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Objective Reality Anonymous 18/07/19(Thu)08:19 No. 13565 ID: 83c4c7

It's ironic how we experience sentience yet are fully limited by it. As 3 dimensional beings, what we know about this dimension; our own surroundings is sadly minuscule. We fail to conceive our perception of reality and also fail to accept it.

Anonymous 18/07/20(Fri)22:39 No. 13569 ID: f6c591

would you care to elborate?

Anonymous 18/07/22(Sun)02:02 No. 13571 ID: 0f52f2

We don't know how much we can't perceive...or how little we can't perceive. That can go either way.

Anonymous 18/07/23(Mon)04:28 No. 13573 ID: 6d076d

Do you see sentience as the 'product' or a 'byproduct'?

I think sentience is a byproduct, it is just something that is left over. having a complex mind/brain was advantageous to solving problems like "How am I going to stay dry" or "How do I find that deer" in a time where survival was the only goal. So when we are finally dry and fed we start constructing new problems/questions. What is, why is, how is... and so on. it is a mess, a storm of thought. So like all waste byproducts (lactic acid comes is my immediate example) we eject it, or cap it or what ever verb you'd like to use. we simply stop putting in the energy becuase the danger of an over load.

Now with that out the way I think some of us can have greater perception and see reality for what it is, at least briefly. [what I typed so far is based off my conclusions from written works from J Campbell, Kant, and Jung mashed up now I'm just pulling stuff out my ass]. I think if we passively think about thenature of the universe through things such as mathematics and arts we dip into some truth. but I think it can cause a build up and over load. Great and creative minds seem to be driven to madness more often then most and I think its from the overload.

TL;DR active thought of our perception of reality or inhibited, passive thoughts are not inhibited.

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