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Teenage Girl 17/10/22(Sun)12:58 No. 21711 ID: 1ebf9d

File 150866993875.png - (637.39KB , 800x1256 , 8e9.png )

Last night a friend calls me up, drunk, to tell me about his 'incredible' new business idea.

His rambling, drunk explanation being somewhat incoherent, I ask a few questions to try and figure out what he's talking about. He takes this as some kind of challenge, and becomes very confrontational. I have to explain to him that I am not trying to start a fight, but just ask questions so I can understand what he's trying to tell me, but he takes that as me accusing him of being an irrational, aggressive person. I try to tell him that I only think he's being confrontational at the moment, and that I have made no statement whatsoever about what kind of person he is. Simultaneously, I laugh at something a guest in my apartment is showing me on the internet, and the guy on the phone takes the opportunity to accuse me of ruining his reputation by allowing people to hear our phone calls.

It is the second time this has happened, and involving the same guest who incidentally overheard a previous call--several months ago--which had resulted in that guest hearing about yet another friend's very personal troubles. The friend who called proceeds to accuse me in various ways of having intentionally spread sensitive information and damaging his reputation by having another person present at the moment he calls, tells me he wishes we could "have a private conversation sometimes" and that "there are ways of saying things so not everyone knows what you say" etc. etc.

He doesn't make any specific recommendation, but his accusations leave no options other than to shoo guest out of my apartment every time he calls, go outside (in the rain as it happens on this day) so no one can hear us talk, or speak in some kind of code language at all times.

It got me raeg'd. I stopped trying to diffuse the situation and started shouting back. I told him I would not be held to blame for things that happen by chance, that I had done nothing wrong by having a guest that had nothing to do with him at the moment he happened to call, that I would not speak in code or shoo away my guests or go outside to have suspicious-looking secret calls just to make him happy. I told him I would not speak of the matter further nor would I hear him speak of it.

He seemed to calm down at that point and resumed confronting me with his "business idea", which I could finally make some sense of. I told him it sounded interesting but probably would take a lot more work and money than he expected. He responded by saying he could always take his idea elsewhere if I wasn't interested, at which point I told him I have a thing to do and needed to get off the phone.

It was true, I had a thing to do, and my guest was already on his way out. My guest left a little before the end of the call, and then I went out after to do that thing. I assumed the situation was resolved.

A few hours later, I get a call from an '(ex-)gangster' friend of the guy who called earlier. At first he sounded concerned, and I thought he might be trying to make peace between two friends who'd had an argument, but I told him we'd already resolved this, it wasn't important, and he didn't have to worry about it because it would most likely blow over by the next morning and I would talk to my friend when we were in better moods.

The guy flipped out. Started accusing me of making fun of him; calling me pathetic and weak and cowardly. He insisted that I come over and deal with the problem with the friend who called earlier immediately; made threats; told me to call the cops if I was so scared of him. I told him it was pointless to try and talk now because we'd only end up more upset. He asked again if I was scared; I told him I was trying not to be angry, which he took as a direct challenge and said I could come at him any time if I am angry. This was very confusing for me, since this guy has nothing to do with anything, and I tried to explain that to him, at which point the conversation started over like we were stuck in a time warp.

After six or seven times going around from "you don't have to worry about the argument I had with the other guy" to "it's not cowardice to put off resolving a personal problem until you have a cooler head" to "no I am not challenging you to a fight" to "this is really not your problem anyway"; I finally told him that I would hang up the phone as the conversation was going nowhere.

That didn't go over well, obviously, and took about eight reiterations itself until he finally told me to die and hung up, but eventually I was able to get off the phone to enjoy my adrenaline rush (this conversation had induced a full on fight-or-flight response). He called back almost immediately, but I turned my phone off for the rest of the evening (and most of this following day) rather than answer.

The next morning I have this email from the guy who initially called me, got confrontational, accused me of damaging his reputation by allowing third parties to overhear 'our' conversations, and then had his gangster friend call to back him up with insults and threats:

>wasn't angry, just a business idea
>wish we could have private conversations

Enough. I've had enough. Fuck this. Why should I bend over backward to make peace when this asshole gets pissed off? Why should I stand for aggression, false accusations, threats, and intimidation when all I did was answer his call?

Teenage Girl 17/10/24(Tue)19:51 No. 21713 ID: 1b575b

Why are you letting your friend treat you like an abusive wife treats her cuck husband?

Teenage Girl 17/10/25(Wed)07:45 No. 21715 ID: 99c57b

Lack of choice, and trying to be a decent person.

No one willingly associates with this guy once they get to know him. We are members of a minuscule minority in a small town in a country we are not native to and we work together in the service industry. Rumours travel fast and have serious personal and professional consequences for us. It's been my mistake to try being "fair" to him as he has done important favours for me, both on and off the job, and there have been times when we had fun together. I felt like I owed him the benefit of the doubt, because he has occasionally been useful to me and he's a fellow of our small group, but now I see he is completely unconcerned with and unaware of the damage he does to everyone around him.

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