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Batgirl That Guy 13/05/21(Tue)05:13 No. 4670

File 136910602444.jpg - (533.44KB , 1416x2000 , hentaisharing_net_Stray_Bat_01.jpg )

I was impressed by this. It's the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl but derived from The Batman cartoon (which was itself based on the Batman Begins version of Batman). The artist is Noukyuu, alternately spelled as NOQ.

Anonymous 13/05/21(Tue)05:15 No. 4671

Anonymous 13/05/21(Tue)05:29 No. 4674

Anonymous 13/05/21(Tue)05:33 No. 4675

Anonymous 13/05/21(Tue)05:36 No. 4676

Anonymous 13/05/21(Tue)05:38 No. 4677

Bonus Pics! Anonymous 13/05/21(Tue)05:39 No. 4678

Anonymous 13/08/19(Mon)20:55 No. 5400

I was impressed by this.

TKO666 13/08/19(Mon)20:57 No. 5402

Welcome back ThatGuy, we sorta missed ya...also, thanks for the upload!

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