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Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)06:03 No. 21549 ID: ff4681

File 150199222156.gif - (205.44KB , 500x310 , 1453945881911.gif )

due to my undiagnosed narcissistic personality disorder, which I diagnosed myself with promptly after a 4 day episode of engaging in hoovering, after she cut off contact with me without telling me why... mostly, but not entirely... (by looking at the signs and realizing just how much I fucked up and did them, the rage bit was short lived relatively, but it was unfair)
I admit, I was very hurt by her not telling me why she broke off the relationship after telling me she loved me so much, so many times... but it was no excuse...

I'm afraid I've pushed away the woman I love and would die for if I had to step in and do so...
I need to make amends. I don't know if I can.

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)21:01 No. 21550 ID: db32a8

File 150204611060.png - (114.51KB , 1200x1140 , Hoover_Logo_svg.png )

You can't.

Your obsessive-compulsive behaviour and emotional outbursts are indicative of something far worse than the made-up personality disorder it would make you feel cool to have: you're pathetic, you suck, and you can't handle rejection.

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)21:42 No. 21551 ID: d9030c

If you haven't been to a doctor, you don't know what you have. In short, your ignorance does not equal their knowledge.

Teenage Girl 17/08/07(Mon)14:40 No. 21564 ID: a52bda

An actual narcissist would never call themselves one because they'd have to admit their actions hurt others and no narcissist is self aware enough for that.

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