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Philosophy of Science Reyichiroh Makioka 17/07/15(Sat)07:20 No. 13006 ID: cbf243

File 15000960419.jpg - (6.22KB , 213x237 , ダウンロード.jpg )

We need a website that allow to anonymously submit&check scientific articles.

Enumerate the required functions.

Anonymous 17/07/23(Sun)04:12 No. 13028 ID: 1e9233

Such a website would be straightforward to toss together. There are versions of wiki software that would seem ideal for such a task.

Of course, a Research Paper Wiki would have all the same strengths and weaknesses of better known projects such as Wikipedia. Namely, you create the potential to democratize knowledge, accelerating the process of peer review and the spread of new discoveries. In practice, however, the project might ultimately reflect the biases of a few dedicated/stubborn sperglords. This could take the form of wikigroaning or of more serious methodological and philosophical bias.

Despite their flaws I still tend to use and appreciate various wiki websites. I like to think that I can acknowledge their limitations and biases while still getting pieces of information that would be much more inconvenient to track down otherwise. I'd support the general principle of the project, though I'd pay close attention to the execution of and the culture surrounding it.

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