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Teenage Girl 17/05/04(Thu)06:11 No. 21445 ID: fe9887

File 149387108915.jpg - (213.71KB , 2050x1350 , img_1383.jpg )

Does anyone think that they couldn't be more misunderstood? I've lived my entire life this way, but only until recently it's starting to dig into my skin.

The problem with discussing my problems at large here is that many of you actually agree with society as though because they are the majority, they are correct. However, an effort to seek a more relatable go-to is stifled by the fact that I have no friends, so I must resort to your comfort.

The problem with a social mentality as we all know is the concept of a herd. Neurotypicals readily disregard truth to be socially accepted. They also readily disregard truth (for example, their denial of a money-greedy corporation) to retain their employment. Does the corruption resulting from this neglect of truth result in the same immorality and corruption resulting from the neglect of truth society imposes on you to be normal?

We can all agree that it's comforting to have people on your side because it re-enforces a notion of truth. After years of no one understanding you, being on your side, thinking you are sane, you might expect to witness vocal belligerence. Here's proof of how little society thinks.. let's turn the tables on them: Imagine living in a world where nobody understands /you/ and everyone is like me. You know, the sort of world where 99.999% of the populace have the mentality that prefers going to a lecture hall every Sunday rather than a church for religious sermons. In this world, the majority would look at you as being crazy for thinking so irrationally, and, after you regularly cry and get angry because you have no one to relate to, the majority would advise you to seek counselling and therapy in the same way that you have done to me. The opposite way is the unfortunate reality of today, but all a rational person needs to do is turn the tables for two seconds to understand even for a second where my anger comes from. What will a counsellor do for me? Will they indoctrinate me into sharing the same social values they themselves have immersed themselves in? Find me someone to can help to explain on a sociological and philosophical level why society is thinking this way.

I can imagine living in such a better world than this. It's a world where people care, have a strong moral backbone, are quiet, real, have a want to learn, rejoice their accomplishments with others by virtue of true, silent, look-dead-square-in-the-eyes sex which is uninterrupted by the fake, screaming social facades rampant everywhere today. Instead, all I got was a group of idiots, sharing the most unintelligent interests like cars, money, movies, sports, celebrities, dressing themselves up to the utmost laughably unimportant and excessive detail, along with the excessive tweezer-picked detail they put into their hair, their face, their social appearance, and their body by means of those ridiculous tattoos and piercings, faking their way through their lives and completely neglecting all forms of truth to look normal. What kind of a world are we living in? Is anyone else getting sick of it too?

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