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Anonymous 17/10/26(Thu)20:46 No. 19993

Hi. Im sharing Annihilation Wave by John Meadows and willing to share The Gauntlet, Creaping Death, JM program 3,15 if someone Will share any other JM programs especially Taskmaster or Onslaught

Anonymous 17/10/27(Fri)02:37 No. 20002

Bro I think me and a lot of other guys here would really appreciate if you could share The Gauntlet and especially Creaping Death with us.
Of course it is kind of shitty to give without getting something back in return but eventually I am sure someone will share the books you would like to have.

Anonymous 17/10/27(Fri)03:31 No. 20003

Looking for Scott Stevenson’s Virgin Voyage Program and the following John Meadows Programs 12, 14, and 19. I’m willing to share.

Kinobody Anonymous 17/10/27(Fri)22:21 No. 20009

Does anyone have the Kinobody greek god pdf

Anonymous 17/11/01(Wed)00:33 No. 20012

"Think Big" by Ben Pollack of EliteFTS. Anyone?

Anonymous 17/11/01(Wed)11:13 No. 20013

I have Think Big by Ben Pollak.

Anonymous 17/11/02(Thu)14:21 No. 20017

anyone got the new natty enhanced plx

JM programs for trade turbospineco 17/11/03(Fri)01:23 No. 20021

From John Meadows i have:
1 - 12 weeks of Pain and Suffering
2 - 12 weeks of Continued Battering
3 - Championship Season
7 - Creeping Death
8 - Embrace Insanity
9 - Muscular Demolition
10 - The Devourer
11 - The Incinerator
13 - Doomsday
15 - Executioner
16 - Thanos
18 - Beyonder
19 - Ares
19.5 - Team Universe 2015
20 - Omega Beam
21 - The Annihilation Wave
22 - Arnold Classic 2016
23 - The Gauntlet
24 - The Sentinel
25 - Omega Sentinel
26 - 28 Days Later
27 - Onslaught
28 - Taskmaster

Looking to trade many of them for Program X by John Meadows (not the same as program 10: devourer) or Virgin Voyage by Scott Stevenson.

Email: turbospineco@gmail.com

Examine and supple leopard BK 17/11/03(Fri)20:15 No. 20022

For all examine stacks:

For supple leopard ed 2

Зарабатываем в Telegram на майнере fopoVab 17/11/04(Sat)17:38 No. 20023

request Anonymous 17/11/06(Mon)01:00 No. 20026

Kino Greek God please.

All links Ive been able to find here seem to be expired or nonexistent anymore..

Strength manual pdf?? Naturally Enhanced pdf?? WildBill79 17/11/08(Wed)08:49 No. 20028

>>19904 hey sorry it took me so long to catch this. If you have those Id love to trade if I have anything you might like. dickgrayson053@gmail.com is my email. Im hopeful you will see this. Ive been after these two for a bit.

Onslaught xxxx 17/11/10(Fri)22:08 No. 20029

Anyone has John Meadows - Onslaught?

Wtf?? Anonymous 17/11/12(Sun)10:36 No. 20030

This place is terrible at best anymore. I offer trade and anti up, no one was interested in what I have o they want to go buy shit they dont ave to trade with?? What they wanted would ost more then what I wanted to trade for. Ill just go buy naturally enhanced and be done with it. No one posts shit worth while on here anymore. There has o be a better place online to go.

Good Samaritan 17/11/12(Sun)11:29 No. 20031


What is your email? I'll send you NE for free.

TECHBASYS ElvaZhj 17/11/13(Mon)04:43 No. 20032

Hey guys!!!
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Ebook or program trade Nicolas+Olaya+Zuluaga 17/11/13(Mon)08:22 No. 20033

Looking for the ebook "How much should i train" from Renaissance Periodization. If you happen to have it, we could trade, i have a shit ton of ebooks and programs

Ebook or program trade Nicolas+Olaya+Zuluaga 17/11/13(Mon)08:24 No. 20036

Looking for the ebook "How much should i train" from Renaissance Periodization. If you happen to have it, we could trade, i have a shit ton of ebooks and programs

Ebook or program trade Nicolas+Olaya+Zuluaga 17/11/13(Mon)08:26 No. 20037

Looking for the ebook "How much should i train" from Renaissance Periodization. If you happen to have it, we could trade, i have a shit ton of ebooks and programs

fit Anonymous 17/11/15(Wed)01:41 No. 20040

I have it man..whats your email?

Anonymous 17/11/15(Wed)08:34 No. 20043


Thanks man


RP Material Natius 17/11/17(Fri)13:09 No. 20047

Hi all, I just started lifting 2 months ago, and wanted to as if someone please share their RP material with me?Looking at strength and hypertrophy. Would be very much appreciated.

aaa 17/11/20(Mon)10:57 No. 20048

If you have someRp Male Physique Training Template
email : miisiek@gmail.com

ANON 17/11/20(Mon)19:16 No. 20049

File 151120176971.jpg - (939.58KB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )

Looking for the following.
John Meadows Programs 2, 4, 5, 6, 12, and 14
Scott Stevenson’s Virgin Voyage
Aaron Reed Tall Guy Training Bundle

Emails: ou_bill@hotmail.com

coach bags customer service phone number xfinity http://ho.io/hoiospam.php?url=http://www.bestcoachhandbag.store 17/11/21(Tue)19:01 No. 20055

I'm not sure why but this blog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I'll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

Anonymous 17/11/21(Tue)21:50 No. 20058

Hey guys, if someone has "How much should I train" from Renaissance Periodization, could you please upload it on mediafire??

ANON 17/11/22(Wed)02:28 No. 20059

File 151131411781.jpg - (1.56MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )

I am looking for Scott Stevenson’s “Virgin Voyage” and “No Show, No Go!”
Jordan Peters Programs

I have may RP Templates, RP How Much Should I Train, and all of the John Meadows Programs (except for Program 2 and Program Y) to trade. I also have many other books.

Email: ou_bill@hotmail.com

Anonymous 17/11/22(Wed)10:12 No. 20060

Hey ANON, I don't have the specific books you need, but I have other ones if you interested.

Also, if you could upload the RP "How much should I train" that would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance mate

ANON 17/11/22(Wed)16:25 No. 20061

To the person asking for RP How Much Should I Train. I don’t know how to use the upload site you are requesting. I’ll only do these via email out of convenience. Sorry. My email is ou_bill@hotmail.com

Anonymous 17/11/22(Wed)21:40 No. 20062

Uh okay man. You can send it here: zwcxvyzq@eelmail.com

Thank you very much

Naturally Enhanced WildBill79 17/11/23(Thu)07:53 No. 20065

>>20030 id be grateful if I could get it. Ill trade a couple of books Im sure you might not have. dickgrayson053 @gmail.com if you ave the pdf for the strength system manual id be thankful for that as well. I dont need the videos.

RP Diet Templates 3.0 Anon 17/11/23(Thu)18:54 No. 20066

Anyone have the new RP diet template 3.0 for either massing or cutting? Would trade for any RP material, I have a bunch, PL and Male Physique. email me
at cd69lol@gmail.com

Trade programs Brian+Martinez 17/11/24(Fri)16:43 No. 20070

File 151153823151.png - (326.01KB , 750x1334 , 503BEB79-CA1F-416B-B136-B4919ED806D3.png )

I own a library of literally over 100 templates, books and training programs
Everything from Renaissance Periodization to stuff like Lyle McDonald to stuff from today’s popular social media programs such as all the popular youtubers and I.g era to stuff like the Texas method the cube method, Dave Tate stuff, elite fts and the list goes on
Im looking to grow it so send me an email and I’ll see what I can give you and what you could give me

Two emails you could reach me

King by Elliot hulse lonewolfie 17/11/25(Sat)11:48 No. 20071

Does anybody have the king ebook by Elliot Hulse. Please share

Functional-Stability-Training Anonymous 17/11/26(Sun)05:38 No. 20072


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Anonymous 17/12/07(Thu)19:51 No. 20091

Does anyone have the MASS monthly newsletters?

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