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Anonymous 18/06/30(Sat)02:05 No. 21886


LOL dude..Programs from 3DMJ cost only 10 usd each..Stop begging and buy it..WTF...all fucken losers gathered here?FUCK OFF cheap bitches

Anonymous 18/06/30(Sat)10:24 No. 21887

So just to confirm, youre complaining that someone came in the Request thread, and made a Request. Strong Logic.
If you think they are so cheap, why don't you buy it for them. Stop clogging up this thread. Either Request something, share something, or just don't be a dick.

L1ft1ng Ngô 18/06/30(Sat)14:15 No. 21888

I am Looking for Renaissance Diet Ebook, please help

Here is everything I own, enjoy :) Jackson+Meadows 18/06/30(Sat)14:18 No. 21889




Jeff Nippard


Enjoy, please if you have ANY of the ADVANCED RP templates please post them! This is a sharing website! Really looking for the advanced chest/back templates!

hit me up triplejtricks@gmail.com

Anonymous 18/06/30(Sat)14:23 No. 21890

Don’t bother losing time answering him man, he’s probably a failure, sitting at his desk, frustrated, hating on everyone...I can only feel pity for him...just ignore him, he doesn’t deserve anything more

Anonymous 18/06/30(Sat)14:59 No. 21891

are all the templates for male? thanks

Anonymous 18/06/30(Sat)15:09 No. 21892


Anonymous 18/06/30(Sat)16:35 No. 21893

Thanks for all the MPT templates. Does anyone have the male powerlifting ones? The ones further up the thread are all for females.

Artemus Dolgin - Golden Aesthetics Anonymous 18/06/30(Sat)22:33 No. 21894

Has anyone tried/have the Golden Aesthetics 12 week shredding program?

anon 18/07/01(Sun)00:55 No. 21895

Looking for:

renaissance periodization scientific principles of strength training


juggernaut training a thoughtful pursuit of strength

anon 18/07/01(Sun)01:09 No. 21896

From Reactive Training Systems , looking for:

SSPT Methods
Weakness Analysis and Correction
Advanced Deadlifting

Anonymous 18/07/01(Sun)01:23 No. 21897

it was fucking posted yesterday you fuckin lazy idiot!!! don't even spending 20 seconds for searching in the thread, unbelievable...this board is going so dooown with al this shitty traders like tdlsu777@gmail.com and idiots like this one

bobert 18/07/01(Sun)06:32 No. 21899

does anyone have the new hybrid 5 program with sprinting and calisthenics?

L1ft1ng 18/07/01(Sun)09:08 No. 21900



Greg Everett Anonymous 18/07/02(Mon)04:38 No. 21901

This contains some Greg Everett stuff and other olympic weightlifting material https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/8809074/Olympic_Weightlifting_Pack

Anonymous 18/07/02(Mon)14:28 No. 21902


thank you mate :)

L1ft1ng 18/07/02(Mon)15:46 No. 21903


ur welcome

Anonymous 18/07/02(Mon)16:22 No. 21904

hey man, do you have any of these?

- neurotyping programs 2b and 3, the absolute ones and the neurotyping certification by christian thibaudeau (module 3 and module 5 are the most important)
- kizen program competitive intermediate program by sheiko
- arm training manual by john meadows
- program 2,4,6,12,18,19 by john meadows
- the ultimate muscle mass ebook by charles poliquin
- the book of muscle by lou schuler and ian king
- principles of muscle building: program design by ultimate performance (nick mitchell)
- maximum muscle bible by christian thiabudeau and paul carter

Anonymous 18/07/02(Mon)17:39 No. 21905


I have all the onews you request!Whats your email address bro?

Bodyweight / Calisthenics Anonymous 18/07/02(Mon)23:18 No. 21906

Does anyone have the new Buff Dudes Bodyweight program ? i do not have anything new to share except previously mention programs here

Hybrid performance method 18/07/03(Tue)02:03 No. 21907

Anyone have the Hybrid performance method program from Stef Cohen?

Google Drive Link Again Please Unmask Fitness 18/07/03(Tue)16:13 No. 21908

Brother Sorry to bother you again but please share your Google Drive Link Again.
I clicked on this link but it is not letting me see any of its folders and contents.


Anonymous 18/07/03(Tue)16:47 No. 21909

looking for kizen sheiko program PLEASE SHARE IT

Anonymous 18/07/03(Tue)16:49 No. 21910

someone share ben pollacks 12 week powerbuilding program. i know someone here has it greatly appreciated.

Anonymous 18/07/04(Wed)00:12 No. 21911


If someone posts this book i ll post both Kizen and Pollack's program

Kizen powerbuilding 2.0, Anonymous 18/07/04(Wed)10:41 No. 21912

Giveee it upp

Cool 18/07/04(Wed)13:10 No. 21913


Anonymous 18/07/04(Wed)17:44 No. 21914

Looking for advanced/elite Powerlifting programs (excel files), please share

Anonymous 18/07/04(Wed)17:46 No. 21915

Looking for advanced/elite powerlifting programs (excel files)

WL Technical Mastery WL Technical Mastery 18/07/04(Wed)18:23 No. 21916

Thanks for Chinese WL Technical Mastery and Training
that was a wuxia move !!!

Anonymous 18/07/04(Wed)18:40 No. 21917

Does anyone happen to have the buff dudes bodyweight pdf?

Anonymous 18/07/05(Thu)17:12 No. 21922


Could you please send the Anna Victoria Fit Body Guide to battyvillalba@hotmail.com

Thanks a lot!

21519 Mónica Oliveira 18/07/06(Fri)00:34 No. 21923

Can you send me to?

21519 Mónica Oliveira 18/07/06(Fri)00:35 No. 21924

Can you send me to?

Alphadestiny Overhaul The TrapLord 18/07/06(Fri)00:43 No. 21925

Can anyone send me AlphaDestiny's Overhaul program pdf? All the other links have been taken down my the owner himself :(

Alphadestiny Overhaul The TrapLord 18/07/06(Fri)00:47 No. 21926

Can anyone send me AlphaDestiny's Overhaul program pdf? All the other links have been taken down my the owner himself :(

Alphadestiny Overhaul The+TrapLord 18/07/06(Fri)00:53 No. 21927

Does anyone have AlphaDestiny Overhaul?

Kizen Powerbuilding 2.0 Andrew 18/07/06(Fri)09:24 No. 21928

Does anyone have it and will upload it? or email it to me @ andrewle361@gmail.com

Anonymous 18/07/06(Fri)13:19 No. 21929

still looking for Sheiko Intermediate Competitive if anyone has it :)

Advanced RP Chest/Back Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)02:07 No. 21930


pandaman 18/07/07(Sat)07:26 No. 21932

Does anyone have Ultimate MMA Conditioning by Joel Jamieson?

Kizen 12 week powerbuilding program Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)10:39 No. 21933

enjoy, brand new.

Naturally enhanced Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)11:16 No. 21934

Naturally enhanced keeps getting taken down so can someone please repost or email it to me privately? It’d be very much appreciated

Naturally enhanced Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)11:28 No. 21935

Can someone repost or email naturally enhanced to me please, it’s been taken down in previous posts so sorry for the inconvenience

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)11:30 No. 21936

Can someone repost or even email naturally enhanced to me as it’s been taken down in previous posts, it would be very much appreciated

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)13:53 No. 21940

discord is expired mate can we get a new link?

link Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)14:04 No. 21941


Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)14:05 No. 21942

7chan doesn't allow discord links


click the link in the description of this video

CHP Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)18:29 No. 21946

Any Complete Human Performance templates from Alex Viada?

FDL book of recipes 4.1 David 18/07/07(Sat)18:39 No. 21949

If anyone has the FDL book of recipes 4.1
or any other version and will be willing to share it with us

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)18:40 No. 21950

Thanks a lot for posting this! Do you happen to have the PDF instructional sheet too?

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)19:26 No. 21951

Fuck outta here you disgusting piece of shit.

Anonymous 18/07/08(Sun)03:48 No. 21952

Would someone mind reposting the Kabuki file links? They seem to have disappeared.

L1ft1ng 18/07/08(Sun)09:59 No. 21953



Anonymous 18/07/08(Sun)10:03 No. 21954



Anonymous 18/07/08(Sun)10:08 No. 21955

Kinobody bodyweigtht program


hybrid 5 sprinting and calesthenics update randomfool 18/07/08(Sun)11:30 No. 21956

does anyone have the new version of hybrid 5?

Anonymous 18/07/08(Sun)16:20 No. 21957

hi guys, does anyone managed to get the kizen sheiko competitive 26 weeks program or the neurotyping program for type 2B and 3 from thibaudeau? thanks

Qwin vitale intermediate Anonymous 18/07/08(Sun)16:39 No. 21958

any1 have Qwin vitale intermediate program?

Average to Savage Salty Spitoon 18/07/08(Sun)23:36 No. 21960

Can anyone please share Average to Savage by Greg Nuckols/Stronger by Science? Many thanks

Twenty40 - Zocobodypro Anonymous 18/07/09(Mon)06:17 No. 21961

Does anyone have Luke Zocchi’s Advanced Twenty40 Lifestyle Training Plan?

FDL Book of Recipes 5.0 David 18/07/09(Mon)09:22 No. 21962

FDL Book of Recipes 5.0 please
Also, if anyone has 4.1 and 3.0 that would be awesome!

Anonymous 18/07/09(Mon)12:40 No. 21963

can anyone share RP diet ebook and templetes?

Anonymous 18/07/09(Mon)13:33 No. 21965

again? are you fucking retarded? search in the thread!

kizen 12 week powerbuilding Anonymous 18/07/09(Mon)15:02 No. 21966

can someone share the Powerbuilding Complete PDF
in the kizen 12 week powerbuilding

Anonymous 18/07/09(Mon)15:56 No. 21967


Anonymous 18/07/09(Mon)15:56 No. 21968


Looking for Awaken Training Series jerper 18/07/09(Mon)15:58 No. 21969

Looking for the Awaken Training Series (any of the 4) by Marcus Filly/Functional Bodybuilding.

Body by rings Nasteyko 18/07/09(Mon)19:21 No. 21970

I know this has been talked about, but I have no access to your drives. Body by rings pls?

Block Periodization Vihan 18/07/10(Tue)10:54 No. 21972

Does anyone have Block Periodization or any other book by Vladimir Issurin?

Anonymous 18/07/11(Wed)01:25 No. 21973

anybody got Bradley Martyn's "Every Day Is Arm Day" program?

Anonymous 18/07/11(Wed)02:49 No. 21974

I have all the requests that are posted here!
If anyone is interested in some serious trading email me here tdlsu777@gmail.com

RP Powerlifting Hypertrophy Anonymous 18/07/11(Wed)09:49 No. 21975

Does anyone have the 4 day RP Powerlifting Hypertrophy template. Preferably for intermediate heavyweight males.

In the thread are 5 day templates but I believe those are for female templates.

Sadik Hadzovic ebooks Anonymous 18/07/11(Wed)13:09 No. 21976

Anyone have Sadik Hadzovic stuff?

Kinobody extra guides please Anonmoose 18/07/11(Wed)20:03 No. 21977

Does anybody have the extra programs such as the style guide?

Anonymous 18/07/11(Wed)21:41 No. 21979



Anyone have Average to Savage by Nuckols?

Anonymous 18/07/12(Thu)00:08 No. 21980

You should be banned for this 😩

Average 2 Savage Anonymous 18/07/12(Thu)08:54 No. 21982

Here you go: http://anonfile.com/rfY9naf6b7/Average_2_Savage.zip

Anyone has Ben Pollack 12-Week Powerbuilding program?

adriAN 18/07/12(Thu)12:22 No. 21983

Can someone upload stipke/Gorilla workout beginner?

21982 adriAN 18/07/12(Thu)12:23 No. 21984

Can someone upload stipke/Gorilla workout beginner?

Anonymous 18/07/12(Thu)12:46 No. 21985

Is it me or does none of the RP sheets posted here work as intended? I can't select any exercises in the drop down menus, and changing the workout rating doesn't make the volume budge.. Anyone encountering the same issues?

pkanon 18/07/12(Thu)14:44 No. 21986

The rp templates work fine for me. They are posted several times in this thread. Does anyone have female 150 lbs RP fat Loss templates?

Male Fat Loss - 175 lbs ( this is the latest version from late May 2018)

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