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Anonymous 16/12/24(Sat)23:39 No. 12763 ID: 0f36a6

File 148261917389.jpg - (39.24KB , 446x413 , Tinfoil euphoria.jpg )


Why are atheists so obsessed with aliens and other conspiracy theories? There is literally no credible evidence for their existence. Is it because they are immature manchildren?


Anonymous 16/12/30(Fri)20:34 No. 12774 ID: eb915c

Ancient Aliens, Infowars.com and autism.

Anonymous 17/01/03(Tue)21:24 No. 12782 ID: 7cf7bd

File 148347508836.jpg - (7.45KB , 251x201 , images.jpg )



Anonymous 17/01/16(Mon)22:41 No. 12788 ID: eb915c


Pretty much your average atheist.

Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)02:44 No. 12799 ID: 7cf7bd

File 148522228551.jpg - (4.51KB , 240x160 , images.jpg )


They take everything at face value.

Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)02:56 No. 12800 ID: 5a53ee

Yeah, autistics tend to do that.

Anonymous 17/01/24(Tue)05:54 No. 12801 ID: 7cf7bd


No. Atheists in general take everything at face value. Dawkins and his inane memetics theory is one example. Another fedora tipper is the Halloween larper LaVey.

Anonymous 17/01/30(Mon)15:43 No. 12804 ID: c2f83f

File 148578740277.jpg - (74.92KB , 564x761 , 10384905_hi.jpg )

>Why are atheists so obsessed with aliens

Because there is a strand of modern people who are obsessed with aliens. Its nutty really.

The most retarded are the scientific kind who believe there ARE aliens with no evidence!

Talk about insanity!
At least the tin foil hat has some blurry photos of big foot in the UFO or whatever. What do these retards have?


Anonymous 17/01/31(Tue)00:15 No. 12805 ID: eb915c

File 148581810092.jpg - (145.67KB , 1000x750 , maximum euphoria.jpg )



>Aelita (Russian: Аэли́та, pronounced [aɛˈlʲita]), also known as Aelita: Queen of Mars, is a silent film directed by Soviet filmmaker Yakov Protazanov made at the Mezhrabpom-Rus film studio and released in 1924.
>It primarily tells of a young man, Los (Russian: Лось, literally Elk), traveling to Mars in a rocket ship, where he leads a popular uprising against the ruling group of Elders, with the support of Queen Aelita who has fallen in love with him after watching him through a telescope.

If you seriously believe aliens exist you have fallen victim to marxist Soviet delusions.

Anonymous 17/02/18(Sat)17:18 No. 12821 ID: 7cf7bd

File 148743471226.jpg - (37.05KB , 520x622 , 51afd05e23578b77de29e5f35d86bc80.jpg )


"Extraterrestrial life" is fedora tier wishful thinking, as detached from reality as any mediocre Hollywood movie. It's a coping mechanism used by atheists so they won't get depressed.

Fogel Fry 17/02/18(Sat)19:48 No. 12822 ID: 4d45e4

Why are self-defined 'religious' people so obsessed with their 'deities', for which there is no credible evidence of existence, either?

Are they immature, too, or are they rather in need to tell each other stories that enable them to behave like decent human beings? Like everyone else?

I won't say that religions are innately bad, but the moment the get deployed for political leverage, carnage is imminent.

What's wrong with looking for safer alternatives for civilization-maintaining storytelling?

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)11:56 No. 12824 ID: 7cf7bd

File 148750181459.jpg - (32.21KB , 479x495 , 148600401891-1.jpg )



>The general position of what is often referred to as the New Atheist movement is that atheists approach life through logic and empirical evidence (science) whereas religious people rely on faith and feelings. Many atheists would argue that they do not believe in something unless there is a good reason for doing so. But is this true?

>Atheists denounce the magical thinking that is derived from traditional religious narratives and faiths. However, they are open to other beliefs that lack scientific support. Turns out, even atheists are willing to take a leap of faith. 

Enjoy your cognitive dissonance and double standards, my euphoric, hat tipping neckbeard friend. You want 'evidence' but you, yourself, can't provide any.

>Scientists discover organism that hasn't evolved in more than 2 billion years 

Fogel Fry 17/02/19(Sun)14:05 No. 12825 ID: 4d45e4


Indeed the fact-finding, theory-stress-testing habits of scientific bodies are only accessible to professional scientists who are sufficiently trained in the field to not waste their peers' time in the review process.

You did spot that right.

So, how is that a reply to my last post?

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)14:25 No. 12826 ID: eb915c

File 148751074626.jpg - (106.09KB , 407x405 , Manchild.jpg )


Maybe he forgot to wear his tinfoil hat? He is so enlightened by his intelligence that he knows that the aliens are trying to abduct him by using mind control technology transmitted from the mothership. Or perhaps it's just another mentally ill wacko sitting by his computer day and night while typing out all his nutty conspiracy fantasies.

>How The Thought Screen Helmet Works
>Aliens cannot immobilize people wearing thought screens nor can they control their minds or communicate with them using their telepathy. When aliens can't communicate or control humans, they do not take them.

Fogel+Fry 17/02/19(Sun)14:48 No. 12827 ID: 4d45e4


Whatever rocks your boat, honey.

It doesn't matter if you answer the unanswerable questions with stories of deities or stories of aliens, as long as the myth of your choice satisfies your hungry mind, so you can bring yourself to accept that you are not the most important thing in the world and you can bear to behave in a decent way.

This very outcome is the only thing that counts, here. How you get to it is entirely your private issue.

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)15:25 No. 12828 ID: 7cf7bd

File 148751435096.jpg - (20.87KB , 302x388 , bigstock-Close-up-Of-Mixed-breed-Monkey-11379362-1.jpg )



Mentally ill wacko, for sure. Virgin autists are deranged but that's common knowledge these days. That's why they buy fedoras.

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)17:09 No. 12829 ID: eb915c

File 148752056994.png - (189.94KB , 362x951 , average atheist.png )


>unanswerable questions

For you they are, yeah. Keep reading Dawkins and masturbate to anime, pal.


I had no idea that mind control protection gear could cure autism and schizophrenia, lol.

Fogel Fry 17/02/19(Sun)17:19 No. 12830 ID: 4d45e4


You keep reading the myths of your choice, as long as they make you respect your fellow human beings.

If it doesn't, find something more appropriate for you to read.

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)19:30 No. 12831 ID: eb915c


>as long as they make you respect your fellow human beings

Listen, mister teenage angst. Buy yourself a mind control deflection hat from Michael Menkin, buy a fedora to put beneath it, load up on ammunition and rifles and go on a killing spree if you think nothing matters.

While your at it, quote some Ayn Rand while relieving your dark and edgy sociopathic urges.

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)21:08 No. 12832 ID: 7cf7bd

File 14875349267.jpg - (55.62KB , 320x240 , Tin_foil_hat_2.jpg )


>Since trying Michael Menkin's Helmet, I have not been bothered by alien mind control. Now my thoughts are my own. I have achieved meaningful work and am contributing to society.


>Delusions of control – Belief that your thoughts or actions are being controlled by outside, alien forces. Common delusions of control include thought broadcasting (“My private thoughts are being transmitted to others”), thought insertion (“Someone is planting thoughts in my head”), and thought withdrawal (“The CIA is robbing me of my thoughts”).

Anonymous 17/02/20(Mon)20:13 No. 12835 ID: eb915c


Fogel Fry pretty much fit that description. Atheistic Internet lunatic that types nonsensical, fedora tipping conspiracy theories that stem from his own mental illness. To top it off he's a Kafka-esque, whiny pussy that can only refer to everything as 'myths' because he's lost in his own little world full of delusions and emotional instability

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)13:13 No. 12843 ID: 7cf7bd


Reminds me of Ayn Rand. Hugely inflated ego that borders on malignant narcissism (the average drug abusing libertarian tinfoil fedora tipper in a nutshell).

Anonymous 17/03/07(Tue)19:58 No. 12845 ID: 68162d

Not sure if meth dealer

Anonymous 17/03/11(Sat)00:11 No. 12847 ID: eb915c

File 148918746669.jpg - (48.25KB , 308x424 , Tinfoil.jpg )



>Bizarre flashes of cosmic light may actually be generated by advanced alien civilizations, as a way to accelerate interstellar spacecraft to tremendous speeds, a new study suggests.

lol, a "study".

thought screen helmet Michael Menkin 17/03/11(Sat)08:15 No. 12848 ID: d3d980

See my new videos on you tube. Just enter thought screenhelmet

Anonymous 17/03/13(Mon)23:02 No. 12850 ID: 7cf7bd


I wonder how people actually can say that they believe in aliens with a straight face. So called "close encounters" are just schizophrenic ramblings from people that have abused too many narcotic substances.

Anonymous 17/03/14(Tue)20:38 No. 12851 ID: eb915c


Fogel Fry, maybe you should try to visit a psychiatrist?


>ramblings from people that have abused too many narcotic substances

Yeah, pretty much. But that's how lunatics behave. Their drug induced delusions become reality to them.

Anonymous 17/03/22(Wed)10:15 No. 12858 ID: bfae6f

Maybe all alien civilizations killed themselves shortly after creating radio waves (like we are in the process of doing right now).

Or maybe the universe is so big and aliens who have the technology to travel across such vast distances view us as "sub-life" and not worth even visiting.

Or maybe the universe is so big that eventually technology in space transportation comes to a stop and it isn't efficient to travel to distant planets.

The probability of life occurring natural is very small, but with the size of the universe it's kind of hard to imagine a world without alien species.

Anonymous 17/03/22(Wed)20:39 No. 12859 ID: eb915c

File 149021156913.jpg - (271.64KB , 700x570 , euphoric in a universe.jpg )


>it's kind of hard to imagine a world without alien species.

Give me a second while I fetch my plastic lightsaber and Obi-Wan Kenobi robe. I feel that the Force is strong with you.

JPHertz 17/03/23(Thu)20:42 No. 12862 ID: 79ee98


Nice argument.

With the sheer size of the observable universe which is only small % of the actual universe (that we know of), even such a small probability across such a large distance really makes you think.

Anonymous 17/03/23(Thu)22:59 No. 12864 ID: eb915c


Why so mad, my neckbeard friend? You rely on "what if" and "probably". Those aren't arguments. That's you engaging in wishful thinking without the slightest shred of evidence.

JPHertz 17/03/24(Fri)21:57 No. 12865 ID: 788f72


Mad? Not at all. I'm not relying on "what if" arguments, I'm relying on probability. I'm not saying aliens do or don't, but there is a high probability that there is some sort of life on other planets. Even if it's just bacteria.

Anonymous 17/03/25(Sat)00:11 No. 12866 ID: eb915c


>high probability

There you go again. "What if aliens exist? Then surely it's just bacteria but since I can't rely on any actual evidence I'll just concede that advanced civilizations are pure fedora tipping Star Wars fantasies".

Anonymous 17/04/04(Tue)01:23 No. 12880 ID: 946ad3

The only thing more stupid than a rational theist, is an irrational atheist. Which is any atheist. Evidentialism is an inductionism. Basing a concept of faith, which atheism is, since it is the belief in non-entity, not a not belief in entity, (such giving off the illusion, that the atheist position does not commit to the same extent as the theist to a proper concept of general belief), on rational induction is self contradictory.

Anonymous 17/04/04(Tue)04:40 No. 12884 ID: 6cb73d

Though I believe most atheists suffer from the very issue you describe, I do believe there to be a flaw to your perception.
Atheism is not based upon a faith in lack-of-god, it's based upon confidence in the apparent absence of proof of god. Absence of proof toward a postulation such as a religion CAN be the existence of proof toward a postulation such as atheism. Not by (ab)use of any logics, but by evidencing that any gods must be making themselves entirely absent except in cases where their influence can be more confidently explained by other factors, and have been for the entirety of recorded human history... except in religious books that base the truth of their claims in nothing but faith and having been around around the time.
As an evidence to the above, would anyone convert if a Mormon claimed that his books must be true, as a man named Joseph Smith did in fact live during the 1800s AND outside testimonies exist around that time claiming he was preaching the religion?

blue 17/04/18(Tue)21:38 No. 12899 ID: 4515bc

dude i am pretty sure there is this guy i dont know his name but he calculated the probabilty of aliens existing and lets say it's way high keep in mind he factored in just some of the galaxies leaving out the ones still to be proved to be exsisting

Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)20:39 No. 12909 ID: 4dadc4

Because most atheists are not actually atheistic, they are merely religiously inverted. If a person were truly atheistic, they would have no need to disprove the religious beliefs of others--and particularly no need to disprove religious beliefs they once held. There's no logical reason to prove the non-existence of a thing which cannot be proven to exist. Seeking archeological evidence of prehistorical contact with extra-terrestrial life is one thing; seeking proof that the gods and heroes of myth and legend were actually aliens interfering in human development is a sad attempt to get back at the belief systems that have disappointed them.

Anonymous 17/05/07(Sun)18:35 No. 12922 ID: eb915c

File 149417493028.jpg - (4.87KB , 227x222 , images-2.jpg )


>Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft has picked up the first evidence that chemical reactions are happening deep below the ice which could be creating an environment capable of supporting microbes


lol, "could". Wow! Neckbeard "evidence".

Anonymous 17/05/07(Sun)18:58 No. 12923 ID: 412291

File 149417633695.jpg - (40.80KB , 500x354 , creation-museum.jpg )

Beats sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming "na na na na na" at the top of your lungs.

Anonymous 17/05/08(Mon)23:28 No. 12924 ID: 7cf7bd

File 149427889594.png - (51.43KB , 370x370 , _tips_fedora__by_gabplaza-d7c64yc.png )



The fedora arguments summarized.

Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)19:16 No. 12926 ID: 2a563c

Both correct.

Anonymous 17/05/11(Thu)23:45 No. 12927 ID: 1e262e

>Children think evolution means things are always increasing in complexity and intelligence.
>They think evolution means chimpanzees will all turn into humans and fish will turn into lizards and there will be no more bacteria.

Anonymous 17/05/15(Mon)08:09 No. 12933 ID: eb915c


>fedora arguments

You mean "baseless claims without proof"?

Anonymous 17/05/21(Sun)21:41 No. 12938 ID: 7cf7bd


Yes. It becomes fairly obvious that fedora tippers only rely on guesses and their own sci-fi fetishes. Like you posted earlier it seems that this frantic obsession with aliens is a remnant from some Soviet film maker.

Anonymous 17/05/22(Mon)22:30 No. 12939 ID: eb915c

File 149548504061.jpg - (24.01KB , 366x488 , george-marks-businessman-holding-pipe-in-mouth-smi.jpg )


>Obasi Shaw’s thesis is an exploration of rap’s meaning
>It is the first rap album ever submitted as a senior thesis in the English Department

Judging by the quality of universities nowadays you'll soon be able to have a Master's degree in "Extraterrestrial studies", lol.

Anonymous 17/05/24(Wed)14:37 No. 12944 ID: ca3ad7

Aren't God and angels and the like, not being of Earth, technically aliens?

Anonymous 17/05/24(Wed)20:38 No. 12945 ID: eb915c


Wow! A fedora lord conflating theology and science fiction! Never heard of that one before.


You might as well read Warhammer 40K lore, lmao.

Anonymous 17/05/25(Thu)13:44 No. 12948 ID: 7cf7bd

File 149571266929.jpg - (3.31KB , 300x168 , images-1.jpg )


>rap album

Harvard is officially shit tier.

Anonymous 17/05/25(Thu)18:11 No. 12949 ID: fb5950

Yes, but I wish you luck trying to convince the willfully ignorant of it.

Anonymous 17/05/27(Sat)10:26 No. 12951 ID: eb915c


Most of the universities in the U.S are complete garbage.

Anonymous 17/05/27(Sat)16:59 No. 12952 ID: 7cf7bd

File 149589717245.png - (28.73KB , 476x100 , cropped-tinfoil-hat-logo_edited-4.png )


Especially Harvard. Goofy nutjobs everywhere.

>Many of them come to believe that they have been kidnapped by extraterrestrials regularly since they were children, that they are guinea pigs in an intergalactic hybrid-breeding program, and that in a close encounter of a truly original kind, they have had sperm and egg samples taken, alien fetused implanted and removed, and probes inserted in their vagina, anuses, and up their noses.
>"Some other intelligence is reaching out to us. It's the most exciting work I've ever done," claims Mack.

I think Harvard needs a tinfoil roof in order to shield itself from alien abductions.

Anonymous 17/05/28(Sun)21:22 No. 12960 ID: eb915c


The fact that a professor at Harvard takes these testimonies seriously is just proof that fedora lords are ridiculously dumb. The same kind of ignorance that you acquire when you think bears can turn into whales.  

Darwin tier moronic, in other words.

Anonymous 17/06/04(Sun)23:03 No. 12970 ID: 0c0342

File 149661018316.jpg - (285.55KB , 1680x1050 , Hubble Ultra Deep Field.jpg )

Why are Christians so obsessed with there not being life anywhere else in the universe? There is no credible reason to doubt that life exists elsewhere in the universe.

The problem is you're relying on ancient scribblings of guys who fucked goats in the desert in an era where we can see countless galaxies in the sky, with countless more in the gaps between them.

The hubble deep field is a patch of the sky smaller than your thumbnail. Each of the dots you see in this image is a galaxy, even the ones that don't look like galaxies. Each of those galaxies contain billions of stars, with billions of planets circling them.

Its not a religion. Its not a conspiracy. Its just math. You know, that thing you're bad at?

Anonymous 17/06/05(Mon)20:03 No. 12974 ID: 7cf7bd

File 149668578855.jpg - (40.67KB , 852x480 , 1.jpg )


Have you checked this website?

>Plasma Blob Phenomena Shows Characteristics Of Life

I love these pseudo-scientific conspiracy theories. It's like reading daily reports from a psych ward where some tinfoil hat wearing schizophrenic rambles on about how his badly digested breakfast might be a rectal probe that the aliens implanted in his colon.

Fedora tippers are amusing. Somebody needs to contact Harvard university, rofl.

Anonymous 17/06/17(Sat)15:07 No. 12980 ID: eb915c


Remember that fedora tippers actually take these sci-fi fantasies seriously.

Anonymous 17/06/23(Fri)22:14 No. 12987 ID: 2b7151


It's scary to know that adult human beings are convinced that the X-files are real. People that sit and watch too many Hollywood garbage series and lose themselves in a fantasy.

Also, what's even more disturbing is that charlatans like Alex Jones or David Icke are being taken seriously.

Anonymous 17/07/08(Sat)07:08 No. 12998 ID: eb915c

File 149949048679.jpg - (17.01KB , 334x279 , hahahaha-hahahahahaha-meme-52101-1.jpg )


>A proposed new military branch would send US troops to guard the galaxy
>The year: 2019. The mission: Send combat forces into space to save the world from potential Star Wars.

The whole United States of America just went full tinfoil. LOL!

Anonymous 17/07/18(Tue)15:38 No. 13012 ID: 9eed6d

File 150038507888.png - (896.35KB , 4800x2700 , ren_knight_of_crysquaker_akin_star_wars_the_last_j.png )

Not just the US of A - Star Wars as well.

Anonymous 17/07/18(Tue)16:12 No. 13013 ID: eb915c

File 150038717111.jpg - (35.91KB , 210x196 , 1401129858301.jpg )

>A former NASA engineer at the Ames Research Center claims aliens are in our solar system and they are creating rings around planets like Saturn.

*activates lightsaber*

Anonymous 17/07/18(Tue)23:07 No. 13014 ID: 9ad56b

File 150041206248.jpg - (34.58KB , 440x310 , 19ab29b46439924a13d1c31f36d3edde.jpg )

>hmm, I wonder what kind of interesting debates and discussions /phi/ might offer
>*goes to /phi/, sees this thread first*
>*backs away slowly*

Anonymous 17/07/19(Wed)10:16 No. 13015 ID: 7cf7bd

File 150045219035.jpg - (12.16KB , 203x200 , 1393796383102.jpg )


>your face when aliens are creating rings around Saturn

Anonymous 17/07/19(Wed)16:29 No. 13017 ID: 00b209

I do warn you that,at 57, and thousands of debates with fanatics (be they Christian, Communists, Neo-Nazis, racists, etc.) I know all the tricks in the book.
If you are interested in serious debate, fine. If you think I am a lone, sad, bitter man in desperate need for company (the stock Christian image of atheists),and that therefore you may bring me into the fold with lazy >greentext and fedora memes, you are grievously mistaken. I like nice conversations, but truth has nothing to do with being an asshole on an imaginary high horse, making fun of strawmen.

I have reported this thread for it's non-argumentary nature.

Anonymous 17/07/19(Wed)16:43 No. 13018 ID: eb915c


It's sad to know that fedora tippers are convinced that aliens exist. Both Harvard professors and even engineers at NASA just assert claims without any proof whatsoever.

You can tell by the poster above me that atheists are butthurt about their science fiction delusions.

Anonymous 17/07/19(Wed)18:19 No. 13019 ID: 7cf7bd


>I do warn you that,at 57, and thousands of debates with fanatics (be they Christian, Communists, Neo-Nazis, racists, etc.) I know all the tricks in the book. 
>If you are interested in serious debate, fine. If you think I am a lone, sad, bitter man in desperate need for company (the stock Christian image of atheists),and that therefore you may bring me into the fold with lazy >greentext and fedora memes, you are grievously mistaken. I like nice conversations, but truth has nothing to do with being an asshole on an imaginary high horse, making fun of strawmen. 

>I have reported this thread for it's non-argumentary nature.


I bet the anonymous gentleman with his 9000 hours of skillful debating just realized how retarded his belief in aliens are. I wonder if he's going to watch some lectures by Stephen Hawking?

Anonymous 17/07/19(Wed)19:31 No. 13020 ID: eb915c

File 150048548435.jpg - (5.34KB , 225x225 , images-1.jpg )


>my face when I debate fanatics like Christians, Communists, Neo-Nazis and racists in order to justify my solid and evidence based belief in extraterrestrials

You, sir, have lost. I have the high ground.

Anonymous 17/07/25(Tue)03:55 No. 13030 ID: 14f7e1

I don't think that this is a very good post. So atheists don't believe in God, but they're willing to believe in something else. How is that a surprise or point of contention for you? Is it because you believe in God or don't like when scholars get cooky and talk about being visited by alien civilizations?

Anyway, if you want my two cents, agnosticism is the only real intelligent choice, as a person who has been given any kind of working tools for logic and reason. There is just no way to concretely determine anything about God or the true nature of our existence. You can't even prove that the computer you're typing on exists, at least not to me.

Anonymous 17/07/25(Tue)09:19 No. 13036 ID: eb915c



Agnosticism is atheism. There is no real difference except that agnostics hide behind their indecisiveness.

Keep tipping your fedora and don't forget your tinfoil hat.

Anonymous 17/07/25(Tue)20:02 No. 13038 ID: 87d0ca

If you're going to be this wrong about everything, unable to converse properly, and annoying then I suggest you go back to 4chan. You don't seem to understand a single thing about epistemology (if you even know what that is), you're not intelligent and discerning enough to differentiate between athiesm and agnosticism (are you an adult?) and for some reason you have characterized all people who don't have faih in God as believing they can contact aliens.

Just go back to your delusional and bizarre flock at 4chan or your redneck church. Wherever. I don't care. You certainly have nothing to offeecr /phi/, and not much to gain from it either.

Anonymous 17/07/25(Tue)20:16 No. 13040 ID: a38f14

oh and reported OP. read the rules next time.

Anonymous 17/07/28(Fri)19:05 No. 13045 ID: eb915c


Agnosticism is atheism. Agnostics deny there is evidence, as in knowledge, and thus claim you can't know anything.

Tip your fedora a little bit harder.

Anonymous 17/07/28(Fri)19:25 No. 13046 ID: f77716

>agnosticism is atheism

Stop posting

Anonymous 17/07/28(Fri)20:46 No. 13047 ID: eb915c


>The World's Newest Major Religion: No Religion
>As secularism grows, atheists and agnostics are trying to expand and diversify their ranks. 

Agnostics are atheists by default. They have no religious conviction. Why so buttmad, my euphoric friend?

Anonymous 17/07/30(Sun)20:13 No. 13048 ID: b4bf87

>atheists and agnostics
If they were the same they would not need to describe it this way. In the example you chose to back up your argument they are described as two separate groups, hence the need to refer to them separately.

You may want to put some thought into future replies instead of just flinging feces at a wall.

Anonymous 17/07/30(Sun)20:50 No. 13049 ID: eb915c


So? Does the fact that agnostics hold atheistic beliefs disprove what I said? You argue over semantics and not actual reality.

If agnostics aren't disbelievers then show me proof that they have any religious beliefs.

You basically say "just because 2+2=4 means that it can't be the same as 1+3=4 because they differ in miniscule ways".

You hold on tight to your fedora, son.

Anonymous 17/08/01(Tue)01:17 No. 13050 ID: 73f57f

Why does every religion vs atheism argument feel like kindergarteners arguing? These "debates" are so tedious. Why does anyone engage in them still?

Anonymous 17/08/01(Tue)22:04 No. 13053 ID: eb915c

File 150161784190.jpg - (73.90KB , 640x533 , neckbeard-lighter-640x533.jpg )


>Why does every religion vs atheism argument feel like kindergarteners arguing?

That's because fedora tippers like yourself have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. Maybe you should read some more books by Richard Dawkins so that you can acquire true euphoric knowledge.

Anonymous 17/08/02(Wed)08:36 No. 13054 ID: 73f57f

>Richard Dawkins
Boring. Go back to 2005

Anonymous 17/08/02(Wed)10:21 No. 13055 ID: eb915c


Why so assmad? Try reading a book,my euphoric chum. Your tipping is accelerating.

Anonymous 17/08/22(Tue)05:40 No. 13075 ID: 03d3db

Its not his fault. He's 72. He can't remember 2005.

But he can tell you what color shirt he was wearing on any number of brisk summer days in 1962.

Anonymous 17/08/22(Tue)06:23 No. 13076 ID: eb915c


How did you know that I''m 72?! You must be in possession of alien mind reading technology!

Guess I have to fetch my tinfoil hat so that I can deflect it.

Anonymous 17/08/22(Tue)19:43 No. 13078 ID: 7cf7bd

File 150342380340.jpg - (41.48KB , 852x480 , 8.jpg )


You better watch out. Alien mind reading technology is dangerous. He will probably transfer the data to the mothership so they can abduct you when you least expect it. You're going to need multiple layers of tinfoil, preferably 5.

Anonymous 17/08/27(Sun)09:24 No. 13083 ID: eb915c


You're right. Maybe I should cover my entire house with tinfoil so that the alien mothership can't use its tractor beam to pull me in.

Angry Lice Nigger 17/09/01(Fri)18:59 No. 13086 ID: f5de9f

File 150428516165.png - (349.71KB , 800x1422 , verniy_in_gopnik_style__request__by_blackboltlonew.png )

We're not, Dumbass.

Anonymous 17/09/01(Fri)19:33 No. 13088 ID: 6af4de


>A UFO came within 100ft of a passenger plane as it made its final approach into Glasgow Airport.

You should probably wrap your entire body with tinfoil. Aliens will abduct you even in mid-air.

Anonymous 17/09/02(Sat)16:29 No. 13102 ID: 6af4de


You are. Also, nice cartoon image, neckbeard. It goes great with your fedora.

Anonymous 17/09/04(Mon)10:53 No. 13107 ID: 6a082a


A basement dwelling neckbeard watching cartoons for children? What a shocker, lol!

Anonymous 17/09/10(Sun)21:25 No. 13109 ID: 6af4de

File 150507154542.jpg - (18.78KB , 400x400 , FpnWw4sU_400x400.jpg )


>The 2017 live action version of Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson, is upon us. I am a fan of the 1995 anime, though it isn’t a perfect movie. It’s a bit dry with a lot of speeches about identity and the nature of consciousness. But I still like it and have seen the anime several times.

Only a euphoric gentleman can appreciate the fine art of anime. Japanese culture is truly superior to degenerate Western entertainment.

Anonymous 17/09/13(Wed)18:37 No. 13112 ID: 6af4de

File 150532062922.jpg - (67.83KB , 1000x795 , aluminum-foil.jpg )



Maybe , perhaps, not unlikely, probably, could be...such is the solid "evidence" that tin foil wearing manchildren can muster. It's so compelling that maybe they should call Scully and Mulder.

Anonymous 17/09/18(Mon)10:25 No. 13135 ID: 6a082a


That's a nice roll of foil. You can produce a lot of sophisticated anti-mind reading devices with that!

Anonymous 17/09/26(Tue)18:10 No. 13187 ID: 51c08f

Many "atheists" prioritize undermining the religion they "left" over exploring the possibilities of living without a belief in a higher power and are essentially practising an inversion of their "previous" religion. They probably hold that finding, or proving the possibility of extraterrestrial life, will instantaneously unravel all the tenets of the religion they have come to despise.

Much of our theology, and particularly Abrahamic nonsense, conflates humanity with divinity to some degree. It's probably the same biased perspective that leads "abductees" to imagine alien life in forms they are familiar with: humanoid, bipedal, evolved, etc. It is easy to mistake that--although the predominant life form on Earth--humans are not special in the universe.

Then, if I may make an argument: not to side with the "atheists", but it is indeed such limiting theology and arrogance that is at the core of the "debate" over extraterrestrial life. We know that atoms are structures with particles and it appears those particles may have substructure as well; even single-celled organisms are collections of numerous levels of structure; a collection of organisms is an ecosystem, the various regional ecosystems of our planet form a global ecosystem, or planet has weather because it orbits a star at an angle; its position in the solar system is determined by the gravitational influence of the sun and other planets on its rotating mass, ours is one of countless systems in our galaxy, which is one of many in our galactic cluster, a substructure held in a lattice-shaped superstructure that spans the known universe.

The universe is a fractal shape, with systems of life within systems of life. I think it is only a matter of time until we realize this is true from the tiniest sub-atomic particles to the most unfathomable structures we can observe. This does not disprove the existence of a higher power; rather it is evident that we are some small piece of a much greater whole. Perhaps we are the leaves on a tree, or the grass on a cattle ranch, but I find it very unlikely that we are the end-goal of all existence--existence should set better goals for itself.

Anonymous 17/11/25(Sat)08:39 No. 13318 ID: d60c6c

File 151159558621.jpg - (193.79KB , 619x499 , tinfoil hat.jpg )


>The vinyl frontier: why do we keep sending music to outer space?


Because they're euphoric tinfoil hats.

Anonymous 17/11/25(Sat)12:05 No. 13319 ID: 979e29

File 151160791845.gif - (59.97KB , 480x270 , GoodNews2.gif )

>cartoons for children
I would hate to be you. Unable to imagine that animation could be created for adults and not children.

You really need to come out of that basement more often and socialize with humanity. But then you couldn't spend your free time filling up /phi/ with your ignorance and stupidity.

Good news though, there's a nearly unlimited number of hobbies you can use to fill that empty void you call a life.

Anonymous 17/11/25(Sat)21:43 No. 13322 ID: 042ea5


>Why are atheists so obsessed with aliens

Psychology; humans don't know what they want so until recently people allowed others to do the thinking for them. We've had an explosion in philosophical inquiry, everyone these days thinks that they are a philosopher (author included).

All atheists have done is select an arbitrary thing (space aliens) and invested it with great meaning. When and if aliens are found, that will be fun (or horrifying) for about 10 minutes and then they will move on to the next arbitrary amusement (or proceed to be vaporized by an advanced civilization)

Anonymous 17/11/25(Sat)21:45 No. 13323 ID: 042ea5

File 151164274472.jpg - (377.57KB , 1255x1034 , Despair.jpg )


>Pic related

Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)10:52 No. 13328 ID: a01971

File 151177633391.jpg - (21.99KB , 292x380 , Funny-Face-Photo-Effects-That-Will-Make-You-Laugh.jpg )


>unironically sending music into a huge vacuum

Anonymous 17/12/02(Sat)04:16 No. 13329 ID: e6b8b5

Atheists don't believe in aliens. That's like saying that because a canvas is not painted in blue, it must be painted in green. Perhaps it's not painted at all?

It's just a red herring to make people who DON'T believe in a magical sky fairy seem just as ridiculous as those who do.

Anonymous 17/12/02(Sat)11:36 No. 13330 ID: d60c6c

File 151221096865.jpg - (118.72KB , 500x375 , 3211396764_4bd6fb6bb3.jpg )


Fedora tippers believe in aliens.

>In the new book he reveals that atheists are the most likely group of people to believe in extra-terrestrials, at 55 per cent, followed by Muslims.

Anonymous 17/12/02(Sat)16:15 No. 13331 ID: 27723a

Not to defend fedora tipping, but at this point to be unwilling to accept the fact that life--in one form or another--exists elsewhere in the universe demonstrates a profound state of denial.

Even the Catholic Church has an astronomy program engaged in the search for extraterrestrial life (and perhaps proof their 'creator' exists).

Anonymous 17/12/03(Sun)08:19 No. 13332 ID: d60c6c

File 151228557618.jpg - (49.85KB , 588x612 , schizophrenic tinfoil hat on the internet.jpg )


>to be unwilling to accept the fact that life--in one form or another--exists elsewhere in the universe demonstrates a profound state of denial.
>to be unwilling to accept the fact
>unwilling to accept the fact
>accept the fact
>the fact

Anonymous 17/12/03(Sun)09:24 No. 13333 ID: 27723a

no u

Anonymous 17/12/03(Sun)09:41 No. 13335 ID: d60c6c

File 151229047359.png - (50.64KB , 800x500 , Evidence.png )



Anonymous 17/12/03(Sun)10:44 No. 13337 ID: 27723a

>fossilized microbes in asteroids from mars
>bacteria on the hull of the international space station
>waterbears can live in the vacuum of space and survive direct exposure to solar radiation
>ecosystems of the earth that thrive on the decay of radioactive isotopes alone
>liquid and evidence of biological activity on moons in our own solar system and exoplanets throughout our galaxy

Life on Earth is proof enough that life exists elsewhere. You what's a crazy idea, with all the vastness of space, that the sequence of events that resulted in life on earth could only happen here, but you aren't going to be satisfied until eight hundred years from now the Zebluons come to conquer our planet are you, you fucking moron?

Anonymous 17/12/03(Sun)13:28 No. 13338 ID: d60c6c

File 151230409734.jpg - (35.82KB , 600x600 , 0151fc50-58e7-4d91-88c9-c0c3b0ecfc6b_tinhatgirl_14.jpg )


>The globules contained traces of complex organic compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which might be the decay products of microbes.

>might be

lol. As for bacteria on a space station that is obviousky bacteria that originates on Earth. Nice "evidence" you got there.

Anonymous 17/12/03(Sun)15:44 No. 13339 ID: dee64c

We have conclusive proof that things can live in space. Meteorite impacts cause pieces of planets to travel from one to another. Organic compounds are found in asteroids, comets, exoplanets, and moons. Nice denial you've got there.

This is not argument you can win.

Anonymous 17/12/03(Sun)16:12 No. 13340 ID: d60c6c

File 151231397152.jpg - (131.79KB , 342x342 , Tin-Foil-Cowboy-Hat-Cover.jpg )


You claim there is extraterrestrial life out there but still you have no evidence for this claim. Take off your tinfoil hat and go outside and fetch me some real proof.

Anonymous 17/12/04(Mon)04:13 No. 13343 ID: d60c6c

File 151235723412.png - (343.58KB , 484x536 , the aliens are out there.png )


You still haven't proven there are extraterrestrials. I guess you admit that your loony theory is nothing but schizophrenic Star Trek delusions

Anonymous 17/12/04(Mon)10:10 No. 13345 ID: 2e5316


Are you saying that you believe in something although you have no evidence to support its factual existence? That's highly unscientific and bordering on idiocy.

When you say "life on Earth proves there is life elsewhere" is a retarded statement. That's you engaging in wishful thinking and not proving anything.

Anonymous 17/12/04(Mon)14:44 No. 13346 ID: 8d357a

File 15123950622.jpg - (15.21KB , 473x248 , 429107_10150678215777855_816468954_n-1.jpg )


Lasagna on Earth is proof enough that lasagna exists elsewhere.

Anonymous 17/12/07(Thu)17:20 No. 13347 ID: d60c6c

File 151266365016.jpg - (45.49KB , 446x401 , Schizophrenic space fedora.jpg )


>something went wrong (blank response)

lol. He deleted it.

Anonymous 17/12/07(Thu)18:52 No. 13348 ID: fb17b9

I like that macro, very much. This is indeed my argument and I stand by it. Life on Earth is proof of life elsewhere

Unfortunately, my previous post was deleted as a result of a moderation action unrelated to this thread; worse yet, you will not live to see how wrong you were.

Anonymous 17/12/07(Thu)19:50 No. 13349 ID: d60c6c

File 151267260457.gif - (92.48KB , 220x140 , lmao.gif )



You mean lack of proof.

Anonymous 17/12/10(Sun)10:24 No. 13350 ID: 104875

I'm sorry, but you lost back here >>13332, when you disagreed with the only reasonable assumption that can be made based on the available data.

Anonymous 17/12/10(Sun)11:50 No. 13351 ID: d60c6c


You still have zero evidence for your claim. Come back when you've outgrown your tinfoil hat.

Anonymous 17/12/11(Mon)10:40 No. 13352 ID: a01971


An argument is usually supported by tangible evidence. The burden of proof is on you and yet you fail to provide any sort of proof which tells us that you don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)06:12 No. 13353 ID: d60c6c


>asking a tinfoil hat for evidence

You might as well ask a squirrel for a doctoral thesis in biochemistry.

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)06:57 No. 13354 ID: 15ac11

File 151305825611.jpg - (92.24KB , 600x484 , join starfleet they said.jpg )

Unfortunately you're not going to win an argument here.

He started out with a belief, grabbed onto any and all relevant assertions and statements and random blog posts to back up that belief, like a shipwreck survivor grabbing flotsam, and no amount of logic or data will dissuade him from it.

Even if aliens were to show up on planet Earth, he wouldn't accept they were aliens. Because its not what the heavily inbred hillbilly enclave he lives in believes. Everyone around him will have been instantly killed by alien death rays and he will stand there demanding the clearly inhuman alien show them ID moments before they're also shot.

You can't win by presenting facts. He's clearly an irrational actor who believes in emotion, not facts. His emotions tell him what is true. Every post he's made in this thread shows this to be true. Imagine he's got a vagina and its that time of the month. This is the level of irrationality you're dealing with. There's no winning according to him. You just have to realize you're dealing with a hysterical woman and move on to someone less hysterical.

Eventually he'll commit suicide and the world will be a better place.

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)07:50 No. 13355 ID: 4f7379

I hope you're right. I don't mind letting him believe whatever he wants, so long as it expedites his removal from the gene pool.

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)12:15 No. 13358 ID: 37c815


>aliens with death rays
>this is what tinfoil hats actually believe

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)18:10 No. 13359 ID: d60c6c

File 151309865044.jpg - (140.02KB , 736x938 , 8a2bd8694fd1d03cf4a5ae725affbf47--mars-attacks-sci.jpg )

pic related

>strongly suggests primitive life may have existed
>may have

>might have harbored alien life.
>might have

>Under the scanning electron microscope structures were revealed that some scientists interpreted as fossils of bacteria-like lifeforms.

>McKay and his co-workers describe three kinds of features in ALH 84001 that they interpret as evidence for ancient martian life.

Wow...what convincing evidence you have there. You basically link four websites with the same non-proven claim that have zero credibility and which I already mentioned here >>13338

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)20:46 No. 13361 ID: 019eec

File 151310800476.gif - (267.70KB , 640x412 , rememberthejudgeisthestupidone.gif )

Wow, so you're making the same argument people make against global warming, and now I realize for the same reason: you're an idiot who only trusts people who agree with you, loudly, and in simple, familiar terms.

Scientists endevor not to sound like asshats by making the softest claim possible from the conclusion of their research. This leads them to saying things like "x may represent y" when there's really very little chance it does not. Idiots inevitably interpret this as the scientists themselves seeding doubt in their conclusions, and refuse to accept those conclusions until they are literally slapping them in the face, and >>13354, indeed, perhaps not even then.

Pic related.

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)21:02 No. 13362 ID: d60c6c


The evidence for extraterrestrial life is so weak that only a tinfoil hat would believe it. The meteorite "traces" are crop circle tier.

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)21:10 No. 13363 ID: 9f22fd

can't even admit that the possibility exists then lol

You either qualify for the world record of thickest skull or you're the kind of troll that pretends to be stupid

Anonymous 17/12/12(Tue)21:21 No. 13364 ID: d60c6c


You have no evidence. All you have is some dents in a rock from outer space.

Anonymous 17/12/13(Wed)01:18 No. 13365 ID: a870df

>so you're making the same argument people make against global warming
Its not particularly surprising, since he also uses the same argument against global warming. Any and all science, really.

He has a hammer and he uses it on everything. Nail? Hammer. Screw? Hammer. Bolt? Hammer. Nut? Hammer. Turbopump? Hammer. Penis? Hammer.

Anonymous 17/12/13(Wed)05:02 No. 13366 ID: d60c6c

File 151313776539.jpg - (89.16KB , 712x484 , a dented rock.jpg )


Literally dents in a rock. "Wow, look at those dents! They look like fossils!" Tinfoil hats are hilarious.

Anonymous 17/12/13(Wed)12:52 No. 13369 ID: d151e5

I know, you probably don't believe in evolution either, but one of your ancestors was a dent in a rock too, and it shows.

Anonymous 17/12/14(Thu)05:02 No. 13372 ID: d60c6c


You still need to provide evidence for your claim. A rock crevice isn't really convincing and hardly scientific.

Anonymous 17/12/14(Thu)07:52 No. 13373 ID: 3a3089

I hope our future alien overlords deem your genetic line unworthy of preservation.

Anonymous 17/12/14(Thu)12:01 No. 13376 ID: 57f992

File 151324926437.jpg - (24.85KB , 400x300 , s-l400.jpg )

That reminds me of pic related. Nothing particularly alien about it. Just a worm shaped rock.

Anonymous 17/12/18(Mon)12:15 No. 13389 ID: 09a262


I beg to differ! That's undeniable proof that aliens created life on Earth! Excuse me while I go and get my tinfoil hat. The invasion is about to begin.

Anonymous 17/12/18(Mon)19:21 No. 13390 ID: 076607

See, the comparison you are making here is ludicrious. Your opposition doesn't posit any such argument. All you achieve by this is making yourself look more rediculous than the people you mock.

Anonymous 17/12/19(Tue)05:20 No. 13391 ID: d60c6c

File 151365723547.png - (140.70KB , 460x275 , Fedora man of intelligence and euphoria.png )


Anonymous 17/12/21(Thu)14:34 No. 13393 ID: b44204

File 151386327663.jpg - (113.49KB , 700x526 , image.jpg )

>that quote

Anonymous 17/12/26(Tue)11:58 No. 13397 ID: d60c6c

File 151428589769.jpg - (38.06KB , 852x480 , tinfoil.jpg )


>Attempts to scan the mysterious Oumuamua 'comet' that hurtled past Earth may have 'awoken alien intelligence inside', UFO expert warns.

>UFO expert

They forgot how to spell tinfoil hat in this article.

Anonymous 17/12/27(Wed)04:50 No. 13398 ID: ae8f36

But he already was more ridiculous than the people he's mocking. He's never been less ridiculous than them.

Notice how he scrupulously avoids mentioning what he believes in. He mocks beliefs that others hold but is too much of a chickenshit to admit his own.

Anonymous 17/12/27(Wed)11:01 No. 13399 ID: ed417b

How do you even become a UFO expert? Do you read all Warhammer 40 000K lore and watch all seasons of Stargate?

Anonymous 17/12/27(Wed)15:03 No. 13400 ID: 57f992

I don't understand how something animal-like is proof of anything. There are tons of rocks that look like worms that's laying around.

Anonymous 18/01/01(Mon)08:38 No. 13405 ID: d60c6c

File 151479230169.jpg - (149.20KB , 625x400 , 1514646687296.jpg )


Pretty much, yeah. You also need a PhD in Wikipedia and then you're all set.

Anonymous 18/01/02(Tue)09:36 No. 13407 ID: 0e6485

that guy in the pic looks like a true alien hunter

Anonymous 18/01/10(Wed)16:02 No. 13410 ID: 48f52c

a wild star wars expert appears

Anonymous 18/01/14(Sun)12:18 No. 13414 ID: f7a4f9

Did you read the fucking article dipshit?
The reason why the bacteria didn't evolve is because its habitat didn't change

Anonymous 18/01/14(Sun)17:41 No. 13416 ID: d60c6c

File 151594810255.jpg - (36.78KB , 480x640 , euphoria with shades.jpg )


Its habitat did change. If you know what a sulfur cycle is you wouldn't claim the habitat is unchanged. 

>Sulfur cycle, circulation of sulfur in various forms through nature. 

This means this bacteria travel through many environments and still remain exactly the same. Nice cognitive dissonance you got there.

Anonymous 18/01/15(Mon)16:01 No. 13417 ID: d667ac

maybe it was the aliens that stopped it from evolving?

Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)16:20 No. 13421 ID: 373ffd

or maybe it's alien bacteria? the kind of bacteria that crawls into your brain unless you have a tin foil hat

Anonymous 18/01/23(Tue)15:00 No. 13424 ID: 33df81

File 151671605483.jpg - (18.90KB , 459x450 , Aliens-1.jpg )


>bacteria that crawls into your brain unless you have a tin foil hat

Anonymous 18/02/13(Tue)19:49 No. 13425 ID: d60c6c

File 151854778649.jpg - (40.98KB , 852x480 , 1-3.jpg )



Listen to this tinfoil hat. Prepare for the alien take over!

What a nutcase.

>Coco Bandicoot 18/02/14(Wed)21:32 No. 13426 ID: f5c7bd


Anonymous 18/02/15(Thu)12:42 No. 13427 ID: 86440b

He probably should go and see a therapist for those delusions.

Anonymous 18/02/21(Wed)16:06 No. 13429 ID: 3f5dbb

It's hard to believe there are people that actually think there are aliens that will invade Earth. To everybody else this is just schizophrenic ramblings.

There isn't enough tin foil in this world to protect them from these imaginary threats. So sad that these people won't get professional help.

Anonymous 18/05/16(Wed)19:18 No. 13527 ID: 7d5109

File 152649108571.jpg - (65.88KB , 600x600 , 1522322435342.jpg )

>OCTOPUSES are “aliens” which evolved on another planet before arriving on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago

>octopuses are too complex to explain with evolutionary biology
>they are aliens

Fedora tippers are losing it.

Anonymous 18/05/19(Sat)19:32 No. 13532 ID: 1e4c65

In the simplest terms, atheists are spiritually dead and have nothing to believe in, no cause to which to dedicate their lives. Therefore they latch on to MUH ALIENS and other stupid shit.
Seriously, if there are aliens we can find them in due time. Time to focus on cleaning up our own race and planet before we start fucking with others.

Anonymous 18/05/24(Thu)13:11 No. 13539 ID: 1bafe4

Fedora tippers are hilarious. This kind of "science" is what you get when you have manchildren running the universities.

Anonymous 18/06/18(Mon)09:39 No. 13550 ID: b44204

File 152930756235.jpg - (61.47KB , 600x582 , epic_lulz.jpg )

>Octopuses are aliens

Someone has gone off the deep end here.

Anonymous 18/07/22(Sun)21:50 No. 13572 ID: 0c6f2e

File 153228905244.jpg - (573.34KB , 820x546 , Ancient aliens.jpg )

>this is what fedora tippers actually believe

Anonymous 18/10/13(Sat)20:40 No. 13661 ID: 7d5109

File 153945605964.png - (135.28KB , 294x470 , Intelligent animal.png )

Dolphins are also from outer space.

Anonymous 18/10/13(Sat)23:33 No. 13662 ID: 1e5fb7

File 153946641518.gif - (23.95KB , 468x542 , 20061106.gif )

This whole thread.

falsehood tomska 18/10/15(Mon)17:30 No. 13666 ID: cad565

I am a strong athiest, and I dont believe in aliens, or that aliens do not exist. I believe that there is a chance they exist, and a chance that they do not. At our technological level and understanding of the universe, I believe that we have no way to deem them existent, without having visual proof of one of them or their vehicles/objects/etc...
and I think we are wasting our time arguing over their existence, and should debate more important matters.

Anonymous 18/10/15(Mon)18:23 No. 13668 ID: 7d5109

File 153962059448.gif - (536.60KB , 480x270 , autism.gif )

>I dont believe in aliens, or that aliens do not exist.


Anonymous 18/10/22(Mon)08:49 No. 13678 ID: 848b2c

The issue of aliens and atheism is rather unrelated, and ones opinion of them comes from completely different disciplines.

Extraterrestrial life exists, somewhere. Full stop. End of story. It's so astronomically likely, that it's almost a mathematical guarantee. There might even be (or have been) some bacteria-sized life here in the Solar System deep in Mars or under the ice sheets or Europa or in the methane lakes of Titan. Whether that life will be intelligent or not is debatable; it's not yet been proven that human-level intelligence is an evolutionarily valuable adaptation over the long term. But life of some sort, for sure.

The existence of an anthropomorphic Abrahamic God is simply logically absurd. There mere existence of such an entity creates so many logical paradoxes that one has to be willfully mentally deficient to consider it a possibility. Now, being(s) that are so above humanity in capability as to SEEM like gods (and approaching the point where they are functionally indistinguishable) may exist, but that's not the same thing by any stretch. As a reality, "God" may exist; but as a concept, God is logically impossible.

Anonymous 18/10/29(Mon)18:43 No. 13689 ID: d60c6c

File 154083499866.jpg - (108.33KB , 736x736 , Tinfoil to the maximum.jpg )

>Extraterrestrial life exists, somewhere. Full stop. End of story. It's so astronomically likely, that it's almost a mathematical guarantee. There might even be (or have been) some bacteria-sized life here in the Solar System deep in Mars or under the ice sheets or Europa or in the methane lakes of Titan. Whether that life will be intelligent or not is debatable; it's not yet been proven that human-level intelligence is an evolutionarily valuable adaptation over the long term. But life of some sort, for sure. 

>The existence of an anthropomorphic Abrahamic God is simply logically absurd. There mere existence of such an entity creates so many logical paradoxes that one has to be willfully mentally deficient to consider it a possibility. Now, being(s) that are so above humanity in capability as to SEEM like gods (and approaching the point where they are functionally indistinguishable) may exist, but that's not the same thing by any stretch. As a reality, "God" may exist; but as a concept, God is logically impossible.

Anonymous 18/11/07(Wed)07:34 No. 13697 ID: dc714c

Nice rebuttal you've got there. Just gave everyone else a chance to re-read the salient points of my argument. Care to shoot yourself in the foot some more? Save me some time in reiteration.

Anonymous 18/11/10(Sat)12:21 No. 13699 ID: d60c6c

File 154184887314.jpg - (150.35KB , 1280x1120 , Aliens.jpg )

>Extraterrestrial life exists, somewhere. Full stop. End of story.

Nice "evidence" you got there.

Anonymous 18/11/10(Sat)20:22 No. 13700 ID: 881894

Think about it this way: life is a fractal pattern.

We know organic compounds are distributed throughout the universe.

There are so many microbes on every square centimeter of every surface on our planet and in our bodies that we can never be fully rid of them.

There are over a million documented species of eukaryotic life, with another seven million or so expected to be discovered.

Among those already documented, over nine hundred thousand are animals.

Only one of those species of animals--as far as we know--is sentient.

They all live on one planet.

Our bodies are composed of approximately thirty-seven trillion cells, each of them with a mitochondria our most distant ancestors absorbed in the primordial soup. We are symbiotes with a host of gut flora and other microbes. We consume animal and plant lifeforms to fuel our biology. Although we may be the penultimate achievement of life on earth, we are hardly distinct from it.

We would not exist if not for all the other components in the system, and we are also a component in the system. The planet itself is a complex life form with a life cycle.

It is not possible that this has occurred in only one place in the universe. There are too many other galaxies, star systems, and planets. There's too much organic matter. We have evidence of microbes on Mars, and water in all sorts of places. There are bacteria on the Earth that thrive on radioactive decay and minerals alone.

It may be rare that a galaxy produces solar systems with the right materials and conditions for life, and rare that a solar system develops with a planet at the right distance from its star(s) for organic compounds to become microbes, and rarer still that a planet maintains such conditions long enough for life to thrive; and even more rare for such life to adapt the atmosphere of its host planet like our Oxygen Boom, but even at the most remote estimate, it is simply not realistic to think that Earth is one in infinity.

Anonymous 18/11/10(Sat)21:20 No. 13701 ID: d60c6c

Where's the proof for life on other planets? Time for some evidence or time for you to take your tinfoil hat elsewhere.

Anonymous 18/11/11(Sun)12:38 No. 13702 ID: 34632d

Well, you're proof it's wasted on this planet.
I hope it's smarter somewhere else.

Anonymous 18/11/11(Sun)14:06 No. 13703 ID: d60c6c

Why do you keep switching IP when you reply to me? Are you a paranoid schizophrenic? If so then it might explain why you believe in aliens.

Anonymous 18/11/11(Sun)16:50 No. 13704 ID: 7d5109

File 154195140541.jpg - (223.27KB , 719x840 , Alien mind control rays.jpg )

He's switching IP's because he's trying to avoid the alien mind control rays that the government is emitting from Area 51.

Anonymous 18/11/11(Sun)20:59 No. 13705 ID: 404e35

File 154196634020.webm - (412.32KB , 720x1280 , Rockwell.webm )


Why do your addresses never change? Is it because you're bouncing off a few fixed IP servers you rent to make it appear like you're not an isolated aspie posting the same tired ass shit to /phi/ over and over for years on end?

Anonymous 18/11/12(Mon)05:28 No. 13707 ID: d60c6c

I think you need to get off your computer and take your medication. Maybe your delusions about aliens will disappear and you can do something productive with your life, mister schizo.

Anonymous 18/11/16(Fri)09:02 No. 13713 ID: f100db

File 154235536653.webm - (249.04KB , 450x398 , Fear.webm )

Says the guy with sock puppets clogging up /phi/ with tripe.

For someone claiming use of DHCP is evidence of mental illness your IPs change with startling regularity. Almost like your botnet clients keep getting cleaned up, forcing you to move on to another one.

Finally, >>13705 is me. The rest are not. Try and figure out how that could possibly be using your scintillating intellect. I know, you'll fail, like everything you do in life, but you should at least try.

Anonymous 18/11/16(Fri)18:00 No. 13716 ID: d60c6c

I love how you try to deny you're a schizophrenic that switch IP because your tinfoil hat is too tight. Keep living on those welfare checks.

Anonymous 18/11/18(Sun)14:42 No. 13719 ID: 18823d

How does he not get tired of it?

1. implying you are capable of seeing posters IPs without modposting.
2. thinking someone would go so far just to contradict your inane bullshit.

Who's the schizophrenic?

Anonymous 18/11/18(Sun)17:33 No. 13721 ID: d60c6c

Time to take your medication, schizo. Have you seen any UFO's recently? Your ass must be hurt by all those anal probes.

Anonymous 18/11/19(Mon)11:19 No. 13726 ID: 483806

You know what's great about the internet?

No one ever has to lose an argument, no matter how wrong they are. You can just keep repeating your illogic over and over to infinity. If you're very lucky, someone joins in on your joke or takes your nonsense seriously. If enough idiots perpetuate your bullshit, you might even outnumber the people who know the truth.

Then you win; because on the internet the truth doesn't matter. Only memes are true on the internet. People who know what's actually true tend to give up on places like 7chan/phi, where memes have completely overwhelmed reason.

I know there's no hope here, but I'm not quite ready to give up on you.

Someday you'll get tired of the joke, or you'll realize the damage this meme is doing by reinforcing stupid people's beliefs, or you'll just grow old and die (let's hope I don't get there first), and intelligence will have a chance again.

Anonymous 18/11/20(Tue)06:12 No. 13729 ID: d60c6c

Don't stop switching IP like the paranoid shut in you are. We wouldn't want the aliens to track your whereabouts.

Anonymous 18/11/20(Tue)07:49 No. 13731 ID: d76c52

>How does he not get tired of it?
People afflicted with mental illnesses never get tired of presenting the outward symptoms of their illness.

All this shit in /phi/ is written by the same guy.

Anonymous 18/11/20(Tue)08:06 No. 13732 ID: 969f09

Its possible. I'd leave a litte room for trolls who encourage him by joining in. After all, this is 7chan--some posters just want to watch the world burn.


Anonymous 18/11/20(Tue)18:23 No. 13738 ID: d60c6c

File 154273459127.jpg - (179.82KB , 695x695 , You.jpg )

[schizophrenia intensifies]

Anonymous 18/11/23(Fri)16:40 No. 13746 ID: 93d4ac

File 154298763727.jpg - (83.05KB , 900x900 , unnamed.jpg )

>I think a thought
>Of which they take
>They create an idea
>Which is fake

>An idea that was mine
>A thought that was fine
>A heavenly vision
>On a mission

>They take them so boldly
>And kill them solely
>To enslave and control me
>And trick and fool me

>I’m starting to think too much
>They know it now
>I feel my memory
>Being erased somehow

>What was I saying?
>How am I here?
>Who am I speaking to?
>This is so queer.

Anonymous 18/11/25(Sun)15:32 No. 13757 ID: d60c6c

That's extraterrestrial life for you: mentally ill delusions.

Anonymous 18/11/26(Mon)06:01 No. 13764 ID: 93d4ac

File 154320849691.jpg - (46.52KB , 539x500 , nb47r.jpg )


Anonymous 18/11/26(Mon)20:00 No. 13766 ID: 7d5109

File 154325882020.jpg - (223.94KB , 738x835 , mentally ill aliens.jpg )

>mentally ill aliens

Is that when aliens put on tinfoil hats in order to avoid getting controlled by other aliens?

Anonymous 18/12/07(Fri)10:43 No. 13794 ID: 35bd36

File 154417583118.jpg - (145.25KB , 512x384 , 154383024646.jpg )

>life on other planets

Anonymous 18/12/08(Sat)02:29 No. 13795 ID: 3744da

You guys need to drop the “mental illness” meme. Just because somebody has acquired knowledge you dismiss and is sharing it in a way that appears unorthodox or of being under duress does not mean you ought to attempt to discredit them.

Imagine if your life suddenly became anime and you were battling sorcerers of villainy on the astral plane. How would you act when returning to your previous state of life?

THE TRUTH! !! !! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Just know that the reasons for so-called “schizo” symptoms are rooted in reality.
A reality that cannot easily be put into words for those who have not experienced it without appearing to be “mentally unfit”.
The suffering produced from such phenomenon attempted to be spoken about is what causes such bouts of distress.
I guess that scares you to accept such a truth that you do not know what you do not know and these schizo folks know something yet they cannot surely tell you to know, no, you must know only by personal experiential show.
I suppose that’s natural.

Anonymous 18/12/08(Sat)03:53 No. 13797 ID: 69f2f6

Spoken like a true paranoid schizophrenic.

>Just know that the reasons for so-called “schizo” symptoms are rooted in reality.

Yeah, the reality being they have a mental disorder.

>you must know only by personal experiential show.

Yeah, because If I told you the moon was made out of cheese, you'd probably want some sort of empirical proof to back it up before you believed it.

Anonymous 18/12/08(Sat)08:59 No. 13798 ID: 3744da

Yet I am not either. Nobody's asking you to believe anything. These people are certainly suffering at certain points, the question is why. If you were to tell me why, you would surely be mistaken for how would you be able to know the truth without relying on assumption? You state mental disorder as if you are not mentally ill yourself. I say that you are severely mentally ill, just like them. Your difference is not in your state of illness, but in your expression of it. We can play the mental illness game and I will find out just how decrepit and sick you really are but I need not do so because as soon as you take an honest eye to your own life you know that what I say is true. I simply ask for such discussion to be above calling each other what we already know; that we are all quite unwell and the question why we are unwell is why philosophy exists at all.

Anonymous 18/12/08(Sat)21:55 No. 13799 ID: 4f49b2

File 154430251698.jpg - (28.50KB , 638x460 , Magic.jpg )

Kind of like how if you say you believe in a mythical sky man who spends every moment of his life keeping track of every single person on this planet and will punish them with an eternity of pain if they dare ignore him and his demands at any point during their lives, someone is going to ask you if have any proof said sky man exists.

Yet just because you can't prove he exists we won't mock you mercilessly for believing in him, unless you demand that we also believe in him. Then we will.

Be less like you. Be more like us.

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)04:44 No. 13800 ID: 69f2f6

Just because you're not asking me to believe anything (you are by suggesting some form of validity), that doesn't mean you're free from scrutiny. Scrutiny is the whole point of this board. You ask why are these people suffering? It's from their distressed mental state which impairs their normal biological and cognitive function. You don't need to take this on assumption, because it is demonstrated through their erratic behavior and their misconceptions about reality. If you think your "life is an anime and that you're battling sorcerers of villainy on the astral plane" you're are mentally fucking ill.

Yeah pretty much. Believing in some Wallace and grommet type fantasy is just like believing in some sky daddy. However, you're incorrect in thinking that this is somehow above reproach. Again, the whole point of this board is scrutiny. Don't like it? Then get the fuck off my board.

Anonymous 18/12/12(Wed)04:11 No. 13807 ID: b21d9d

This is not particular to atheists. Lots of uneducated Bible-thumping holier-than-thou midwesterners also believe in crackpot conspiracy theories--even that the US government is hiding contact with advanced extraterrestrial life. One of the most popular conspiracy theories among them is that the Moon landing was faked as part of the ongoing cold war between the US, Russia, and alien interlopers. I've been told the Chinese are bringing on the Apocalypse by cooperating with alien overlords, who are the horsemen prophecized in Revelations, and that Xiping is the antichrist.

And you think atheists are crazy?

Don't get me wrong, I've no love for those 'enlightened by my idiocy' anti-christians (to be properly atheist, one must disbelieve any divinity--not just hate the one your parents made you study on Sundays), but just as there are a great many faithful fucktards, there are many faithless fucktards.

In every walk of life, some people are fucktarded.

Anonymous 18/12/12(Wed)10:19 No. 13809 ID: 16ed67

File 154460636958.jpg - (55.54KB , 579x500 , schizo.jpg )


Anonymous 18/12/12(Wed)15:50 No. 13810 ID: 57f992

People who say that they seriously believe in aliens give off this Heaven's Gate tier vibe, if you ask me.

Anonymous 18/12/15(Sat)13:49 No. 13817 ID: aa8b19

File 154487814741.jpg - (48.92KB , 500x628 , atheism.jpg )

>One simple form of a delusion is the conviction that random events going on around the person all relate in a direct way to him or her. If you are walking down the street and a man on the opposite sidewalk coughs, you don’t think anything of it and may not even consciously hear the cough. The person with schizophrenia, however, not only hears the cough but may immediately decide it must be a signal of some kind, perhaps directed to someone else down the street to warn him that the person is coming.
>In many cases the delusions become more complex and integrated. Rather than simply being watched, the person becomes convinced that he/she is being controlled by other persons, manipulated, or even hypnotized. Such persons are constantly on the alert for confirmatory evidence to support their beliefs; needless to say, they always find it from among the myriad visual and auditory stimuli perceived by all of us each day.

Anonymous 18/12/17(Mon)10:44 No. 13821 ID: 9f840f

File 154503988888.jpg - (105.36KB , 728x546 , schizophrenia-17-728.jpg )

FBI is controlling the aliens that control your brain.

Anonymous 18/12/20(Thu)13:41 No. 13824 ID: 3cdde4

File 154530971866.jpg - (197.25KB , 1920x1200 , Yes.jpg )

That's correct.

Anonymous 18/12/22(Sat)15:08 No. 13828 ID: f100db

File 15454877021.jpg - (109.49KB , 636x460 , Worship.jpg )

>Again, the whole point of this board is scrutiny. Don't like it? Then get the fuck off my board.
The point of this board is philosophy, not scrutiny. This isn't a skeptic board. It's a philosophy board.

And what's going on with this guy's threads on /phi/ isn't philosophy, it's mental illness. He's not making philosophical arguments. He's just misinterpreting some information on a particular topic and solely replying to himself ad nauseum because he's genuinely afraid of interacting with other people.

Anonymous 18/12/25(Tue)16:50 No. 13832 ID: 7d5109

File 154575300241.jpg - (225.21KB , 384x1050 , 1543586285069.jpg )

>schizophrenic aliens

Anonymous 19/01/01(Tue)00:00 No. 13842 ID: d60c6c

It's way beyond creepy and I would say that scientologists are in the same category as Heaven's Gate. People that try to apply mysticism and veneration to science so that they can adhere to a UFO cult inspired by fever fantasies derived from the mind of a quack

Anonymous 19/01/05(Sat)04:56 No. 13850 ID: fdab83

>scientologists are in the same category as Heaven's Gate
Only an automated postbot would think that is a new or controversial idea (scientologists count as automated postbots).

Let's distinguish some kinds of people who are said to "believe in aliens", in order of least to most crazy.

Type A:
People who believe in, or purport to be open to the possibility of, extraterrestrial life, without making assumptions about what form(s) it may be in (microbes living off radioactive decay in the crust of Mars, dyson-sphere building mega-civilizations billions of lightyears away, whatever). Some of these people are quacks, but a lot of them just do the math--Earth being the only planet in an infinitely vast universe to develop life is statistically unlikely--and are waiting until we develop the technology to observe if any of the worlds we suspect could host life actually do.

Type B:
People who explicitly believe in advanced alien lifeforms in possession of high technology who have visited the earth and may continue to do so. Most of these people are quacks--believing in alien abductions, ancient alien contact, human descent from or design by a space-faring race, psychic contact, etc.--and some of them are genuinely mentally ill. I'll eat my foot if the aliens land in Central Park though.

Type C:
People who believe in a spiritual connection to extraterrestrial entities. All of these people are quacks. All of them, but most especially those who are an extension of type B. This is worse than religion; it's pure, unadulterated nonsense. Scientologists, Raëlians, Nation of Islam, and a number of other UFO cults prey on soft-brained, desperate people whose insatiable need to find meaning in existence has left them disappointed with everything real.

Anonymous 19/01/20(Sun)10:13 No. 13866 ID: 42253a

File 154797559176.jpg - (38.82KB , 485x456 , Mentall illness from space.jpg )

>Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard’s astronomy department, co-wrote a paper (with a Harvard postdoctoral fellow, Shmuel Bialy) that examined ‘Oumuamua’s “peculiar acceleration” and suggested that the object “may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth’s vicinity by an alien civilization.”

Anonymous 19/01/29(Tue)14:09 No. 13876 ID: cf2ace

Is there a retailer that sells those thought screen helmets?

Anonymous 19/02/20(Wed)15:52 No. 13896 ID: 57f992

Don't forget those wackos that believe Elvis left Earth in a spaceship.

Anonymous 19/03/09(Sat)09:34 No. 13924 ID: d60c6c

File 155212049318.jpg - (56.91KB , 800x447 , elvis in space.jpg )

How can you doubt that Elvis was abducted by extraterrestrials? You need to open your eyes, man. He's living on Venus right now.

Anonymous 19/03/17(Sun)06:31 No. 13935 ID: 78b64a


Anonymous 19/03/20(Wed)16:44 No. 13939 ID: 57f992

He's on Venus?! I thought he was on Mars. Oh boy, do I feel stupid!

Anonymous 19/04/25(Thu)19:31 No. 13970 ID: d60c6c

File 155621348629.jpg - (48.35KB , 789x702 , 1540315528738.jpg )

>S Navy introducing guidelines for pilots to report UFO sightings

>the U.S navy seriously thinks UFO's are real

Anonymous 19/05/26(Sun)19:16 No. 13986 ID: 0ccd16

This has nothing to do with extraterrestrials. The navy has officers stationed all over the planet, many of them specifically having the job of monitoring the skies for unusual activity, such as fighter jet deployments or missile launches. They have a formal procedure to report things seen that were not readily identifiable at the time.

Now calm down and drink your cyanide kool-aid.


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