive list i posted 2 posts above yours. its in there. download the .rar for A, then unrar your author or just your book.

Hipster Slut 10/08/24(Tue)21:32 No. 12222

File 128267835286.jpg - (27.50KB , 398x600 , hunger-games.jpg )

Anyone have the Hungergames series?

Hipster Slut 10/08/25(Wed)22:32 No. 12231

Well that was two days well spent. Anyone have the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia?

Hipster Slut 10/08/26(Thu)18:52 No. 12244

File 128284156496.jpg - (128.18KB , 240x240 , Lewis, C_S_ - Chronicles of Narnia 4 - Prince Casp.jpg )


Hipster Slut 10/08/26(Thu)18:54 No. 12245

File 128284166747.jpg - (144.53KB , 240x240 , Lewis, C_S_ - Chronicles of Narnia 5 - The Voyage .jpg )

Hipster Slut 10/08/26(Thu)18:56 No. 12246

File 128284180768.jpg - (143.89KB , 240x240 , Lewis, C_S_ - Chronicles of Narnia 6 - The Silver .jpg )

Hipster Slut 10/08/26(Thu)18:59 No. 12247

File 128284194084.jpg - (119.29KB , 240x240 , Lewis, C_S_ - Chronicles of Narnia 7 - The Final B.jpg )

Here you go

Hipster Slut 10/08/27(Fri)00:10 No. 12249


^ Contains 11,000 neatly organized ebooks.

Hipster Slut 10/08/27(Fri)13:23 No. 12251


Looks like they're the same.

Hipster Slut 10/08/27(Fri)17:54 No. 12254

Dudes, I'm looking for this; The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. They don't have it at #bookz, and since that is my one and only hope in these situations I'm stumped. Anyone got any idea where I could get it?

Hipster Slut 10/08/28(Sat)09:13 No. 12261

Seriously, anyone?

Hipster Slut 10/09/08(Wed)09:30 No. 12300

Requesting Edward Lee stuff please

katsuku 10/09/08(Wed)23:03 No. 12301

if anyone had any of the starcraft books I would appreciate them being posted. I'd add some of my own, but I'm pretty sure all the ones I have are from this thread =\

Hipster Slut 10/09/09(Thu)11:46 No. 12304

Anyone got Tideland by Mitch Cullin?

Hipster Slut 10/09/17(Fri)17:44 No. 12354

Catherine Jinks

Hipster Slut 10/09/21(Tue)05:38 No. 12367

Looking for S.M. Stirling's Draka books.

Hipster Slut 10/10/05(Tue)14:40 No. 12411

Looking for a good version of A Game of Thrones.

twinkletoes 10/10/08(Fri)03:12 No. 12435

File 128650033784.jpg - (1.06MB , 398x600 , FUSED.jpg )

see if this works

Hipster Slut 10/10/13(Wed)13:56 No. 12453

Does anyone have any lovecraft?

twinkletoes 10/10/13(Wed)23:07 No. 12455

File 128700406946.jpg - (3.23MB , 510x649 , Lovecraft 48 books and short stories.jpg )


katsuku!!VjMwOyBGAx 10/10/14(Thu)18:30 No. 12457

oh wow! thank you so much. I find it pretty awesome that you posted them on my birthday too. haha.
Thanks again!

Hipster Slut 10/10/17(Sun)23:15 No. 12475


Thanks heaps for this guys.

Btw, noob question: what's #bookz?

Witchfinder!!MyMwx3ZQp2 10/10/22(Fri)15:42 No. 12493

Anyone have
""The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Shattered Life Of A Rockstar?""

Hipster Slut 10/10/22(Fri)23:56 No. 12497


google up how to use irc
the join #bookz on undernet
have fun!

Hipster Slut 10/11/01(Mon)10:03 No. 12584

Thankies for the Alistair reynolds, now I can become evenmore of a recluse by not even communicating online.

Hipster Slut 10/11/06(Sat)14:51 No. 12608

File 128905146053.jpg - (184.31KB , 623x800 , FAPFAPFAPFAP.jpg )

This is the greatest thread I have ever seen.

Now I must go. My home planet needs me.

Iavater!fdZ5l9Xna2 10/11/07(Sun)10:43 No. 12625


oh I got I like for that should still be there



Iavater!fdZ5l9Xna2 10/11/07(Sun)10:55 No. 12626

File 128912370498.jpg - (33.62KB , 340x450 , The_Red_Book_by_Carl_Jung,_2009.jpg )


>(sigh) looks better with a picture...

C.G. Jung - The Red Book.pdf


Hipster Slut 10/11/12(Fri)19:59 No. 12649

Anyone got everything by Brian Lumley?

Hipster Slut 10/11/21(Sun)08:17 No. 12687

File revolt.pdf - (339.61KB )

The Revolt of the Masses
Jose Ortega y Gasset

Forgotten Realms Iavatar!fdZ5l9Xna2 10/11/28(Sun)02:46 No. 12742

File 12909088051.jpg - (4.63MB , 273x475 , Avatar series.jpg )

Just finished reading Crucible; the trial of Cyric the mad, the fifth and final book in Forgotten Realms Avatar series.

To celebrate I've uploaded the entire Avatar series and it's prequel series the Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy, the next Forgotten Realms novel I'll read after I read Dan Browns' Lost Symbol and a few Dragonlances


Dragonlance Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 10/12/14(Tue)06:35 No. 12761

File 129230492798.jpg - (4.92MB , 308x500 , Perludes mobi.jpg )

Yeah 7chan is BACK!!!
I haven't posted any books in awhile so heres the lot I'm reading right now. I'm up to number 4 Riverwind the Plainsman good read.


moar Dragonlance Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 10/12/14(Tue)06:41 No. 12762

File 129230527485.jpg - (1.67MB , 500x500 , Lost Chronicles Trilogy .jpg )

I've read the first 2 and I'm looking forward to finishing off this trilogy but I want to finish Preludes off first.

Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 10/12/14(Tue)06:47 No. 12765

File 129230567420.jpg - (1.22MB , 316x477 , Amber and Blood.jpg )


Hipster Slut 10/12/14(Tue)21:23 No. 12771

File 129235818542.gif - (0.98MB , 295x475 , test.gif )

Hipster Slut 10/12/15(Wed)10:57 No. 12783

A ton of people around the area have taken notice of this guy's writing: What does 7chan think of my son's writing? Is it okay? 7chan's /adv/ said it was mild.


Hipster Slut 10/12/18(Sat)20:53 No. 12809


>broken morale

That doesn't make much sense. Morale means confidence, and is pretty much irrelevant to the problem of litter.

Your son's writing is an arrogant, vain, long-winded, pompous, self-important attempt at starting a moral panic, which it failed at.

Perhaps you should persuade your son to give up writing.

Witchfinder89!!MyMwx3ZQp2 10/12/27(Mon)12:05 No. 12865

File 129344794826.jpg - (1.03MB , 312x475 , Barry, Max - Jennifer Government.jpg )

Does anyone have ebooks of the five books mentioned here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Great_Classical_Novels?

Also here's Jennifer Government if anyone wants it.

Witchfinder89!!MyMwx3ZQp2 10/12/27(Mon)12:09 No. 12866

File Orwell,_George_-_Down_and_out_in_Paris_and_London.pdf - (398.71KB , Orwell, George - Down and out in Paris and London.pdf )

English translations if possible.

Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 10/12/30(Thu)06:15 No. 12892

File 129368613459.jpg - (4.18MB , 1275x1650 , Tales I & II.jpg )

Well I recently finished Preludes II Tanis the shadow Years and it's the best book I've read all year. was expecting something like a 4 or a 3 but it blew me away with a perfect 10. So to celebrate I'll upload MOAR Dragonlance. I've already uploaded Preludes 1 & 2 here >>12761 so heres Tales I & II


Hipster Slut 11/01/02(Sun)02:20 No. 12908

File 12939312424.jpg - (109.31KB , 666x984 , warrior.jpg )


Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 11/01/03(Mon)10:03 No. 12914

File 129404541249.jpg - (3.35MB , 1239x1754 , The War of Souls.jpg )

The War of Souls
Epic reading this.

Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:24 No. 12951

Dear sir, your passionate mastery of the exclamation mark and Caps Lock key has piqued my curiosity, but your image is empty. Please remedy. Ever your servant, Anon.

Hipster Slut 11/01/10(Mon)02:19 No. 12954


I've changed these files to rar files and tried using unarchiver and rar expander but it says they aren't rar files. Anyone else having similar problems? I've gotten a few of the books to work but am having problems with others. Any suggestions?

Hipster Slut 11/01/10(Mon)03:40 No. 12955

install winrar?

Hipster Slut 11/01/11(Tue)09:40 No. 12967

Just tried >>3943.
Opens fine with 7zip, and seems to be a rar file.
You are trying to open the actual image file, and not the thumbnail, I suppose?
Try redownloading the image, just in case.
Try another (un)archiver, like winrar or 7zip.

Hipster Slut 11/01/12(Wed)00:57 No. 12969


Everyone is going to make fun of me now. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a program to use on mac os x. I've tried rarmachine, stuffit, simplyrar, unarchiver, ez7z, and rarexpander.

Hipster Slut 11/01/12(Wed)02:33 No. 12973


UnRarX is what I use for OSX.

Hipster Slut 11/01/12(Wed)04:10 No. 12974


Thanks, that helped. I also had to right click and click on "download as" and rename as a rar file for some reason instead of just renaming it after I downloaded.

Muchos appreciated.

Hipster Slut 11/01/13(Thu)23:42 No. 12997

help me, /lit/, you're my only hope.
i really want little birds by anais nin. anyone got it?

Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 11/01/14(Fri)07:53 No. 12998

File 129498803210.jpg - (300.64KB , 792x431 , dragonsofsummerflame.jpg )

Heres Second Gereration and Dragons of Summer Flame

Hipster Slut 11/01/14(Fri)15:28 No. 13000

Well, we had to move to a new, cheaper host, but we managed to keep this book index online, at least for now. However, the old URLs will no longer work, so please update your bookmarks and saved links to the new directory here:


As always, every ebook is for free, neatly sorted direct download, with no registration, download caps, torrents, fees, viruses, spam, or premium user bullshit. All of the .jpgs are, as always, real files, and see About This Archive.txt if you don't know how to extract them.

Though this archive will stay up for now, partially thanks to donations from /lit/, it will continue to be difficult to finance without your help. While no fees or donations are required, a secure donation link via PayPal is in the .txt file below:


I'm posting it as a link to a .txt file on the server as proof that the paypal account is legitimately tied to the ebook archive. We raised a good portion of the immediate costs last year and we're hoping to do as well this year.

If not, though, please enjoy and share the free ebooks!

Hipster Slut 11/01/17(Mon)16:42 No. 13027

Found Anais Nin.

tasteful erotica, fuck yeah

Hipster Slut 11/01/23(Sun)03:15 No. 13085

Does anyone have "This Crooked Way" and "The Wolf Age" by the author James Enge? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Enge

Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 11/01/23(Sun)03:21 No. 13086

File 12957492909.jpg - (2.94MB , 1239x1754 , Chronicles.jpg )

Dragonlance Chronicles
I finished Dragonlance The Clandestine Circle last night so heres more Dragonlance

Hipster Slut 11/01/23(Sun)18:35 No. 13094

File 129580410033.gif - (26.58KB , 191x300 , magic.gif )

Does anyone know where to find Franz Hartmann's Magic: White and Black?

Hipster Slut 11/01/24(Mon)17:38 No. 13106

you cheap cunt, how do you go through hosts this quickly?

Witchfinder89!!MyMwx3ZQp2 11/01/26(Wed)08:45 No. 13120

File sade_life_and_work.pdf - (651.71KB )

A few weeks ago, /777/ was set to martial arts or something and someone posted a ton of fighting ebooks. Anyone grab them?

Have this in exhange.

Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 11/01/28(Fri)10:31 No. 13127

File 129620706740.jpg - (2.28MB , 624x379 , Dragonlance Legends.jpg )

After Chronicles you this

Legends. some good stuff in here.

Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 11/01/28(Fri)10:34 No. 13128

File 129620728647.jpg - (2.53MB , 1239x1754 , The Linsha Trilogy & CC.jpg )

ok ok I'll read my posts before I post.
I've also just finished the Linsha Trilogy so here ya go.

Hipster Slut 11/02/05(Sat)14:30 No. 13176

File Charles_Bukowski_-_Post_Office_(en).pdf - (639.99KB )

Here's Bukowski's first.

Hipster Slut 11/02/05(Sat)15:21 No. 13178

Man, I actually have a copy of that book.
It was a mediocre book. Pretty meh at times.
Nothing compared to Snow Crash.

Does anybody have a copy of Snow Crash or the author's other works?

Iavatar!JIAvatarJo 11/02/06(Sun)22:05 No. 13190

File The_Brothers_Karamazov_T.pdf - (4.59MB )

I hope this isn't a repost.

Hipster Slut 11/02/11(Fri)23:14 No. 13238

does anyone have robert penn warren's "all the king's men"?

Hipster Slut 11/02/12(Sat)12:16 No. 13240

would you happen to have The Kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2?

Hipster Slut 11/02/14(Mon)10:16 No. 13249

File F__Paul_Wilson_-_Repairman_Jack_01_-_Legacies.pdf - (638.71KB , F_ Paul Wilson - Repairman Jack 01 - Legacies.pdf )

Urban fantasy that doesn't suck. F. Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack.

Hipster Slut 11/02/14(Mon)10:17 No. 13250

File F__Paul_Wilson_-_Repairman_Jack_02_-_Conspiracies.pdf - (665.32KB , F_ Paul Wilson - Repairman Jack 02 - Conspiracies.pdf )

Hipster Slut 11/02/14(Mon)10:17 No. 13251

File F__Paul_Wilson_-_Repairman_Jack_03_-_All_the_Rage.pdf - (732.75KB , F_ Paul Wilson - Repairman Jack 03 - All the Rage.pdf )

Hipster Slut 11/02/17(Thu)21:55 No. 13297

Does anyone have The Dark Fields(the novel Limitless is based on) by Alan Glynn?

Hipster Slut 11/02/18(Fri)00:07 No. 13302

Anyone have Eric Hoffer's True Believer?

Eve online books Hipster Slut 11/02/18(Fri)23:20 No. 13322

File 129806762291.jpg - (14.70KB , 240x366 , evejuly2.jpg )

Does anyone have the eve online books EVE: The Empyrean Age and EVE: The Burning Life.

Thanks for your time

Hipster Slut 11/02/20(Sun)00:24 No. 13324

File 129815785010.jpg - (22.09KB , 300x300 , 51KA3MFGC5L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-.jpg )

Here is a mystery. Does anyone have this in there personal Library?

my local large library chain has more hentai than this, so I think I'm shit out of luck.

Hipster Slut 11/02/20(Sun)03:29 No. 13327

wow, I thought I'll sooner see "Black Book of Arda" in English and spread around, than this...

Hipster Slut 11/02/22(Tue)23:53 No. 13338

I'm looking for "The Pilo Family Circus" can anyone upload it??

Patrick Rothfuss Nay 11/03/01(Tue)02:21 No. 13469

File removed.pdf - (1.09MB , The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.pdf )

I'm looking for "The Wise Man's Fear" by Patrick Rothfuss. It's the second book in the Kingkiller Chronicle. (The first book, "The name of the Wind" is pretty awesome)

In return I'll post random stuff from my collection.

(DMCA'D by Penguin US)

Nay 11/03/01(Tue)02:39 No. 13470

File 129894355895.jpg - (410.43KB , 200x327 , Garth Nix - Abhorsen.jpg )

/r/The Wise man's fear

I haven't read anything from Nix, but I hear he's good.

Nay 11/03/01(Tue)02:59 No. 13471

File 129894476477.jpg - (261.51KB , 200x333 , Garth Nix - Lirael.jpg )

Nay 11/03/01(Tue)04:35 No. 13473

File 129895050795.jpg - (245.96KB , 198x300 , Garth Nix - Sabriel.jpg )

Nay 11/03/01(Tue)05:49 No. 13475

File 129895495967.jpg - (444.72KB , 300x475 , Philip K_ Dick - Do Andriods dream of elcetronic s.jpg )

/r/ Patrick Rothfuss Nay 11/03/02(Wed)00:01 No. 13484

File 129902049552.jpg - (410.47KB , 451x704 , Philip K_ Dick - The Minority Report.jpg )

Good evening, /lit/!
Still looking for Patrick Rothfuss' second book :C
But I'll continue to throw some stuff I have.


/r/ Patrick Rothfuss Nay 11/03/02(Wed)01:40 No. 13485

File 129902645146.jpg - (1.36MB , 301x475 , 1-The Dark Elf Trilogy.jpg )

unamericano 11/03/11(Fri)23:10 No. 13526

File 129988140815.jpg - (86.25KB , 540x815 , Front_MC_j-798478.jpg )

Find this and read it.

Hipster Slut 11/03/17(Thu)13:44 No. 13553

File 130036585691.jpg - (9.35KB , 240x273 , zzoconnor.jpg )

If you have never read any of Flannery O'Conner's short stories you are in for a treat.


Hipster Slut 11/03/23(Wed)01:09 No. 13576

I'm looking for a copy of Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book. I realize college will amount to nothing so I need to brush up on applicable life skills for the modern workforce. preferably in pdf form, I'm lazy too.

Hipster Slut 11/03/26(Sat)00:48 No. 13585

Search it here. www.feedbooks.com

click on the title of the book to see more details and choose the format you want it in. PDF TXT EPUB

Hipster Slut 11/03/26(Sat)17:14 No. 13591

that was quite a good book good thanks for the reccomendation

unamericano 11/04/02(Sat)22:27 No. 13639

You are quite welcome. There's a sequel if you want to find it called "All that Lives must Die."

Eric Nylund is just a damn good author if you ask me. I've not read one of his works I don't like.

Hipster Slut 11/04/14(Thu)06:45 No. 13680

File 130275635040.jpg - (374.28KB , 400x681 , 121692518117.jpg )

Cheers lad

Hipster Slut 11/04/23(Sat)08:40 No. 13698

Slut, you have Taste.

Hipster Slut 11/04/23(Sat)17:29 No. 13707

Has anyone got Convict Conditioning?
All I could find on the internet were those sites where you have to sign up and pay to download.

Hipster Slut 11/04/25(Mon)18:17 No. 13721

Found it on /rs/. There are mirrors available there as well if this link goes dead.

I suppose 80 MB would be too big to upload here.

Hipster Slut 11/04/27(Wed)00:37 No. 13730

Thanks :)

Hipster Slut 11/05/10(Tue)02:46 No. 13807

The method I prefer is to keep it in .jpg form, but to open it with an archiver such as WinRAR. This way, it is much more easy to see, at an instant, exactly what I have. A virtual library of sorts :)

Hipster Slut 11/05/13(Fri)14:45 No. 13841

File Calvino-Italo-Invisible-cities.pdf - (191.81KB )


Thanks, I've been looking for it for a while.

Hipster Slut 11/05/20(Fri)04:31 No. 13895

Fun fact: you can do this with regular old ZIP files, too. On Windows, use Winrar as usual. On Mac/Linux, get an image (cover.jpg) and an archive (book.zip). Then, run this command.

cat cover.jpg book.zip > book.jpg

This also works with PNG.

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:20 No. 14002

File 130716845495.png - (28.24KB , 404x364 , Cal_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:21 No. 14003

File 130716846932.png - (365.57KB , 404x364 , eon_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:21 No. 14004

File 13071684764.png - (26.30KB , 404x364 , Goa1_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:21 No. 14005

File 130716848316.png - (16.85KB , 404x364 , Goa2_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:21 No. 14006

File 130716848983.png - (13.68KB , 404x364 , Goa3_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:21 No. 14007

File 130716849587.png - (28.75KB , 404x364 , Goa4_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:21 No. 14008

File 130716850243.png - (19.86KB , 404x364 , Goa5_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:21 No. 14009

File 130716850839.png - (25.18KB , 404x364 , Goa6_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:21 No. 14010

File 130716851530.png - (28.18KB , 404x364 , Goa7_zip.png )

Soup 11/06/04(Sat)08:22 No. 14011

File 130716852111.png - (15.89KB , 404x364 , Goa8_zip.png )

Hipster Slut 11/06/15(Wed)22:07 No. 14086

File Tatsuhiko_Takimoto_-_Welcome_to_the_NHK_novel.pdf - (3.43MB )

lit man 11/06/16(Thu)07:52 No. 14096

my proff suggested this book, it just came out.
"The Age of Wonder" - Richard Holmes

This guy is in his seventies and is well versed in literature so I trust his recommendation, especially when he is currently reading it.

Hipster Slut 11/06/17(Fri)21:59 No. 14111

HELLO REQUEST THREAD I DESERVE A BAN Embassytown by China Mieville if anyone has it already.
Will be a kickass book, no doubt about that

Hipster Slut 11/06/20(Mon)16:23 No. 14133

does anyone have "Coin Locker Babies" by Ryu Murakami and "The Box Man" by Kobo Abe?

Thanks in advance!

Hipster Slut 11/06/24(Fri)19:08 No. 14153


1984 was already posted earlier in the thread.


Hipster Slut 11/06/24(Fri)19:11 No. 14154

I just googled it up here:


Hipster Slut 11/06/28(Tue)15:33 No. 14167

Anyone got The Guide To Getting It On?

I love whoever posted the No More Mr. Nice Guy pdf, that book has changed my life. And also many lives of who I showed it too.

Hipster Slut 11/07/01(Fri)04:45 No. 14176


Could you point me to the post with the book? I can't seem to find it.

Hipster Slut 11/07/01(Fri)05:28 No. 14177

Here you go!

Hipster Slut 11/07/04(Mon)01:13 No. 14187


nobody? :(

Hipster Slut 11/07/04(Mon)20:25 No. 14190

File 130980392161.jpg - (26.23KB , 471x346 , untitled.jpg )

jeff noon (especially pixel juice and needle in the groove) and pat cadigans "new" stuff has been pwning my soul as of late.

Hipster Slut 11/07/06(Wed)08:52 No. 14194

I only came across Coin Locker Babies once and it was a tiny and corrupted epub file that was 8kb and had the first page and cut off in the middle of a sentence.

I think it's difficult to get hold of Ryu Murakami ebooks in general (apart from Almost Transparent Blue.)

Hipster Slut 11/07/08(Fri)02:34 No. 14204

Has anyone seen Possession by A.S.Byatt? If so, mind sharing?

I only have a couple origami books to give in return, though I'm not sure if this is the proper place for them.

Hipster Slut 11/07/08(Fri)10:51 No. 14205

Anyone got The Quiet American by Graham Greene?

Hipster Slut 11/07/08(Fri)13:52 No. 14206


thanks anyway :D

Hipster Slut 11/07/11(Mon)01:44 No. 14209

File 131034147584.jpg - (19.35KB , 240x300 , cover.jpg )


Hipster Slut 11/07/12(Tue)16:46 No. 14227

Anybody have The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty?

Hipster Slut 11/07/22(Fri)05:24 No. 14251

Anyone got Ghost Story by Jim Butcher?

Hipster Slut 11/07/26(Tue)02:44 No. 14288

anyone have an epub of steinbeck's "sweet thursday?"

Hipster Slut 11/08/09(Tue)05:07 No. 14368

I thank ye, mate

Textbook HRSegovia 11/08/11(Thu)07:31 No. 14383

Anyone have a copy of Analyzing Psychology 5th Ed (ISBN 9781111342777). I seem to be limited to 4th Ed on my searches.

HRSegovia 11/08/11(Thu)07:32 No. 14384

Oh Damn.. I meant Analyzing Politics. LOL Same ISBN

Hipster Slut 11/08/12(Fri)22:23 No. 14391

The Namesake -Jhumpa Lahiri
The White Tiger -Arvind Adiga

Hipster Slut 11/08/17(Wed)10:09 No. 14408

I would like:
Everything You Know Is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies

Hipster Slut 11/08/18(Thu)12:07 No. 14412


I think this is what you're looking for, pal. It's by "Disinformation, inc". It's good.

Hipster Slut 11/08/18(Thu)12:13 No. 14413

File You_Are_Being_Lied_To_-_The_Disinformation_Company.pdf - (2.28MB , You Are Being Lied To - The Disinformation Company.pdf )


Haha oops, forgot to post the file.. here it is

Hipster Slut 11/08/21(Sun)23:44 No. 14435

Thank you kind sir

Hipster Slut 11/08/23(Tue)23:51 No. 14446

File 131413631945.jpg - (9.92KB , 115x126 , Ah!.jpg )

Shit's like a wasteland survival guide, awesome!

Hipster Slut 11/08/25(Thu)23:05 No. 14464

Anyone have a book concerning self defense, pressure points, etcetera?

Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)01:20 No. 14514

File 131491925179.jpg - (47.79KB , 394x600 , calibre_cover.jpg )

Simon Clark - Stranger (mobi,html)


Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)01:29 No. 14515

File 131491977880.jpg - (49.72KB , 334x500 , 51va0zXD6zL.jpg )

James Swallow - [Deus Ex 01] - Icarus Effect (epub,mobi)


books Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)01:38 No. 14517

File 131492031645.jpg - (31.49KB , 310x500 , t8263.jpg )

Hot and Steamy - Tales of Steampunk Romance (2011)

An anthology of stories edited by Martin H Greenberg and Jean Rabe


Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)01:46 No. 14518

File 131492080934.jpg - (46.92KB , 392x630 , 00001.jpg )

Brian Keene - The Conqueror Worms (Earthworm Gods)


Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)01:56 No. 14519

File 131492140020.jpg - (800.66KB , 900x1376 , 9780230757028.jpg )

Heaven's Shadow (2011)
A novel by Michael Cassutt and David S Goyer


Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)02:08 No. 14520

File 131492212447.jpg - (100.42KB , 500x749 , 00002.jpg )

Frans G Bengtsson - The Long Ships (New York Review Books Classics)

Michael Meyer (Translator), Michael Chabon (Introduction)

“A splendidly robust saga of the Vikings…crackles with humour.” -Daily Telegraph

“This extraordinary saga of epic adventure on land and sea…is a masterpiece of historical fiction…The Long Ships should be a rare delight. And not least of the rewards of reading Mr. Bengtsson's gorgeous romance is the sly humor that is sprinkled through it.” -Orville Prescott, The New York Times

“A remarkable panorama of a vanished way of life.” -Times Literary Supplement



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)02:19 No. 14521

File 131492275023.jpg - (284.39KB , 429x648 , 9780062070357.jpg )

Winter (2011)
(The first book in the Demi-monde series)
A novel by Rod Rees

EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE IN VIRTUAL REALITY. The Demi-Monde is the most advanced computer simulation ever devised. Created to prepare soldiers for the nightmarish reality of urban warfare, it is a virtual world locked in eternal civil war. Its thirty million digital inhabitants are ruled by duplicates of some of history's cruellest tyrants: Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of the Holocaust; Beria, Stalin's arch executioner; Torquemada, the pitiless Inquisitor General; Robespierre, the face of the Reign of Terror. But something has gone badly wrong inside the Demi-Monde, and the US President's daughter has become trapped in this terrible world. It falls to eighteen-year-old Ella Thomas to rescue her, yet once Ella has entered the Demi-Monde she finds that everything is not as it seems, that its cyber-walls are struggling to contain the evil within and that the Real World is in more danger than anyone realises.



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)02:34 No. 14522

File 131492366411.jpg - (35.75KB , 317x500 , 51oDER9EqIL.jpg )

Gun, with Occasional Music (1994)
A novel by Jonathan Lethem

Gun, with Occasional Music is a 1994 novel by Jonathan Lethem. It blends science fiction and hardboiled detective fiction. It was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1994

"Marries Chandler's style and Philip K. Dick's vision . . . An audaciously assured first novel."-Newsweek

"Marvelous . . . Stylish, intelligent, darkly humorous and highly readable entertainment."-San Francisco Examiner



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)02:48 No. 14523

File 13149245032.jpg - (74.23KB , 425x650 , thepowerofsix2.jpg )

The Power of Six (2011)
(The second book in the Lorien Legacies series)
A novel by Pittacus Lore



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)02:55 No. 14524

File 131492492267.jpg - (64.56KB , 400x648 , department-19.jpg )

Department 19 (2011)
(The first book in the Department 19 series)
A novel by William Hill



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)03:00 No. 14525

File 131492523421.jpg - (31.27KB , 310x500 , n264670.jpg )

Ghost Walk (2008)
(The second book in the LeHorn's Hollow series)
A novel by Brian Keene



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)03:13 No. 14526

File 131492602215.jpg - (52.87KB , 413x650 , 00001.jpg )

New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (1980)
An anthology of stories edited by Ramsey Campbell


Introduction (New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos) (1980) essay by Ramsey Campbell
Crouch End • (1980) • novelette by Stephen King
The Star Pools • (1980) • novelette by A. A. Attanasio
The Second Wish • (1980) • novelette by Brian Lumley
Dark Awakening • (1980) • shortstory by Frank Belknap Long
Shaft Number 247 • (1980) • novelette by Basil Copper
Black Man with a Horn • (1980) • novelette by T. E. D. Klein
The Black Tome of Alsophocus • (1980) • shortstory by H. P. Lovecraft and Martin S. Warnes
Than Curse the Darkness • (1980) • novelette by David Drake
The Faces at Pine Dunes • (1980) • novelette by Ramsey Campbell



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)03:27 No. 14527

File 131492685190.jpg - (77.93KB , 429x648 , 9780765307668.jpg )

The Darkest Part of the Woods (2002)
A novel by Ramsey Campbell



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)03:41 No. 14528

File 131492768411.jpg - (255.09KB , 661x998 , ebay__55231_zoom.jpg )

Jeff Strand - Gleefully Macabre Tales



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)04:00 No. 14529

File 131492884286.jpg - (24.62KB , 350x537 , hard-boiledwonderlandandtheendofthe.jpg )

The Hard-boiled Wonderland and End of the World (1987)
A novel by Haruki Murakami



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)04:08 No. 14530

File 13149293389.jpg - (66.92KB , 520x827 , sputnik_sweetheart.jpg )

Sputnik Sweetheart (2001)
A novel by Haruki Murakami



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)04:18 No. 14531

File 131492993847.jpg - (89.19KB , 454x700 , tumblr_kwdqk8oHDc1qzsrgto1_500.jpg )

Kafka on the Shore (2005)
A novel by Haruki Murakami



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)04:28 No. 14532

File 131493049956.jpg - (149.59KB , 456x700 , after-dark-en.jpg )

After Dark (2007)
A novel by Haruki Murakami



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)04:35 No. 14533

File 131493092856.jpg - (23.19KB , 510x680 , Haruki_Murakami__The_Elephant_Vanishes_Stories.jpg )

The Elephant Vanishes (1993)
A collection of stories by Haruki Murakami



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)04:42 No. 14534

File 131493135817.jpg - (34.38KB , 466x720 , 9780375713279_RH.jpg )

After the Quake (2002)
A collection of stories by Haruki Murakami



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)04:51 No. 14535

File 131493187053.jpg - (94.47KB , 600x922 , 9781843433064.jpg )

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (2006)
A collection of stories by Haruki Murakami



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)05:07 No. 14536

File 131493282331.jpg - (47.08KB , 343x600 , 44385397.jpg )

Daemon (2006)
(The first book in the Daemon series)
A novel by Daniel Suarez

Already an underground sensation, a high-tech thriller for the wireless age that explores the unthinkable consequences of a computer program running without human control - a daemon - designed to dismantle society and bring about a new world order



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)05:22 No. 14537

File 131493372553.jpg - (199.53KB , 510x680 , {624146E0-997C-4595-B742-788766A74648}Img100.jpg )

Ready Player One (2011)
A novel by Ernest Cline

Amazon Best Books of the Month, August 2011:

Ready Player One takes place in the not-so-distant future--the world has turned into a very bleak place, but luckily there is OASIS, a virtual reality world that is a vast online utopia. People can plug into OASIS to play, go to school, earn money, and even meet other people (or at least they can meet their avatars), and for protagonist Wade Watts it certainly beats passing the time in his grim, poverty-stricken real life. Along with millions of other world-wide citizens, Wade dreams of finding three keys left behind by James Halliday, the now-deceased creator of OASIS and the richest man to have ever lived. The keys are rumored to be hidden inside OASIS, and whoever finds them will inherit Halliday’s fortune. But Halliday has not made it easy. And there are real dangers in this virtual world. Stuffed to the gills with action, puzzles, nerdy romance, and 80s nostalgia, this high energy cyber-quest will make geeks everywhere feel like they were separated at birth from author Ernest Cline.--Chris Schluep

“I really, really loved READY PLAYER ONE…Cline expertly mines a copious vein of 1980s pop culture, catapulting the reader on a light-speed adventure in an advanced but backward-looking future.”— Daniel H. Wilson, New York Times bestselling author of Robopocalypse

“A nerdgasm…imagine Dungeons and Dragons and an 80s video arcade made hot, sweet love, and their child was raised in Azeroth.”—John Scalzi, New York Times bestselling author of Old Man’s War

“Completely fricking awesome...This book pleased every geeky bone in my geeky body. I felt like it was written just for me.”—Patrick Rothfuss, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Wise Man’s Fear

“The science-fiction writer John Scalzi has aptly referred to READY PLAYER ONE as a “nerdgasm” [and] there can be no better one-word description of this ardent fantasy artifact about fantasy culture…But Mr. Cline is able to incorporate his favorite toys and games into a perfectly accessible narrative.”—Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“Triggers memories and emotions embedded in the psyche of a generation...[Cline crafts] a fresh and imaginative world from our old toy box, and finds significance in there among the collectibles. A-”—Entertainment Weekly

“A most excellent ride…the conceit is a smart one, and we happily root for [the heroes] on their quest…fully satisfying.”—Boston Globe

“Enchanting…Willy Wonka meets the Matrix. This novel undoubtedly qualifies Cline as the hottest geek on the planet right now. [But] you don't have to be a geek to get it.”—USA Today



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)05:53 No. 14538

File 131493558382.jpg - (123.82KB , 525x700 , 00001.jpg )

Enigmatic Pilot (2011)
A novel by Kris Saknussemm

Outrageous and baffling, this puzzle-packed yarn seems to fall in the same (non)category as Saknussem's Zanesville (2005), combining the fusty diction of Charles Portis and the deadpan weirdness of Thomas Pynchon.

Praise for Enigmatic Pilot:

The language is superb, the subject deliciously original and the story like nothing else I've read. This book is hilariously funny and grim at the same time. I feel privileged to read it. There's a new star up there. Kris Saknussemm is a brilliant writer. Enigmatic Pilot could have been written by a stripped down Pynchon. It's not just tasty -- it's delicious.

-Michael Moorcock

"Enigmatic Pilot is a rip-roaring trip through a fantastic mid-19th century America...written in the spirit of Mark Twain's novelistic journeys."

-The Wall Street Journal



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)06:04 No. 14539

File 131493627467.jpg - (66.20KB , 448x700 , saknussemm-zanesville.jpg )

Zanesville (2005)
A novel by Kris Saknussemm

“Part picaresque, part brilliantly inventive black comedy, Zanesville is one of the most creative, edgy, and entertaining novels sf has spawned in a decade.”—Booklist (starred review)

“A savage, fiercely intelligent satire.”—January magazine


Futuristic bioweapon or good old-fashioned messiah? Reincarnated ex-porn star or mutant information-age revolutionary? The man who awakens in New York City’s Central Park with no memory of his identity and the enigmatic message FATHER FORGIVE THEM F carved into the flesh of his back may be all of these things and more.

Taken in (and then expelled) by a group of freedom fighters battling the soul-deadening Vitessa Cultporation, Clearfather is a stranger in an even stranger land. Following tantalizing clues that point to the gnomic Stinky Wiggler, and pursued by murderous Vitessa agents, Clearfather embarks on a surreal odyssey of self-discovery across an America that resembles a vast amusement park designed by some unholy trinity of Walt Disney, Hunter S. Thompson, and Hieronymus Bosch.

Accompanying Clearfather is an unforgettable cast of characters–including Aretha Nightingale, an ex-football-playing drag queen; Dooley Duck and Ubba Dubba, hologram cartoon characters sprung outrageously to life; and the ethereally beautiful Kokomo, whose past is as much a mystery as Clearfather’s own.

By turns hilarious and deeply moving, a savage, fiercely intelligent satire that is also a page-turning adventure and a transcendent love story, Zanesville marks the arrival of a brilliant new voice in fiction.



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)06:18 No. 14540

File 13149370956.jpg - (83.74KB , 500x769 , 00001.jpg )

Insurrection (2010)
(The first book in the Insurrection Trilogy series)
A novel by Robyn Young

'immaculately researched and carefully written, evoking a very particular - and largely unexplored - time and place. The fights are sensational' (Daily Telegraph )

'A cracking plot and charismatic characters are set against the convincingly researched background of the violent, gory Anglo-Scottish civil wars'
(Saga )

'This is a big book, and the trilogy a huge project to undertake. From the evidence so far, Young's fans will not be disappointed as she meticulously ploughs through the sweep of history and brings to life one of its most enigmatic characters' (Daily Mail )

1286 A.D. Scotland is in the grip of the worst winter in living memory. Some say the Day of Judgement has come.

The king of Scotland rides out from Edinburgh into the stormy dark. On the road he is murdered by one of his own men, leaving the succession to the throne wide open. The king’s death is as a stone thrown into a pool, the ripples spreading far and wide. Civil war threatens as powerful Scottish families jostle for power, not knowing that Edward, now king of England, has set his own plans in motion.

For almost two decades Edward has nurtured a fierce vision of conquest - a vision sprung from the words of an ancient prophecy - that will change the face of Britain forever.

But all is not destined to go Edward’s way. Through the ashes of war, through blood feuds and divided loyalties, a young squire will rise to defy England’s greatest king. His name is Robert the Bruce. And his story begins in INSURRECTION.



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)06:45 No. 14542

File 131493873595.jpg - (31.93KB , 388x600 , 81163527.jpg )

Ancestor (2007)
A novel by Scott Sigler

'Michael Crichton has a worthy successor in Scott Sigler . . . ANCESTOR takes thriller and science fiction conventions and slams them together to make something new and fascinating. It moves fast, takes corners at speeds that would throw anyone else off, and keeps sucking you in with characters you actually give a damn about . . . first-class work.' (Simon R Green, New York Times bestselling author of the Nightside and Secret Histories series )

'If you can't imagine how genomes, stem cells, and Triassic Period paleontology can become the basis for a page turner that's both cinematically gory and gallows-humor funny, read ANCESTOR and watch Sigler perform his alchemy . . . ANCESTOR isn't science fiction. It's science acid-trip pulp-horror, an irresistible genre unique to Scott Sigler's wonderfully warped mind.' (Carl Zimmer, award-winning science writer and author of Parasite Rex )

'Tremendously entertaining . . . the premise is thought-provoking, Sigler populates the novel with a lively cast of characters, and the action is virtually nonstop. If you combined Michael Crichton's scientific exploration with Matthew Reilly's lightning-fast pace and colorful characters, you might get something that feels like this book, which, incidentally, would make a great movie' (Booklist )

“The ancestors are out there…you have to believe me.”

From acclaimed author Scott Sigler—New York Times bestselling creator of Infected and Contagious—comes a tale of genetic experimentation’s worst nightmare come true.

Every five minutes, a transplant candidate dies while waiting for a heart, a liver, a kidney. Imagine a technology that could provide those life-saving transplant organs for a nominal fee ... and imagine what a company would do to get a monopoly on that technology.

On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic, PJ Colding leads a group of geneticists who have discovered this holy grail of medicine. By reverse-engineering the genomes of thousands of mammals, Colding's team has dialed back the evolutionary clock to re-create humankind’s common ancestor. The method? Illegal. The result? A computer-engineered living creature, an animal whose organs can be implanted in any person, and with no chance of transplant rejection.

There's just one problem: these ancestors are not the docile herd animals that Colding's team envisioned. Instead, Colding’s work has given birth to something big, something evil.

With these killer creatures on the prowl, Colding and the woman he loves must fight to survive — even as government agents close in to shut the project down, and the deep-pocketed company backing this research proves to have its own cold-blooded agenda.

As the creators become the prey in the ultimate battle for survival, Scott Sigler takes readers on the ultimate thrill-ride—and offers a chilling cautionary account of what can happen when hubris, greed, and madness drive scientific experimentation past the brink of reason.



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)07:11 No. 14543

File 131494028296.jpg - (39.62KB , 328x500 , 51SEQHwSW8L.jpg )

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror Volume 18 (2007)
An anthology of stories edited by Stephen Jones


Summer • (2006) • shortstory by Al Sarrantonio
Digging Deep • (2006) • shortstory by Ramsey Campbell
The Night Watch • (2006) • shortstory by John Gordon
The Luxury of Harm • (2006) • shortstory by Christopher Fowler
Sentinels • (2006) • shortstory by Mark Samuels
The Saffron Gatherers • (2006) • shortstory by Elizabeth Hand
What Nature Abhors • (2006) • novella by Mark Morris
The Last Reel • (2006) • shortstory by Lynda E. Rucker
The American Dead • (2006) • shortstory by Jay Lake
Between the Cold Moon and the Earth • (2006) • shortstory by Peter Atkins
Sob in the Silence • (2006) • shortstory by Gene Wolfe
Continuity Error • (2006) • novelette by Nicholas Royle
Dr. Prida's Dream-Plagued Patient • (2006) • shortstory by Michael Bishop
The Ones We Leave Behind • (2006) • shortstory by Mark Chadbourn
Mine • (2006) • shortstory by Joel Lane
Obsequy • (2006) • novelette by David J. Schow
Thrown • (2006) • shortstory by Don Tumasonis
Houses Under the Sea • (2006) • novelette by Caitlín R. Kiernan
They • (2006) • shortstory by David Morrell
The Clockwork Horror • (2006) • shortstory by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
Making Cabinets • (2006) • shortstory by Richard Christian Matheson
Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter (Fantasy) • (2006) • novelette by Geoff Ryman
Devil's Smile • (2006) • novelette by Glen Hirshberg
The Man Who Got Off the Ghost Train • [The Diogenes Club] • (2006) • novella by Kim Newman



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)07:28 No. 14544

File 131494129934.jpg - (258.45KB , 510x680 , {D3BD115B-2BDD-46D3-BCDD-AD3B1460BF7A}Img100.jpg )

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 20 (2009)
An anthology of stories edited by Stephen Jones

The 20th-anniversary edition of the world's premier annual showcase of horror and dark fantasy fiction.
The year's best, and darkest, tales of terror, showcasing the most outstanding new short stories and novellas by contemporary masters of the macabre, including the likes of Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Brian Keene, Tanith Lee, Elizabeth Massie, Kim Newman, Michael Marshall Smith, and Gene Wolfe.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror also includes a comprehensive annual overview of horror around the world in all its incarnations; an impressively researched necrology; and a list of indispensable contact addresses for the dedicated horror fan and aspiring writer alike. It is required reading for every fan of macabre fiction.


Introduction: Horror in 2008 • (2009) • essay by Stephen Jones
Front Page McGuffin and The Greatest Story Never Told • (2008) • novelette by Peter Crowther
It Runs Beneath the Surface • (2008) • shortstory by Simon Strantzas
These Things We Have Always Known • (2008) • shortstory by Lynda E. Rucker
Feminine Endings • (2008) • shortstory by Neil Gaiman
Through the Cracks • (2008) • shortstory by Gary McMahon
Falling Off the World • (2008) • shortstory by Tim Lebbon
The Old Traditions Are Best • (2008) • shortstory by Paul Finch (aka The Old Traditions)
The Long Way • (2008) • novelette by Ramsey Campbell
The Pile • (2008) • shortstory by Michael Bishop
Under Fog • (2008) • shortstory by Tanith Lee (aka Underfog (The Wreckers))
Arkangel • (2008) • novelette by Christopher Fowler
The Camping Wainwrights • (2008) • novelette by Ian R. MacLeod
A Donkey at the Mysteries • (2008) • novelette by Reggie Oliver
The Oram County Whoosit • (2008) • novelette by Steve Duffy
The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates • (2008) • shortstory by Stephen King
One Man in the Sudan • (2008) • novelette by Sarah Pinborough
"Destination Nihil" by Edmund Bertrand • (2008) • shortstory by Mark Samuels
The Overseer • (2008) • novella by Albert E. Cowdrey
The Beginnings of Sorrow • (2008) • novelette by Pinckney Benedict
The Place of Waiting • (2008) • novella by Brian Lumley
2:00 pm: The Real Estate Agent Arrives • (2008) • shortstory by Steve Rasnic Tem
Necrology: 2008 • (2009) • essay by Stephen Jones and Kim Newman
Useful Addresses (The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume Twenty) • (2009) • essay by Stephen Jones



Ganoes+Paran 11/09/02(Fri)07:44 No. 14547

File 131494227643.jpg - (99.12KB , 600x800 , calibre_cover.jpg )

The Five (2011)
A novel by Robert R McCammon

"The Five isn't just Robert McCammon's best novel in years; it's his best novel ever. Terrifying, suspenseful, unputdownable, and full of rock and roll energy. It's also uplifting, a book you'll finish feeling better about your world, your friends, and your music. Here's one you'll beg friends to read.” - Stephen King

Subterranean Press is proud to present Robert McCammon's first contemporary novel in nearly two decades, a tale of the hunt and unlikely survival, of the life and soul, set against a supernatural backbeat. Robert McCammon, author of the popular Matthew Corbett historical thrillers (Speaks the Nightbird, Mister Slaughter), now gives us something new and completely unexpected: The Five, a contemporary novel as vivid, timely, and compelling as anything he has written to date.

The Five tells the story of an eponymous rock band struggling to survive on the margins of the music business. As they move through the American Southwest on what might be their final tour together, the band members come to the attention of a damaged Iraq war veteran, and their lives are changed forever.

The narrative that follows is a riveting account of violence, terror, and pursuit set against a credible, immensely detailed rock and roll backdrop. It is also a moving meditation on loyalty and friendship, on the nature and importance of families those we are born into and those we create for ourselves and on the redemptive power of the creative spirit. Written with wit, elegance, and passionate conviction, The Five lays claim to new imaginative territory, and reaffirms McCammon's position as one of the finest, most unpredictable storytellers of our time.



Hipster Slut 11/09/07(Wed)22:51 No. 14580

File 131542871322.jpg - (11.36KB , 192x295 , kaffir_boy_cover2.jpg )

just read it

Hipster Slut 11/09/10(Sat)18:23 No. 14602

File 13156717838.jpg - (10.42KB , 122x187 , kaffir boy.jpg )

I read it and now I'm reading this one.

Hipster Slut 11/09/13(Tue)20:36 No. 14633

File 131593901447.jpg - (38.12KB , 360x500 , oddmanout.jpg )

Funny book about Triple-A baseball.

Hipster Slut 11/09/19(Mon)20:48 No. 14673

File 131645808930.jpg - (43.91KB , 303x500 , stranger.jpg )

/r/ing stranger in a strange land by Robert A Heinlein. pic related.

Hipster Slut 11/09/22(Thu)17:50 No. 14689

File 131670661681.jpg - (17.22KB , 185x247 , zzzzzzz.jpg )

Hipster Slut 11/10/10(Mon)20:06 No. 14831

File 131826997637.jpg - (27.69KB , 200x258 , relations.jpg )

This is fun stuff. Lost my copy a long time ago though. Anyone got it? I don't feel like paying for it twice.

Hipster Slut 11/10/11(Tue)12:28 No. 14834

File 131832888267.jpg - (12.99KB , 131x225 , e07d6cfce726b4e593469555767434d414f4541[1].jpg )

I hate to request, but does anyone have an ebook of The Complete Roderick by John Sladek? I've searched my usual sources, but have come up with nothing.

Hipster Slut 11/10/12(Wed)06:32 No. 14836

File Sladek,_John_-_Tik_Tok.pdf - (239.31KB , Sladek, John - Tik Tok.pdf )

Tik-Tok by John Sladek

The book is satire and follows a homicidal robot from his humble beginnings onward.

The formatting is not perfect and there are occasional scanning errors, but no large issues.

DIMT 11/10/12(Wed)07:02 No. 14837

File 131839576343.jpg - (10.71KB , 240x240 , this%20perfect%20day[1].jpg )

This Perfect Day by Ira Levin

It takes place in a utopia, but we all know how those turn out.


DIMT 11/10/12(Wed)07:14 No. 14838

File 13183964572.jpg - (43.69KB , 325x500 , Brent%20Weeks%20-%20The%20Black%20Prism[1].jpg )

The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

Colors as source of magical building materials, insanity from excessive magic use, fatass is son of royalty, etc.


DIMT 11/10/12(Wed)07:28 No. 14840

File 13183973275.jpg - (286.18KB , 400x400 , zoom_TheWayOfKings[1].jpg )

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Magic artifacts, ravaged world, nobility greedy to levels of insanity, predictable in its unpredictability.


If anyone is able to find John Sladek's Roderick novels, I would appreciate it greatly.

Hipster Slut 11/10/12(Wed)09:22 No. 14841

File 131840413272.jpg - (48.81KB , 480x480 , william_golding_the_inheritors-480x480.jpg )

requesting: The inheritors by William Golding

Hipster Slut 11/10/21(Fri)22:38 No. 14890

File 131922951995.jpg - (18.42KB , 380x380 , vonnegutmark.jpg )

His first book, Eden Express is good, too.

Hipster Slut 11/10/24(Mon)09:33 No. 14897

Would anyone have a copy of the Star Trek fanfic novel Killing Time, first edition only? The one in the massive torrent isn't first edition.

See... I need to ward off ANY chance of losing my virginity.

Hipster Slut 11/10/24(Mon)10:19 No. 14898

File Warbreaker_hardcover_1st_ed.pdf - (2.17MB )

Another Brandon Sanderson book; Warbreaker.


Hipster Slut 11/10/26(Wed)01:17 No. 14903

File Della-van-Hise-Killing-Time-1st-ed.pdf - (775.01KB )


Shit, never mind. It was hidden in a friendlocked post on something or other.

Hipster Slut 11/10/27(Thu)09:11 No. 14906

Requesting Mass Effect books..

Hipster Slut 11/10/27(Thu)09:11 No. 14907

Requesting Mass Effect books..

Hipster Slut 11/11/09(Wed)00:22 No. 14933

File Mass_Effect_-_Ascension.pdf - (555.58KB , Mass Effect - Ascension.pdf )


In no particular order...

Ascension ...

Hipster Slut 11/11/09(Wed)00:23 No. 14934

File Mass_Effect_-_Retribution.pdf - (537.12KB , Mass Effect - Retribution.pdf )


... Retribution ...

Hipster Slut 11/11/09(Wed)00:24 No. 14935

File Mass_Effect_-_Revelation.pdf - (509.66KB , Mass Effect - Revelation.pdf )


... and Revelation.

All are surprisingly good, in my opinion.

Hipster Slut 11/11/09(Wed)08:59 No. 14937

Does anyone have Starcraft Queen of Blades?

Hipster Slut 11/11/12(Sat)19:25 No. 14946

File 132112235538.jpg - (43.26KB , 233x343 , skin-map.jpg )

Just talked 7 people into reading this book.
I have never read anything by the author.
I was able to order used copies for $5 per including shipping.
Should be interesting.

SUM by David Eagleman Hipster Slut 11/12/22(Thu)06:14 No. 15177

File 132453087947.jpg - (61.36KB , 304x485 , cover.jpg )



City of Darkness: Life In Kowloon Walled City Hipster Slut 11/12/22(Thu)06:18 No. 15178

File 132453113290.jpg - (10.23KB , 160x160 , cover.jpg )


Hipster Slut 11/12/22(Thu)06:24 No. 15179

File 132453144485.jpg - (6.48KB , 103x158 , 31F5sbc2tVL__AA160_.jpg )

/r/ing How Fiction Works by James Wood. Would be awesome.

Hipster Slut 12/01/04(Wed)14:19 No. 15229

File 13256831462.jpg - (24.64KB , 304x500 , No_Longer_Human_(Osamu_Dazai_novel)_cover.jpg )

Osamu Dazai No Longer Human
Holy hell this book is hard to find.
Help, anyone? Please?

Hipster Slut 12/01/05(Thu)16:43 No. 15232

I notice your collection of Babylon 5 novels.

Would you happen to have the Psi Corps trilogy?

Would any one else?

Hipster Slut 12/02/02(Thu)07:16 No. 15362

does anyone have the might circus?

Hipster Slut 12/02/02(Thu)07:16 No. 15363

sry, the night circus?

Hipster Slut 12/02/02(Thu)07:16 No. 15364

sry, the night circus?

Hipster Slut 12/02/08(Wed)08:33 No. 15373

A lot of Japanese ones are hard to find as bootlegs. :-( (apart from Murakami)

Hipster Slut 12/02/10(Fri)01:04 No. 15382

File adolf_hitler_-_mein_kampf.pdf - (1.76MB , adolf hitler - mein kampf.pdf )


Hipster Slut 12/02/13(Mon)21:59 No. 15412

File 132916679877.jpg - (121.14KB , 284x400 , gibraltar stars web large.jpg )

does anyone have gibraltar stars from michael mccollum? i searched for it way long but don't find it

Hipster Slut 12/02/16(Thu)00:33 No. 15417

I have found all the books i have looked for, except these 2:
Far North by Louis Theroux
Thunder and Ashes(morningstar saga part 2) by Z.A Recht
I can find the audiobooks of both, but nothing beyond that(Looking for the epubs, ideally). If any helpful anon could help me out i would really appreciate it.

Marcel Theroux 12/02/18(Sat)07:31 No. 15423

That's rather insulting.

Hipster Slut 12/04/01(Sun)04:50 No. 15590

I dont suppose anyone has a copy of The Children of Cthulhu or Shadows Over Baker Street?

Hipster Slut 12/04/12(Thu)07:41 No. 15663

/r/ "El cartel de Sinaloa" by Diego Enrique Osorno & Froylan Enciso

Public !ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:21 No. 15666

/r/ing OBD: Obsessive Branding Disorder

Public+!ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:23 No. 15667

File George_Carlin_-_Napalm_&_Silly_Putty.doc - (1.36MB , George Carlin - Napalm & Silly Putty.doc )

Also poastin' books.

Public+!ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:24 No. 15668

File Hugh_Laurie_-_The_Gun_Seller.doc - (935.00KB , Hugh Laurie - The Gun Seller.doc )

Public+!ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:28 No. 15669

File Leyner,_Mark_-_Why_Do_Men_Have_Nipples_.pdf - (585.06KB , Leyner, Mark - Why Do Men Have Nipples .pdf )

Public+!ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:30 No. 15670

File Lord_of_the_Flies.pdf - (1.48MB , Lord of the Flies.pdf )

Also /r/ing In Other Words by Christopher J. Moore
sounds neat. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4457805

Oh, and here's Lord of The Flies

Public+!ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:31 No. 15671

File the_art_of_oral_sex.pdf - (111.13KB , the art of oral sex.pdf )

Public+!ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:32 No. 15672

File The_Well_Cultured_Anonymous.doc - (324.50KB , The Well Cultured Anonymous.doc )

Public+!ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:33 No. 15673

File The_Poisoners_Handbook.pdf - (1.57MB )

Public+!ButtSexk2U 12/04/14(Sat)09:34 No. 15674

File Vladimir_Nabokov_-_Lolita.pdf - (552.81KB , Vladimir Nabokov - Lolita.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/05/13(Sun)17:53 No. 15760

Looking for Pilo Family Circus as well.
Checked usenet & IRC, but no avial...

maybe anon has it?

Find me a book? Klit 12/05/21(Mon)09:41 No. 15794

jackson pollock an american saga

Hipster Slut 12/05/25(Fri)03:48 No. 15821

Does anyone have Through Struggle, the Stars?

Hipster Slut 12/05/29(Tue)18:16 No. 15857

File 133830819768.jpg - (75.89KB , 448x696 , infinite_jest.jpg )

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

(Max upload size said no)

Hipster Slut 12/06/05(Tue)12:21 No. 15878

American Psycho in PDF?

Hipster Slut 12/06/05(Tue)21:08 No. 15879

File American_Psycho.pdf - (1.05MB , American Psycho.pdf )


Hipster Slut 12/06/06(Wed)10:57 No. 15883

Scholar and a gentleman. Thank you.

Hipster Slut 12/06/06(Wed)23:02 No. 15884

Any time, sir. If you manage to find Rules of Attraction in .pdf, I'd appreciate it.

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)06:34 No. 15889

File 133921644366.jpg - (323.05KB , 600x904 , Levitt, Steven - Freakonomics.jpg )

The first

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)06:35 No. 15890

File Levitt_&_Dubner_-_SuperFreakonomics.pdf - (1.13MB , Levitt & Dubner - SuperFreakonomics.pdf )

And the followup if you're interested

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)06:47 No. 15891

File Brett_Easton_Ellis_-_Rules_of_Attraction.pdf - (402.20KB , Brett Easton Ellis - Rules of Attraction.pdf )

Happy to return the favor.

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)06:50 No. 15892

File removed.pdf - (3.12MB , George R_ R_ Martin - A Song Of Ice And Fire 1a - .pdf )

Saw these requested, didn't see if it was filled yet.

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)06:50 No. 15893

File George_R__R__Martin_-_A_Song_Of_Ice_And_Fire_1b_-_.pdf - (127.71KB , George R_ R_ Martin - A Song Of Ice And Fire 1b - .pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:14 No. 15894

Balls, most of these are over the cap. Can someone recommend a non-shitty filehost that doesn't require me to register an account? All the old standbys are making you create an account to even post now, fucking Megaupload seizure.

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:33 No. 15895

Never mind, depositfiles hasn't gone full retard yet.

George R.R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones, et al.)[PDF]

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:39 No. 15896

File 133922039496.jpg - (492.96KB , 240x240 , Nylund, Eric - Halo 01 The Fall of Reach.jpg )


Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:40 No. 15897

File 133922045037.jpg - (154.89KB , 240x240 , Dietz, William C_ - Halo 02 The Flood.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:41 No. 15898

File 133922047211.jpg - (172.45KB , 240x240 , Nylund, Eric - Halo 03 First Strike.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:41 No. 15899

File 133922051144.jpg - (269.34KB , 865x596 , Nylund, Eric Halo 04 - Ghosts of Onyx.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:44 No. 15900

File S__D__Perry_-_Resident_Evil_01_-_The_Umbrella_Cons.pdf - (748.48KB , S_ D_ Perry - Resident Evil 01 - The Umbrella Cons.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:47 No. 15901

File S__D__Perry_-_Resident_Evil_02_-_Caliban_Cove.pdf - (710.08KB , S_ D_ Perry - Resident Evil 02 - Caliban Cove.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:50 No. 15902

File S__D__Perry_-_Resident_Evil_03_-_City_Of_The_Dead.pdf - (932.76KB , S_ D_ Perry - Resident Evil 03 - City Of The Dead.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:51 No. 15903

File S__D__Perry_-_Resident_Evil_04_-_Underworld_.pdf - (540.38KB , S_ D_ Perry - Resident Evil 04 - Underworld .pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:52 No. 15904

File S__D__Perry_-_Resident_Evil_05_-_Nemesis.pdf - (682.70KB , S_ D_ Perry - Resident Evil 05 - Nemesis.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:53 No. 15905

File S__D__Perry_-_Resident_Evil_06_-_Code_Veronica.pdf - (498.67KB , S_ D_ Perry - Resident Evil 06 - Code Veronica.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:54 No. 15906

File 133922127436.jpg - (0.98MB , 240x240 , Adler, Mortimer - How to Read a Book.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:56 No. 15907

File 133922137078.jpg - (1.17MB , 356x500 , Austen & Grahame-Smith - Pride and Predjudice .jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)07:56 No. 15908

File 13392213979.jpg - (198.35KB , 402x514 , Bastiat, Frederic - Economic Sophisms [rtf].jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:01 No. 15909

File 133922168514.jpg - (322.02KB , 500x500 , Brooks, Max - World War Z.jpg )

Sorry if some of these have already been posted, I've been ctrl+f'ing to double check, but I know some jpgs aren't labelled.

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:04 No. 15911

File 133922188854.jpg - (357.90KB , 268x403 , Burgess, Anthony - A Clockwork Orange.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:05 No. 15912

File Campbell,_Bruce_-_If_Chins_Could_Kill,_Confessions.pdf - (733.01KB , Campbell, Bruce - If Chins Could Kill, Confessions.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:06 No. 15913

File 133922198231.jpg - (4.50KB , 83x125 , Capote__Truman___In_Cold_Blood_Txt__anonib.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:07 No. 15914

File Chomsky,_Noam_-_Hegemony_or_survival.pdf - (1.26MB , Chomsky, Noam - Hegemony or survival.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:08 No. 15915

File Chomsky,_Noam_-_Media_Control_The_Spectacular_Achi.pdf - (469.84KB , Chomsky, Noam - Media Control The Spectacular Achi.pdf )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:09 No. 15916

File 133922215092.jpg - (69.99KB , 314x475 , Coelho, Paulo - The Alchemist.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:10 No. 15917

File 133922225160.jpg - (1.74MB , 330x500 , Dawkins, Richard - The God Delusion.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:12 No. 15918

File 133922236734.jpg - (1.88MB , 325x500 , Dawkins, Richard - The Selfish Gene.jpg )

Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:16 No. 15919

File 133922257128.jpg - (1.71MB , 85x130 , Dennett, Daniel - Breaking the Spell - Religion as.jpg )

Here's a few I scanned myself back in the day, when Anonib's Bookchan was still a thing. There's probably better copies ripped from Amazon by now, if anyone has them feel free to post


Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:17 No. 15920

File 133922264744.jpg - (1.16MB , 200x281 , Hitchens, Christopher - God is Not Great.jpg )


Hipster Slut 12/06/09(Sat)08:19 No. 15921

File 133922276893.jpg - (1.37MB , 333x500 , Harris, Sam - The End of Faith.jpg )


15821 / Please don't steal from me John J. Lumpkin 12/06/14(Thu)22:28 No. 15940

I'm the author of the book Through Struggle, the Stars. It is an independently published work that is available for all of three dollars on a variety of legitimate web sites. I'm not some faceless corporation charging vastly more than the work is worth; I'm just trying to make a little money to support my family by telling stories. Please buy my book legitimately rather than trying to steal it by transmitting copies over the Internet. Thank you.

Hipster Slut 12/06/15(Fri)03:57 No. 15941

My money's on same person, trying to drum up interest in his vanity novel.

Hipster Slut 12/06/15(Fri)05:47 No. 15942

File 133973203137.png - (27.92KB , 643x637 , oh you.png )

Says the guy browsing though a thread full of other people's copyrighted work.

15941 15942 John+J.+Lumpkin 12/06/15(Fri)07:20 No. 15944

Twisted little world you live in. And nope, sorry, nice theory but this is merely an honest attempt to shame people who would steal my work. I found the thread via google while researching file-sharing sites to send DMCA notices to for illegally hosting the book file. I've leave it to readers to decide whether I'd try to pull dishonest promotional crap in an IP theft thread, of all places. But who cares? Let's screw the artist, right? You guys stay classy.

Hipster Slut 12/06/15(Fri)08:15 No. 15946

It's a twisted world where vanity novelists promote their own trash on every minor /lit/ site, including this one. Browse our post history and you'll find more than one instance of it. Requesting their own obscure titles is one of the tricks amateur marketers and even more amateur novelists use to spread word about their straight-to-kindle rubbish.

But I'm certain you're the exception. You seem so sincere.

Hipster Slut 12/06/15(Fri)08:41 No. 15947

File 133974250628.png - (31.62KB , 308x305 , fag.png )

Nobody has even posted your shitty little novel here douche, you should be flattered someone even bothered to ask for it. Go back to blackmailing blogspots with your DMCA takedown horseshit.

Hipster Slut 12/06/17(Sun)00:23 No. 15958

Protip: he's probably the one who asked for it in the first place, trying to get people interested by causing a controversy.

Hipster Slut 12/06/18(Mon)07:47 No. 15969

File 133999846191.jpg - (1.22MB , 200x290 , Takami, Koushun - Battle Royal.jpg )


Hipster Slut 12/06/20(Wed)18:28 No. 15984

File Isaac_Asimov-_Of_Time_and_Space_and_Other_Things_.pdf - (330.76KB , Isaac Asimov- Of Time and Space and Other Things .pdf )

Instead of that Through Struggle blah blah who gives a fuck,
have some Asimov.

- 12/06/22(Fri)11:19 No. 15987

is it good, many people say the ending is "confusing"

maninahat 12/06/27(Wed)15:28 No. 15997

Confusing? How so?

Hipster Slut 12/07/14(Sat)13:01 No. 16033



Hipster Slut 12/07/15(Sun)07:28 No. 16035

I got William Gibson.

Hipster Slut 12/07/16(Mon)20:08 No. 16038

Commentarii de Bello Civili
Carl Von Clausewitz on war
The Art of War
Epitome of Military Science
The Wealth of Nations

Guiman!ShRXkKKuoc 12/07/30(Mon)15:54 No. 16066


Guiman!4KifouwTek 12/07/30(Mon)15:55 No. 16067

Not sure tho

Guiman!.guImANRMM 12/07/30(Mon)15:57 No. 16068


Hipster Slut 12/07/31(Tue)22:34 No. 16074


"Island" by Aldous Huxley

a real gem of psychedelic literature

reguler dude 12/07/31(Tue)22:43 No. 16075

goddamn sci fi classic right here folks

"Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson


Hipster Slut 12/08/03(Fri)15:58 No. 16086

Recently announced as a movie, too. I wonder how that will pan out. Either way, it's probably best to read it now while you still can, before the movie gives you ideas of what the characters look like, etc.

Hipster Slut 12/08/04(Sat)07:12 No. 16090

File PeterWatts_Blindsight.pdf - (3.96MB )

scifi anyone?

Hipster Slut 12/08/10(Fri)02:48 No. 16108

More fantasy/science fantasy? Preferrably not Tolkien/High

Hipster Slut 12/08/11(Sat)20:39 No. 16114

Could anyone share a The Abomination Vault pdf? Its that official Darksiders novel.

Hipster Slut 12/08/14(Tue)01:31 No. 16117

File paranoia_xp_-_little_red_book_(workprint)_(mgp6646.pdf - (485.19KB , paranoia xp - little red book (workprint) (mgp6646.pdf )

Paranoia Little red book. A great RPG.

Hipster Slut 12/08/14(Tue)01:35 No. 16118

File Mike-R-PQE-1.pdf - (5.50KB )

An example Paranoia character sheet

Hipster Slut 12/08/14(Tue)09:35 No. 16122

File ModifiedRuleBookParanoia.pdf - (2.99MB )

The player rulebook. First 50pages contains all the stuff to start.

Hipster Slut 12/08/15(Wed)23:26 No. 16126

I've been looking for this all week, hope someone here has it.

Hipster Slut 12/08/15(Wed)23:53 No. 16127

Out of curiosity I googled his book, seemed potentially appealing, then I looked at the reviews, nearly all the '5 star' reviews occurred within a ~3 week period by people who signed up on the same day as posting their (suspiciously similar and near identically styled) comments and lo' and behold only made the one review before mysteriously disappearing.

After speed reading a few (yo ho'd) chapters I came to the conclusion characters were more two dimensional than that of any animé, and the main antagonist was a wet dream stereotype. I'll give him credit, he knows some details but they're used to pad and bulk the story out rather than just getting on with it (had to reach that page count 'eh).

Oh yeah, back-story is completely absent which is pretty fudging retarded consider the story starts with the whole galaxy on the verge of war. And why? Because...

Hipster Slut 12/08/19(Sun)18:40 No. 16144

Does any one have a copy of the Room by Hubert Selby Jr. on pdf format? I would greatly appreciate an upload of it if at all possible. Thank you, in advance.

Hipster Slut 12/08/20(Mon)18:36 No. 16145

the bible.
accept jesus as your lord and savior.

Hipster Slut 12/08/23(Thu)01:33 No. 16150

Does anyone have any of the books by Wei Wu Wei? Especially of interest are Why Lazarus Laughed, Ask The Awakened, and All Else is Bondage, but any of his books would be greatly appreciated.

Hipster Slut 12/08/26(Sun)10:12 No. 16160


Hipster Slut 12/09/04(Tue)04:38 No. 16186

do you have a link to the ebooks or just the front page?

Hipster Slut 12/09/11(Tue)14:20 No. 16194

book piracy is actually a good thing

Hipster Slut 12/11/10(Sat)04:56 No. 16379

Looking for a copy of A Beginner's Guide to Deicide.

legal outlines and books? Hipster Slut 12/11/12(Mon)04:05 No. 16389

File 135268951171.jpg - (189.42KB , 371x410 , 7 -Dad dude expanded.jpg )

Legalines, legal outlines, and law school books would be so awesome.

Hipster Slut 12/11/14(Wed)12:27 No. 16391

does anyone have The Hero With a Thousand Faces?

Hipster Slut 12/11/15(Thu)10:08 No. 16392

I would like to request any and all Eberron Novels.

I would be especially appreciative to get books from the series The Dreaming Dark, The Lost Mark, Thorn of Breland, The Blade of Flame, and The Inquisitives.


ubermenzch 12/11/25(Sun)08:50 No. 16416

anyone have 'the prophet unarmed' by isaac deutscher? probably not but wrth a shot.

Hipster Slut 12/12/07(Fri)17:27 No. 16459

File Max_Brooks_-_World_War_Z_(An_Oral_History_of_the_Z.pdf - (0.99MB , Max Brooks - World War Z (An Oral History of the Z.pdf )

I went ahead and converted that .rtf into a .pdf if anyone wants it.

As it says, no proofing and a raw scan, so it's pretty bad, but I'll read through it, make corrections, and re-up it when finished.

Hipster Slut 12/12/13(Thu)05:54 No. 16471

/r/ing Deep Wizardry, New Millennium Edition


Mobi format preferred.

In return here is the new millennium edition of the first book of the series, So You Want to be a Wizard in mobi format.


Hipster Slut 12/12/18(Tue)19:32 No. 16477

/r/ing Happiness TM by Will Ferguson, I would prefer epub, but would be happy with any format. Thanks for anyone willing to help.

Hipster Slut 12/12/19(Wed)01:11 No. 16480

/r/ing Tarot for Your Self by Mary K. Greer

Hipster Slut 12/12/19(Wed)04:22 No. 16481

File 135588735592.jpg - (1.43MB , 375x523 , Anonymous - MtG Cards.jpg )

star wars Anonymous 12/12/27(Thu)08:56 No. 16517

requesting star wars the essential reader's companion...
scoured google, but am finding no useable links...
please help, anon

Hipster Slut 12/12/28(Fri)20:06 No. 16520

File 13567215919.jpg - (15.43KB , 204x300 , higher-judo-ground-work_1.jpg )

/r/ing Higher Judo Ground Work, 1952 version. This was freely available until recently, when the book was re-released with an added prologue. Hence the publisher went on a seek and destroy spree of all sources for the older out of print edition. ( released 60 fucking years ago >_<)

There is a password protected version at uloz.to but I have not able to break it so far. Halp?

Higher Judo Ground Work Hipster Slut 12/12/28(Fri)20:20 No. 16521

Well, I'll be damned. Just after I posted this I found a pdf under a slightly different name.


This is a fucking gem, not just for those doing Judo but anyone doing BJJ, JJ, MMA or even wrestling.

Hipster Slut 12/12/29(Sat)11:55 No. 16523

Does anyone happen to have "Ms. Peregrine's Home for peculiar children" by Ranson Riggs? Preferably ePub, but anything would do.

Hipster Slut 12/12/29(Sat)12:01 No. 16524

*Ransom Riggs, damn me

Hipster Slut 12/12/29(Sat)23:34 No. 16525

Are there functioning links for R and escpecially S, T? I'm dying for de Sade and Sacher-Masoch.

Hipster Slut 13/01/02(Wed)19:17 No. 16560

Hoping to find "Naked Lunch" by William S. Burroughs...

Hipster Slut 13/01/16(Wed)09:38 No. 16597

does anyone have a download for ernest callenbach's ecotopia?

Hipster Slut 13/01/19(Sat)04:46 No. 16610

File removed.pdf - (374.24KB , Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse Five.pdf )

Hipster Slut 13/01/19(Sat)04:47 No. 16611

File removed.pdf - (3.36MB , Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions.pdf )


Hipster Slut 13/01/19(Sat)04:48 No. 16612

File Kurt_Vonnegut_-_Timequake.pdf - (1.82MB , Kurt Vonnegut - Timequake.pdf )

Hipster Slut 13/01/24(Thu)20:19 No. 16618

Does anyone have the Alpha Centauri books? (the ones based on the videogame, that is)

Request: M.A.R. Barker and Lin Carter. James Hutchings 13/01/30(Wed)08:10 No. 16624

I wonder if anyone has 'The Man Who Loved Mars' by Lin Carter, or any of the Tekumel novels by M.A.R. Barker?

Hipster Slut 13/02/24(Sun)06:22 No. 16671

Does anyone have Pathfinder Tales: Queen of Thorns?

Hypnotism Hypnotist 13/03/14(Thu)08:40 No. 16736

File 136324684681.jpg - (42.01KB , 720x384 , 392922_388104014622253_885022802_n.jpg )

Gently requesting The Oxford Handbook of Hypnosis

Hipster Slut 13/04/10(Wed)23:33 No. 16798

I kindly /r/ The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss as well. Would love to have a physical copy of it, but being completely broke means a virtual copy is equally satisfying.

Hipster Slut 13/04/20(Sat)12:05 No. 16818

File 136645230613.png - (88.45KB , 635x1257 , akemi_homura_by_futa00152-d3dquih.png )

I'm looking for the ship masters law handbook charles griffith and co. Anybody have the ship masters law handbook charles griffith and co? It is probably out of print.

Hipster Slut 13/05/09(Thu)18:55 No. 16874

File Dracula.pdf - (1.89MB )

Hipster Slut 13/05/17(Fri)02:42 No. 16882

File 13687513321.jpg - (18.54KB , 324x500 , choke-mti-1.jpg )

Reading this right now. Highly recommend it.

Hipster Slut 13/05/17(Fri)03:14 No. 16883

as long as u can power through the kid chapters

Hipster Slut 13/05/17(Fri)11:42 No. 16884

Just finished it, i am blown away.

Hipster Slut 13/05/23(Thu)09:47 No. 16895

Anyone got any of the Bordertown books by Windling or Shetterly?

Hipster Slut 13/05/23(Thu)18:37 No. 16896

Requesting Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan

Hipster Slut 13/07/11(Thu)07:15 No. 16931

/r/ The Mote in God's Eye

Soumy 13/08/02(Fri)01:00 No. 16947

Could someone get me the Harry Potter series in German? I've fallen on hard times.

Hipster Slut 13/08/12(Mon)06:32 No. 16952

I'm looking for a scan of "Don't Make Me go Back, Mommy" by Doris Sanford, because I want to see how fucked up it really is.

Greypulse 13/08/17(Sat)05:16 No. 16956

I would appreciate the last Mass Effect book (Deception). Preferably from the same source as the first three ones already here as they have proper formatting (italics included!). It's nice to have a direct link to the PDFs for online viewing.

Hipster Slut 13/08/28(Wed)18:39 No. 16967

File 137770794088.jpg - (9.79KB , 300x204 , gold.jpg )

hello 7chan /lit/ from occasional 4chan /lit/ poster.just discovered this board and thread and it is golden.thank you


Hipster Slut 13/09/10(Tue)19:33 No. 16976

Does anyone have this book in pdf format?

Jack Donovan's the Way of Men


Godborn Anonymuse 13/10/01(Tue)20:17 No. 16987

Would anyone happen to have Godborn by P.Kemp?

!33XVmS0VO2 13/10/04(Fri)14:40 No. 16988


Soumy 13/10/15(Tue)17:58 No. 17023

I've got some Roman history and the complete Virgin New Adventures Doctor Who if anyone wants them (and wants to remind me how to dump things, its been a while (Four years!) and that xchan thing won't download)

misbegotten Netwraith 13/10/17(Thu)08:43 No. 17024

I'm looking for
Misbegotten: Runaway Nun
by Caesar Voghan
If anyone's seen it out there

Hipster Slut 13/10/22(Tue)13:00 No. 17026

I need John Updike's Rabbit novels for a class. Can anyone help a lady out?

Sharklops 13/10/26(Sat)18:31 No. 17030

Here you go, looks like they are all there in one form or another:

Sharklops 13/10/26(Sat)18:33 No. 17031

Heres Godborn by Paul S. Kemp

Sharklops 13/10/26(Sat)18:34 No. 17032

Dammit..here's Godborn:

Hipster Slut 13/10/27(Sun)06:45 No. 17036

File 138285274397.jpg - (27.95KB , 418x504 , AudreyHepburn.jpg )

Anybody have any Andrey Hepburn books? Preferably Audrey in Rome, Enchanment, Treasures or biography by Barry Parris? Epub, Mobi, PDF, don't care.

Hipster Slut 13/11/11(Mon)02:24 No. 17044

Can someone fix me up some Kat Von D ebooks?

Requesting Hipster Slut 13/11/14(Thu)11:43 No. 17045

Requesting Star Wars The Bounty Hunter Code from the files of Boba Fett

Sharklops 13/11/14(Thu)21:47 No. 17047


The Tattoo Chronicles by Kat Von D

How NOT to Write a Novel Hipster Slut 13/11/26(Tue)17:45 No. 17063

Does anyone here have How NOT to Write a Novel by Howard Mittelmark and Sandra Newman?


Space Demons by Gillian Rubinstein A Hamster Chicken 14/01/09(Thu)17:22 No. 17091

Requesting Space Demons, by Gillian Rubinstein. Preferably the trilogy, but the first book at least would be great.

Death on a Pale Horse Audiobook Hipster Slut 14/01/12(Sun)05:23 No. 17094

Anyone have the audio book by Donald Thomas?

CYOA Cyan Bloodbane 14/02/01(Sat)14:22 No. 17103

Looking for the entire run of Choose Your Own Adventure. I.e. the ones that began with Cave of Time.

requesting new FR Anonymuse 14/02/06(Thu)09:34 No. 17106

Anyone happen to have the new Forgotten Realms book, "The Reaver" by R.L. Byers? Thanks!

Hipster Slut 14/02/11(Tue)07:30 No. 17110

I (not my 'friend') just wrote a book. Only place I can afford to publish is here:


I suck at marketing and barely internet, so read it because it'll be a few years before everybody drives you crazy by jumping on the bandwagon ;P

Words of Radiance Hipster Slut 14/03/04(Tue)02:10 No. 17115

Humbly request Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson.

Hipster Slut 14/03/20(Thu)18:59 No. 17121

someone mind posting mein kampf in german ?

Hipster Slut 14/03/20(Thu)19:08 No. 17122


Not sure if this version is in German but it look that way


William S. Burroughs Inspector Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:16 No. 17132

File Word_Virus__The_William_S__Burr_-_William_S__Burro.lit - (732.37KB , Word Virus_ The William S_ Burr - William S_ Burro.lit )

Commencing Burroughs dump - 1/???: "Word Virus- The William S. Burroughs Reader"

William S. Burroughs Inspector Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:17 No. 17133

File Junky_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (172.95KB , Junky - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

2/???: "Junky"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:18 No. 17134

File Queer_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (441.95KB , Queer - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

3/???: "Queer"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:19 No. 17135

File Naked_Lunch_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (192.98KB , Naked Lunch - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

4/???: "Naked Lunch"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:20 No. 17136

File Exterminator_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (187.18KB , Exterminator - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

5/???: "Exterminator!"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:21 No. 17137

File The_Wild_Boys_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (1.11MB , The Wild Boys - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

6/???: "The Wild Boys"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:24 No. 17138

File The_Soft_Machine_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (301.97KB , The Soft Machine - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

7/???: "The Soft Machine (nova#1)"

William S. Brroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:25 No. 17139

File The_Ticket_That_Exploded_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (272.24KB , The Ticket That Exploded - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

8/???: "The Ticket That Exploded (nova#2)"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:29 No. 17140

File Nova_Express_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (265.22KB , Nova Express - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

9/???: "Nova Express (nova#3)"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:31 No. 17141

File Cities_of_the_Red_Night_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (291.32KB , Cities of the Red Night - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

10/???: "Cities of the Red Night (Red Night #1)"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:32 No. 17142

11/???: "Place of the Dead Roads (Red Night #2)"

William S. Burroughs Inspector+Lee 14/04/12(Sat)04:33 No. 17143

File The_Western_Lands_-_William_S__Burroughs.lit - (494.52KB , The Western Lands - William S_ Burroughs.lit )

12/???: "Western Lands (Red Night #3)"

Requesting anything Elmore Leonard Hipster Slut 14/04/30(Wed)01:57 No. 17150

Humble request of anything Elmore Leonard. Preferably recognised, like LaBrava

Hipster Slut 14/05/02(Fri)16:32 No. 17151

Looking for the Missing 411 books by David Paulides or similar creepy shit. Thank you!

A-Team Mack+Booke 14/06/03(Tue)05:45 No. 17191

File 140176711795.jpg - (31.70KB , 190x313 , image.jpg )

Can someone please post some of the A-Team novels? Many are written by Charles Heath. Thanks.

Hipster Slut 14/06/11(Wed)18:02 No. 17201

This is a link to the 1913 Webster's Dictionary at Gutenberg:

More importantly, here is an article describing the differences between a modern, functional dictionary and the older style ones which sought to capture the essence of the words.


I recommend the article for those that enjoy language, or are aspiring writers. Then perhaps download the dictionary to browse or use.

Hipster Slut 14/06/13(Fri)04:40 No. 17203

I have a hard copy of this my dad got me for Christmas, but it's stayed on the relative bottom of the reading queue as its pushed down by other books, is it any good?

Hipster Slut 14/06/20(Fri)20:45 No. 17210

Mo can do.

sup!0CTLGCICdI 14/07/01(Tue)15:45 No. 17219

does anyone have "The Time Travel Tale of John Titor"

Requesting The Fairy Tale Anonymous 14/07/07(Mon)14:50 No. 17221

Please with a cherry on top, would you find and share this book:
"The Fairy Tale: The Magic Mirror of the Imagination" by Steven Swann Jones

Hipster Slut 14/07/11(Fri)07:34 No. 17222

File The_Vagina_Ass_of_Lucifer_Niggerbastard_-_By_Shawn.pdf - (251.87KB , The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard - By Shawn.pdf )

Hipster Slut 14/07/30(Wed)01:03 No. 17263

File 140667502922.jpg - (15.67KB , 260x388 , 9780804831109_p0_v2_s260x420.jpg )

Requesting any books by Bruce Lee, but especially pic related. Read a sample, it's good shit, I like the way he writes.

Hipster Slut 14/08/05(Tue)14:47 No. 17273

Could you please tell a complete newfag how to download these jpgs as pdfs?

Hipster Slut 14/08/19(Tue)10:58 No. 17276

File 140843871194.jpg - (2.25MB , 1651x2475 , 9780756409425.jpg )

My usual methods have failed me for more than a week. So I come to you, sweet /lit/ for help.

If anyone has a copy of Broken Souls by Stephen Blackmoore I'll love you forever and ever. Pic very related

HispanicBreivikist!J3I5QUHtcc 14/09/25(Thu)07:00 No. 17308


HispanicBreivikist!J3I5QUHtcc 14/09/25(Thu)07:02 No. 17309


That book is Marxist shit.

Hipster Slut 14/10/12(Sun)00:23 No. 17330

File 141306620778.jpg - (171.99KB , 906x1280 , 1408886032427.jpg )

I'm going to be that guy and make a request:

Does anyone have Jorge Cervantes "Indoor Marijuana Horticulture"?

Hipster Slut 14/10/12(Sun)01:48 No. 17331


lol yea, how dare someone tell the other half of the extremely biased, utterly laughable half-truths and subjective propaganda that passed for "history education" which we were brainwashed with as impressionable kids, by our government.

That you find the rest of the story of washingtons rebellion & the all manner of other well-understood events "marxist" is revealing.

But Zinn's book isn't meant to be centrist. We've already heard the extreme authoritarian/nationalist/jingoistic/government approved cliff notes versions of US history. People's history fills in the rest of those stories.

If you can't stomach that there are mutliple sides to events, go back to reading comic books and the false safety of a black and white worldview.

Hipster Slut 14/10/12(Sun)13:09 No. 17332

I don't suppose anyone here has pdfs of volumes 1-3 of The Collected Works of Bronislaw Pilsudski?

Hipster Slut 14/11/01(Sat)19:58 No. 17345

Requesting Psychohistorical Crisis

Hipster Slut 14/11/03(Mon)10:43 No. 17349


Here's something for you.

Does anyone have "The Art of Shen Ku"?

anon 14/11/08(Sat)19:32 No. 17355


Biology and Diseases of the Ferret, 3rd or 4th Edition

Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery

Hipster Slut 14/11/15(Sat)01:47 No. 17357

Does anyone have either the Second or Third Edition of the Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia? Thanks in advance

Hipster Slut 14/12/06(Sat)21:43 No. 17366

File Yamamoto_-_Hagakure.pdf - (576.45KB , Yamamoto - Hagakure.pdf )

Hipster Slut 14/12/16(Tue)00:06 No. 17370

File initiation_into_hermetics.pdf - (552.08KB , initiation into hermetics.pdf )

Nobody of consequence 14/12/25(Thu)02:43 No. 17377

Can I get a full set of the complete works of Jack L. Chalker? Especially the Well World Saga books.
Local library keeps retiring all the good books and replacing them with poorly written 'erotica' Fifty Shades/Twilight.
Since most if not all of Chalker's books are now out of print, it's unlikely to be at my local bookstores.

Hitman: Enemy Within Hitman 14/12/25(Thu)04:05 No. 17378

Can someone please post Hitman: Enemy Within?

Hitman: Enemy Within Hitman 14/12/25(Thu)04:06 No. 17379

Can someone please post Hitman:Enemy Within? Thanks.

Hipster Slut 15/01/07(Wed)01:37 No. 17385

File why-johnny-cant-think-robert-w-whitaker.pdf - (1.52MB )

Hipster Slut 15/01/20(Tue)23:11 No. 17396

Hello deat friends. I would like to read the book "S." by J.J. Abrahams and Doug Dorst
Can someone post it? Thanks a lot, guys.

The Scarlet Gospels Joe Schmoe 15/01/22(Thu)11:01 No. 17397

Looking for The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker if anyone's liberated it yet.

cthulhu gear Hipster Slut 15/02/09(Mon)06:54 No. 17402

Requesting -- Steampunk Cthulhu: Mythos Terror in the Age of Steam

Hipster Slut 15/03/05(Thu)20:33 No. 17405

Does anyone have the capability to dig up Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee by Megan Boyle? I would very much like to read it.

I don't have any files on this computer but I will contribute when I get back to my hardrive.

Hipster Slut 15/03/11(Wed)15:17 No. 17406

I just read it. It was amusing.

Hipster Slut 15/04/15(Wed)12:34 No. 17417

Anybody have Mark Lawrence' new book "Prince of Fools - The Red Queen's War"?

Cthulhu Mythos Radio Plays Hipster Slut 15/04/17(Fri)08:49 No. 17418

I'm looking for any Mythos Radio plays that you can find.

Hipster Slut 15/05/13(Wed)19:45 No. 17424

I've been trying to find:

I need you more than I love you and I love you to bits by Gunnar Ardelius

It's been out of print for years, but highly rated. Copies cost hundreds.

Hipster Slut 15/05/18(Mon)14:17 No. 17427

File john-milbank-radical-orthodoxy-a-new-theology.pdf - (1.15MB )

Hipster Slut 15/05/18(Mon)14:54 No. 17428

File alasdair-macintyre-after-virtue-a-study-in-moral-t.pdf - (3.82MB )

Hipster Slut 15/05/20(Wed)10:40 No. 17429

Requesting Vance's Emphyrio

Hipster Slut 15/05/26(Tue)16:47 No. 17431

File slavoj-zizek-the-monstrosity-of-christ.pdf - (1.13MB )

Hipster Slut 15/05/28(Thu)13:20 No. 17432

File [Mantak_Chia,_Michael_Winn]_Taoist_Secrets_of_Love.pdf - (2.24MB )

Hipster Slut 15/06/14(Sun)08:56 No. 17435

File In_cold_blood.pdf - (1.43MB )

Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

Request: One of Us Hipster Slut 15/06/26(Fri)14:52 No. 17438

Anyone here got One Of Us: The Story Of Anders Breivik And The Massacre In Norway by Åsne Seierstad & Translation by Sarah Death?


Hipster Slut 15/07/03(Fri)03:24 No. 17439


Hipster Slut 15/07/03(Fri)05:31 No. 17440

What makes you think you'll get a reply from a 6 year old post?

Hipster Slut 15/08/12(Wed)06:22 No. 17464

>The Caves of Steel
>2001: A Space Odyssey
>Childhood's End

this board is ded

Hipster Slut 15/10/24(Sat)12:05 No. 17490


Hipster Slut 15/11/07(Sat)07:31 No. 17492

File fyodor-dostoevsky-notes-from-underground-1.pdf - (624.34KB )

REQUEST: Rocky Horror books PrincessBitchess 15/11/10(Tue)21:38 No. 17493

File 144718789250.jpg - (39.06KB , 403x500 , rocky horror mick rock.jpg )

Specifically the fantastic photo book by Mick Rock, and any others anyone has. That book is going for over $600 on Amazon, and is rare as fuck. Please help!

missing 411 Something in the Woods is taking people Gretchen Fever 15/12/21(Mon)18:58 No. 17512

Looking for ebooks or pdf books of missing 411 david paulides and steph young something in the woods is taking people hardback???


Request: Your Voice Hipster Slut 16/01/12(Tue)21:41 No. 17518

Hello all, looking for a scan or pdf of the book Your Voice: How to Enrich It and Develop It for Speaking, Acting and Everyday Conversation. Not sure if this is the right thread or board, but this beats the stuffing out of shelling out between $100 and $400 for an out of print 1992 book that never made digital. Appreciate any halp that can be offered, and apologise if I'm transgressing board etiquette. A pleasant day to you all.

Moon_Dew 16/01/17(Sun)20:14 No. 17520

Looking for a scan or a .pdf of "Children of the Halo", by E.J. Spurrell.

Hipster Slut 16/02/06(Sat)22:00 No. 17529

File [Tom_Robbins]_Even_Cowgirls_Get_the_Blues(BookZZ_o.pdf - (1.97MB )

Hipster Slut 16/02/06(Sat)22:02 No. 17530

File 265_jung-carl-memories-dreams-reflections.pdf - (1.44MB )

Hipster Slut 16/02/06(Sat)22:03 No. 17531

File Shambhala;The_Sacred_Path_of_the_Warrior_by_Chogya.pdf - (663.78KB , Shambhala;The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogya.pdf )

Hipster Slut 16/02/12(Fri)11:33 No. 17535

File Mikhail_Bulgakov,_Richard_Pevear,_Larissa_Volokhon.pdf - (1.71MB , Mikhail Bulgakov, Richard Pevear, Larissa Volokhon.pdf )

REQUEST: Rapture Ready! Hipster Slut 16/03/08(Tue)20:03 No. 17543

Anyone got Rapture Ready! By Daniel Radosh?


REQUEST: Armor & The Forever War Series Hipster Slut 16/03/09(Wed)02:31 No. 17545

Any sources for Armor by John Steakley or The Forever War series by Joe Haldeman?

Hipster Slut 16/03/17(Thu)21:27 No. 17546

Looking for some Peter S. Beagle. Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance!

Ancalafgon 16/03/18(Fri)00:41 No. 17547

I have been searching for "Indistinguishable from Magic" from Robert Forward without success. Anyone has it or knows were can I get it?

Thanks in advance

WoW: Illidan by King Hipster Slut 16/04/13(Wed)14:29 No. 17556

Looking for Illidan by William King. A new release in epub and mobi format. Wondering if anyone's got it.

Sou 16/04/20(Wed)08:40 No. 17559

File 146113440510.jpg - (38.15KB , 386x497 , 97807360468171_zoom.jpg )

Please, link to download funtional training for sports by michael boyle. Thx... and good lucky!

Hipster Slut 16/05/11(Wed)09:55 No. 17568

Looking for The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, anyone got it?

Hipster Slut 16/05/19(Thu)22:59 No. 17582

File the-king-in-yellow.pdf - (821.98KB )

Looking for "A Knight of Seven Kingdoms" pdf, I don't know I'm having such a hard time finding it, it should be an easy find. I'll dump a few reads while I'm here.

Hipster Slut 16/05/19(Thu)23:00 No. 17583

File removed.pdf - (1.09MB , A Canticle for Leibowitz - Walter M_ Miller, Jr__4.pdf )


This content removed in accordance to a DMCA Takedown Notice filed by WALTER M MILLER JR ESTATE.

Hipster Slut 16/05/31(Tue)19:00 No. 17585

Something Coming Through by Paul McAuley plx

------ 16/07/20(Wed)08:40 No. 17591

thos arent even books man just covers :/

Hipster Slut 16/07/25(Mon)08:51 No. 17594

Might be a long shot, but here goes:

Looking for an ebook of
The January Dancer by Michael Flynn

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hipster Slut 16/07/26(Tue)07:27 No. 17596

Thank you!

Star Trek Enterprise Reboot Hipster Slut 16/08/04(Thu)10:56 No. 17597

Does anyone have any of the reboot novels?

The Good That Men Do
Kobayashi Maru
The Romulan War series

Thanks in advance!

Hipster Slut 16/09/01(Thu)11:57 No. 17603

File 147272386195.jpg - (35.05KB , 238x346 , 61l+DPcZwcL__SY346_.jpg )

Hipster Slut 16/09/08(Thu)12:42 No. 17604

Anyone has any recent edition (14th and over preferably) of the English legal system by Elliott and Quinn please?

Hipster Slut 16/09/29(Thu)17:29 No. 17610

Requesting Legend of the Galactic Heroes Volume 1

DMCA Takedown Legal Department ## Admin ## 16/10/20(Thu)10:12 No. 17614

File 147695113024.jpg - (39.70KB , 600x580 , fark_ElllwmgBtH0JaAaXqKge9KCn5Is.jpg )

Due to a DMCA Takedown Notice filed by Hachette UK, Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space has been removed and banned from being posted.

Due to a technical fuckup (by way me pressing the wrong fucking button), all posts by that user have also been removed. My apologies on that front.

Hipster Slut 16/11/27(Sun)07:25 No. 17622

Requesting The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker.

Hipster Slut 16/11/27(Sun)13:43 No. 17623

File removed.pdf - (3.88MB , How Not to Die _ Discover the Foods Scie - Greger,.pdf )

Hipster Slut 16/12/19(Mon)06:00 No. 17686

Master Necro Mega-Damage Rapeface

Hipster Slut 16/12/19(Mon)06:02 No. 17687

File 148212375588.png - (1.11MB , 595x763 , rapeface.png )

Hipster Slut 16/12/19(Mon)08:18 No. 17688

File 148213190341.jpg - (346.19KB , 584x584 , skitter-cover-2-a.jpg )

Hey guys, my kindle died last week and I lost my epub of Worm by wildbow. I'm to lazy/stupid to learn to use a scraper so can anyone post their copy for me?

Thanks in advance!

Wrabbit 16/12/19(Mon)19:07 No. 17689

Not sure if this is the right thread to request this, but does anyone have the English translated Tenchi Muyo light novels, or Kajashima doujins? Been searching for those for ages. Also, any Aliens, Terminator, Predator novels would be good. Had someone recommend them to me. In return, have this link to a torrent I just found which contains a bunch of novels, and a lot of D'n'D stuff (just tick off the stuff you don't want). There's all kinds of good stuff in there, including Asimov, Zelany, Niven, Herbert, along with the expected D'n'D novels.

Hipster Slut 17/03/01(Wed)20:08 No. 17714

File 148839531371.jpg - (117.97KB , 869x1383 , cover-.jpg )

This fucking work of madness

Request ForJustice 17/03/29(Wed)10:58 No. 17723

Looking for a copy of The Superyogi scenario by James Connor. I can't torrent right now so something easy like Mega or your preferred free upload/download site.

Thanks for any assitance

Hipster Slut 17/07/21(Fri)08:54 No. 17825

File 150062005285.png - (682.91KB , 13354x7511 , itspooallofshit.png )

What about this Star Wars one? It's about a Jedi that turned to Diversity-Antiwhite-Feminism-Bullcrap and ruined the galaxy -for everyone- once and for all.

Hipster Slut 17/08/09(Wed)06:18 No. 17827

anyone got some robert jackson bennett

Anon 17/09/12(Tue)23:13 No. 17832

Requesting Conn Iggulden's War of the Roses series; Stormbird, Trinity, Bloodline & Rise of the Tudors

Plus Conn Iggulden - Dunstan

Anon 17/09/12(Tue)23:17 No. 17833

Does anyone have any of these??

Joel F. Harrington - The Faithful Executioner
Robert Harris - Archangel
Paul Kingsnorth - The Wake
Karen Maitland - The Falcons of Fire and Ice
James Robertson - The Testament of Gideon Mack
Francis Spufford - Red Plenty
Colson Whitehead - The Underground Railroad

looking for books panda1594 17/10/05(Thu)00:10 No. 17837

I'm looking for a few books by a few different authors. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Christine Feehan: Air Bound, Earth Bound, Fire Bound, Viper Game, Spider Game, Power Game, Shadow Reaper, and Shadow Rider.
Sherrilyn Kenyon: Intensity
Richard Castle: High Heat, and Heat Storm.

Hipster Slut 17/11/29(Wed)16:21 No. 17849

The Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin

Hipster Slut 17/11/29(Wed)16:38 No. 17850

great book and film

Hipster Slut 17/12/25(Mon)12:34 No. 17852

File 151420169699.jpg - (24.89KB , 225x346 , 51evtck75zL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg )


Hipster Slut 17/12/29(Fri)14:55 No. 17853

Return of the Lloigar by Colin Wilson.

Super nice page evilpage2 18/05/01(Tue)19:55 No. 17874

Please check us ---->> http://www.evil-page.com

Hipster Slut 18/11/30(Fri)19:27 No. 17915

Does anyone have a copy of the Star Justice series by Michael-Scott Earle? It was originally sold on Amazon, but I can't find any place that still sells it.


Hipster Slut 19/01/03(Thu)10:23 No. 17924


Aquí tienes mi amigo. Es un pack con varios de sus libros.

Hipster Slut 19/01/25(Fri)15:02 No. 17941

Anyone have the Miner by Natsume Soseki?

Hipster Slut 19/01/28(Mon)15:11 No. 17942

Does anyone have Encyclopedia of Military Science by Kurt Piehler? It looks good.

Hipster Slut 19/02/14(Thu)21:01 No. 17946

It looks like nautilus died. Did anyone have a backup of their collection?

Hipster Slut 19/06/12(Wed)14:37 No. 17996

Does anyone have whisling past the graveyard by kevin j anderson?


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