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I got a serious nigger issue. And I need some suggestions on how to handle Niggerhater 17/07/16(Sun)02:30 No. 21511 ID: 83b43c

File 150016502751.jpg - (26.26KB , 236x334 , a31ad95ab717b3b04df8045a0b19beef--lynching-strange.jpg )

Long story short, my best friends sister is getting beaten and pimped by a fucking shitskin niggerboy. My buddy died in Iraq and I can't just let this niggertry continue. I got his number and building number. I'm ready to do ANY FUCKED UP SHIT you fucking devious geniuses can conjure up. I'll post any results possible. He's a nigger so I won't get in any serious legal issues from what I do to him. The more fucked up the better.

Teenage Girl 17/07/16(Sun)03:09 No. 21512 ID: ebf273

Uh. If you're serious about it, bring friends. Not just for back-up, but for an alibi as well.

How do you plan to get in there? Blast open the door with a shotgun? Do you know the exact apartment?

Either way, you could light the nigger up in flames. Beat him up, break his bones, gag him (so the neighbours don't hear the screams) and cover him in whatever flammable substance you have brought with you. If you wanna give him a taste of his own medicine, you can ask one of your boys to dry-rape his asshole before killing him.

I normally don't approve of any violence, especially not murder, but if what you said is true, that fucking faggot needs to die by righteous fire.

I got a serious nigger issue. And I need some suggestions on how to handle Teenage Girl 17/07/16(Sun)03:27 No. 21513 ID: 83b43c

File 150016844653.png - (412.77KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_2017-07-15-18-36-18.png )

He lives in the projects so I won't be able to get in the building. Im trying to figure a way to lure him out of there. I do have his telephone number. So I was thinking of a reason or story to get him outside. And it's true

take him alive Teenage Girl 17/07/16(Sun)06:10 No. 21515 ID: dcdcd0

>a reason or story to get him outside
OP: "Hey, your boy told me yous lookin' fo' some crack."

You won't even have to introduce yourself; he'll be down the stairs before you can hang up the phone. Have a chloroform rag and a panel van ready--a steel pipe and a four-door sedan with dark tint will do in a pinch. We'll talk more when you post pictures of your captive.

I got a serious nigger issue. And I need some suggestions on how to handle Teenage Girl 17/07/17(Mon)00:54 No. 21516 ID: b4d951

I've thought about it all day and decided to go to the nypd and let them work this nigger over. I'm going there now and will keep informed

Teenage Girl 17/07/17(Mon)14:37 No. 21517 ID: 151e97

That's probably a good idea, although I hate to say they aren't as good at solving nigger problems as they used to be.

Teenage Girl 17/07/20(Thu)16:56 No. 21521 ID: a52bda

>My buddy died in Iraq

Your personal bullet catcher died so you came here to, what? Ask us to be your personal army? Look, bitch, this may not be /b/ but that shit still applies.

Light Yagami 17/08/17(Thu)19:31 No. 21568 ID: f5c7bd

First off. Saying "shitskin nigger" makes you look like a pigskin piece of shit. You're generalizing an entire population of people based on a single pimp who happens to be a psychotic bastard. If you want my opinion, be an adult and shoot him yourself when he's by himself, buy an extra gun, and put it in another voilent pimps closet using a cloth. It will look like the other pimp killed him, but don't blame an entire population based on what one nutcase is doing.

Teenage Girl 17/08/19(Sat)09:21 No. 21569 ID: 780eff

File 150312730255.png - (255.11KB , 500x493 , InternetQuotes.png )

>Saying "shitskin nigger" makes you look like a pigskin piece of shit.
Actually it's much more descriptive than you give it credit for.

His skin is the color of shit and he's a nigger. His skin isn't the color of a cup of coffee with 6 creams, it's the color of shit.

Now if you want to argue that OP has the green shits and the guy's skin isn't green then fine, but unless you have a horrid diet or are sick your shits are usually going to be a uniform dark brown color, which is as descriptive a term as any for describing a color.

>You're generalizing an entire population of people based on a single pimp
I see him doing no such thing. You appear to be triggered by the word nigger and can't accept that not all black people are niggers.

Since the target of OPs ire is beating and whoring out a woman, he most definitely qualifies as a nigger.

Teenage Girl 17/08/23(Wed)03:28 No. 21570 ID: df384c

This nigger just happens to be black, right? Ass.

Teenage Girl 17/08/27(Sun)10:00 No. 21572 ID: a945b5

File 150382084153.jpg - (213.22KB , 540x1819 , Bye.jpg )

>This nigger
Then stop beating women and prostituting them.

You too can stop being a nigger simply by not acting like one.

Teenage Girl 17/08/27(Sun)20:20 No. 21573 ID: d7f51c

Give me examples of niggerdom.

Teenage Girl 17/08/29(Tue)04:34 No. 21575 ID: a945b5

File 150397407726.jpg - (33.50KB , 481x342 , i-hate-everybody.jpg )

>Give me examples of niggerdom
>beating women and prostituting them
Can you really be this slow?

Teenage Girl 17/10/14(Sat)03:37 No. 21702 ID: 95b761

File 150794505743.jpg - (7.11KB , 279x223 , th.jpg )

OP i hope you're being serious... and actually go through with it. the less the better

i fucking hate niggers

Teenage Girl 17/10/15(Sun)03:28 No. 21703 ID: a18d15

My thoughts exactly. Burn him alive.

Teenage Girl 17/10/17(Tue)18:55 No. 21706 ID: f73021

Did the little sister get rescued yet? WTF is going on with this situation?

Teenage Girl 17/10/17(Tue)21:27 No. 21707 ID: 0c2267

OP update us plz
what happened?

Teenage Girl 17/10/19(Thu)04:59 No. 21710 ID: 7397e5

Easy. Step 1- Call and tell him his hoe be slackin and with otner niggs at x location... He will leave said crack den, you then follow him to x location with trap waiting... Have you ever seen the movie SAW? its practicly the perfect set up for an irl sequel...
Step 2- this part can be done 1000000 different ways. Personally i would go the Eye for an Eye route. Tie his cotton pickin ass up and have (🐎) or other large endowed animal ready to rape and savagely damage his insides. This of course would be your discretion to video tape or not...
Step 3- DONT LET HIM DIE!! _(YET)_ Because the best part and most rewarding... Is to try all 10000000 ways of abusing this piece of shit fuck porch monkey. Over and over and over. Hey maybe even charge other men $ to rape and beat him. Pimp out that ass. Show him hes not a man and he can be used like he does to women. I cpuld go on for a long time but you get the idea! Please update us once you've decided

Teenage Girl 18/02/04(Sun)06:31 No. 21807 ID: 0a779e

Op is a larping faggot or has been v&

cantankerous 18/04/05(Thu)11:33 No. 21838 ID: 4abef3

i do wonder why you haven't shared a number

Teenage Girl 18/05/14(Mon)04:52 No. 21897 ID: ce21e8

good lord has this post been made by a 14 yo wehrmacht larping retard?
cringy ass shit going around here

Teenage Girl 18/05/19(Sat)01:06 No. 21907 ID: df0e94

Nice larp fag

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