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do /phi/ even logic? Anonymous 16/10/31(Mon)07:59 No. 12694 ID: 82c3eb

File 147789714257.jpg - (49.35KB , 482x489 , 11.jpg )

Solve it

Anonymous 16/10/31(Mon)12:48 No. 12695 ID: 0bfb30

File 147791453857.png - (693.41KB , 988x658 , amfash2.png )

Is not obviously 3 the answer

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)12:50 No. 12838 ID: eaf6f5


Anonymous 17/08/05(Sat)12:05 No. 13059 ID: ff4656

I'd say 3

Anonymous 17/09/01(Fri)11:33 No. 13085 ID: 187352


Anonymous 18/02/23(Fri)20:42 No. 13437 ID: 198d71


Anonymous 18/03/04(Sun)12:01 No. 13444 ID: f2a805

the answer 3 looks so simple that it makes me try to find a possibly deeper and more well developed answer in this, but I've found nothing

Anonymous 18/03/19(Mon)15:57 No. 13461 ID: b076a2

It's 2

Anonymous 18/04/07(Sat)06:37 No. 13487 ID: f5c31c

==3== seems the most likely to me

Anonymous 18/04/10(Tue)04:16 No. 13490 ID: 5c8c98

how about 3,4 or 5 small triangles fff

Anonymous 18/04/13(Fri)19:41 No. 13495 ID: 3e2951

First column is subtraction, second is addition, betting third is multiplication, so 1.

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