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TF Thread 16.0 Vulpes Inculta 16/11/02(Wed)07:22 No. 24181 ID: 037ee1 Stickied

File 147806775013.jpg - (63.89KB , 750x638 , 1411536584242-1.jpg )

It's about time.

Vulpes Inculta 18/10/21(Sun)07:26 No. 26740 ID: c0a485

Changed head and knocked off the fat

Locofuria Animalization Cris 18/10/23(Tue)01:43 No. 26829 ID: 419e55

File 154025178239.jpg - (206.31KB , 1280x828 , 3_Cheetahs_web.jpg )

Does anyone has Animalization by locofuria, i will be very glad if someone will share : cojak1234@wp.pl

Vulpes Inculta 18/10/23(Tue)18:20 No. 26830 ID: be2ce3

Vulpes Inculta 18/10/23(Tue)18:21 No. 26831 ID: be2ce3

Vulpes Inculta 18/10/24(Wed)02:27 No. 26832 ID: 758ee8

An old black rat picture I always liked so tried fixing the anatomy.

Vulpes Inculta 18/10/24(Wed)02:28 No. 26833 ID: 758ee8

File 154034090650.jpg - (393.58KB , 980x1093 , musclebunnytweakedbiggirl.jpg )

Also made a second edit to make her look more like his later work. Had to change the color of the shirt so... other assets stand out

where do I go hurk 18/11/09(Fri)12:25 No. 26873 ID: 042d2e

I feel like this thread has died a horrible death, but where am I to go

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/09(Fri)23:30 No. 26874 ID: 4d7075

Nah it's still kicken. Better then most of /fur just slow that's all.

TF Thread 17.0 Gamefriend 18/11/11(Sun)11:23 No. 26877 ID: e920c0

File 154193183573.png - (252.41KB , 1280x1120 , g7e9iKL2.png )

Maybe we should start a new thread, to revive it.

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/16(Fri)03:55 No. 26882 ID: 9a3edc

File 154233692731.jpg - (452.15KB , 1447x2048 , DsB8L4MVsAAarIk_jpg large.jpg )

via Kidzuki on Twitter https://twitter.com/tsuki_ray

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/17(Sat)06:26 No. 26883 ID: 4305ce

File 154243241680.jpg - (798.62KB , 1022x1100 , froggy4 copy.jpg )

24181 Vulpes Inculta 18/11/17(Sat)19:29 No. 26884 ID: f765d5

Vulpes Inculta 18/11/21(Wed)04:49 No. 26885 ID: e1b501


Vulpes Inculta 18/11/27(Tue)17:31 No. 26893 ID: e4326b

File 15433362687.jpg - (2.05MB , 5884x8334 , feline_curse_#10-19.jpg )

Found this here:
feline curse by locofuria

locofuria nat 18/12/10(Mon)19:50 No. 26941 ID: 85c45f

your link https://strigis.com/topic/1649-feline-curse-by-locofuria-female-cat-transformation/ does not work

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/12(Wed)19:58 No. 26943 ID: e247c2

Any kind soul around that'd be willing to share Beta Collie if they have it? Would be a greatly appreciated christmas gift.

Axillia!!SvAQplL2L4 18/12/17(Mon)05:22 No. 26947 ID: f247d6

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/20(Thu)21:47 No. 26953 ID: 50eef9

Does anyone have Nardwulf or Morphological monster manual 2?

Looking for an old thread unfinished sequence Mynamejeff 18/12/21(Fri)02:45 No. 26955 ID: db0af2

It was a girl being tfd by her husky (i think) dogs via sexual transmission

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/22(Sat)21:16 No. 26956 ID: 604fac



Vulpes Inculta 18/12/27(Thu)19:24 No. 26962 ID: 66ab21

File 154593508318.jpg - (25.74KB , 241x206 , ringofstrength.jpg )

longshot, but has anyone seen the source of this deleted Geier image

tiny google thumbnail killing me

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/28(Fri)14:52 No. 26964 ID: 50eef9

File 154600517979.png - (330.38KB , 905x1280 , 1534717912_loboleo_bc_newcover_sm_promo.png )

Anyone have Beta Collie by chance?

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/29(Sat)05:19 No. 26965 ID: 59b802

Consider this a freebie/advertising for a new transformation comic group/site called https://www.transformfan.com/. Being a member allows you to access all comics and as you're a member you get 'tokens' and there's a raffle every few weeks or so where the winner gets their own commission (which can be seen in a gallery that even if you aren't a member you can look at... though there isn't that much yet). I am not working for/with them, just giving something in return for all the other piracy and it's the first comic they uploaded so some time has passed. No, I won't post any more.

This one is about a group of women who go to a diner and make their server mad and ends with the server getting some comeuppance.


Vulpes Inculta 18/12/29(Sat)07:52 No. 26966 ID: 3a7575

File 154606633514.png - (752.03KB , 1321x2029 , Brunette Monkey - Final Large.png )

Commissioned this piece from ReservoirDog

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/29(Sat)21:18 No. 26968 ID: 0d1a0f

I am also quite interested in seeing Beta Collie, if anyone would be so kind.

Collie wore thigh high socks during the transformation haha

Beta Collie Vulpes Inculta 18/12/30(Sun)18:58 No. 26972 ID: 59f0fc


Its 4 months old and I felt the cover art was the best part about it so here you go.

If you like it, you can thank me by donating to Leo or becoming his Patron. We need to keep this guy fed.

Vulpes Inculta 18/12/31(Mon)09:05 No. 26973 ID: ca9377

Thanks a million, Anon. This was well worth the two years of teases.

Help Vulpes Inculta 18/12/31(Mon)21:57 No. 26974 ID: d79b0c

Little help please, I am looking for a 2 pic sequence OZ themed, I don't remember who the artist is, all I remember is that on the 1st pic, dorothy has becomes a lioness and is horrified, while there is a tree with a face and the lion peeking her from behind the tree, and the 2nd they are having sex while only the feet of the tin man and scarecrow appear. If anyone could help, thanks in advance.

The Collection Gamefriend 18/12/31(Mon)23:11 No. 26975 ID: d78842

File 154629431528.jpg - (233.48KB , 1226x1920 , IMG_3135.jpg )

An small new Year gift for everyone.

Vulpes Inculta 19/01/01(Tue)05:22 No. 26976 ID: 0366a6

File 15463165279.jpg - (51.53KB , 442x601 , image0.jpg )

Thanks m80. Lost it a couple days ago. Glad you brought it back.

Vulpes Inculta 19/01/01(Tue)06:46 No. 26977 ID: ef93eb

have an small gift for new year and christmas, starts whit mons.... and ends whit anual 2

the tg tf one scott 19/01/04(Fri)00:25 No. 26979 ID: b7ce82

the tg tf one

Vulpes Inculta 19/01/04(Fri)04:12 No. 26980 ID: 3a7575

File 154657153418.jpg - (719.44KB , 1164x1280 , Blonde Cheetah - Small.jpg )

Vulpes Inculta 19/01/04(Fri)21:31 No. 26982 ID: f4dad8

Anyone have the Becumming 1-5? It gets requested, but rarely posted sadly.

Vulpes Inculta 19/01/05(Sat)14:49 No. 26983 ID: 50eef9

Becumming 1-5 https://anonfiles.com/Gf3cJ8p2b6/Becuming_1-5_zip

Anyone have Transform Fan's Nardwolf?

blackshirtboy nathasha 19/01/09(Wed)21:42 No. 26988 ID: 85c45f

File 15470665268.jpg - (307.07KB , 600x776 , intrelude 8.jpg )

Does anybody have interlude 8 from blackshirtboy


Vulpes Inculta 19/01/13(Sun)12:18 No. 26991 ID: 189bcd

Vulpes Inculta 19/01/17(Thu)08:10 No. 26993 ID: 3a7575

File 154770901668.png - (718.12KB , 1117x1280 , Blonde Lioness - Small.png )

Izaan 19/01/24(Thu)21:59 No. 26996 ID: 0f746f

This my Oc

Vulpes Inculta 19/01/25(Fri)17:17 No. 26998 ID: 46f2bc

You are welcome

26998 nat 19/01/26(Sat)17:05 No. 27000 ID: 85c45f

What is the name of the artist of this wizard of oz tf art

Vulpes Inculta 19/01/26(Sat)23:54 No. 27002 ID: 46f2bc

File 154854327375.jpg - (137.33KB , 896x1280 , 1470359877_drayviss_kataraheadcolorshaveedit.jpg )

IF i not mistaken, judging by the art style and sign, i would say "Cyrus_Physhor"

Vulpes Inculta 19/02/01(Fri)04:58 No. 27011 ID: 066451

does anybody have Bendzz Becumming 5, 6 and 7?

Vulpes Inculta 19/02/14(Thu)20:05 No. 27020 ID: b4e1b1

Does anyone have this Locofuria comic or have the full set of Full Moon Knight by Solone?

Vulpes Inculta 19/02/16(Sat)02:10 No. 27023 ID: b4e1b1

File 155027941228.png - (1.04MB , 2000x566 , image_png_2d6d2069b8ede6c841871c07e472adde.png )

huh...so that's it? All that mystery for 5 images. I thought with all the security he has over Solone's sequences, I thought they would be more lengthy.

Oh well, thanks any ways. Here's a bunny

Vulpes Inculta 19/02/17(Sun)15:57 No. 27024 ID: 3575ef

File 155041543763.jpg - (535.33KB , 720x1116 , 15423245050254546132-720--0.jpg )

does anyone have "Something Blue"? I do not want to pay a full month just for one comics


Vulpes Inculta 19/02/18(Mon)14:45 No. 27028 ID: 59b802


As a general reminder with the site this comes from, being a member even once basically allows you to view all previous works. Compared to spending $10+ for a single Locofuria comic, it's basically a good deal the later you look into it. That said, last time posting this one and partially because wasn't a fan of this one (also it looks like cliffhanger and I have to wonder if anyone told the artist that blue peacocks are males...)


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