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Teenage Girl 17/07/22(Sat)14:50 No. 21525 ID: c2da96

File 150072785559.jpg - (78.35KB , 600x551 , banana-split-har-dee-har.jpg )

> physically and verbally abused routinely by mother as a child
> Indian expat parents
> mild OCD, ordinary PTSD
> escalates to severe suicidal depression in high school
> oldfagging up 4chan
> disappoint everyone in high school exams
> expect to die a virgin so lose virginity to hooker, a year or two later I've had an oily threesome with a hooker
> fail 1/3 of subjects in uni
> fuck tonne of study drugs, psychiatric meds and psychotherapy
> study farming instead in order to learn how to start a homestead and run away from it all, alone
> degree teaches shit-all about self-sufficiency
> can't find job upon graduating
> experiment sexually - get fucked up the ass by guy on Grindr. Get scared he took of condom and go on anti-HIV meds as prevention for a month. No HIV. Then start attending gay orgies every now and then
> somehow get a job at a leading luxury handbag store with no experience wtf

Teenage Girl 17/07/22(Sat)14:51 No. 21526 ID: c2da96

File 150072789556.jpg - (11.89KB , 220x257 , 220px-Mitsuyo_Maeda.jpg )

> lose job because of social skills and lack of attention to detail
> start studying a master's degree in disease outbreaks cause it's the only thing I can get into
> travel parts the world solo like bus trips across South America and doing magic mushrooms in Thailand in my holidays with money from abusive parents I still live with
> one-off MDMA almost cures PTSD
> finally pick-up-videos, articles, countless rejection and training wheel dates pay off with my first girlfriend - a nice, small asian chick
> graduate and get prestigious internship
> learn nothing there and can't find job afterward
> get put on a minor government disability pension
> fail to start/run business ideas
> can't find job
> not sure what next

Teenage Girl 17/08/02(Wed)04:49 No. 21539 ID: c09d10

I'm raging about your fucking green text.

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