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Anonymous 17/02/17(Fri)01:00 No. 12819 ID: f7426b

File 148728962371.jpg - (8.16KB , 318x159 , index.jpg )

Why does Ayn Rand get so much criticism? I've only read The Fountainhead from her but from what I gather objectivism seems like it makes sense. It's kind of like this rational self interest that's similar to Nietzsche's philosiphy

Anonymous 17/02/17(Fri)01:18 No. 12820 ID: 74fa81

The Fountainhead is NOT considered Rand's magnum opus. It's Atlas Shrugged. Until you slog through that phone book of a treatises-disguised-as-a-novel, you will not understand either side of the Randian argument.

Anonymous 17/04/12(Wed)09:07 No. 12892 ID: 51e6eb

She is in temporary heaven right now, thinking: Boy I made a mistake.

Anonymous 17/11/24(Fri)01:21 No. 13317 ID: 7c7e69

File 151148289537.jpg - (98.86KB , 700x900 , ayn-rand-writer-quote-it-only-stands-to-reason-tha.jpg )

I think that Ms. Rand was an untalented but important author, but that isn't the source of the bulk of criticism against her philosophies.

Ultimately, Ayn receives the most criticism because she was arguably one of the most influential, and is arguably the most identifiable of feminist icons.

Speaking to the content of her works, Ayn confronted systemic inequalities and prejudices. To the period which she influenced, she was in stark contrast to established cultural norms. Specifically, Rand was the most vocal and plainly worded champion of who she saw as the "oppressed", which wasn't completely incorrect, but was severely overstated. It wasn't uncommon that themes and statements reiterated that men were directly responsible for the lack of success of women.

Living between 1905 and 1982, in Yankistan, was perhaps spanning a uniquely volatile time period, and a volatility that Ms. Rand bolstered and never shied from.

The women of the Second World War effort, for instance, had found a sense of capability and a measure of esteem from the homeland struggle. Ayn didn't inspire the middle and lower class women of that era to improved standards of living, as would have been the most valuable achievement she would have hoped for.

This is of course, to say nothing of the religious, political, industrial, maternal, medical, pedagogical, and other predictable opponents she found (and created).

In short, Ayn Rand was both the reason for the first wave of feminism, and the necessity for the second.


Anonymous 17/11/25(Sat)12:18 No. 13320 ID: 979e29

Ayn Rand gets criticism not so much for what she wrote, but how she behaved and what she said. She was generally a very cold woman who valued money over friendship. Most famously, no one cried at her sparsely attended funeral. A six foot tall funeral arrangement in the shape of a dollar sign was present. She valued wealth over friends and family, which is a seriously fucked up mindset.

The bigger problem though is Libertarians, and what they've done in her name. Ayn Rand hated Libertarians when she was alive, and not just a little dislike, full on intense what the fuck are you morons doing in my name dislike. Ayn Rand can't really be held responsible for their childlike view of the world and yet it's lumped on her shoulders since its current form wouldn't exist without her.

Anonymous 17/12/17(Sun)20:35 No. 13384 ID: 32d179

File 151353933038.jpg - (98.92KB , 600x350 , stuffmomnevertoldyou-86-2014-11-Suffragist-Main-60.jpg )

>first wave
I guess the suffragists were so long ago they don't count anymore.

Anonymous 17/12/17(Sun)21:20 No. 13385 ID: 53a252

History: How Does It Work?

Anonymous 17/12/18(Mon)07:29 No. 13388 ID: 76670c

File 151357855158.jpg - (210.57KB , 1200x800 , icp_pop.jpg )

Don't ask anyone born in the 21st century.

Anonymous 17/12/22(Fri)08:30 No. 13394 ID: 55722c

What if I ask futurepeople.. 5-sided poly*

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