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Poverty sucks ass Teenage Girl 18/01/22(Mon)22:52 No. 21798 ID: fef274

File 151665797642.jpg - (102.57KB , 773x640 , D3hXPY6BR4j1uff6ZhMsesiYSX0fYts8mb7Bjec96y0.jpg )

I think I might have a hernia and I'm not sure my insurance covers the surgery I'll need to correct it. Fuck.

Teenage Girl 18/01/22(Mon)23:26 No. 21799 ID: 49c709

File 151665998826.jpg - (193.81KB , 1240x775 , hless.jpg )

Sure does suck. I have this issue a lot. I need dental help but can not afford. In fact, I'm so poor I stole the laptop I'm using to type this out. I'm a homeless drifter. Fuck it.

Teenage Girl 18/01/24(Wed)03:49 No. 21801 ID: a870df

File 151676216972.png - (41.83KB , 600x362 , socialism.png )

My cousin refuses to pay for insurance every year because she refuses to accept the credits that would help her pay premiums. As a consequence of taking this moral stand she's developed serious medical issues that require treatment, the cost of which would exceed the cost of the premiums (before she gets any credits, with them it's far cheaper). So she's doing the sensible thing and going untreated and the letting the problems continue to get worse. She could easily afford the subsidized premiums, though she'd have to cut back on partying.

I've got dental insurance but it only covers $1000 of work each year and only allows work at a small list of dentists. $1000 covers basically one root canal & crown a year and that's just the insured portion - it takes me the whole year to pay off the uninsured portion. When Dubya's wonderful recession hit I was out of work for long enough for my teeth to go to shit, all these years later and I'm still fixing them up one each year.

Teenage Girl 18/02/15(Thu)02:59 No. 21814 ID: 411293

File 151865999537.jpg - (6.30KB , 275x183 , thedubster.jpg )


you can't blame former presidents for you poor oral hygiene. Or that you chose to chew the meth instead of snort like a sensible person.

Also, your cousin is an idiot, I don't care what moral high horse she thinks shes on.

Teenage Girl 18/02/18(Sun)00:15 No. 21815 ID: 4670a6

File 151890932830.png - (258.53KB , 500x376 , dumbass.png )

>poor oral hygiene
Yeah, you keep thinking that, dumbass.

cantankerous 18/04/05(Thu)11:32 No. 21837 ID: 4abef3

why bother owning it by saving up money? They owe you. You'll show them!

Teenage Girl 18/04/06(Fri)02:08 No. 21840 ID: a870df

Are you the real YouTube HQ attacker?

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