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Rules & Requests Closet Homosexual ## Mod ## 11/10/20(Thu)16:18 No. 60866 ID: e04fb8 Stickied

File 131912031544.jpg - (8.19KB , 259x194 , She's actually a guy.jpg )

After a bit of toying with the system, we feel like we've come to a point where everything is where it should be, but just so it's clarified:

1) "Who is this?" "Source" "Moar?" etc.. Go in this thread. Only reply to this thread if you have something to contribute.

2) All new threads require at least three relevant images; anything less will be considered a request and will be subject to deletion and banning. Relevant conversation threads are exempt from this rule.

3) Use the Report button and the Hide Thread feature. No flaming, bitching about board appropriate content, hook-up threads or furry content is allowed. Reverse Traps are allowed.

4) Make sure you're posting on the right board. Cross-dressers go to /cd/, men go to /men/, women go to /s/.

Update: 5) All video download links should be posted in the video links sticky. Having 4 separate threads for downloads is a waste.

Closet Homosexual 18/03/21(Wed)01:45 No. 106886 ID: efa74c

File 152159314720.jpg - (69.89KB , 606x996 , Sans-titre-2.jpg )

Any idea of who she is ?

Closet Homosexual 18/03/21(Wed)12:18 No. 106887 ID: 0d5c47

melody monae
chaturbate model
some videos online but she goes around deleting them all

Closet Homosexual 18/03/27(Tue)20:23 No. 106891 ID: 10130d

File 152217503848.jpg - (40.96KB , 544x720 , 1_b_7855384.jpg )

I remember watching a compilation video of this girl where there were many scenes including one in a dance club type thing. She likes to wear vibrators on her dick and usually cums hands free. I remember hearing she had a tumblr. Does anyone know her name/ where I can find more of her?


Closet Homosexual 18/04/01(Sun)07:24 No. 106904 ID: 67e9f9

File 152256029620.jpg - (46.04KB , 960x540 , 29341184_2009477112712785_1241318334_n.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 18/04/05(Thu)22:46 No. 106910 ID: a921ac

how nobody asked the sauce before x_x' ?

Closet Homosexual 18/04/06(Fri)07:03 No. 106911 ID: aed32f

File 152299099054.png - (330.75KB , 484x571 , girl.png )

This may be a long shot, but does anyone know this girl?

Closet Homosexual 18/04/13(Fri)12:00 No. 106923 ID: 32b5c7

File 152361362771.jpg - (42.12KB , 600x450 , 1.jpg )

Does anyone know who this is? THanks in advance!

Closet Homosexual 18/04/18(Wed)02:08 No. 106936 ID: c4f3a0

chaturbate bambiiiii

Closet Homosexual 18/04/26(Thu)01:19 No. 106958 ID: eb9873


Got an update on Nao. Tumblr was changed to lilas-succubus and seems to have recently password protected it. Anyone have any clues or nah?

Jerryamins 18/05/10(Thu)19:04 No. 106998 ID: 80e8f2

sage 18/05/20(Sun)14:40 No. 107029 ID: 8fe17d


Rose XX 18/05/26(Sat)21:33 No. 107044 ID: cb3b2f

Any idea of who she is??

Aice amuze Alan m w clark 18/06/22(Fri)01:54 No. 107115 ID: 763846

Hi sexy intelligent goddess

tranny My Sexy Tranny 18/07/05(Thu)14:37 No. 107151 ID: bafb17

File 153079425562.png - (680.21KB , 1275x964 , Снимок экрана 2018-07-05 в 15_51_33.png )

Best tranny show https://duckduckporn.com/shemale-sex-cams/

princess4u Closet Homosexual 18/07/14(Sat)16:39 No. 107158 ID: 6fcfed

i have been looking for more from this girl for a while. ive only see a few shows from chaturbate or smth
do we have more ? any photoshoots etc etc?

Closet Homosexual 18/07/21(Sat)21:18 No. 107168 ID: e2627c

File 153220071547.png - (538.97KB , 938x517 , Screenshot_2.png )


More info about her?


Closet Homosexual 18/07/22(Sun)19:27 No. 107170 ID: 91036f

Anyone know what happened to edgar a poe tries meth?

I want to find her webm's and pics after losing them.

My thread got deleted? Reina 18/07/24(Tue)21:33 No. 107175 ID: 9cb440

I posted up an image this morning and I'm wondering why it was removed..

Closet Homosexual 18/07/30(Mon)18:38 No. 107189 ID: 0d3e74

That one is Mariana Cordoba

help shayyan007 18/08/01(Wed)14:03 No. 107195 ID: 66b1ad

File 153312502176.jpg - (271.92KB , 480x720 , 6.jpg )

do you mane plz help me plz

Closet Homosexual 18/08/26(Sun)22:51 No. 107233 ID: b5afec

File 153531670596.webm - (537.61KB , 480x902 , 1534352303853.webm )

who is this?

Closet Homosexual 18/08/27(Mon)22:32 No. 107235 ID: 90f359

Who is this?

Closet Homosexual 18/08/30(Thu)15:10 No. 107237 ID: 1bec2e

Need her name please


Closet Homosexual 18/09/08(Sat)16:52 No. 107249 ID: 600558


Assuming it isn't a photoshop, anyone know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 18/09/10(Mon)01:30 No. 107251 ID: e9eda1

File 153653583859.jpg - (241.11KB , 830x1280 , DbdMgXzUwAASa_7.jpg )


Here you go:

sauce? im in love rawsauce 18/09/10(Mon)04:33 No. 107252 ID: 9346cb


Looking for download Closet Homosexual 18/09/30(Sun)20:51 No. 107273 ID: e3e236

File 153833351919.png - (3.97MB , 1790x1070 , tradingplaces.png )

Kalena Rios/Rick Montilla: https://www.realitykings.com/tour/video/watch/10612/trading-places/

Where can I download it? (already tried torrent/siterips)

Rose+XX 18/10/04(Thu)17:05 No. 107280 ID: cb3b2f

File 153866552185.gif - (4.10MB , 540x304 , lolilol.gif )

Can someone tell me who they are? especially the one on the right!!

Closet Homosexual 18/10/06(Sat)15:10 No. 107284 ID: fc6a6d


L Jonelle Brooks
R Bailey Paris

Rose+XX 18/10/09(Tue)11:41 No. 107291 ID: cb3b2f


who's this cutie?? Closet Homosexual 18/10/12(Fri)01:59 No. 107293 ID: 9141a2


Rose+XX 18/11/21(Wed)20:48 No. 107365 ID: cb3b2f

File 154282971311.jpg - (102.06KB , 500x642 , dbdbdbd.jpg )

any idea who is she??

Closet Homosexual 18/11/22(Thu)11:55 No. 107367 ID: 48a895

Bianca Freire

Bianca MrPersonGuy 18/11/22(Thu)11:57 No. 107368 ID: 48a895

Bianca Freire

Closet Homosexual 18/11/23(Fri)06:30 No. 107372 ID: c469c3

Domino Presley

Rose+XX 19/01/08(Tue)21:23 No. 107567 ID: cb3b2f

File 154697903840.jpg - (86.30KB , 1200x675 , duo.jpg )

Who's the one on the right? the left one is angel Ducati

maybe this one? tonio 19/01/16(Wed)19:01 No. 107578 ID: 43d05e


DMCA Takedown Notice Closet Homosexual ## Admin ## 19/01/22(Tue)09:13 No. 107581 ID: fd14b0

Was removed due to a DMCA Takedown Notice by SOMER.

Closet Homosexual 19/01/23(Wed)20:05 No. 107589 ID: 692c28


Does anyone know who any of these girls are?

Thanks in advance!

Closet Homosexual 19/03/22(Fri)06:17 No. 107692 ID: ca4dfd



Closet Homosexual 19/04/05(Fri)22:32 No. 107717 ID: 4fe4f4

File 15544963607.png - (1.19MB , 1080x2160 , Screenshot_20190404-213651.png )

Anybody recognize her?

Closet Homosexual 19/05/18(Sat)08:03 No. 107770 ID: ddaa4a

File 155815938931.jpg - (69.11KB , 540x783 , e0aq8vjiyux21.jpg )

Who is she and is there a video of this scene?

Closet Homosexual 19/05/27(Mon)14:37 No. 107799 ID: dc7853

Who is this perfect specimen?

Rose+XX 19/05/28(Tue)12:41 No. 107800 ID: cb3b2f

File 155904007845.jpg - (41.73KB , 416x232 , lolilol.jpg )

Please tell me someone have the source for this...

Edit, damn gif is too big,only have this bad pic.

Closet Homosexual 19/05/28(Tue)21:47 No. 107801 ID: b8dfbc

Andrea Mora ;)

kikyt 24 slutboy 19/05/30(Thu)20:21 No. 107802 ID: 6fe4a2

File 155924049793.jpg - (469.97KB , 1440x2560 , 157c.jpg )


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