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Teenage Girl 17/01/22(Sun)03:25 No. 21372 ID: ed8b6e

File 148505192135.png - (306.09KB , 500x500 , 23414304.png )

People believing not having an opinion makes them cool and above everyone, is merely just another fucking opinion. That's literally how stupid they are. Plus, we all know the real reason they wont hold an opinion, is they're merely too afraid and too lazy to hold any opinions, and they've always just taken someone's else opinion anyway.

Seriously, fuck these smug liberal assholes. When the firing squad comes, they'll be first up against the wall. We don't need a society of uninspired no ones.

Teenage Girl 17/01/23(Mon)08:26 No. 21373 ID: 80a7cb

My opinion is that OP is a faggot. By faggot OP's own admission, having the conviction to state this makes me morally superior to anyone who through their silence declines to have an opinion on the topic.

Teenage Girl 17/01/23(Mon)19:09 No. 21374 ID: 7fd13b


...and when the firing line comes, he'll be the first against the wall.

Teenage Girl 17/01/24(Tue)02:55 No. 21375 ID: 5a53ee

Better to be silent and be thought a fool than speak out and remove all doubt.

OP was clearly never taught the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln. Probably because Lincoln was a "liberal."

Teenage Girl 17/01/24(Tue)23:39 No. 21376 ID: 67e5a6

File 148529758774.gif - (974.71KB , 250x227 , 145635933183.gif )

A liberal....


Teenage Girl 17/01/26(Thu)05:53 No. 21378 ID: 1c7348

Yeah it's pretty fucking sad how far that party has sunk.

Though it didn't really go off the deep end until after Eisenhower, who sent in the US Army to force desegregation.

Teenage Girl 17/01/31(Tue)15:53 No. 21383 ID: 76c574

File 148587441225.gif - (206.75KB , 800x450 , cover_800_24f32a033ab7d9342e272fbd13a5d94f.gif )

Yeah, well, that's just like a pop-culture reference, man

Teenage Girl 17/02/11(Sat)09:12 No. 21390 ID: aaca54

File 148680072399.jpg - (48.61KB , 706x720 , just-remember.jpg )

its happened before, maybe some day it'll happen again

Teenage Girl 17/02/20(Mon)20:53 No. 21391 ID: 272cf3

What the fuck

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