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Enchantae Archive anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/02/21(Thu)01:53 No. 4196

File 136140800891.jpg - (72.01KB , 500x303 , enchantae dump.jpg )

Hello anons out there. Just thought I'd dump a link to an archive of the Enchantae website since many anons in another thread were asking for Enchantae a lot.

Updated as of 2-20-2013:


If the link goes down, let me know in this thread and I'll reupload it somewhere else.

Happy fapping!

Anonymous 13/02/24(Sun)06:32 No. 4225

THANKS - Well Done that was indeed a great gesture - Hope you continue to provide us with regular updates

Anonymous 13/03/03(Sun)12:28 No. 4256


You. You are the best person. Ever.

Anonymous 13/04/01(Mon)20:04 No. 4358

File 136483940514.gif - (1.80MB , 200x200 , mindbl.gif )

You're awesome, thanks anon !

Anonymous 13/04/02(Tue)08:52 No. 4361

You fucking rule dude!

Anonymous 13/06/10(Mon)19:10 No. 4751

Awesome, thank you very much! :D

Anonymous 13/06/15(Sat)09:18 No. 4762

Nearly 4 months old, an update is required now. Kindly add on to the old one i.e. additional from 20 feb onwards. THANKS

Enchantae Archive UPDATED 6/27/2013 anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/06/27(Thu)11:36 No. 4813

File 137232578726.jpg - (89.54KB , 666x496 , c49c6445c8ede10ea89300c49dcd6a39-d4cq472.jpg )

No problem anon.

Enchantae Archive UPDATED 6/27/2013 (zip):

If the link goes down just let me know.


Anonymous 13/07/04(Thu)00:51 No. 4846

Thank you for all your hard work, but would it be possible for you to just post a zip containing all the stuff that wasn't in the first file? I'd really rather not download everything I got the first time again.

Newest Enchantae Archive -UPDATES ONLY- anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/07/06(Sat)08:59 No. 4855

File 13730939523.jpg - (141.94KB , 500x640 , 500.jpg )

Of course.

Enchantae Archive -UPDATES ONLY- [Updated 6/27/2013]

Anonymous 13/07/08(Mon)22:10 No. 4874

Thank you so much! If possible, I will pay it forward by uploading the next set of updates in four months.

4813 Anonymous 13/08/31(Sat)23:20 No. 5525

thank you very much for the update.

and by any chance can you post if you have the serie called Scrap Trek(same artist) and the missing pages of Queen Chloe ep 2 pg11-12 and enchantae ep 83 pg10-11-12?

Enchantae update and comic request anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/09/05(Thu)04:45 No. 5590

File 137834913490.jpg - (192.46KB , 600x720 , 1345518400762.jpg )

I just posted an up to date Scrap Trek archive download in the Slipshine thread here:

And as for the missing pages from Queen Chloe, sorry about that. Some links on the members area are broken so I missed them the first time. I just updated the archive with the missing pages and recent updates (up to episode 86). If there are any more missing pages let me know.

Enchantae Archive [FIXED & UPDATED 09-03-2013]:

Enjoy anons.

Anonymous 13/09/12(Thu)22:00 No. 5648


thank you my friend.I got it all.I'm looking forward to the next update...

Anonymous 13/09/20(Fri)21:05 No. 5728

Thanks for the update. There's another missing page, Queen Chloe #5, page 4 (chloe05_eng_04.jpg). Could you upload just that page if you've got it?

anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/09/23(Mon)04:55 No. 5764

File 137990495181.jpg - (178.48KB , 842x595 , chloe05_eng_04.jpg )

Good catch, let me know if there are any more. Here's the missing page.

Anonymous 13/10/08(Tue)13:59 No. 5879

Can you please post the following pages.

anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/10/09(Wed)04:24 No. 5880

Here's the first set of pages after the missing one.

anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/10/09(Wed)04:26 No. 5881

...And here's the rest.

Anonymous 13/10/10(Thu)12:54 No. 5889

Yay! Thank you! I do almost all of my 7channing on my phone. So that's why I can't download files.
If you can post any more it would be awesome. If not, I will wait till I am on a computer that I can download on.

Thank you once again!

Wandersan 13/10/14(Mon)21:28 No. 5921

Oops sorry for the double post. I put my message in the wrong thread. I am aware that there is a large number of them on Bondagecomixxx.net. However, I think you have to be a gold member to download them.

Does anyone know how to become a member of gold to bondagecomixxx.net? Or is anyone a gold member? It says that to send an email and instructions will be sent to you, but I am hesitant to do so.

Anonymous 13/10/19(Sat)23:41 No. 5960

Thanks! Can you please upload Sister of anoa 09 page 09 - you missed it in your fix. Also are there any updates?

Anonymous 13/10/27(Sun)06:45 No. 6003

Could you please.
Also could you post any stories?

moar updates anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/10/29(Tue)04:52 No. 6026

File 138301874894.jpg - (159.50KB , 842x595 , anoa09_eng_09.jpg )

Sorry but I can't. I would if I had more time to spare.

No idea. From what I can see though, it seems like that site just hosts porn comic content from other sites (for example, they host Enchantae images in the premium area).

The missing page is attached to this post. And yes, there are some updates.

Enchantae Vol. 3 - Beyond Borders [UPDATED 10-28-2013]


What stories? You mean the specials? I would post them but there are way too many. If you want an independent download of the specials separate from the archive though, I can gladly do that for you.

thnx mutt 13/10/29(Tue)17:41 No. 6027

Thanks Anonymoose!!

Anonymous 13/10/29(Tue)19:27 No. 6028


Anonymous 13/10/30(Wed)15:10 No. 6030

I would love ones of just the specials.
Also if you had one of 5 episodes at a time would be very helpful.

Thanks you!

Enchantae vol. 3 update 11-29-2013 anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/11/30(Sat)03:50 No. 6149

File 138577981185.jpg - (135.81KB , 599x842 , ec28fa6c4c423a64a0dbc6a034a0b853-d3gcggq.jpg )

Wow, it's been a month already? Time sure flies when you're fapping. Here's an update for vol 3:

Enchantae Vol. 3 - Beyond Borders [UPDATED 11-29-2013]

Happy holidays and happy fapping.

Anonymous 13/12/03(Tue)19:21 No. 6177


Enchantae Vol. 3 - Beyond Borders [UPDATED 12-24-2013] anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 13/12/24(Tue)22:54 No. 6302

File 138792204927.jpg - (23.75KB , 237x400 , enchantae_xmas.jpg )

Happy Fap-mas Eve everyone! Here's an early update:

Enchantae Vol. 3 - Beyond Borders [UPDATED 12-24-2013]


Anonymous 14/01/01(Wed)16:05 No. 6328


Anonymous 14/01/06(Mon)02:41 No. 6343

Any chance of getting the newest Queen Chloe?

anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 14/01/09(Thu)06:36 No. 6361

File 138924580975.jpg - (192.22KB , 842x595 , chloe06_eng_00.jpg )


Queen Chloe #6 - Something in Common (ENG)

Anonymous 14/01/17(Fri)14:08 No. 6390


Many thanks for this and all you do.

Enchantae updates 12-24-13 to 01-24-14 anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 14/01/25(Sat)05:19 No. 6499

File 139062358661.jpg - (115.59KB , 525x828 , 147b238a20b35795c761a8706eedf8c5-d4dc4fi.jpg )

Hello again everyone. Here is the next monthly update of the archive:

Enchantae updates 12-24-13 to 01-24-14


Anonymous 14/01/25(Sat)14:03 No. 6505

Awesome! Thanks!

Monthly update (1-24-2014 -> 2-22-2014) anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 14/02/23(Sun)00:52 No. 6617

File 13931131324.jpg - (180.01KB , 595x840 , 6dee4de14c389fcb9d2b63fc8f9c86a4-d4oq3iu.jpg )

Hey guys, it's that time again.

Only thing added was comic 91 to vol. 3, so here's the new archive for vol. 3:

Enchantae Vol. 3 - Beyond Borders [UPDATED 02-22-2014]

As always, enjoy.

Anonymous 14/02/23(Sun)04:05 No. 6618

Thanks for these great comics, but I'm missing some pages(4,5,and 6)in episodes 47,48 and 49 (Enchantae vol 2 the Trip).They're numbered as 13 pictures for each set, but there are only 10.Could you fix it?
He is a great artist, really thank you.

Anonymous 14/03/01(Sat)13:04 No. 6673

Thanks again!

Anonymous 14/03/05(Wed)23:02 No. 6692

thanks for the updates guys.

BTW are there any updates on sisters of anoa, queen chloe, scrap trek etc.

If any, posting it here would be higly appreciated....

more Enchantae updates / missing pages anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 14/03/23(Sun)05:26 No. 6818

File 139554880722.jpg - (92.08KB , 525x791 , 44b9c874714b837e7158d4d228c264e9-d4dc44m.jpg )

Thanks for pointing that out. Here are the missing pages:

Enchantae Vol. 2 Missing Pages

I also fixed the main archive just in case I post the whole thing again.

No new updates for sisters of anoa or queen chloe, and if there are any updates on Scrap Trek I'll post them in the Slipshine thread. There are updates for episode 92 of Enchantae though; see below.

In other news, it's that time again:

Enchantae Vol. 3 UPDATES ONLY [2-22-14 -> 3-22-14]

See you guys again next month. And as always, happy fapping!

Anonymous 14/03/23(Sun)20:43 No. 6824

File 139560379179.jpg - (40.88KB , 1280x544 , Darth-Sidious-the-emperor-darth-sidious-25396087-1.jpg )


Anonymous 14/04/27(Sun)17:55 No. 7029

Any updates since it's a new month? Please?

Anonymous 14/04/30(Wed)19:46 No. 7038


Anonymous 14/05/20(Tue)09:16 No. 7140

I'd like to request that complete main archive please.

Anonymous 14/05/22(Thu)11:28 No. 7157


Any updates? Thanks!

Anonymous 14/05/22(Thu)12:36 No. 7158

Waiting for an Update after 22 March 2014 till 22 May. Hope we get it soon. Thanks in advance.

Enchantae updates 03-22-2014 to 05-25-2014 anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 14/05/25(Sun)09:51 No. 7185

File 140100429587.jpg - (22.64KB , 289x200 , 0a46f2644d77ad3b804388b530f7a030-d4oq3lo.jpg )

Hello again everyone. Sorry for the wait, I have been a bit busy lately. Anyway, here are the latest updates to the archive:

Enchantae updates 03-22-2014 to 05-25-2014

And here is the whole archive, with the updates, split into two parts:

Part 1: http://v.gd/zT8pVk
Part 2: http://v.gd/nPgbUp

I'll be back in a month or so for another update. Thank you for your patience and may the fap be with you.

Anonymous 14/06/26(Thu)07:58 No. 7402

Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous 14/06/30(Mon)16:18 No. 7426

Looking forward to the next set.

Anonymous 14/07/17(Thu)15:45 No. 7491

Any new updates anonymoose benefactor?

Anonymous 14/07/26(Sat)17:48 No. 7529

Any updates?

? The Cardinal 14/07/31(Thu)20:11 No. 7550

Any update anonymoose?

No updates for now anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 14/08/09(Sat)21:55 No. 7606

Unfortunately, I have lost access to secure internet for a month or two. As such, there probably won't be any more updates until I can get back on a faster, more secure network. Sorry.

Anyone else TheCardinal 14/09/20(Sat)22:09 No. 7878

Does anyone else have the possibility to update this webcomic?

Anonymous 14/10/02(Thu)02:13 No. 7971

Any news?

anonymoose!!WxBGp3AQZ5 14/10/10(Fri)20:56 No. 7999

Just wanted to let you guys know that I somehow lost my login information for Enchantae due to a hard drive backup issue. As such, I have canceled my subscription and have no way of updating this thread anymore. I hope everyone enjoyed the past updates, but sadly there won't be any more for the foreseeable future.

Thanks TheCardinal 14/10/27(Mon)22:48 No. 8046

Thanks for everything anonymoose!!

Anonymous 17/04/22(Sat)04:52 No. 11838

Sorry for bumping this ancient thread, but since all the links are dead and all the enchantae rips on the net are missing pages from vol 2 chapters 47, 48 and 49, I was wondering if anyone who is going to check this maybe has those pages to upload. Thanks!!


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