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Does anyone deserve anything? Anonymous 17/10/31(Tue)23:41 No. 13255 ID: a24704

File 15094897021.jpg - (143.09KB , 1123x703 , Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11_44_23 PM.jpg )

Do you think people inherently deserve things just for existing?

What I believe:
That you exist doesn't mean I have to buy you a cake or do anything else for you. A favour is a privilege not a right.

Anonymous 17/11/04(Sat)21:11 No. 13262 ID: a57be3

Short answer:
No, you don't owe him a cake.

Longer answer:
By the time we're talking about you posting on the internet (or even baking a cake), you live in a complex society that can't be boiled down into simple truisms.

Anonymous 17/11/16(Thu)12:23 No. 13310 ID: bec9a0

No. Nothing. Not rights, not food, not anything.

I'm lucky enough my ancestors worked hard to have their descendants born into a world of prosperity, and I'm not saying I've done anything to deserve it, but I won't cheapen their legacy by wasting the fruit of their efforts. Lots of other people are born into shit, because their people have put up with living in shit for generations. You have to fight for what you want, and what you want for those who come after you.

Anonymous 17/11/26(Sun)22:52 No. 13325 ID: 891895

Well they deserve respect and generosity, as they are fellow human beings, but more then material stuff, some need guidance, a way to improve themselves I guess.

Anonymous 17/12/03(Sun)09:27 No. 13334 ID: 27723a

>respect and generosity
>as they are fellow human beings

Anonymous 17/12/29(Fri)01:10 No. 13404 ID: 562e68

The first asserts without evidence, so the second dismisses without evidence. I would be interested in hearing >>13325 argument for respect and generosity.

>you live in a complex society
This. While I agree with >>13310, the term 'right' is misused. One does not have inalienable rights; one has only been protected by a piece of paper which has established certain niceties. Every thing I consume, from oxygen to houses, (the sole exception perhaps being the digital (but not really, see: Slashdot Effect)) deprives another of something else. While I would like to live in a society that preserves me in a pleasantness (See: Rawls), the code of Omerta has always fucked with me:

"Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both, for a wounded man will shall say to his assailant, 'If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven' -- such is the rule of honour"

Anonymous 18/01/07(Sun)10:11 No. 13409 ID: c380de

>The first asserts without evidence, so the second dismisses without evidence.
Quid pro quo or ex nihilo nihil fit?

porki 18/03/22(Thu)01:07 No. 13463 ID: ad665e

Yo brochacho. I don't think people deserve anything. Not even you and me. We basically were made to exist, and we have no power or merit to say that our existence should be any better that what it is. A perpetual existence in hell, of all things, could have been our destiny, but it isn't. Supposedly?

But why does God let us live this life, if we don't deserve a life?

Anonymous 18/03/29(Thu)05:49 No. 13476 ID: 9d4072

What if there is no god or heaven or hell because the devils are all here?

Anonymous 18/05/24(Thu)22:18 No. 13540 ID: 3cf4d5

As >>13325, here is my justification ( although there is already one in my post ) :

- one way to see it is by following Marcus Aurelius's thought : humans make a big family and as such, are made to cooperate with each other ( due to the fact that every human is the same, compared to animals )

- another justification is based on the idea of society, we accept to live together because we want protection against danger, thievery ... , the protection relying on the social link between people, therefore being generous and respectful helps maintain that link and indirectly protect us - being selfish means drawing yourself slightly off society, risking danger)

Anonymous 18/05/24(Thu)22:20 No. 13541 ID: 3cf4d5

In english ?

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