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Elsa Annonymous 18/04/05(Thu)10:19 No. 21114

File 152291638483.jpg - (200.85KB , 1920x856 , frozen-disneyscreencaps_com-6444.jpg )

Why is she the best Disney girl?

Annonymous 18/04/05(Thu)10:21 No. 21115

She's so beautiful beyond words. Just look at her face.

Annonymous 18/04/05(Thu)10:22 No. 21116

she's so hot

Annonymous 18/04/05(Thu)10:24 No. 21117

she's charming, sexy, tall and sweet as can be.

Annonymous 18/04/05(Thu)19:44 No. 21118

She's pretty, but she'd feel better naked. She could feel the ice cold wind on her body and the snow under her bare feet and between her toes

Anonymous 18/04/06(Fri)02:55 No. 21119

she'd look better in her birthday suit

Anonymous 18/04/07(Sat)05:50 No. 21120

If only Anna would walk up there and take Elsa's clothes and heels off

Anonymous 18/04/08(Sun)01:26 No. 21121

because she has the best tits

Anonymous 18/04/08(Sun)05:27 No. 21123

I haven't watched that movie nor do I plan to. However, as far as the best Disney girl goes that honor would have to go to Alice.

Anonymous 18/04/13(Fri)09:04 No. 21124

She's a sweetheart. Plus she is sexy.

Anonymous 18/04/14(Sat)00:05 No. 21125

can she and Anna both be nudists in the sequel?

Anonymous 19/03/04(Mon)20:27 No. 21310

Snow White and Alice are a better.

Anonymous 19/03/11(Mon)04:03 No. 21312

How come the trailer for Frozen 2 feels like Disney is turning this franchise into their own "How to Train Your Dragon?"


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