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Blood and Spirit 17/10/04(Wed)20:37 No. 13208 ID: 8c87d4

Link to audio reading of this article
Our identity based in blood n soil has proven fruitless. We see now that blood n soil was easily defeated by magic dirt. Why? Because it lacked the understanding of what a people truly are. A Nation is blood and spirit. The land is just a space a nation occupies.

If you take a family from their home and put them in a new home do they stop being a family? No! Because the children know that their origin is not that piece of land they grew up on. They know their origin is being born of their parents. Today, we have been told our nation is blood n soil, because of lack of knowing our origin. This gives us false nations built on ideals that are not able to be demonstrated in nature. Because of this we are heading towards extinction.

When you look at the Jewish people you see that they are not blood n soil. It is by blood and spirit Jews are able to keep their identity throughout the world. At the same time if you look at Europeans who have adopted blood n soil you see that they turn against their own people because they live in a different country. As soon as Europeans came to America they no longer saw their ancestors across the seas as brothers and sisters. But the Jews see all other Jews as brothers and sisters. With exception of the Ethiopian Jews. Why, because the Ethiopian Jews do not share their blood or enough of it. This also shows that spirituality by itself is not enough to unite a people.

For our people to survive we must unite under blood and spirit. Once this is done our people will have a homeland again. If we do not unite under one spirituality then our people will go extinct. A homeland is not our origin. A homeland is a tool to keep our people safe. Soon all of the lands that Aryans reside in will no longer be safe. Effectively leaving us homeless as a people. If you believe a nation is blood n soil, do you have a nation if the soils occupied by foreign blood?

Our people’s origin is not distant lands or the plot of land we grew up on. It is the founding of our gene pool. Jews know their origin lies with Abraham. That is the source of their strength. We need to teach our children their origin. The oldest writing of our people dates back to 2193 BCE. It tells us our origin.

“Freya’s children came to know their origin.” “Wise Freya! When She raised Her children to the seventh generation She called them to Flyland and gave them Her counsel, saying, “Let this be your law and it will never fail you.”” Aryan Scriptures 1:5,36

Those who are Aryan learn your true origin and spirituality. By accepting the teachings and laws of Freya you “secure the existence of your people.” This is blood and spirit. This will lead to a homeland for our people. Which will make “a future for White children.”

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