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Teenage Girl 17/04/22(Sat)21:14 No. 21433 ID: 3e551e

File 149288845210.jpg - (717.49KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20170422_131805.jpg )

It's fucking snowing again. What the fuck! Its been spring for a month yet it keeps fucking snowing! And it's, like, almost fifty degrees out there. How can it even snow at this temperature? Bullshit.

Teenage Girl 17/04/23(Sun)08:32 No. 21434 ID: c9b63d

Welcome to climate change.

Teenage Girl 17/05/04(Thu)09:03 No. 21446 ID: dd3246


amen...I mean... LIAR!!

Teenage Girl 17/05/04(Thu)11:33 No. 21447 ID: 1d7577

You sound like you have a problem with snow.

When it snows here people panic, 1 inch and the whole town stops.

Teenage Girl 17/05/05(Fri)04:12 No. 21449 ID: a870df

Do they call that town Georgia?

Teenage Girl 17/05/07(Sun)03:44 No. 21453 ID: c7f3cd

I don't have a problem with snow in January. But snow in April just pisses me off. It's my fault for moving to a place that has winter for five months of the year but...

The snow has finally stopped here and all that's left are chunks of dirty ice piles at the edges of parking lots and whathaveyou.

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