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Teenage Girl 17/11/29(Wed)00:15 No. 21757 ID: 39cac8

File 151191090139.jpg - (226.00KB , 1200x853 , 050_051.jpg )

not exactly /rnb/ but teens nowadays act like they are going thru their mid-life crisis and thats fucking sad

Teenage Girl 17/11/29(Wed)22:57 No. 21758 ID: 9bbda9

Hey, is that Kago?

Teenage Girl 17/12/04(Mon)18:53 No. 21766 ID: 95f4ef

Teens have always acted like they're going through their mid-life crisis, the difference is that it used to be behind closed doors and then their parents would ground them, hiding the entire affair from others. Now thanks to social media their stupid is on display for the entire world to see.

Teenage Girl 17/12/21(Thu)09:45 No. 21782 ID: 53a252


Teenage Girl 18/07/16(Mon)17:02 No. 21966 ID: 16ca02

What? Have you never been a teen before OP? Ots called teen angst. Completely normal. Besides, with young people getting poorer by the day, failed school system,terrorism, kids being banned from public spaces, and helicopter parenting, why not?

People like you assume that youth is a separate reality from the adult world, like its the 60s. That ideology is dumb and it fucks over the young. But then again, youve must have had a pre-2000s childhood.

Teenage Girl 18/07/17(Tue)18:15 No. 21970 ID: 4dcc03


Teens are going through a bunch of changes mostly triggered by hormones. It's commonly referred to as puberty. It's normal.

When you hit 45-60 you go through a similar process as your fertility wanes. This is your mid-life crisis.

Nothing new here. This has been going on since the stone-age. What is new, is teenagers now days are treated like "young adults" so we're expected to give a shit about their feelings and give put up with their shit accordingly. Like >>21766 says, we used to ground them but now with social media they put it out there for everyone to see and a whole generation of 'muh feels' are being pampered and softened rather than toughening up and dealing with this shit and saving it for their actual mid-life crisis where they go out and buy that sports-car for everyone to see.

Teenage Girl 18/07/29(Sun)23:08 No. 21983 ID: 330b09

People like you assume that kids are just attention whores who will say or do anything. Maybe alot these kids grew up in dysfunctional families. I mean, I see grown ass adults whine about every itty bitty problem of their lives on the Internet yet we see nothing wrong with them doing that.

Teenage Girl 18/07/30(Mon)17:25 No. 21984 ID: 0f52f2

>I see grown ass adults whine about every itty bitty problem of their lives on the Internet
Of course. You're not alone in this.
>yet we see nothing wrong with them doing that.
That's fake news. There's nothing worse than grown adults going full middle school.

Teenage Girl 18/07/30(Mon)18:37 No. 21985 ID: 4b3ca4

>There's nothing worse than grown adults going full middle school.
Not that I disagree, but that is the purpose of /rnb/.

Teenage Girl 18/07/31(Tue)03:29 No. 21988 ID: ff5761

My friend, no one makes it out of middle school.

Human nature is universal of age.

"Adolescence" was a paternalistic term we use to make fun of young people for faux pas, all of which is prevalent in the adult world as well. In fact, adolescence is a preview of adult life.

Teenage Girl 18/08/04(Sat)11:19 No. 21993 ID: cdb1ec

>no one makes it out of middle school.
This. There are always cliques, there are always people who evaluate others on looks alone. Adults act out just as much petty selfishness and stupid agression as any 15-year-old.

Disheartened+Maiden 18/08/04(Sat)17:25 No. 21995 ID: c2b369

Adults are nothing more than overgrown children. I hang out woth older men and you wont believe how adolescent they are.

Teenage Girl 18/08/05(Sun)00:56 No. 21997 ID: 53f505

>I hang out woth older men and you wont believe how adolescent they are.

You hang out with older men who are only interested in banging your batty boy bum bum. The kind who are mentality damaged by what older men did to them when they were your age.

It's the circle of life.

Disheartened+Maiden 18/08/05(Sun)04:40 No. 21998 ID: 0995a2

No. Theyre drunks, grumblers and former delinquents.
The shit they did: destroying traffic signs, sell weed in school, fuck every girl in town, drag race and yet they accuse the younger generations of being out of control. Theyre delusional. Quick to bitch at you for not knowing their favorite rock band is.
I dont know why adolescent girls like these older guys so much. Theyre no more mature than a middle school jock.

Teenage Girl 18/08/05(Sun)20:04 No. 22001 ID: 0f52f2

>I dont know why adolescent girls like these older guys so much. Theyre no more mature than a middle school jock.
Partially answering your own question there. They exhibit a pattern of behavior similar to what adolescent girls associate with what they believe are the "alpha males" of their school, but on top of that they're old enough to have cars and money. It's not exactly a mystery why a stupid underage cunt looking to get her stupid underage cunt stuffed might act on a lazy pattern.

Disheartened+Maiden 18/08/05(Sun)22:02 No. 22002 ID: 397719

This. The big key is capital/resources. These young girls go after these older fucks knowing theyre just as immature but they want to "step up the social ladder." And they know that they will be fawned over just because they have estrogen oozing from their chromosomes.
Girls are desperate to grow up.

But its not really their fault though. Society wants boys and girls to fullfill the "chevalier and dame" scenario. Boys supposed are to be fearless trained warriors who suffer silently and greatly for "muh country, muh Gud, muh fam" and get slain to protect their dames honor. Girls are supposed to be innocent naive blushing giggly dames who fawn easily over any gift, act of valor, fathers debt paid for, in their name. Its dumb. Thats why I sometimes think that third-wave feminism is not purely bad. Now that women want to have rights and responsibilities of their male counterparts, men are not obliged to kill themselves for a maidens honor.

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