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Teenage Girl 18/05/16(Wed)15:21 No. 21903 ID: af6329

File 152647688655.jpg - (35.52KB , 425x425 , classicbike.jpg )

Had a bicycle accident with kid today. The kid was hurt pretty bad, so we called the police and an ambulance. The officer immediately assumed there were sides to be taken and sided with the kid.

After the ambulance wheeled him off this exchange happened:
>Kid's friends demonstrate for the officer their version of events, in which their friend was on the proper side of the sidewalk.
>I point out that if he had been on that side, we would have passed like ships, we would not have tried to dodge each other, and there would not have been any accident.
>Officer look at me like a criminal and says "But there was an accident."

I tried to give him some time to process that, but he never really got there. I had to do two complete reanactments of the accident--moving both bicycles myself--to get the officer to admit the possibility that I had not gone out of my way to attack this kid with my bicycle.

In fact, the kid wasn't even looking forward (talking to friends riding behind him) and tried to dodge by going two directions at once (first at me, then away from me). I'll admit, I should have been paying attention for him. It was just at the opening of a tunnel; two bicycles came out on the correct side just before I entered to find him coming straight at me. I saw him coming for a second or two, but I really thought he'd be somewhat more capable of piloting a two-wheeled land vehicle, and I had nowhere to go (I could only move a few centimenters over, into a concrete wall)

Teenage Girl 18/05/16(Wed)23:17 No. 21904 ID: a870df

Remember, police departments intentionally go out of their way to not hire smart people.

The stated reason is because smart people won't put up with the boring monotony of police work, but its far more likely that smart people will point out all the idiotic things their coworkers and superiors are doing.

Police never get promoted if they rock the boat.

Teenage Girl 18/07/18(Wed)22:19 No. 21974 ID: 59fee1

>we called the police
That was where you fucked up. The police have absolutely no reason to show up to the scene of a bicycle accident because it was an accident and thus there is no criminal action. If they show up, they are going to try to make themselves useful by INVENTING a criminal action; ie: accuse you of assault.

Teenage Girl 18/07/20(Fri)11:46 No. 21976 ID: 4dcc03

>I'll admit, I should have been paying attention for him.
Depending on the age of the kid this could be the argument if mommy decided to try sue.

The problem with kids is adults are expected to take responsibility on their behalf. It was an accident which implies no blame, but you're more likely to be seen at fault because it is your responsibility (as an adult) to be more vigilant around children, because hey!, kids do stupid shit, often spontaneously.

The inverse of this is if (for example) the kid broke your window, the kid isn't responsible for paying the damages, that burden falls on mommy.

Teenage Girl 18/07/21(Sat)04:34 No. 21978 ID: 22ebb8

>this could be the argument
I was worried about precisely this for a while, but it seems to be resolved. I haven't heard from the boy, his mom, his school, his coach, the police, or anyone for over a month.

>kids do stupid shit, often spontaneously
How I long for the days when mother nature was in charge of who lived and who died. I bet neanderthal children weren't half as dumb as modern human kids. When failing to pay attention very likely meant death, they probably paid a lot more attention.

Teenage Girl 18/07/23(Mon)03:09 No. 21981 ID: 4dcc03

>How I long for the days when mother nature was in charge of who lived and who died.
Odds are you'd be just as dead as the next Neanderthal.

Teenage Girl 18/07/23(Mon)17:08 No. 21982 ID: 774a1c

Entirely possible; I've done a lot of dumb shit in my life.

I still wish humanity hadn't screwed up natural selection.

Teenage Girl 18/09/19(Wed)15:44 No. 22046 ID: 718082

>When failing to pay attention very likely meant death, they probably paid a lot more attention.

All kids are stupid, but they're learning machines. They tbh just died en masse. Granted, it resulted in smarter adolescents and adults.

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