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Projects Tha+Bastich 17/01/03(Tue)16:44 No. 115128

Just to keep it clear on what I am working on. The two Shadows (SotDL and SR) are my personal projects and they take priority over all other cleaning jobs. What can I say, I'm a selfish bastich.

Next up is the Clean folder. These projects are things you bastiches send me to clean. Right now I've got a lot working - Deadlands & SW crap, Contagion 1e & 2e crap, and The Runed Age crap.

Next up, I have the Backburner folder. That's filled up with crap that either I acquire myself or you bastiches send me that doesn't fit in any of the aforementioned categories of crap. I'll get around to it type of crap. If your crap appears to be on this list, don't worry. Once I get done with the Clean folder I'll move other crap in out of the Backburner folder.

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