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Message from The Air-Conditioner Anonymous 19/03/12(Tue)16:39 No. 13931 ID: 1c6476

File 155240519868.jpg - (8.26KB , 400x295 , AT-THE-MOVIES.jpg )

As long as there is individuality, and an embrace of that individuality through diversity, we're all fucked. You see the more diverse people become, the farther these extremes will be pushed. And more and more society will slowly get pissed at each other, until war. Then you get fucked. Because people will push for excellence or comfortability. Either to become an extremist in the sight of species nirvana, to become 'gawd' or realize it's hopeless and become comfortable - a route a lot of dip shits want to accomplish so they can die 'happy'. The more extreme intelligent people get about nirvana, the more dumbasses will blindly follow them. And as long as there is individuality in a species - More specifically thought that can not be translated in complete accuracy -, there will be emotions to display these thoughts as accurately as we can. Our brains are powerful, but our bodies will always tie us down.
I'm high af
The A.-C.

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