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Lucys Lastique / Jaxtraw Thread? Anonymous 11/08/19(Fri)08:00 No. 148

File 131373362521.jpg - (324.16KB , 800x1200 , LLS14E01P00L.jpg )

Anonymous 11/08/20(Sat)06:37 No. 149

sure, go ahead and make one.

Anonymous 11/08/22(Mon)22:59 No. 150

File 131404679597.jpg - (243.66KB , 800x600 , 020321.jpg )

Anonymous 11/08/22(Mon)23:00 No. 151

File 131404685472.jpg - (115.58KB , 467x700 , tumblr_lgiwg5zHzB1qfcl4ao1_500.jpg )

Anonymous 11/08/22(Mon)23:01 No. 152

File 131404689672.jpg - (154.01KB , 467x700 , tumblr_llltyhl0lr1qfcl4ao1_500.jpg )

Anonymous 11/08/27(Sat)08:13 No. 153


Anonymous 11/08/28(Sun)09:01 No. 154

Is this trustable?

Anonymous 11/08/28(Sun)13:15 No. 155

File 131453013739.jpg - (253.13KB , 667x1000 , ff81e7da9a42182ea046f80713c13b43d44d250f.jpg )

Anonymous 11/09/01(Thu)23:59 No. 156

Yes it works.

Anonymous 11/09/02(Fri)04:44 No. 157

What's the newest arc in that file? I have the first few issues in the hospital with the tentacle "rape" scene (dickgirl is talking with black nurse, who is getting dressed)

Anonymous 11/09/09(Fri)00:57 No. 158

File 131552265924.jpg - (156.22KB , 577x600 , Jaxtraw_RS.jpg )

Anonymous 11/09/19(Mon)01:03 No. 159


Anonymous 11/10/18(Tue)18:42 No. 160

File 13189561562.jpg - (187.40KB , 667x1000 , Jaxtraw_SH.jpg )

Anonymous 11/10/18(Tue)18:43 No. 161

File 131895619810.jpg - (112.15KB , 600x900 , Jaxtraw_IW0.jpg )

Anonymous 11/10/18(Tue)18:43 No. 162

File 131895623516.jpg - (119.67KB , 616x900 , Jaxtraw_IW.jpg )

Anonymous 11/10/24(Mon)18:34 No. 163

on a sad note, Jaxtraw has stopped making the comics due to technical, stress and financial issues. he said he'll probably come back some day and start working on it again.

Anonymous 11/10/25(Tue)06:56 No. 164


Anyone willing to rehost?

Anonymous 11/12/06(Tue)10:41 No. 165

Jennifer Aniston she hulk whut?

Anonymous 12/05/10(Thu)23:32 No. 2761


All of Jaxtraw is here.

Anonymous 12/11/10(Sat)04:58 No. 3863


He has a new site now. He's slowly working on a new issue.

hundsbub 12/11/10(Sat)17:53 No. 3866

If you dig ads then go to http://bondagecomixxx.net/?s=j4xtr4w

Lucy’s back! Anonymous 13/03/06(Wed)18:57 No. 4269

Yes, at long last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the most epically important moment in erotic comics history, etc etc…

Anonymous 13/04/15(Mon)07:07 No. 4519

so does anyone have scans or no

Anonymous 13/05/20(Mon)07:58 No. 4668

really no one has these ripped?

Anonymous 13/07/11(Thu)18:31 No. 4891

bumping, can someone get total reboot for posting or reuploading in rar format at least i have been looking around and the only source i could find that could kinda be it was from a siterip from file monster but winrar wont open it

anon 13/07/12(Fri)13:32 No. 4895

+1.. need total reboot!!

Page from Lucy Lastique 87 Anonymous 13/08/07(Wed)01:19 No. 5102

File 137583115533.jpg - (585.55KB , 1200x900 , BungaBunga.jpg )

>>4269 Lucy having a very close encounter with an unusual race of space aliens called the Bunga-Bunga, who may possibly be some kind of genetic experiment combining the DNA of muppets, and Blue Man Group

Anonymous 13/08/08(Thu)01:16 No. 5180

thats good but does anyone have the entire thing?

Anonymous 13/08/15(Thu)02:51 No. 5318

why hasn't anyone ripped the new stuff yet

Anonymous 13/08/27(Tue)21:38 No. 5493

again bump for new content 87 and on

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)09:27 No. 5716

bump for a new siterip 87 on

bump mutt 13/09/25(Wed)14:56 No. 5774

need total reboot so bad!

Anonymous 13/09/30(Mon)14:09 No. 5819

LUCY LASTIQUE 86 onwards need to Grace this thread. Hope soon.....

Anonymous 13/10/02(Wed)05:56 No. 5842

Bump for hope.

Anonymous 13/10/06(Sun)02:08 No. 5874

i support this bump

hi mutt 13/10/18(Fri)18:26 No. 5945


Anonymous 13/11/05(Tue)04:13 No. 6040

bump for justice, how is it no one has scanned this and gotten it on the internet it is impossible to find which is odd seeing as everything is on the internet

Anonymous 13/11/09(Sat)10:39 No. 6052

I think the links are still alive. Check the site for more:


Anonymous 13/11/11(Mon)04:23 No. 6057

thats old though we are looking for 87 on no one has updated since then

Anonymous 13/11/12(Tue)13:50 No. 6062

Have you tried looking for the latest siterip? Don't know how current this one is:


Anonymous 13/11/12(Tue)14:09 No. 6063

Don't know if this helps either:


Anonymous 13/11/12(Tue)22:45 No. 6065


Thanks, these do not cater for what is being asked for. "LUCY LASTIQUE 86 onwards need to Grace this thread"

Anonymous 13/12/06(Fri)16:10 No. 6191

bump for hope!

Anonymous 13/12/16(Mon)16:37 No. 6277

Anyone know if this is the most up to date site rip:


Anonymous 13/12/17(Tue)04:40 No. 6280

looking from the size of the download, it seems the same with others which doesn't contain the Total Reebot season one.

But i dunno someone have download it yet?

Anonymous 13/12/26(Thu)04:47 No. 6306

yeah it isnt for the newest stuff

Anonymous 13/12/26(Thu)14:43 No. 6307

You realize that this response makes little to no sense, right?

Anonymous 13/12/31(Tue)11:34 No. 6324

the file does not contain the new comics

Anonymous 14/01/26(Sun)02:10 No. 6508

So bondagecomixxx did a repack. I believe this is an up to date repack. Only catch is you have to be a GOLD member to download it. Anyone here a member?


Lucy! Henry Z 14/04/11(Fri)11:57 No. 6938

bump for links!

Hope springs eternal Henry+Z 14/07/12(Sat)17:09 No. 7481

for links to the latest lucy comics....


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