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Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/10/18(Tue)10:22 No. 101444 Stickied

File 131892614864.jpg - (25.57KB , 400x400 , norequests.jpg )

Rules of /men/:

1.) "who is this, source, does anyone have more, what series is this from" etc. go in this thread. If you can answer, reply in this thread, if you can't, don't.

2.) New threads should have at least three relevant images. Anything less will be considered a request thread and will be subject to deletion and/or banning.

3.) No furry or illegal content. Use the "Report Post" function if you see illegal or rule violating content.

4.) If you want to camwhore, just post as much as you can and go from there. If you just post one image and ask if /men/ wants more, your thread will be deleted in accordance with rule #2 and you will be banned for 1 day or more.

5.) This board is for gay porn only. Gay discussion goes on /fag/. Cross-dressing goes on /cd/. Traps go on /di/.

delicious sauce Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)21:34 No. 122650



Pablo and Pacho: twinkboysparty

Anonymous 16/09/28(Wed)23:27 No. 122651

File 147509803483.jpg - (110.75KB , 457x620 , who.jpg )

sup /men/

who is the guy on the right? thx

Anonymous 16/09/29(Thu)21:45 No. 122653

File 147517835336.jpg - (27.22KB , 500x275 , zqNpH0WuO5g.jpg )

Can somebody tell me where is this from?

Anonymous 16/09/30(Fri)15:04 No. 122654

does anybody know the name of the bottom?


crazie 16/10/13(Thu)19:25 No. 122665

does anyone know his name?

anon 16/10/17(Mon)21:54 No. 122670

File 147673405278.jpg - (40.68KB , 900x675 , chat.jpg )

Please I'm dying to know where I can find more of this guy!

Anonymous 16/11/10(Thu)02:35 No. 122721

File 147874170064.png - (1.24MB , 1574x860 , Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11_44_32 pm.png )

Does anyone have the other half of this video? Or know who the guy at the start is??


BootyMcHouse 16/11/13(Sun)21:52 No. 122722

File 147907032260.gif - (0.95MB , 449x255 , 1074552094.gif )

Does anyone have a source for this? Much appreciated if they do ^_^

Anonymous 16/11/14(Mon)00:56 No. 122723

Did Robert Bridges do ever anything more than this http://www.kink.com/shoot/9800

Anonymous 16/11/23(Wed)17:40 No. 122739

File 147991922174.gif - (1.91MB , 257x340 , tumblr_n4msrth1TR1qeereko1_400.gif )

whos dis

122739 Anonymous 16/11/24(Thu)01:36 No. 122740

Xavier Serrano

Anonymous 16/11/24(Thu)04:43 No. 122744

File 147995898774.jpg - (108.33KB , 500x695 , tumblr_n43sepUEDj1t231szo1_500.jpg )

Anyone know the name of the bottom, or even better, the name of the video?

Full Video anon 16/11/24(Thu)15:43 No. 122745

File 147999863785.jpg - (112.60KB , 800x533 , 20677.jpg )

hi, i'm looking for the full video of finn & florian from alexboys.com.

thank you in advance.

Anonymous 16/11/25(Fri)22:53 No. 122747

File 148011080988.jpg - (88.65KB , 540x503 , tumblr_og9rvfNyfA1thp15zo1_540.jpg )

DO you guys know this video?

Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)01:59 No. 122748

>> 122747

Broke Straight Boys - Spencer Todd & Kodi

Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)02:07 No. 122749

How many movies has this top starred in? I know he was known as "Josh" at NextDoorBuds and I've found the "10-inch top JOSH fucks 4 dudes" etc. collection that's available at gay-torrents.net, but sadly I haven't found any other "leads" on him, i.e. other aliases or any other movies he has starred in. He's a VERY hot top.

Anonymous 16/11/30(Wed)14:50 No. 122754

File 148051381885.gif - (1.19MB , 500x600 , tumblr_o3sjcuxuKl1rgya35o1_500.gif )


dylan 3astb0ys Dani 16/12/15(Thu)02:22 No. 122763

Where can I get more videos of him? Does anyone know his name?

Dylan of 3astb0ys

Anonymous 16/12/20(Tue)04:15 No. 122768

File 148220374929.gif - (2.57MB , 200x200 , ezgif_com-396598b87f 2.gif )


Anonymous 16/12/25(Sun)17:04 No. 122782

That's Marc Dylan

Anon please make this faggot's chrismas, sauce on this or at least some performer names? I can't find anything myself and hoping anon at least knows who the guy with the distinctive tat is

Anonymous 16/12/29(Thu)01:17 No. 122784


Anonymous 16/12/29(Thu)14:00 No. 122785


too late to make christmas but hopefully this can b a new year treat. its the first scene from London Uncut by Treasure Island Media. the top in those gifs is fucking sexy as hell but hasnt been in anything else

Hello Anon 17/01/04(Wed)18:10 No. 122788

Hello! Can anyone identify what videos either of these are from? Thank you so much!

Gif identification Anonymous 17/01/06(Fri)18:44 No. 122789


NextDoor Studios - Markie More, Jake Davis & Ty Thomas

Cockyboys Studios - Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox & Levi Karter

Anonymous 17/01/08(Sun)02:30 No. 122795


xavier serrano


Source maybe?? Jasak 17/01/12(Thu)16:29 No. 122796


Or maybe more of him or this as a thing...

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Source? colton 17/01/17(Tue)16:05 No. 122801

File 148466551350.jpg - (45.05KB , 533x422 , tumblr_oavaqjH7cv1uxd7wio1_540.jpg )

Heyyy, source??

Cute interracial amauter couple on chaturbate Anonymous 17/01/29(Sun)23:11 No. 122808

Hi, im look in for more videos and Any thing else related to those two like their names on websites and if they keep making more videos.

Video Sauce? heyo 17/01/30(Mon)15:28 No. 122811

does anybody know any link or whereabouts of this video or model?

Anonymous 17/02/01(Wed)11:58 No. 122815


Sauce? Name of blonde?

Anonymous 17/02/10(Fri)06:49 No. 122821

Source of this two?

Anonymous 17/02/10(Fri)06:55 No. 122822

File 148670613581.gif - (2.00MB , 400x225 , tumblr_oi6sthKlqf1vv9oz7o1_400.gif )


Where is this from? 17/02/18(Sat)19:23 No. 122827

File 148744223262.gif - (0.97MB , 500x281 , tumblr_ngn5xkPEyV1sxu8e9o1_500.gif )

Sourse? Names?

Enigmaticboys charlierw 17/03/09(Thu)02:02 No. 122838

File 148902136553.jpg - (604.20KB , 1280x1920 , tumblr_nic576ufFn1s7fjhoo4_1280.jpg )

Does anybody have a link to a full video of the enigmaticboys model Glenn?

Anonymous 17/03/27(Mon)23:05 No. 122865

File 149064872041.jpg - (14.61KB , 320x240 , 535_Creampie_Creampie.jpg )

can someone, plese, for the love of all that is Holy, please tell me where this is from?

I think it's Brasilian or alike?

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anyone hey 17/04/04(Tue)20:16 No. 122872

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anyone please?

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hey 17/04/19(Wed)01:57 No. 122887


Anonymous 17/04/24(Mon)19:01 No. 122894

File 149305330745.gif - (461.25KB , 320x240 , tumblr_l6vyqy1o3B1qd7y2xo1_400.gif )

been looking for this one for a while. any help?

Anonymous 17/05/07(Sun)16:02 No. 122903


does anyone know what video this is from?

Does anyone knows this guy? RobbyC 17/06/12(Mon)21:55 No. 122941

Here's him on hazehim's video "Jelly wrestling": http://www.onlydudes.com/watch/video/MTE3MjBs/HazeHim-video

I'm trying to find the bottom with the tattoo on his right shoulder and right leg, I found 2 videos of him a long time ago and I really liked him, I remember that in one of those videos he was in a threesome with 2 other guys (I'm not really sure if it was a threesome :v ) but the video producer asked him like in the middle of the video if he preferred to top or bottom and he said "bottom because its easier" and he also said something like he was straight, as if he were one of those pornstars that do gay porn as bottomes even though they don't ejoy it but the still do it cause they can and becuase bottoming doesn't need them to have an erection (wich its good for the because they aren't able to get one since they don't like men).
Another thing that really made me like him as a bottom is that he really looks like a straight guy who dos not like bottoming and you can see that on he's face in the videos.

So, can anyone help me find his pornstar name or one of his videos?

whos this guy Anonymous 17/06/23(Fri)11:15 No. 122955

File 149820932357.png - (1.57MB , 941x1074 , daddy.png )

yo so tho bottom in this

and the 'masseur' in this

i managed to find some shots from these videos after i figured it was BigDaddy but nothing else & no name, pls halp

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