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Teenage Girl 17/11/27(Mon)05:57 No. 21755 ID: fe9887

File 151175862812.jpg - (172.29KB , 835x808 , Cuvier_crater_4107_h1.jpg )

Change will only begin from the few people who rise up and vow to only watch/receive/play material made for free for everyone's enjoyment.

It's all you have to do. Yes, we'll be out of most things to do, but people will in turn rise up to make such material.

Goodness only comes from the creation of things from pure interest. The moment you introduce the incentive of money, you're basically holding a knife to someone's throat and prodding them to do something even if they don't like it or else they end up on the street and die. Something created from pure interest had passion behind it and therefore the quality will almost always be top notch. That's why most "professional" stuff is trash and why we generally lose interest in the content of anything that asks for money. Remember how good things were on the internet before the creators of stuff took the bait of monetary gain and turned their creation to trash, or before suing for copyright infringement became common? Most if not all of that copyrighted stuff was created from the incentive of money, just imagine what a free world where pure interest dominated would look like.

Just a thought. Once everyone jumps on board, maybe we will all come to realize money is useless and hence we will let technology do everything for us. [Venus Project ramblings omitted]

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