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Teenage Girl 18/03/18(Sun)01:11 No. 21826 ID: 67ad25

File 152133188982.jpg - (11.50KB , 384x384 , images (1).jpg )

Waiting at the DMV, to take a two-hour lecture, for a two-year-old speeding violation.

Teenage Girl 18/03/19(Mon)04:19 No. 21827 ID: 195cb2

I once paid a fine and opted to take their "speed kills" seminar rather than suffer a suspended license. I skipped the seminar. They asked me to pay another fine and reschedule. I rescheduled. I skipped that seminar too. This went on for about 9 months. Eventually they stopped offering and suspended my license.

I drove on that suspended license for 7 years. Eventually I got pulled over and had to deal with getting it reinstated. And getting my car out of the impound.

On the plus side I couldn't buy car insurance and with all that extra money I could afford to live in a non-shithole and eat real food.

Teenage Girl 18/03/22(Thu)16:04 No. 21829 ID: c69d68

>I drove on that suspended license for 7 years
That's heroic.

>extra money
This is why I drive a scooter. I have a car license, but it covers anything under 50cc as well. People are always astonished that I don't want a car, and then I remind them that the annual costs for gas, insurance, parking, maintenance, and inspections would take about a third of my current income--not to mention the cost of actually buying one, and I made a decision many years ago that I would only buy a new car if I ever bought a car again.

I got a speeding violation for exceeding the limit on my engine class, paid $70 for the ticket two years ago, and then another $50 last week for the mandatory two-hour lecture to renew my license. Could have been worse I suppose; when I was a teenager a court gave me my choice of a month of community service or ten days jailtime for "wreckless driving" (101mph in an 80mph zone; only 20 over, but anything 100 or over is special); I actually met some very interesting people doing the community service (a meth dealer; an alcoholic ex-marine with anger management problems; a spic on a drug violation who smoked me out during our work hours; and a bully from back in school busted for DUI).

Teenage Girl 18/03/23(Fri)18:56 No. 21830 ID: 195cb2

I once got pulled over by a state trooper who was really amped up.

I got stuck behind someone who decided to merge onto the highway at 20mph, thereby nearly causing both himself and myself to, well, die, as there were a lot of trailer trucks on the road that day, all doing the speed limit and over. Once the flurry of traffic flying around us had thinned out enough to get around Mr. Bush/Cheney (bumper sticker) I ran through the gears until I hit traffic and had to slow down. Mr. Trooper in his anemic SUV came trundling up a couple minutes later, apocalyptic because I must have seen him and been running from him and omg what are you hiding. I said as little as possible, especially after he blurted out "I have no idea how fast you were going, you just kept accelerating until you went out of range." Thankfully the speed limit was 75 on that stretch so I only got stuck with a 20 over ticket and it was an out of state ticket so pfft, didn't even count as a moving violation on my insurance. The most they can do to me is arrest me, and 20 over wasn't enough for that. Of course if he had actually been able to keep up with me I would have been arrested, but I would have seen the lights in my rear view mirror and slowed down.

Stupid thing is I had just come out of a state with an anti-radar detector law so it was under the seat, if I had remounted it I would have seen him pinging me and aborted my annoyance run. Since he only saw 95 it was pretty early... I didn't hit the rev limiter in top gear but I was well on my way to it. Hooray for Z rated tires.

Teenage Girl 18/03/23(Fri)22:17 No. 21831 ID: 68be41

>omg what are you hiding
LOL, this is exactly what the cop who pulled me over (about 20 minutes after the fact) wanted to know.

By the time he caught up to me I'd been driving the speed limit long enough not to know why I was being pulled over--sober. He kept going back and forth, taking my ID, asking me if I was on something, checking things in his car, asking me if I was carrying something, checking this in his car, asking me if I was on something, checking things in his car, asking me if I was carrying something, checking things in his car, on loop for about a half hour until a a second car arrived. Finally he wrote the ticket and sent me on my way.

The truth was I'd just broken up with a girlfriend at the apex of a particularly bad day and had been venting my stress on the banked curves of the bypass (seriously, the bypass has banked curves and they still pull you over for speeding?? banked motherfucking curves). Good thing I'm white, because they'd probably have shot me and planted evidence to justify it otherwise.

cantankerous 18/04/05(Thu)11:31 No. 21836 ID: 4abef3

do you feel punished yet? nanny knows best

Teenage Girl 18/04/15(Sun)06:21 No. 21851 ID: dbad57

my whole life is a punishment

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