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Classical vs contemporary cynicism Anonymous 17/07/24(Mon)23:36 No. 13029 ID: c6a2e5

File 150093217160.jpg - (42.89KB , 480x353 , IMG_4204.jpg )

Were the classical cynics more positive people than contemporary cynics? People use the contemporary word with such disdain. The classical cynics are depicted as people who were humorous and witty hobos. Contemporary cynicism is associated with general distrust of society, while simultaneously, an increased callousness and ability to manipulate society.

Sorry for the English. What do you guys think about this?

Anonymous 17/07/25(Tue)07:50 No. 13035 ID: 2e9446

A cynic is an optimist - with experience.

cynicism clockwersk 17/08/01(Tue)13:35 No. 13052 ID: 160a16

you are implying that cynics are merely only experienced in the truths of this world. you have not accounted for the attitudes and dispositions of cynics. As your argument would need to work also in favor of optimists, though optimists are distinctively different in that they leap onto opportunity or hope and then back their viewpoint up, whereas a cynic would be tentative at first, find information then come to a conclusion.

Anonymous 17/08/14(Mon)00:37 No. 13069 ID: 9fd7e5

The Fast and the Furious: Semantic Drift.

That is to say: the blunt, literal answer is yes, it's not unreasonable for you to come to different judgments regarding the moods of different people in different time periods despite their sharing the same squishy descriptor.

Anonymous 17/08/14(Mon)19:10 No. 13070 ID: 564822

inb4 you all embrace nihilism and logic reductionism

Anonymous 17/08/15(Tue)21:12 No. 13072 ID: 7c0027



Anonymous 17/08/24(Thu)17:00 No. 13080 ID: 9fd7e5

Here's the next line of thought: what do you take from the different flavors of cynicism to apply to your modern day life?

While all of modern society has at least some version of modern cynicism present in most levels, there's a lot about chan culture specifically that echoes the classical cynics' gleeful mockery of and contempt for the arbitrary mores enforced by normalfag society.

Anonymous 17/09/02(Sat)05:20 No. 13090 ID: d5439c

Modern society has these hooks.

There's an endless supply of products (medicine, contemporary music, technology) that grab you by your interest and thrust you into the machine. Then, once your mind has been shaped by the machine, the most common kind of escape is a mental breakdown (maybe via psychosis or hallucinogens). Even then, there's never a total escape.

Lots of hobos would just have their laptops stolen and therefore wouldn't be channers. Diogenes would have to register with some kind of State funded service in order to eat.

Anonymous 17/09/02(Sat)05:23 No. 13091 ID: d5439c

File 150432263878.jpg - (138.94KB , 1124x1428 , don't believe in any of that.jpg )

maybe modern cynics are spiteful towards society, because they have been trapped and shaped into being a certain way that doesn't align with their values

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