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a weird theory Anonymous 18/08/05(Sun)20:25 No. 13593 ID: c65d45

right, this might just sound incoherent. i don't know, but i'll try and make sense.

so, for this, i'll operate on the assumption that there is no after life, and life is just from the moment your first memory is formed to your death.

and time, as far as each person is concerned, is only defined by how they experience it.

so each person's life is, to them, a literal eternity.

considering this, will their last moment last an eternity? i figure, it's like when you fall asleep, you're only aware that you suddenly weren't awake because you wake up the next day.

if you don't have anything afterwards to compare it to, will your last moment just seem to last an eternity? you know, almost like something being sucked into a black hole; from the outside looking in, it starts to slow down more and more until reaching a standstill and then fading out.

i don't fucking know, maybe i'm high.

Anonymous 18/08/18(Sat)02:59 No. 13600 ID: d78f1a

Human expectation does not define reality.

>life is just from the moment your first memory is formed to your death
You can have no understanding of memory even and still be very much alive. It does not matter what you remember.

>each person's life is, to them, a literal eternity
Does not follow in the least. Life may feel long, yet this notion one may form does not effect the universe. An eternity is not the same as all that you have.

>i don't fucking know, maybe i'm high.
I didn't like your theory.

Look, here's what you're essentially trying to say, right;

We all have lives that we experience end to end and because it's from our perspective it must be unending.

But why would that be?
That doesn't make sense.

It's just "there must be more to life" type of thinking.

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