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Meadows Programs MD88 19/05/19(Sun)18:08 No. 28765

I have almost all of the Meadows programs. Half way through Gamma bomb now and I love it. Not sure which ones people need, besides Odin Force, which I don't have. But I am willing to work with people.

What I don't have:
Program 1 - 12 Weeks of Pain and Suffering
Program 2 - 12 weeks of Continued Battering
Program 3 - (whatever the name is)
Program 5 - (whatever the name is)
Program 6 - (whatever the name is)
Program 8 - Embrace Insanity
Program 12 - Particle Smasher
Program 16 - Thanos
Program 19 - Ares
Odin Force

What I do have:
Everything else

If anyone posts one of the programs I don't have, I would be glad to post any of the ones I do.

Here is a token of my good will.


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