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Anonymous 16/03/09(Wed)08:23 No. 12458 ID: 3ee603

File 145750821398.jpg - (22.25KB , 900x600 , crop-538599cc8101c-imgID3636752.jpg )

Did Darwin answer the question of what the meaning of life is?

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Anonymous 17/02/04(Sat)20:28 No. 12810 ID: eb915c

File 148623653023.png - (148.68KB , 558x418 , 1387381150755.png )


Why so mad? Are you too euphoric? Genetic mutation =/= natural selection

Anonymous 17/02/04(Sat)23:27 No. 12811 ID: 7cf7bd


Ignore the fedora autist. He's just tipping his headgear as quickly as possible in order to counter his cognitive dissonance. The fact that Darwin was wrong from the very beginning hurt his feelings and now he's going to 420 blaze it so he can forget about the tears he shed.

"Natural selection" is so moronic it's funny.

Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)21:53 No. 12836 ID: eb915c

File 148788320771.png - (13.26KB , 372x360 , 1430430903005.png )


His theory is so flawed it's comical. It's a haphazardly constructed fairy tale for euphoric neckbeards.

Anonymous 17/03/16(Thu)08:24 No. 12853 ID: 7cf7bd


>Taung Child's skull not human-like

Don't forget how inconclusive the fossil "evidence" is. Most fedora neckbeards have no idea how retarded Darwin was.

Anonymous 17/03/16(Thu)20:18 No. 12854 ID: eb915c

File 148969189254.jpg - (72.84KB , 439x640 , darwin.jpg )


>not human

Darwin...forever a dunce.

Anonymous 17/03/17(Fri)01:11 No. 12855 ID: c7c493

File 148970949629.png - (616.47KB , 860x639 , DTChar2.png )


Anonymous 17/03/17(Fri)01:12 No. 12856 ID: c7c493

And the meaning of life is 102

Anonymous 17/03/26(Sun)14:27 No. 12867 ID: 7cf7bd


Yeah. His ideas are far from believable and poorly substantiated. Like how the so called "Java Man" was supposed to prove that humans come from monkeys when in reality it was an extinct ape. The fossil called Java Man was the femur of a modern man along with the skull cap of an unrelated species. When this was discovered 100 years ago, the man claiming ownership, Dubois, then hid the bones under his porch for decades and
refused to confess his crime.

Anonymous 17/04/04(Tue)01:18 No. 12879 ID: 946ad3

Darwinism is a realism, people seem to forget.
Also, no. Darwinism presupposes a theory of meaning, which is not grounded, and quite probably cannot be grounded. If you mean meaning in the gay sense of bigger meaning, then no, it's a regress question, that lay outside the limits of possible knowledge, which is not a skepticism but an agnosticism, which is necessary.

Anonymous 17/04/08(Sat)20:12 No. 12891 ID: eb915c

File 149167514372.jpg - (57.52KB , 540x360 , laughing-hysterically-540x360.jpg )

>something went wrong (blank response) 

lol, the retard deleted his posts. Typical fedora tipper.

Anonymous 17/04/13(Thu)08:33 No. 12894 ID: 7cf7bd


He realized how dumb he really is.

Anonymous 17/04/19(Wed)20:23 No. 12907 ID: eb915c

File 149262618647.jpg - (37.95KB , 479x720 , tip.jpg )


He's a manchild. He loses the argument and deletes his posts (maximum damage control). Your average atheist in a nutshell.

Anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)20:51 No. 12914 ID: 1d10b2

Deleting an entire series of posts...on an anonymous imageboard?

That has to be one of the saddest things I have ever heard of; not that this is the first time I have ever heard of this particular thing.

How butthurt can you be that you try to salvage the reputation of a non-existent identity by erasing its history?

sage, because unimportant.

Anonymous 17/05/04(Thu)08:28 No. 12919 ID: 7cf7bd


Well, most atheists are basement dwelling manchildren that watch anime so that's not too shocking.

Anonymous 17/05/09(Tue)21:25 No. 12925 ID: eb915c

File 149435795411.jpg - (6.12KB , 300x168 , images-1.jpg )


>basement dwelling manchildren that watch anime

Opinionated Wikipedia readers that repeat whatever they read online.

Anonymous 17/05/11(Thu)23:50 No. 12928 ID: 1e262e

And all religious people are complete morons who willingly allow themselves to be controlled by entities that manipulate world governments so they don't have to pay taxes and can wage wars when and where they please, several of which have entirely convinced its followers that cutting off pieces of your baby's genitals makes them better.

What's your point?

Anonymous 17/05/12(Fri)16:17 No. 12929 ID: 3722aa


What is more frightening about atheists believing in alien civilizations is the fact that they seriously believe that all humans come from Africa.

There is no real evidence for the claim that the mitochondrial Eve originated in Africa. That's just an assumption and basically a bedtime story that they use to comfort themselves.

Anonymous 17/05/15(Mon)21:45 No. 12935 ID: eb915c

File 149487752635.jpg - (32.03KB , 487x491 , 148600401891-1.jpg )


It is kind of hilarious how they always use circular logic. If bacteria evolves, "natural selection" is proven right. If it doesn't evolve, "natural selection" is proven right.

It's like talking to someone that is legitimately retarded.

Anonymous 17/05/18(Thu)02:21 No. 12936 ID: cfee17

That's like saying "If one plus one equals two, then math is right, and if one plus two equals three, than math is also right."

Evolution isn't a theory, it's simple fact at this point. The only alternative is A WIZARD DID IT! which solves nothing and accomplishes nothing. The reason why science exists is because it can be applied to improve the lives of people. An understanding of quantum mechanics made GPS possible; if they had just assumed that the speed of light was infinite because "God made it so", we wouldn't have GPS.

Religious beliefs, by comparison, are useless.

Anonymous 17/05/18(Thu)08:09 No. 12937 ID: eb915c


>simple fact

Nope. You obviously haven't read the thread. It's so flawed it makes me snicker. You just choose to ignore when it is contradicted.

Stay angry, fedora lord.

Anonymous 17/05/22(Mon)23:52 No. 12940 ID: 32c8ba

No it was Anaximander

Anonymous 17/05/24(Wed)14:36 No. 12943 ID: ca3ad7

You obviously haven't read anything. You just listen to what other people tell you to think. Science is empirical: anyone can go outside and test it for themselves and the reality will bear itself out.

But you would rather sit inside with your curtains drawn, sitting in a pile of your own shit and garbage, clutching your ancient book of bullshit, believing with smug satisfaction that you're already correct.

Anonymous 17/05/24(Wed)20:40 No. 12946 ID: eb915c


Time to put on your hat and tip it, my neckbeard friend. Why not watch some anime and play some video games while you're at it?

Anonymous 17/05/24(Wed)21:52 No. 12947 ID: 7cf7bd

File 149565552592.jpg - (18.89KB , 584x388 , f32.jpg )


>"While great apes typically have two or three separate and diverging roots, the roots of "Graecopithecus" converge and are partially fused - a feature that is characteristic of modern humans, early humans and several pre-humans including"Ardipithecus" and "Australopithecus""

The Taung child is a so called "Australopithecus" and it's not human at all. Yet another dead ape they claim is human. It's funny how they grasp at straws.

Anonymous 17/05/25(Thu)19:50 No. 12950 ID: eb915c


That's modern anthropology: inconsistent drivel.

Anonymous 17/05/30(Tue)20:19 No. 12964 ID: 7cf7bd


Couldn't agree more. There are so many flaws in the anthropological "evidence". It's painfully obvious but fedora tippers suffer from confirmation bias so they just willfully ignore it, like the manchildren they are.

Anonymous 17/06/04(Sun)22:48 No. 12969 ID: 0c0342

Its amazing what people will come up when they're grasping at straws trying to fit a predefined explanation that doesn't match the evidence.

Graecopithecus has been championed by a deeply religious white supremacist whose claims have been repeatedly discredited over the years. This latest paper is following the same track as his earlier claims and will likely suffer the same ignominious fate.

Yet keep grasping at straws guys, you're totally not looking desperate and ignorant of the scientific method.

Anonymous 17/06/05(Mon)06:14 No. 12971 ID: eb915c


The fossil record is so flawed and still fedora lords try to convince themselves that it is scientifically valid. They rely on conjectures and assumptions.

That's basically all they got. Sad but true.

Anonymous 17/06/05(Mon)15:42 No. 12972 ID: e0157c

No. He only found out hoe life came to be and adapt to its surroundings.

Anonymous 17/06/05(Mon)18:03 No. 12973 ID: eb915c


He didn't. He thought that bears could turn into whales by simply being in an aquatic environment and it is laughable. His whole theory is retarded.

Anonymous 17/06/08(Thu)07:39 No. 12976 ID: 24fc38

Better than the Bible btw

Anonymous 17/06/23(Fri)08:57 No. 12984 ID: 2b7151


This thread proves how inconsistent fedora tippers are. It also shows how poor and feeble Darwins theory is. It's hilarious to see how little they actually know about Darwins kindergarten tier theory and how flawed it really is.

sage 17/06/23(Fri)09:54 No. 12985 ID: 913c4a

This thread shows how the trolls from olgino spend their free time.

Anonymous 17/06/23(Fri)10:08 No. 12986 ID: 2b7151


>Darwins theory is poorly substantiated
>Several flaws are pointed out in the thread
>Call it "trolling" because you suffer from confirmation bias and ignore any evidence that contradict your precious fedora tipping delusion

Neckbeard spotted.

Anonymous 17/07/13(Thu)09:02 No. 13004 ID: eb915c


Fedora tippers are immature manchildren. Anything that doesn't conform to their own worldview is labeled as trolling because everything is just a meme to them. They're Richard Dawkins tier pseudo intellectuals.

Anonymous 17/07/25(Tue)15:45 No. 13037 ID: 7cf7bd

File 150099031621.jpg - (9.32KB , 176x287 , images-1.jpg )


>"Beefalo", also referred to as "cattalo", or the "American hybrid", are a fertile hybrid offspring of domestic cattle ("Bos taurus"), usually a male in managed breeding programs, and the American bison ("Bison bison"), usually a female in managed breeding programs

According to fedora tippers, this shouldn't be able to work since the American bison and domestic cattle are different spieces.

Anonymous 17/07/26(Wed)09:16 No. 13041 ID: eb915c


Yet another reason why atheists and their buffoonish fedora overlord Darwin are discredited.

Anonymous 17/07/26(Wed)13:16 No. 13042 ID: 7cf7bd


Regarding the human fossil record it is quite funny to see how scarce and inconsistent the succession of skeletons are. Not only are they all apes in terms of osteological comparison but all of these million year old fossils have zero genetic material to prove they are related to humans.

Fedora tippers just assume everything is human because they can't actually prove it.

Anonymous 17/07/27(Thu)11:48 No. 13043 ID: eb915c


The same can be said about the transition of mammals to reptiles. There is a huge gap between mammals and reptiles when it comes to evidence for the claim that mammals evolved from reptiles.

Mainly this: mammals have one lower jawbone, reptiles have six. Mammals have three ear bones, reptiles have one. Fedora tippers have, once again, no evidence to present. The earliest mammals are small rodents, but there are no traces of "evolution" in the fossil record.

Anonymous 17/07/27(Thu)18:17 No. 13044 ID: 7cf7bd

File 150117222124.jpg - (23.55KB , 600x352 , CjmS0DsVEAAJ6cF.jpg )


>earliest mammals are small rodents

Wow...that means that bears, elephants and even whales came from rodents! I truly feel euphoric now!


Anonymous 17/08/01(Tue)12:20 No. 13051 ID: eb915c


What is astonishing about the fedora tippers fanatical belief in Darwins bogus theory is that when you look at how different species are supposed to have evolved from others, the lack of transitional forms are mind-boggling.

If, for example, snakes evolved from lizards (which fedora tippers claim) there should be thousands if not millions of lizard skeletons with retracted limbs in various stages. But there isn't.

Anonymous 17/08/02(Wed)22:03 No. 13056 ID: 7cf7bd


Shouldn't there also be invertebrates with rudimentary backbones, fishes with incipient legs and reptiles with half-formed wings lying about everywhere?

They should be pretty common and those specimens should be a rule rather than exception.

Anonymous 17/08/05(Sat)08:44 No. 13057 ID: cd2c7d

File 15019154556.jpg - (84.96KB , 650x488 , Tetrapodophis.jpg )

>there should be thousands if not millions of lizard skeletons with retracted limbs in various stages
If you bothered to look instead of just standing around with your fingers in your ears, you might find some.

Besides that, what's your alternative to evolution? GOD? Don't make me fucking laugh.

Anonymous 17/08/05(Sat)08:59 No. 13058 ID: eb915c

File 150191639174.jpg - (58.78KB , 900x900 , photo.jpg )


So you admit that Darwins whole theory is seriously flawed and lacks credible evidence? Good.

Now run along and keep tipping your fedora, son. Your euphoria must give you quite a rush.

Anonymous 17/08/06(Sun)18:39 No. 13060 ID: d9030c

I wondered where eb915c had run off to.

You may as well talk to a brick wall, he's been living in that echo chamber for too long.

Anonymous 17/08/07(Mon)21:30 No. 13062 ID: 7cf7bd

File 150213424131.png - (210.13KB , 500x320 , 3a0.png )


> I wondered where eb915c had run off to. 

>You may as well talk to a brick wall, he's been living in that echo chamber for too long.

Anonymous 17/08/08(Tue)06:40 No. 13064 ID: eb915c


There is no point in talking to fedora tippers. They're blinded by their fanaticism.

Anonymous 17/08/08(Tue)19:06 No. 13065 ID: 7cf7bd


It's just blatant irrationality. The same kind of suicidal disregard for reasoning like a person with schizophrenia have.

Anonymous 17/08/10(Thu)17:51 No. 13066 ID: eb915c



You could say that, yeah. They claim they're guided by common sense and the scientific method, but whenever they get confronted with incongruities in their precious theory, they simply turn away their eyes and avoid the obvious flaws.

Anonymous 17/08/21(Mon)06:31 No. 13073 ID: 7cf7bd

File 150328991575.jpg - (23.00KB , 320x320 , 14616.jpg )


I don't think they're guided by common sense. They just spout whatever they get told to believe by National Geographic and various David Attenborough documentaries.

The scientific method is only valid if it confirms their own bias.


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