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Questions Anonymous 19/02/23(Sat)04:57 No. 13901 ID: 243bfa

File 155089427999.jpg - (68.76KB , 600x450 , nietzsche1.jpg )


I admit that although I have had an interest in philosophy for the past few months, I am not adequately read, even for the particular issues that have interested me, so I apologize if I have issues with clarity.

I've been taken hold by the ideas of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, but particularly Nietzsche.

I've done my best to deal with the striking personal effect that Schopenhauer's postulation that life is meaningless suffering and boredom. I find it too grim and I've found myself naturally gravitating away from it, likely for my own sanity. Instead, Nietzsche has been of more interest to me due to his life-affirming philosophy. However, as much as I'd like to agree with his idea that personal meaning can be found, it just doesn't stick.

Aren't we all just working and eating to keep ourselves alive? For what? Is there anything that can be found in the pursuit of a meaningful existence that will truly fulfill us and help us escape the void? However we decide to find that meaning, whether it be virtue, love, carnal sensations, refined aesthetic pleasure, or whatever else I can't think of, is it truly enough?

While this pertains to the previous paragraph, I wanted to better emphasize this idea: if you live aesthetically, either through art or as an artist, is there anything new? I feel like there aren't any 'boundaries' to be broken in this limited world, which leads me to another question: can an individual be TRULY unique, is there a way they can define themselves that distinguishes themselves from everyone else?

Someone please enlighten me. Open to all responses

Anonymous 19/02/23(Sat)13:53 No. 13902 ID: 43d0a1

File removed.jpg - (380.59KB , 778x1000 , unidentified-male-abt-60-commits-suicide-firing-ri.jpg )

I agree with Nietzsche. I used to think like you , and I couldn't sleep at night/ coudn't do anything right. Nowadays I just don't think about it

Anonymous 19/02/24(Sun)06:56 No. 13905 ID: 4e68c0

This is my opinion:

An individual can be unique but there are moral standards that need to be respected.

If you don't care about social etiquette that is your starting step.

What is going to make you unique if another person tells you that? Nothing.

"He has to be like this that and this"
Is uniqueness and distinguishment assorted?

Everyone can distinguish themselves with one thing or another but not everyone is unique because they're told to follow trends. Moral is sustantial but social etiquette
it's not if you want to pursue that.

People that go around the world aren't stuck with something and can make an opinion by themselves because they're going to go to another place tomorrow and aren't there to be like the others, they are there to aprecciate and learn but they have to respect the others culture and way of living. They are going to understand and like certain aspects or behavior of the place they are in and might adapt those to themselves.
That is going to distinguish you. Uniqueness isn't really going to happen if you are on a time where culture isn't still growing but learning about the past.

I know that those words might are be wrong.

Anonymous 19/03/17(Sun)03:56 No. 13934 ID: ad7071

Why do we play games? To win, according to the set of rules that govern the game. To build social connections with other players. To learn how to play games better so that we can win more later. To learn good sportsmanship, so that we will be invited to play more later. To subject ourselves to highs and lows of emotion as we progress through the game. There is no further point outside the game.

What is life, then, but a system for sustaining games, and which is comprised of all games? Finance is a game, with winners, losers, rules, and strategies. Politics is a game. Agriculture is a game: you win if you manage to grow enough food. So are hunting and gathering. Raising children.

"Meaning" is not something you can have and hold with you. You cannot sit there and look at your shelf full of meaning and feel good. The only winning move, really, is to keep playing. You have to decide which rules you adhere to (be kind to others, don't smoke, wake up at 7), discover rules rooted in the natural world (gravity, thermodynamics), and determine which rules others are playing by (empathy, studying history, politicking). And you have to understand that this is all that there has ever been for humans to do, because we are not special.

And yes, of course there are boundaries to be broken. No one is making murals out of dog hair, you could be the first. But there is no such thing as being TRULY unique: everyone poops.

Anonymous 19/03/25(Mon)06:27 No. 13943 ID: 7e6d46

the world is will to power and nothing besides,

What exactly does this mean?

Anonymous 19/04/03(Wed)14:57 No. 13958 ID: b5aa25

>Why do we play games? To win, according to the set of rules that govern the game
King Terry would like a word with you.

Anonymous 19/05/15(Wed)02:52 No. 13976 ID: 1e831b

Universals about life being this or that are usually nonsense because you pass through many different states while you're alive. Don't let people seduce you into thinking life is all one way or another, because life is always changing and that which changes cannot stay the same.

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