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Closet Homosexual 17/10/06(Fri)10:43 No. 106501 ID: f1861a

anyone know some more info on this person:


Closet Homosexual 17/10/17(Tue)07:51 No. 106525 ID: e6a2b6

Who is this????

Closet Homosexual 17/10/21(Sat)12:52 No. 106535 ID: 2bb5d9

File 150858314571.jpg - (176.32KB , 750x1124 , DMeTsuQVAAEfxNj.jpg )

I can't remember her name but she underwent srs several years ago. I remember checking out her Tumblr which had a long series of updates about it with post-surgery pics and all. Damn shame, she was incredibly hot.

Aaand does anyone know who this is??

Closet Homosexual 17/10/25(Wed)20:50 No. 106544 ID: 7531c1


Sunstar- anyone have all the pictures she posted? Closet Homosexual 17/10/26(Thu)05:34 No. 106545 ID: eee8a0

File 150898885882.jpg - (54.01KB , 600x800 , 92723954b5341422545.jpg )

She posted back in 2012, here's the only picture I have of here

Closet Homosexual 17/10/30(Mon)15:29 No. 106555 ID: 1c2f46

File 15093737482.jpg - (88.40KB , 498x667 , Untitled.jpg )

Haven't found any info on her, but I did stumble across one more pic.

Closet Homosexual 17/11/07(Tue)11:00 No. 106587 ID: 5548f8

File 151004885310.png - (801.25KB , 900x486 , Capture.png )

Who is the blonde at the start of this video (also pictured) and the dark haired girl at 1:30?


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