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Anonymous 15/11/07(Sat)09:13 No. 121929 [Reply]

File 144688399146.jpg - (667.21KB , 1195x1600 , 45295f9d-de3b-4388-9dc5-119abfe2a9c5.jpg )

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Anonymous 15/11/07(Sat)09:16 No. 121932

File 144688421537.jpg - (458.81KB , 1202x1600 , 54382117-c202-4ceb-93d8-8b5f90dd3a5c.jpg )

Anonymous 15/11/08(Sun)11:52 No. 121934

Is my ass fuckable?

Anonymous 15/11/09(Mon)15:56 No. 121940

dem cheeks!

Anonymous 15/09/10(Thu)00:52 No. 121710 [Reply]

File 144183915492.jpg - (545.52KB , 1630x1222 , WP_000573.jpg )

What do you like to do with my butt?
I can take a couple of request too

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Anonymous 15/11/03(Tue)02:08 No. 121915

>It's going in

Anonymous 15/11/03(Tue)02:10 No. 121916

File 144651301579.jpg - (487.09KB , 1222x1630 , WP_000999.jpg )

Anonymous 15/11/06(Fri)04:28 No. 121927

It looks so soft and smooth and pink! I want to bury my nose in and just breathe that wonderful butthole.

Can you get on your knees with your ass high in the air & your back arched down so that your cheeks spread slightly on their own, get a shot of your hole and then reach back & spread your cheeks wide with your hands for another shot. Pretty please!

Ass to Mouth Anonymous 15/11/04(Wed)03:27 No. 121920 [Reply]

File 144660407748.png - (462.09KB , 1242x792 , Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 00_33_39.png )


Anyone have anymore videos like this with good ass to mouth scenes?

Or does anyone know where I can find the full video?

Anonymous 15/01/12(Mon)05:25 No. 121083 [Reply]

File 142103671730.jpg - (67.63KB , 674x674 , BTLhxvlCEAABktF_jpg large.jpg )

does anyone know who the guy on the left is

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/01/14(Wed)17:03 No. 121093

does really nobody know his name

Anonymous 15/01/15(Thu)00:25 No. 121094

are we supposed to?

Anonymous 15/11/03(Tue)10:59 No. 121917

Well, guy in the middle is Topher Di Maggio. You can probably find the identity of the guy on the left buy searching Topher's instagram, where he will have undoubtedly tagged the guy on the left in the same pic.

Michael Hoffman anonymous 15/10/29(Thu)22:10 No. 121895 [Reply]

File 144615305810.jpg - (116.13KB , 1152x1152 , 10710452_10205214678743842_4575241245971847638_o.jpg )

love michael hoffman -- he's got a lot of great photos. i'll be posting a few photos but here are some great links too:

Threesome sex tape - http://dimitapapers.com/2015/08/michael-hoffman-threesome-sex-tape/

17 porno vids: http://instinctmagazine.com/post/full-michael-hoffman-archive-17-videos

j/o and eatin' it vid: http://www.xvideos.com/video9164619/youtuber_michael_hoffman_jerking_off_and_eating_his_cum_

bio: https://unicornbooty.com/the-authorized-biography-of-michael-hoffman

what do you think of him?

Michael Hoffman anonymous 15/10/29(Thu)22:11 No. 121896

here's more photos of him

Hello, my name is Pan Nymph Pan Nymph 15/10/27(Tue)19:48 No. 121885 [Reply]

File 144597169896.jpg - (224.91KB , 1280x960 , 20151027_124009.jpg )

Just a budding amateur model 21 year old. What do you guys think?

Anonymous 15/10/28(Wed)14:37 No. 121887

U got kik? I want to see how you punish yourself.

Pan Nymph 15/10/29(Thu)03:27 No. 121889

No, but I do have a tumblr account :) pannymph69.tumblr.com

Dat Ass Anonymous 15/10/23(Fri)14:34 No. 121876 [Reply]

File 14456036686.jpg - (1.95MB , 3264x1836 , 20151020_182813.jpg )

I've recently taken to showing off my butt, and it gets me off thinking that people somewhere have jerked off to it. So here's some pics.

Anonymous 15/10/23(Fri)14:37 No. 121877

How do you like it? Anonymous 15/10/09(Fri)19:12 No. 121808 [Reply]

File 144441076685.jpg - (1.23MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_3110.jpg )

First time posting here, how do you like my cock? ;)

Anonymous 15/10/19(Mon)18:28 No. 121856


I docked you a point because it's not in my mouth...

Anonymous 15/10/19(Mon)22:38 No. 121858

would totaly suck/10

Anonymous 15/10/20(Tue)11:32 No. 121865

Wish I could fight over your cock with the rest of these chumps ;3 we're all hungry! I was born to eat cock...and that cock looks like my kind of dinner <3

First time posting Voronoi 14/10/20(Mon)01:42 No. 120779 [Reply]

File 141376216891.jpg - (282.29KB , 960x1280 , black01.jpg )

Hey there, /men/.
I've always enjoyed the idea of presenting myself though had never really done so.
Here's my first venture, only half a dozen pictures. It was definitely a good time; I might do more in the future.

I like chatting as well, so feel free to shoot me an email. :)


4 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Voronoi 14/10/20(Mon)01:45 No. 120784

File 141376232416.jpg - (544.00KB , 1280x960 , black05.jpg )

Hope you like them. :)

Anonymous 15/09/04(Fri)19:48 No. 121696

You have a great ass. The long hair is a turn-off, though.

Anonymous 15/10/20(Tue)11:32 No. 121864

You are indeed, quite the present. It's rare to find such a desirable ass on a man: but it's a commodity that gets me harder than any other. God, I really would love to fill you up

sell my virgin ass for $$$ Anonymous 15/08/08(Sat)05:38 No. 121651 [Reply]

File 143900510157.jpg - (423.69KB , 1920x1080 , 1438996677083.jpg )

Hey guys

Where can I sell my virgin ass? I am an anal virgin and would like my very first time to be on camera that I sell for amateur gay porn. I would sell my ass to the highest bidder virgin hunter old guy for lots of $$$ but thats illegal and I don't want to worry about legal issues, I just want to loose my virginity for the most amount of $$$ legally.

How can I do this? Where do I do this? I live in Arizona.

Picture Related

Also what boards should I ask in?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/08/31(Mon)08:20 No. 121689

File 144100204163.jpg - (64.90KB , 800x600 , cock.jpg )

Anonymous 15/10/09(Fri)19:24 No. 121809

Just record it, because then it's not prostitution, its making a porn.

Anonymous 15/10/13(Tue)19:58 No. 121826

hey, Chandler here. Whatsup

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