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OP!!L1ZTV3LGZl 13/08/01(Thu)23:55 No. 19481 ID: 61bc43

Wondering if anyone will guess the Captain Ahab quote. Hint: it's paraphrased in a classic sci-fi movie.


She liked The Princess Bride. Oddly, she thought the Impressive Clergyman was the funniest character, despite only getting a minute of screentime. He was pretty funny, I guess.


I digress.

After the movie, she enthusiastically discussed the finer points of swordplay with me, and eventually announced, "en garde!" while poking me with a pencil from her homework.

Not to be outdone, I retrieved a pen and we began a back-and-forth duel all around the living room, shouting dramatically (neither of us was left-handed, of course) and engaging in epic swordplay. Being smaller and therefore less encumbered by the furniture, she had the advantage over me until I charged in and literally swept her off her feet, tackling her to the floor and beginning the wrestling match anew.

At one point I was on all fours and she was on my back hitting me in the head with a couch cushion. I retaliated by suddenly jumping to my feet, which dumped her onto the couch, spinning around, grabbing her by the ankles, and hanging her in the air.

She giggled uncontrollably and tried to push off the floor with her hands, but her shirt hung down over her head and blinded her. It gave me a decent, though upside down, view of her pale chest with its mosquito bite nipples glued to her ribs. I had a better view of her panties and the contents the tight, thin fabric hid.

As my pants began to get uncomfortably tight, I dropped her onto the couch again and announced my victory, then quickly sat on the couch before she could see anything awkward.

"Let's watch another movie!"

She rolled back rightside up and onto my lap, reaching for the DVD case on the arm of the couch. Once she had it, she wriggled around in my lap then paused with an odd look on her face. Just as I was about to ask what was wrong, she began wiggling around in my lap again, grinding her butt into my crotch and putting rather more pressure onto my growing erection than I was comfortable with.

Now, let me make this clear: I am not an Oingo Boingo fan, and I do not make a habit of finding little girls sexually attractive.

But dammit, there was something about this one that was getting to me. I was starting to panic that she'd feel my boner under her butt, but she stopped wiggling around and began flipping through the DVD case, asking about movies. We finally settled on Wreck It Ralph.

Thank God for burly CGI men; nothing quite kills a boner like that. Except maybe imagining Hillary Clinton in a thong. Or a clownsuit. Or clown makeup and a thong. That'll kill anyone's erection.

We both enjoyed the movie, and no more awkward boners made an appearance, so the rest of the day went pretty well. I worked out in my room while Sara did whatever she does in her room, I showered, and then made dinner for both of us before calling it a night.

All in all, Saturday was a pretty good day.

Sunday was pretty good too, but... I prefer not to think about it.

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