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Anonymous 18/10/17(Wed)20:09 No. 21211

Youtube  Y YouTube went down last night? Wot do?

Anonymous 18/10/17(Wed)20:39 No. 21213

My cousin works at Youtube and said someone tripped on the power cable to the server.

Anonymous 18/10/18(Thu)21:31 No. 21214

Someone posted a video of aliens on the moon and they cut the whole feed.

Anonymous 18/10/20(Sat)17:41 No. 21224

Looks like Pakistan broke the internet and got 2/3 of YouTube shut down.
ABC news said it:

>The greatest effect was in Asia, were the outage lasted for up to two hours, Renesys said.

>YouTube confirmed the outage on Monday, saying it was caused by a network in Pakistan.

Anonymous 18/10/21(Sun)22:02 No. 21225

God damn Pakistan. Fucking shitbags.

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