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Teenage Girl 17/05/19(Fri)15:01 No. 21470 ID: 890c0a

File 149519888042.jpg - (23.93KB , 449x470 , stock-vector-vector-yellow-red-circle-icon-sad-fac.jpg )

Got in a big fight with my brother while drunk last night.

Destroyed my; tv, hand, lizards cage, phone, wall,but most importantly, my relationship with my brother.

Teenage Girl 17/05/19(Fri)21:34 No. 21473 ID: 1d7577

Who cares about your brother. Is the lizard ok

Teenage Girl 17/05/20(Sat)01:37 No. 21474 ID: 890c0a

Turns out she is fine. Like Fuck, this chameleon is tough. The cage is in tatters and theyre so fucking 'spencive...

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