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Skype sex! 23 HUNG! Anonymous 17/04/24(Mon)02:05 No. 44863

Hey guys i want to find a tranny and or cd passible girlfriend, to skype with and etc... maybe eventually meet and see where things go.hit me up. My Skype is: smokey3352

My KIK: is Smokeyjayz

23/m/ca lets have some kinky fun?;) i prefer young ts/cd, but old is okay. ttys!

I want to please a guy or two Becka CD 17/05/13(Sat)22:08 No. 44933

File 149470609252.jpg - (17.01KB , 600x450 , 00T0T_ip2agzh2OgA_600x450.jpg )

my email is toddavy999@gmail.com
i want to please a few guys, even more than one at a time if you and a friend or two want to play. I am STD free athletic 6ft 185 and have a gurlish ass

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