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Are you there, Ned? It's me, Rod. Intergalactic Planet Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/03/04(Fri)21:41 No. 122272

File 145712409587.png - (326.50KB , 524x393 , Snapshot 14 (3-4-2016 1-17 PM).png )

Wow, here I am again.
I got not-fat for a while, but now I'm wayfat again. Oh well. These came out alright. Analog master.

Here are these scummy pics.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/03/04(Fri)21:50 No. 122273

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/03/04(Fri)21:54 No. 122274


jesus+fuckcrust 16/03/06(Sun)09:56 No. 122276


holy shit shut the fuck up, ur like way skinny still IPF. y u no in #gay no more?

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/03/06(Sun)10:17 No. 122277


Maybe for a preggers girl.

And because my IRC broke and you guys either don't have a browser version or I just don't want to go to it if you do.

Tsel 16/03/20(Sun)19:18 No. 122312

god damn it IPF you're not fat, if you're fat then I'm 900 lb.

Also more please.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/05/21(Sat)08:04 No. 122495

File 146381065055.jpg - (21.33KB , 839x629 , hoooooooooowow.jpg )

The sound of perseverance!

Interwhatever+Plan+Fahey 16/06/11(Sat)16:35 No. 122538

There comes a time in every man's life when he must outlive his brush and use his feet to operate the camera.

Intergalactic Planet Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/09/05(Mon)08:23 No. 122633

Wow look I've got clothes again.

Oh no, clothes. Where are you going? I will have to stare blankly in befuddlement.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/09/05(Mon)08:26 No. 122634

Three almost identical pics.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/11/15(Tue)04:27 No. 122724

This is a horrible site, I'm a horrible person, and camwhoring is ded.

Have this video of me camwhoring:

Anonymous 16/11/18(Fri)08:46 No. 122725

Props to you sir! That is one of the strangest, most awkward camwhoring videos I have seen. XD I liked it though.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/11/18(Fri)09:19 No. 122726


I actually privatized it but it still works fer some reason. I'm glad you liked it - I came to my senses like 5 minutes after posting it. The crabwalking is clearly too much.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/11/18(Fri)10:17 No. 122727


Also do you still browse this board?
What's that like?

Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)07:50 No. 122750


Rarely. I don't look at porn much period but in the past I have had what might be called a mild addiction.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/11/26(Sat)08:32 No. 122751


Are there any other boards you browse here?

It's so weird to see someone actually say stuff here. I mean this and /fag/ (and most of nowadays 7Chan that I've seen) are so neglected that there doesn't seem to really be any rule enforcement beyond occasional pop-ins where they delete something blatantly illegal.

lol-kun 16/12/03(Sat)00:01 No. 122756

oh you're so cute. :D

and you look pretty hung here.

my old friend

Some32YearOldGayGuy 16/12/09(Fri)00:23 No. 122758

I would literally do anything and everything to that body that it asked me too. ^_^ love the pics.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 16/12/16(Fri)08:37 No. 122764


Hey, thanks.


Looks can be deceiving.

BadSelfEater Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/04/24(Mon)00:23 No. 122893

File 149298621675.jpg - (95.65KB , 500x722 , from.jpg )

Does anyone give a shit about my tiny dick?


JFC 17/04/29(Sat)03:44 No. 122896


just your voice.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/05/05(Fri)00:39 No. 122900


The fuck are you talking about, JFC?

JFC 17/05/05(Fri)08:54 No. 122901



Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/05/08(Mon)02:31 No. 122904


The fuck do you want from me?

Intergalactic Planet Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/05/11(Thu)23:01 No. 122907


Like, I'm gone. I'm reckless. I wanna make some angry phone calls and I don't know or completely care who to.

Intergalactic Planet Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/04(Sun)12:20 No. 122920

File 14965716025.png - (509.33KB , 864x486 , nocluewhenorwhyItookthisone.png )

SHIT, JFC. I swear some day I'm gonna start just identifying as an attack helicopter and it won't be a shitty joke it'll be real. My dick is a gyro just spinning like that and I really should have gotten a piercing or two before I became a grown-ass man onto whom likeminded spiders project childlike characteristics.

thebaron 17/06/06(Tue)17:17 No. 122922

Hey, weirdo.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/07(Wed)01:49 No. 122923


Oh shit, thebaron.
What's happening and what brings you around these parts?

Anonymous 17/06/07(Wed)04:19 No. 122924


Felt like going around to old haunts and jerkin' off.

Intergalactic Planet Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/07(Wed)06:02 No. 122925


Are there new haunts?

thebaron 17/06/07(Wed)21:56 No. 122926


Not really, no.

Did the IRC here die?

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/07(Wed)22:02 No. 122927


I have no clue.
My computer died years ago. I only use online IRCs now. I've heard rumors that a certain series of events killed off the IRC, but I was gone before it happened.

It's depressing - whatever happened to legit camwhoring?

Did I singlehandedly kill it?

thebaron 17/06/08(Thu)03:46 No. 122928


> Did I singlehandedly kill it?

You wish. It was smartphone apps.

Intergalactic Planet Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/08(Thu)11:07 No. 122929


I'd rather blame /hm/ if it wasn't me. At least /hm/ kinda killed the various smaller gay imageboards that were around. But /hm/ ended up sucking ass really quickly.

Smartphone apps killing it is even sadder.

thebaron 17/06/08(Thu)14:23 No. 122930


/hm/ isn't as active as this place used to be what seems like a decade ago now, even with more people using the internet. This shit is for the hardcore nerds and stuff, or something.

JFC 17/06/09(Fri)01:43 No. 122931


please do it.

also what happened to skeletor?

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/09(Fri)08:37 No. 122932


Yeah, but there was an insanely long period (by internet standards) where "twink" was a ban-inducing word on /hm/ and the only acceptable things to post were like daddies and Benedict Cumberbatch. Mobile garbage has probably done loads of damage (and been pushed a ton because charging more for less while collecting more data is a *better* business model), but /hm/ pretty much took the other chans' users and then shat all over them so only the worst kinds of people would be left even out of those people.

It was a bit like the holocaust, really.


Well I can't do it now that I've said it, can I?

Also, Skeletor was like 5 different people wearing the same mask. Maybe 7 people - I don't remember off the top of my head. It'd be impolite to tell you what happened to them, though.

Here's the most recent Skeletor video - a 2015 one, though I may have uploaded it in 2016... and probably started it in 2014:


It was supposed to be the last go, but of course it's horrible. I wanted more fucking in it but they just kept ad libbing spanking. Do you know how much random ass slapping I had to edit out to make this about not *just* that? Also the sucking bit is just bad - it doesn't get a better angle, skip that part.

There are like two parts I still like, though.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/14(Wed)21:49 No. 122943

File 149746974367.png - (481.96KB , 864x486 , sometimeswegetgoodphotos.png )

Were JFC and thebaron just the same guy all along?

Tune in next time!

thebaron 17/06/20(Tue)23:07 No. 122946



Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/21(Wed)16:39 No. 122948


That's exactly what JFC would say.
You're not fooling me!

JFC 17/06/22(Thu)00:15 No. 122949


you know me, I'm so deceptive and crazy.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/22(Thu)04:12 No. 122950


I see through you like shit through a goose.

thebaron 17/06/22(Thu)06:14 No. 122951


Stop it, or I'll fuck you in the ass again.

Intergalactic Planet Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/22(Thu)07:01 No. 122952

File 149810767329.png - (500.90KB , 864x486 , itrynottothinkabouthowweirdthisposelooks.png )


I'm old now, tho.

thebaron 17/06/22(Thu)08:09 No. 122953


Oh, that's right, I only like 12 year olds.

Intergalactic Planet Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 17/06/23(Fri)04:03 No. 122954

File 149818343460.png - (443.38KB , 864x486 , sorrowpose.png )


Dark is my night, but darker is my day.

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