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Anonymous 18/06/27(Wed)21:25 No. 123269 [Reply]

File 153012754233.jpg - (74.53KB , 480x640 , Moonie.jpg )

Anonymous 18/09/10(Mon)19:33 No. 123344

kiss bum.

Anonymous 18/11/10(Sat)19:59 No. 123375

This Ass Needs Tapping!

Anonymous 19/01/21(Mon)11:44 No. 123434

Can i park in there?!

Sub uncut hairy 18/12/30(Sun)06:25 No. 123416 [Reply]

File 154614751146.jpg - (77.29KB , 628x840 , a10eb10f-765c-4d46-b5f1-72536b0eb4ec.jpg )

I really love be humiliated. My cock just have 5,3 inches. Please treat me like a stupid f*g who I'm.

Sub+uncut+hairy 18/12/30(Sun)06:27 No. 123417

Sub+uncut+hairy 18/12/30(Sun)06:28 No. 123418

Kik: uncutandlittle

Anonymous 19/01/14(Mon)19:48 No. 123429

== https://www.chatbro.com/ru/8YHH/ ==

Some pics of me. Anonymous 15/09/17(Thu)02:36 No. 121749 [Reply]

File 144245017560.jpg - (51.02KB , 640x480 , mypenis (1).jpg )

KIK is not being interesting anymore, so i took some pics and decided to share here.

5 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/02/13(Sat)17:04 No. 122213

File 145537946413.jpg - (110.65KB , 1068x320 , WIN_20160213_150659.jpg )

new dick incommming

Anonymous 18/12/24(Mon)03:01 No. 123404


Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)17:32 No. 123423

Love to suckyour cock

my ugly fat cock. Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)18:12 No. 123092 [Reply]

File 15118027529.jpg - (12.34KB , 640x361 , LeJxSXF_d.jpg )

Hi, I've always thought my cock was pretty darn ugly. Im always nervous about getting it out in front of guys and especially girls. But i sort of like the idea of having a fat hideous cock. Waddya think ? Be honest, or as mean as you like.

11 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/05/12(Sat)02:59 No. 123228

Some pics from today.

Anonymous 18/05/12(Sat)03:27 No. 123229

uhh sir you have earned a free deluxe blowjob from ,ME!

Anonymous 18/12/28(Fri)06:27 No. 123405

That Smegma is the best,
U have kik sir?

me highdelballs 18/11/12(Mon)14:09 No. 123376 [Reply]

File 154202815086.jpg - (0.99MB , 2206x3098 , IMG_6570.jpg )

Beautiful, skinny stud from Heidelberg, Germany. I love women - and they love me! ;-)

3 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
delicious+sauce 18/11/27(Tue)08:48 No. 123385


>>"I love women"

you're on the wrong board.

highdelballs 18/12/23(Sun)13:41 No. 123403

That's what YOU say...

somebody fuck me Anonymous 18/03/27(Tue)00:38 No. 123172 [Reply]

File 152210388647.jpg - (162.34KB , 1080x720 , Photo_on_3-26-18_at_12_43_PM_3.jpg )

Anonymous 18/03/27(Tue)00:39 No. 123173

Anonymous 18/12/15(Sat)19:17 No. 123396

Not in a million years.

Anonymous 18/12/13(Thu)17:51 No. 123390 [Reply]

File 154471989970.jpg - (786.07KB , 2592x1456 , WP_20181212_16_13_13_Pro.jpg )

Hey guys, i hope you're having a good week !. Just wanted to show off some pics of myself while my gf is away. Shall i post more ?

Anonymous 18/12/13(Thu)17:55 No. 123391

Couple more.

Sissy Danny Brady 16/07/11(Mon)11:19 No. 122555 [Reply]

File 146822877338.jpg - (208.22KB , 900x1200 , IMG_0616.jpg )

Any one like? Feel free to share my pics around ;)

11 posts and 30 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

Dick rating thread Anonymous 14/05/10(Sat)01:19 No. 119857 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 13996775705.jpg - (281.67KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_20140508_223629.jpg )

rate dem dicks

82 posts and 84 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/08/14(Tue)18:28 No. 123321

File 153426412866.jpg - (159.44KB , 1200x1600 , Hartmuth Bakker (3).jpg )


Anonymous 18/11/13(Tue)10:21 No. 123381

File 154210091050.jpg - (3.06MB , 3024x4032 , B417671C-AEC6-40D9-A794-163EA0E483FB.jpg )

Na Anonymous 18/11/19(Mon)04:33 No. 123382


My Ugly Brit dick Anonymous 18/05/08(Tue)15:49 No. 123220 [Reply]

File 152578738732.jpg - (1.91MB , 1840x3264 , WP_20180507_09_18_40_Pro.jpg )

Good afternoon /men/ - just thought I'd show my ugly dick and get your feedback.

Will post more if asked, or I'll keep going with a particular theme.

A. Yes I have phimosis
B. I can retract when soft.

4 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/09/13(Thu)23:00 No. 123345

nothing ugly about your cock as far as I'm concerned. you're not in London, I suppose. I could really appreciate your cock.

Anonymous 18/10/02(Tue)07:06 No. 123353

have you tried retracting it, and then getting hard? what happens?

Hzk 18/11/04(Sun)18:53 No. 123369

Amazing penis. You should be proud. Don't care about phimosis.

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