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Movie Recommendations Anonymous 18/11/05(Mon)00:31 No. 21241

File 154137430882.jpg - (23.48KB , 225x300 , 612otaoLonL__SY300_QL70_.jpg )

I'm watching the movie Tag, and it starts with a bunch of scoolgirls on a school bus and they all get sawed in half, and needless to say this is Japan so things only get more bananas from their. I highly recommend it. Share your movie recommendations /me/.

Anonymous 18/11/05(Mon)09:07 No. 21242

File 154140525083.png - (110.26KB , 220x326 , The_Witch_poster.png )

The Witch is a phenomenal horror movie. Biggest complaint i've heard from most people is "it's too slow" or "it's boring" but most of these people are the type that have really goddamn short attention spans and only like "jump-scare-only" horror, so.

Anonymous 18/11/06(Tue)09:18 No. 21249

File 154149231815.jpg - (322.06KB , 1133x1600 , 4067dcacc168bc67b04df2f7397f8e29.jpg )

A movie from the same director, a bit less arthous-ey

Anonymous 18/11/20(Tue)02:49 No. 21260

File 154267859355.jpg - (91.96KB , 1068x601 , Battle-Royale.jpg )

I remember watching this and Battle Royale on Channel7. It was my first exposure to Japanese cinema and I was blown away.

Anonymous 18/12/12(Wed)15:02 No. 21267

That movie was crazy

Anonymous 19/03/11(Mon)18:35 No. 21313

File 155232572829.jpg - (200.19KB , 750x1055 , I-Am-A-Hero-Movie.jpg )

I really liked "I Am a Hero".

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