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Anonymous 12/10/15(Mon)20:00 No. 8621 ID: 92c0b9 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135032400874.jpg - (653.27KB , 800x1200 , swastika.jpg )

“It would be better if there were nothing. Since there is more pain than pleasure on earth, every satisfaction is only transitory, creating new desires and new distresses, and the agony of the devoured animal is always far greater than the pleasure of the devourer”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

So what do you guys think about this type of view?
Such views have been described in modern times in the book "Better Never To Have Been: The Harm Of Coming Into Existence-By David Benatar


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Anonymous 15/04/21(Tue)17:42 No. 12161 ID: 03e413

File 142963093713.jpg - (68.61KB , 324x576 , cat head.jpg )

the optimist’s impatience with or condemnation of pessimism often has a smug macho tone to it (although males have no monopoly of it). There is a scorn for the perceived weakness of the pessimist who should instead ‘grin and bear it’. This view is defective for the same reason that macho views about other kinds of suffering are defective. It is an indifference to or inappropriate denial of suffering, whether one’s own or that of others. The injunction to ‘look on the bright side’ should be greeted with a large dose of both scepticism and cynicism. To insist that the bright side is always the right side is to put ideology before the evidence. Every cloud, to change metaphors, may have a silver lining, but it may very often be the cloud rather than the lining on which one should focus if one is to avoid being drenched by self-deception. Cheery optimists have a much less realistic view of themselves than do those who are depressed

anonomos 16/08/22(Mon)12:45 No. 12654 ID: a60f72

itt pseudonietzcheans doin they thang

anonomos 16/08/22(Mon)12:45 No. 12655 ID: a60f72

itt pseudos

New Fiction, is it really worthless? Anonymous 16/08/03(Wed)06:20 No. 12631 ID: 1e929a [Reply]

File 147019800177.jpg - (572.83KB , 1280x720 , new fiction thumb.jpg )

Society ought to discourage new art and perhaps ban new fiction. Creating something when there’s an existing object is inefficient. Old books can replace new ones. An excerpt from "Culture is not about Esthetics" the philosophy essay written by Gwern Branwen


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Anonymous 16/08/04(Thu)20:35 No. 12633 ID: ca3ceb

What a wonderful world that would be, where people could express themselves but only if they make something completely original. It would be great if they could consider that if they're going to pour their heart and soul into a work, other people might have seen something similar to it before, and therefore makes that work unnecessary! I mean, art is about what everyone else wants, not what the artist themselves wants.

Anonymous 16/08/13(Sat)22:20 No. 12649 ID: f3ebab

File 147111965432.gif - (12.69KB , 209x301 , 1470687025336.gif )

There's a lot of mediocrity, I don't disagree. Sparks of genius are hard to come by in this day and age. But that's probably always been the case anyway.

But who's going to judge whether a work is completely original and what standards are they going to use? discouraging new art might also unwittingly discourage artistic genius. Taxing mediocrity might not be a bad idea, but it does take away a person's individuality and liberty to create what he wants. The artist isn't responsible to the consumer. If the consumer consumes bad art, he consumes bad art at his own harm and ignorance. Consumers can be more discerning using their inward motivation, the act of doing so isn't the responsibility of the creator.

He has a controversial viewpoint, and he brings up interesting ideas, but it's not practical. With a growing population, it'd be pretty lame if most people were consuming the same old material.

He's too cold and hyper-practical in regards to the benefits that art has to serve for society. And I agree with >>12633 that art isn't about what people want, but what the artists' spirit wants.

Anonymous 16/08/14(Sun)01:13 No. 12650 ID: df0652

>Society ought to discourage new art and perhaps ban new fiction.
>the philosophy essay written by Gwern Branwen

Gwern Branwen's essay can be replaced by Plato's Republic.

sage sage 16/07/19(Tue)15:24 No. 12624 ID: 82f189 [Reply]

File 146893468413.png - (636.96KB , 750x1334 , image.png )


Does Trope Theory re. universals/types make science impossible? Anonymous 16/07/03(Sun)21:22 No. 12622 ID: ee60ca [Reply]

File 146757377781.jpg - (30.67KB , 400x486 , chucky peirce.jpg )

When a scientist asserts that a given hypothesis X is true, we will subsequently (being good scientists ourselves) ask the scientist to provide us with evidence for X. Typically, one instance of evidence that supports X is not enough for a community of scientists to reliably propound X as being true. Thus, a *body of evidence* is required for accepting the true hypothesis.

Now, this body of evidence is built through repeated experiments relevant to X, and presumably makes use of bits of evidence gathered at different times, with potentially infinite (infinitesimal?) variance in qualities from one another. Therefore, it seems that general *types* of particular bits of evidence are required in order to provide sufficient support for X. This is what Trope theory chiefly rejects; namely that there are general types that can be built out of particulars, as they are unstructured, simple, and one-off (in a strict sense).

To give a quick example, let us suppose that I am trying to establish the hypothesis that a "prickly pear" cactus produces more water when subjected to blue light, than they do when subjected to natural daylight. It's not difficult to conceive of the experimental conditions for this hypothesis, so to make haste, let's assume that I have compiled at least a nominal body of evidence for my hypothesis, and let's assume that I have seemed to support my hypothesis with my collected evidence. A sufficient amount of the bits of evidence in the body of evidence will reflect, at the time the evidence was gathered, that a particular blue light causes a particular cactus to produce more water than another particular cactus exposed only to natural daylight.

However, in order to establish the general claim that "prickly pears produce more water..." do we not require that these particular bits of evidence embody a type of evidence that's sufficient for supporting the hypothesis? Otherwise, it seems that our observations will be entirely limited to the particular cases where we've gathered the evidence, which seems to mean that we don't have the explanatory power to support our hypothesis, generally.

Remember, when we want to support a hypothesis, the aim is to show that it is generally true, not only true at the time(s) we happen to be observing it.


Anonymous 16/07/05(Tue)15:26 No. 12623 ID: f3ebab

File 146772519810.jpg - (124.21KB , 539x289 , aproximarsetextofilosofico_openmind.jpg )

If particular things, or in your case, particular experiments had to conform to some other nature (in this case, general claims), then they could not conform to their own, and consequently could not be what they truly are. For example, if God had made all human beings like Adam before the fall, then he would have only created Adam, and no Paul nor Peter.

The only way you can make experiments truly general is if they lose their particularistic qualities. In that case, all experiments would merely just be a repeat of the general, a succession of similarity and no difference.

You would need to know every single case in order to make the general claim, this is Hume's Induction fallacy as you most likely already know. We're limited though. We can only approach an asymptotic certainty.

You would have to find some specific quality in the genus of the plant you're inspecting that would specify its necessity in acting in the way you hypothesize. I think, in that way, you could possibly make the general claim.

Juche Idea Kim Jong Un 16/02/07(Sun)00:09 No. 12433 ID: ae5d4d [Reply]

File 145480014235.png - (40.99KB , 640x120 , dprk.png )

Let us discuss the Juche Idea; the ideals of the Great Father, Comrade Kim II Sung, founder of the Korean-style socialist state--The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

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Anonymous 16/06/26(Sun)11:41 No. 12615 ID: 848e7b

In response, I'll live in the society that is the lesser of the two evils. Or at least, the least transparent of the two evils.

Anonymous 16/06/28(Tue)06:58 No. 12618 ID: 84ab92

it really is pants on head on fire retarded

Anonymous 16/07/01(Fri)11:09 No. 12620 ID: 98d629

It's a beautiful ideal meant to brainwash the masses in order to subvert to the state's wishes. Independence is awesome in the ideal realm but hey what isn't?

Anonymous 15/10/15(Thu)16:02 No. 12297 ID: 8ca4f2 [Reply]

File 144491776960.png - (119.01KB , 2000x2062 , tmp_27720-2000px-Om_svg43331810.png )

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but it's more philosophy and way of life than religion.

So, I'm an American in Texas, and I'm trying to pursue the Purva Mimamsa tradition of Hinduism. In not sure how to start, though. Should I just read the pdfs on the tradition that I found online? Should I study Hinduism from a General perspective, even though the following of deities is not the focus of purva mimamsa? I'm atheist, and the atheist tradition interests me.

Or can I find a teacher? How? Should I just read the Vedas and go from there? Purva Mimamsa seems to be smaller sect, so I'm not surprised that opportunity to learn is so small in America, or at least my part.

Any useful help or advice is welcome. Discussion is also welcome, even if it doesn't help me. The image seems related, but actually is only vaguely so, due to association.

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L 16/05/15(Sun)23:30 No. 12565 ID: 84fe35

"For a moment, pretend that A is true, therefore B and C are true"

>therefore B and C
>outta nowhere

Anonymous 16/06/19(Sun)16:57 No. 12609 ID: 534fd3

You're a fucking moron
Have you heard of "denying the antecedent"? You just did it. Assuming A is false and inferring B and C are false is not how logic works
A conclusion can be true, despite the premise

It is raining, so there are sharks in the ocean

it's not raining but there ARE sharks in the ocean. Sage you for not understanding basic logically fallacies.?

Anonymous 16/06/20(Mon)00:03 No. 12611 ID: 16a89f

There are temples all over the country, even in Texas. Just go into those as a start, and see where it takes you.

Anonymous 13/12/16(Mon)08:56 No. 10977 ID: 492138 [Reply]

File 138718060552.jpg - (128.46KB , 817x569 , nio.jpg )

what is the relationship, if any, between your soul and your genome?

10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/11/13(Thu)17:22 No. 11885 ID: 2027db

>I understand the brain because of causal relationships.
This is /phi/ not /CNSignorance/.

Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)07:55 No. 11903 ID: abc87c

The same relationship as there is between the rainbow-colored bird I'm imagining and my genome.

The genome creates a brain capable of imagining fantastic things. The soul, space monsters, dreams, predators in the shadows, other worlds, heavens, hells, magic, all manner of fantasies and delusions. Some end up being useful, most, no so much.

Anonymous 16/06/16(Thu)15:16 No. 12601 ID: cf75a6

Nice dubs.

Anonymous 16/06/14(Tue)09:36 No. 12596 ID: 91ca1c [Reply]

Okay so this actually happened to me 5-6 months ago so I come for an explanation to help me better understand what is going on.

I took a half tesla ecstasy
About 30 minutes in I lost control of my body
I sat down crossed my legs Indian style and started meditating (I did not mediate prior to this al all)
I felt energy through my spine that felt like a snake slithering up it
After this happened my consciousness shot into space
There was a transparent blue spirit in front me floating with me
This spirit then told me "you have one question and one question only. Choose wisely"
I then asked the spirit what does it mean we are all made in the image of God
He said I'm not going to tell you. I'm going to show you
I then returned to my body and was not controlling myself still
I had infinite knowledge it felt unbelievable
The spirit in head then asked "this is what is means. do you want this forever?"
I told the spirit no and then it left and I was sober again
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16/06/14(Tue)09:42 No. 12597 ID: 91ca1c


Go to /b/ to see the pictures too large for this thread I think y'all will enjoy and be able to help with your knowledge

Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)19:31 No. 12599 ID: 850137

>Three days later my roommate
In your other post you claim to have written them yourself >>/b/754252

And you neglected to mention that you were on drugs (i thought you were anyway).

Dud 15/03/01(Sun)23:52 No. 12076 ID: 7cc6b4 [Reply]

File 142525034493.jpg - (33.84KB , 500x348 , 1385802061248.jpg )

Consider someone with multiple personality disorder.
How would a Materialist and an Idealist view this phenomenon?

Anonymous 16/06/13(Mon)09:12 No. 12594 ID: e13cdc

File 146580193724.png - (296.91KB , 641x346 , 1367977691020.png )


Anonymous 16/06/14(Tue)03:11 No. 12595 ID: ca3ceb

As a mental disorder.

Anonymous 16/06/04(Sat)05:51 No. 12580 ID: cf7976 [Reply]

File 146501231588.jpg - (189.85KB , 540x393 , 7bdfac03-bc09-4faa-a2de-5a2a767c65dd.jpg )

Individualism in nonexistent

Give me your best arguments as to why I am (or not) correct

(Pic unrelated)

Anonymous 16/06/04(Sat)18:42 No. 12582 ID: ca3ceb


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