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Anonymous 16/07/14(Thu)21:48 No. 20899

File 146852568969.jpg - (5.50KB , 225x225 , hand.jpg )

You know that album you used to listen when you were a kid in your dad’s car and you remember the music but simply can’t find the fucking band’s name? So.

I just need a reference. I remember that the CD cover art was very similar with the System Of A Down first album art, with a hand on it. But it was in the CD itself, so I can’t find anything.
The first song of the album began with a siren sound, kinda nasal noise. I think it’s a alternative rock band, as far as I remember, with something of industrial rock. The vocal was very Depeche Mode alike, probably a 90s band.
It’s a little challenging, friends. Please help me.

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